John & Eileen Fethkenher | 12Nov2023

John & Eileen Fethkenher | 12Nov2023
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John and Eileen Fethkenher | 12Nov2023

Pastor West: [00:00:03] Is that your testimony? I said, is that your testimony? Has God been good to you? I said, Is God being good to you? Is he faithful? Is he a good God? We all tell him so. You know, if you had the money to buy a got a presidential Rolex watch, you could impress him with it. He could do that on his own. The only thing that you can give God that he doesn't have of a willing heart is your praise and worship. You can't buy me anything that he doesn't have. You can't impress him with anything that could be bought with money. Even your offering can't. Even your offering. No matter how much he is willing to impress the Lord because he's looking at the heart. So if he's looking at our heart this morning, I wonder what he sees. And I don't mean in the sense of whether you're attended or whether you didn't attend. I mean, for those of us who are here, what does the Lord see in you today? What does he see in our heart today? Is it a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving? Father, we just glorify you. You're so good. We just worship you. You truly are good. The very earth declares the goodness of our God. Oh my my, my. Thank you, Father God and Father, we just pray this morning. We just pray that the Bible instructs us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Father, we just together, collectively, father God, we just lift up your people. And father, we just thank you, Father God, that your hand is upon them.


Pastor West: [00:01:30] Your hand is upon them in that region. Father, we thank you, Lord, that the blood of Jesus keeps them. The name of Jesus keeps them, keeps them safe and protected. We thank you that you give you give wisdom and guidance to the to the military and to the leadership. Father God, as this goes forth and to root out all forces of evil, we thank you, Father God, that every member of the military is safe and protected in Jesus name. We thank you, Father God, that the evil force that comes against, although we know the root of it, we thank you for it is defeated in the name of Jesus. And so we say, peace and prosperity within the walls of Jerusalem, in the mighty name of Jesus. And the day will come that they will know themselves that Jesus is Lord and Jesus is King. Can you say Amen? Amen. You may be seated real quickly. I just want to read you a scripture. This is what the Spirit of God gave me. He said, he said before the fathers come this morning, that song that we were singing. About. Huh? Yeah, about belief and about everything being possible. Everything be impossible. You know, everything that you. Everyone has something here today that. Well, let me ask you this. Does someone need a breakthrough somewhere in their life? Three. Two of us. Praise the Lord. All three of us. For how many of you here today? Harmony. Harmony was not able to come today. I see those hands.


Pastor West: [00:03:04] Praise the Lord. Glory to God. Okay. Amen. I can't turn you over this way. Hallelujah! Amen. So the scripture came to me. It's in Jeremiah, I think it's 2329 somewhere in there. But it says it is not my word like a fire, says the Lord. And like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces. The amplified said, is not my word. Like fire. It didn't say, it's not the man or woman who preaches the word. Which that could be good too. He said the emphasis is not the Word of God like fire. God doesn't necessarily call authors. Sometimes we have to give. The author might get in your way. Because you might think I'm pretty good. And you might be pretty good. But God doesn't need pretty good. He needs great. And there's already one. Great. And that's him. So we're really not a big deal. We are at the God. He's the big deal. Heaven already has a Savior. They already have a king, and they already have a lord. So when we come down here and we're here for a thousand years in the millennial reign of Christ. You know that song? I'll kind of give it up for when I come back and teach the next time. The song that we sing, it's number two or number three of all Christmas carols is Joy to the world. Joy to the world was not written for a Christmas song. It was. It was written for a millennial or it was a song of the second coming in. He shall come and he shall reign is Iranian right now.


Pastor West: [00:04:40] Know he has enemies. So if you ever look up in the guy who wrote that, he'll tell you this was a song that I was. I had composed written the lyrics to it for the second Coming of Christ, and it will be joy to the world. The Lord has come. Let earth receive her king. And the earth is going to receive his king, and every enemy will be rooted out. But until that day, we still have authority in Jesus name. The church is. The church is the absolute authority in the world. Through Jesus Christ you are by the Holy Ghost in you. You are the resistor that keeps the anti-Christ from coming, doing what he wants to do. He cannot do it because we're still here. So sometimes if you think I'm not a big deal, you're a real big deal. Because the Holy because the Holy Ghost is I through you resist the anti Christ anti means instead of. Opposed to. And that spirit of Antichrist has always been in the earth, but it's more prevalent right now than anything. The word Hamas means violence. He's the violent one. So whatever is in your life today that needs to change. He said the amplifier is not my word. Like fire that consumes all that cannot endure the test, says the Lord. He said, my word is like a hammer that breaks the the most stubborn rock in pieces. What is it that has been in your life that has been so stubborn? That is hung on for days, weeks, months and even years and I might even say a decade or two, that it just looks like it's part of the fabric of your life.


Pastor West: [00:06:31] Well, I'm telling you, today is the day of separation. Are you willing? Are you willing to let it go instead of coddling it, medicating it, propping it up, saying, oh come, Lord Jesus, quickly. My mortgage is due Tuesday. I mean, I mean this, this is the day the Lord hath made and shall rejoice. So, so we as King and priest have a big, big, big say so in this whole matter a big say. So you are the. You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world. As Pastor Matt was saying. And in that in that your voice as a representative of Christ. See, we can't really say we're having a terrible day or things aren't working out because you can't you can't be the representative of Christ and you can't represent him doing that. You can only represent Christ. Actually, when you say what he says, otherwise you're just talking about your feelings, your senses, your carnal mind, which is carnal. You're just being a meat head when you say stuff like that. Carnal means meat, right? You're being a chilli con carne. You're having a meaty day in your head. So, but you can't be the representative of Christ and not say what he says. So we have to speak those words. So I'm excited about the pastors being here. I want to years ago, many years ago actually, when the church started.


John Fethkenher: [00:07:55] Oh.


Pastor West: [00:07:58] I ask the Lord to let us see if there's 2 or 3 things I ask for, but I won't get into there. But I said, but there's one thing I want to be able to do one day. I said, I want to be a make up church. In a make up church. Is where you have people who come in, guest ministers, missionaries, and they've been all around the world. You have been traveling, I don't know how long, but decades. I know you went to Rhema before we went there and pastored in Fort Payne. Both of you professionals in your own career before ministry totally gave that up and it went full time in the ministry and kind of never looked back. Now, I know you never had any issues or any problems, but I mean, you're one of the fortunate ones that everything just worked out just fine, but but kind of gave your whole life completely another way to travel the entire world and to to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and then to raise up men and women. And many Bible schools, teach them the Word of God so that they could go disciple their people in the nations of the world. And you have done that so faithfully sometimes, I don't know, you never told me a story like this, but I would. I wouldn't have a hard time believing it. Some people have people in sometimes because the pastor wants a day off. Sometimes people come in and the church treated them like, oh, always just it's just Sunday.


Pastor West: [00:09:33] It's another meeting. It won't be that way here today. We want you to know that you're loved and that you're appreciated. And if I can apologize for the body of Christ, for everyone who has done you wrong through the years in ministry, when they didn't really give you all your offering, when they didn't prepare for you to come, when they could have prepared, and when they said, oh well, they just live by faith and let them figure it out. So the best anyone can do is their best. But but we're not looking at us as best. So I just want to say thank you for the two of you, for giving your life completely to Jesus Christ and all the sacrifices that you have made personally, individually and as and as a family, you know, to go from city to city and from country to country and the the leaving the comforts of your home, you know, because your home palace looks better than anybody's pillow and your home bed sleeps better than anybody's bed, and then working with somebody else's schedule all the time. And then, you know, sometimes when you go see pastors, they, they want to tell you everything in their life. And, and they're very caring people and love, love people and fellowship, but they're, they're doing all of it. But, you know, when they're out in their element and they're raising up and they're training young people to take the ministry and to take it forward.


Pastor West: [00:11:07] And they're, you know, doing that and working through interpreters, you know, and your your hundreds or thousands of miles away from your home, when sometimes it would just nice to be you wished you could be home, you know, and everyone ever been on vacation and you couldn't wait to get home to get some rest? Yeah. So? So you all know what I'm talking about. So I just want to say thank you. This church wants to tell you, thank you. And for. And we want to in any way we want to express that in such a way that we we want you to feel loved and appreciated and wanted. And it is an honor to have you here this morning to to speak to us. You drove 1100 miles to get to us. They live in Ponca, Nebraska, and I know that we used with the billings on Wednesday, but you drove 1100 miles to get here, and I checked it's the same 1100 miles going back. I checked it, and it hasn't changed since you left home. So we're going to cover the expense of you getting here and getting back, plus your offering. So that's that's going to be taken care of. That needs to be done just to help people that you are valuable. And we see your value and we see your worth, and we just want to say thank you. Would you stand and give them a great big we love you. God bless you. Well go ahead and sit down.


John Fethkenher: [00:12:35] Your pastor is. I think I told him he's too kind. Sometimes I think, you know. You know, sometimes we think about sacrifices and things, you know? But Eileen and I have no regrets. No regrets. We sang that song today. All my life he has been faithful. Amen. We've seen him take care of our family. We've seen him take care of us. He's faithful. Amen. He's faithful. Amen. Amen. We have no regrets. And we just thank this church. We thank Pastor West and the Davises. We've known them for years. And we just thank God for you folks and your willingness to have us come in and open your hearts and have to say, you open your wallets to us. I mean, give us a beautiful hotel room. Took us out to to some good Italian food. We don't have good Italian food up in our country for some reason. So we went to a good Italian food. And I think lunch is promised today. And it's like we feel like, you know, the Pampered Chef or something, you know? So but anyhow, we really appreciate that and we thank you for that. And we've come to share some things today. I've really been blessed with Pastor West and his teaching on the End Times. I downloaded the church app this morning, and so I'm going to start listening to those, because I've been looking at the end times for about a year now and been doing a little bit of teaching on it.


John Fethkenher: [00:14:21] Not much. Did some Bible studies and things like this, but your pastor has really dug into it talking to him last night. He's he's dug into it and he's coming out with some really good, good stuff. And so I want to listen to his things to see if what I'm believing is lining up with him. And if we're in one accord, why, then there will always be a few little differences here and there. But the main thing is Jesus is coming back soon. That's the bottom line. That's that's that's the end of the story. And for us. But that's not the end of the story for the world. And it's so important. I'm going to talk about some things today about what God has done for us. But in all the blessings and the things that he's done for us is so that we can take the gospel to the world. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. That's what it's all about. And so my wife has some things this morning. I don't know what she's going to share, but we were looking up some scriptures this morning, and she was she wanted me to look them up, and then she'd read them, see? And so. So she was in a hurry. She look this where's look this one up. So anyhow, we're going to let her share some things and see what she has to say this morning.


Eileen Fethkenher: [00:15:37] Amen. Well, praise the Lord. What a privilege to be here today. I recognize some of your faces, and we just thank you all for your faithfulness. You've hung in there for a lot of years in this church doing God's will. Amen. Praise God! So we appreciate you so much. I just wanted to share a couple verses in Psalms 46. Verse one. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea? Hallelujah. Hallelujah. We must not succumb to fear in these days. Amen. So verse ten in Psalms 46, be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the heathen. I will be exalted in the earth. Thank God. So it's all right to tell yourself to be still. I do it quite a bit. When I'm not focused on God. Be still now. Hush up. Amen. Praise God! We went to a minister's conference in Colorado last, last month, and one of the ministers said something to the effect that. A skilled sailors are not made by sailing on calm seas. Amen. That's right. So no matter what is going on. What's rocking our boat? If we keep our eyes on Jesus. Amen. He'll help us. That's right. And take care of us. Amen. And we have the privilege of taking as many as we can to heaven with us now. Amen. Amen. So now is the time. It's accelerated. To take as many as we can with us. Amen.


John Fethkenher: [00:18:43] Amen. You know, God has a way of of doing things to get us into a position where where he wants us. And, you know, when we get into that position, why, that's that's the will of God for our life. And where is the best place to be in the will of God? And so we endeavor to to be in the will of God. And I can't say that I've always been in the will of God. There have been times that I think I was kind of off track a little bit, but, you know, he has a way of bringing us back and showing us things. And lots of times when we make changes, it's just a revelation comes or something happens or an opportunity produces in front of us. And, and we just things seem to change a little bit. And then all of a sudden we just get on fire for that change. And that that has kind of helped us a little bit. We're doing a lot of we've done a lot of teaching in Bible schools through the years. We were overseas for like 12 years, and we've done prison ministry. We had a church for five years, and we've done a lot of different things in ministry. And in the last ten years or so, we've been doing Native Americans and traveling out of the country, sometimes to Colombia. We went back to Thailand one time for a few months and some things like that.


John Fethkenher: [00:20:05] So our life has changed quite a bit and we're doing quite a bit of ministry in churches. But last year I met some people, had an opportunity to start doing more soul winning, intentionally going out to do soul winning. And so I've connected with these people and just helping them. I'm not in any type of a position or anything. I'm just a helper and we've had an opportunity to help them and. Mhm. We'll talk about that later. I'm going to share some things. About what? And it goes right along with what the pastor's talking about today. You know, God has blessed us. In Ephesians chapter one, verse number three. You know, it tells us that we've been blessed with all heavenly. Read it. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ. So in the faith message and in the grace message, and all of the things that we've been taught and heard through the years, we know and we've learned that God wants to bless his people. And we know that in Genesis when, when when God spoke to Abraham, he said, I'm going to bless you so that you can be a blessing. Well, I don't believe God has changed one bit. And I believe that the blessings of God that come upon our lives are so that we can bless other people, and we all have different ways of blessing other people in the body of Christ and helping the homeless.


John Fethkenher: [00:21:52] All types of things. But I think one of the blessings that he really wants us to bless is to take the gospel to the world. Amen. And, you know, sometimes, you know, pastor talks about us going all over the world, but, you know, there's a world right here. There's a culture, right, right here in Alabama, right here around Jemison. There's a culture of people. There's a lot of people here, even though it's Alabama. Sweet Home Alabama, and there's a Bible belt, but there's still so many people that don't know the Lord. And I think he's called us, especially in these last days, to take the gospel to the people that we know. You know, we we've been so blessed, so blessed through the years. And I see now in these last days, you know, what is it good is it going to, you know, build up a great big bank account or have a great big house or and I'm not I'm not saying these things are wrong. Don't don't get me wrong, but how important are they going to be when the rapture takes place? The only thing that we can take with us when we go to heaven are the souls that we win here on the earth.


Pastor West: [00:23:11] That's right.


John Fethkenher: [00:23:12] Yeah. That's it. That's the only you know, I remember a guy saying one time, you'll never see any u-hauls going to heaven. You're not going to take anything with you. We came in naked. We'll go out naked. And what we've done here on earth is what will count. And so these blessings are ours. And I want to talk about that today because we have been blessed. We've already been blessed. It all belongs to us. All spiritual blessings belong to us. And we have to believe that because, see, in the world, in this natural world, the things that the blessings come out of the spiritual realm. Everything that we're blessed with originally came out of the spiritual realm. God spoke all of these things into existence, and the Bible says that that that God the Father, God the Son, Trinity, they hold the earth together. If God would cease to exist, the earth would just crumble and fall apart because they hold it all together. So everything we see, everything that we receive, comes out of the spiritual realm. And so we have to believe that. Are you born again? How many people are saved in here? Okay, so you have all spiritual blessings in the spirit, soul and body. It isn't just the physical, it's also the spiritual. And the Soulish realm is also blessed. And to receive these blessings, it doesn't make any difference who you are, what you've experienced in life, where you were born, where you grew up, your age.


John Fethkenher: [00:24:53] Nothing can stop God from blessing you. I want to talk about two things today. I want to talk about number one, that God does not lie. You know, we have a lot of people that evidently don't believe the Bible. You know, they're putting people in the in the pulpits that homosexual. Well, that's not in the scriptures. So evidently they believe that God lies, that he doesn't tell the truth. And so we as believers, we have to know for certain that God does not lie. Now. You know, lots of times we can say that, well, God does not lie, but. When it comes to some blessings, sometimes we disqualify ourselves with our own thinking. But God doesn't lie. And so we have to get the revelation that he does not lie. He absolutely does not lie. And whatever he has said, he will do and is for every believer. Whether you been a believer for 15 minutes or 50 years, it doesn't make any difference. That blessing belongs to those that believe. That's right. And so we need to have those things. God does not lie in numbers, chapter 23. It tells us God is not a man, that he should lie, neither the Son of man that he should repent hath he said, and shall he not do it? Or has he spoken, and shall he not make it good? So we see that there's no limit to what God can do.


John Fethkenher: [00:26:34] God is filled with love. He's filled with mercy. He's filled with goodness. He's not going to lie to you. He will not lie to us because he's filled with things that are all good. And then, number two, you can't tempt God to lie. You can't tempt him to lie because lying is not in his nature. It's impossible for him to lie. You know, in the in the Gospels, we see where the religious leaders, you know, they all went around and following Jesus and they all they wanted to go listen to him. No, they didn't want to listen to him. They were trying to catch him in a lie, but they couldn't do it. They never did catch him in a lie. Then also I want to look at this. God does not change. God does not change. I believe that the plan that God has for mankind, the plan that God has for you and I. He's absolutely committed to finishing that plan that he has for us and for you. He's absolutely committed to that. What he's ever said to us, whatever he's spoken to our spirit man, he plans on finishing that. He he wants to complete that. He's committed to that. And so we have some proof here in the Word of God that tells us that. It says in first Samuel 1529 it says, and also the strength of Israel will not lie nor repent, for he is not a man, that he should repent.


John Fethkenher: [00:28:17] Psalms 102 27 says, but you remain the same, and your ear, your years will never end. Psalms 119 89 says, forever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven. Amen. Psalms 8935 says, once I have sworn by my holiness, I will not lie unto David. If God wouldn't lie to David, he won't lie to you. Amen. He won't lie to you. He's not a respecter of persons. He is sworn by his holiness. Hallelujah. Isaiah 55 111. We all know that one. So shall my word go forth out of my mouth. It shall not return unto me void. It shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper. It shall prosper in the thing. Where to I sent it. Amen. His word will prosper in our life. It's a seed that's going to grow. You can't stop it. You can't stop it. James, chapter one, verse 17 says, every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting sand. Amen. Every good gift you know, a lot of people have a problem with. They don't know whether it's God or they don't know whether it's the devil. Well, to me, it's real easy. If it's good, it's God. If it's bad, it's the devil. I mean, every good gift comes from above. You know, these things that come against us, they're not good. So they don't come from God.


John Fethkenher: [00:29:57] Oh, but he's trying to teach us something. No, no, no, no, he'll teach us through the spirit. Now, now he can take a bad circumstance. And it says he can turn it for good. For those who love God and called according to his purpose. But that doesn't mean that he sent it. No, but a lot of people have that idea. See, they don't believe the Bible. They don't believe the Bible. Hallelujah! In Hebrews 13 eight, Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. I love that one. And then also Titus chapter one, verse number two, in hope of eternal life, which God that cannot lie, promised before the world began. See, the Word of God is true and he does not lie. Whatever God has said. Cannot be changed. There's a tremendous story in the Bible that's back in the in the book of numbers. It's the story of two men, Balaam and Balak. And if you know the story, beylik was. Well, I did just a little bit of research on this, and they believe that possibly Balak and Balam knew each other. Maybe they both came from the same hometown and they may have known each other previously to to this story here. But beylik, he had a territory or an area that he ruled, and he was probably either the king or the ruler of that area. And the Israelites were coming, and they were going to move through that area. They they didn't want his land, but they were going to travel through to their own land.


John Fethkenher: [00:31:40] But Balak was afraid of the Israelites because he had heard of all the things that they had done and their armies, and how strong they were. So he was afraid. So he had the idea. I know, I know, Balam, he's a prophet of God, and he was because he heard from God. He, he, he took God's instructions and did those things. So he said, I'm going to call Balam and have him come over and I'm going to have him curse. The Israelite people so that they can't come through my land, that they'll be cursed and won't be able to overthrow us. They won't be able to come in and kill our people. And so he sent his servants. Balac sent his servants to get Balam and a first Balam. He's not going to go. And he inquires of the Lord, and he's not supposed to go. But pretty soon after, several servants come back to to Balam. They offered him money. And so they raised the ante pretty good. So Baelum says, well, I guess I'll go. So he went, and we all know the story about the donkey that talked. You know, everybody wants to preach about that part. But that's not the real story. The real story is later when Baelum gets into the country that belongs to Balloch and Bailloch says, go up on this first mountain, he says, and curse the Israelites.


John Fethkenher: [00:33:01] And he went up there, and he opened his mouth to curse of the Israelites, and blessing came out. Oh was really upset with him. So he comes off the mountain and he says, go up the second mountain. So Balam goes up the second mountain. He tries to curse the Israelites. Blessing comes out. So Balicky said, hey, I gave you a lot of money. Now, buddy, you need to produce. This is your last chance. Go up on the third mountain. And curse those people. And Balam goes up there. He opens his mouth and blessing comes out. And I imagine by this time Balika was really upset. But here's what Balem said. Basically, he said, there's nothing I can do. He says, What God has blessed, I cannot reverse it. What God has blessed, I cannot reverse it. Whatever God has blessed you with, whatever blessings belong to you, nothing can reverse it. Yes, sir. Nothing can reverse it because God has said it. Amen. And God does not lie. Oh, Hallelujah! Woo! Oh, that is so good. You know, how do we walk in the blessings of God? And we can also ask ourselves, why do we walk in the blessings of God? You know, I think I already talked about Genesis chapter 12, where it says Abraham was made a blessing to be a blessing to others. In Colossians chapter one, verse number 13, it says, who has delivered us from the power of darkness, and has translated us into the kingdom of his dear son.


John Fethkenher: [00:34:54] This is talking about walking in the blessings of God. You have to walk with a kingdom mentality to receive and operate in all the blessings of God. We have to realize that though we live here in this earth, we're not of this earth. We're of a different kingdom. We've been translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. That's where we're at. And so when we think about that, who is our father? God is our father. God is our father. And we have to have a revelation of that. In John chapter eight, verse number 23, Jesus was talking to some of the religious leaders, and basically this was what he told them. He says, you are from beneath. I am from above. You are of this world. I am not of this world. So we see that what Jesus did is he basically told the religious leaders, he said. Your kingdom is hell and my kingdom is heaven. That's basically what he told them. Pretty blunt. That's a pretty rash statement. I think in today's world, you know, the sinner, the unbeliever, they know who their father is. They may not know it directly. They may not call Satan their father, but they know whether they're in the right kingdom or not. But Jesus spoke those things. He never held back. Jesus never went to a class on political correctness.


John Fethkenher: [00:36:37] He just spoke it out like it was. You know? And when we think about religion, I heard something. I'm just going to kick this in here because I think it's kind of good. So. Okay. What Brother Hagan used to call a rabbit trail. But this will be a short one. When you talk about God moving. And the Spirit of God moving. You know, lots of times when things are happening in churches and, you know, there's a lot of turmoil and things aren't going on like, like they would like there's no move of the spirit, nothing happening. And people come around and they say, well, there must be sin in the camp. Oh, there must be. But you know what? A religious spirit will shut down the Spirit of God quicker than sin. A religious spirit will cut out the Spirit of God quicker than sin. Come on. Amen. Amen. Amen. And that's what the Pharisees were. It was just a complete religious spirit. Hallelujah. And he told them where they were from and see. There's more to it than just Jesus knowing where he was from, that he was from heaven. He knew where he was from, and he knew that the place that he came from was far superior to the place that he was living. Now listen to me. Heaven where we live. We live in the heavenly realm, the spiritual realm. We're in a new kingdom. Our kingdom is superior to the kingdom that's here on the earth.


John Fethkenher: [00:38:25] And Jesus knew that. He knew that. We have to know that. We have to know that everything in this earth is pastor was saying, we have authority, and we have to realize that everything on this earth is inferior to us. Now, I'm not talking about a haughty spirit. I'm not talking about being proud and all this kind of stuff. I'm talking about walking with a confidence, knowing that we have authority on this earth, and we come from a different kingdom and this kingdom that we live in that tries to put authority on us is inferior to us. Amen. Just like Jesus said when they were coming to get him, he said, The God of this world is coming after me, but he has nothing in me. That's who we are. That's who we are. The God of this world has nothing in us because we don't belong to him. And he's inferior to us. We are superior to him. You know, no matter what storm comes. When Jesus was here on the earth, it didn't make any sickness, financial diseases, whatever he faced. He knew that he was superior in that situation. Amen. Amen. He never backed down from anything. He never went into it with a haughty spirit, but he went in there with confidence because he knew that where he was from was always superior, and he knew who was with him. The Holy Spirit was with him who is superior to any spirit that's on the earth today.


John Fethkenher: [00:40:25] Amen. He knew that. He knew that. So whatever. Whenever he showed up. Everything around him became inferior. Hallelujah. In John chapter 14, verse number 12, he was talking to his disciples, and he says, believeth thou not that I am in the father and the father in me? The words that I speak unto you, I speak not of myself, but the father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works. See that applies to you and I. If we can get, we can. We can be so in tune to the Spirit of God that the words we speak and the things we do are the things that he's telling us to do. Absolutely, absolutely. Everything Jesus did and said was what God wanted, said, and done. Jesus said that. Mhm in John 1420. Oh, this scripture here is just there's so much in this. He says at that day, I think he was talking about the day we got born again. I think that's what he's talking about. But I'm not positive. But he says, at that day you shall know that I am in the father, and you are in me, and I am in you. Ha! When we got born again. Jesus is in the father. Jesus is in us and we are in him. Amen. So the same authority, the same power, the same superiority that Jesus had, we have on the earth today.


John Fethkenher: [00:42:15] Amen. Amen. The same we are Jesus on the earth today. Amen. Hallelujah. Amen. And then it goes on. John 1410. Verily, verily, I say unto you. When Jesus uses that word verily, verily. That means, hey, listen up. He means this is very, very important. I want you to get this. Don't forget it. He says, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, oh, this scripture, the works that I do shall he do also. And greater works than these shall he do, because I go unto the father. Amen. A lot of people get hung up on that verse. Well, you know, greater works in Jesus. Well, you know, they they downplay it like that isn't true. That's read in my Bible. Who said that? Jesus. Did Jesus lie? Does Jesus change? No. So that applies to me. Why can't we get off of that rock of thinking that we're un unqualified? We're incapable of doing what Jesus said. I mean, I'm talking to myself as much as I'm talking to anybody else. But that verse there. Greater works than these shall you do? Because what are the possibilities, pastor? What are the. If we get a hold of that scripture and get it down in us, what are the possibilities? Your broadcasts are going to hundreds of thousands of people already. Why can't it go to the whole world? What are the possibilities? What are the possibilities? I mean, when you think about God, what does the Bible say? All things are possible to.


John Fethkenher: [00:44:26] Him who believes. Think about that. All things are possible. What are the possibilities in your life? I think we think way too small. I'm talking about myself. We think too small. The only thing holding us back is our own thinking. It's true. He wants us to be blessed. He wants us to be blessed, but we want to get away from. Focusing on the blessing, but we want to begin to focus on using the blessing to enlarge the Kingdom of God. You know, God. God, I heard this years ago and it's so true. If God can get it through you, God will get it to you. And there will always be more than enough left over so that you can live nice. Amen. Amen. I think Jesus wants us to live nicely. He wants us to live comfortably. Yes, we have trials, sacrifices, things that happen. But all in all, life with Jesus is good. It's good. Amen. As we begin to think bigger. Think bigger. Oh. What are the possibilities in your life? Do we ever think about that? What is possible. How many people have daydreamed? Ever been driving down the road. And, you know, sometimes we preach as we're driving down the road and all of a sudden we see a vision. 10,000 people out there were we're preaching to. Is that some imagination from the devil? No, he's not interested in us preaching to thousands of people who gives us that imagination? Our imaginations are so important.


John Fethkenher: [00:46:44] Sometimes we think it's just a oh, well, it's just a dream. And, you know, it's just no, no. Imaginations are what we need to start believing for. When when Matt was talking about the giving, I wanted to say something there because I thought of something. This has happened to every believer. I know that it has. But. It's time to give. And a figure comes into your mind and you think, oh, get behind me, Satan. You think, well, that had to have been the devil. No. The devil isn't going to tell you to give more money into the kingdom. The devil is not going to tell you to give more. Come on folks. Our imagination. There's more God in it than we think. And when he shows us something, what are the possibilities? I don't know you or what's in your life, but have you had some dreams for maybe a business or different things? What are the possibilities? God is not limited. God is not limited. We limit ourself. I just want to encourage you to step out with these imaginations. Step out. I, Matt was telling about what I said years ago down there, and I don't remember what it was. He told me one time what I said, but I've forgotten. But I remember this couple when they came to Raymond. You were about what, 19? 20? Years old. And now look at them.


John Fethkenher: [00:48:34] They got a business. They got people working for them. See, they they've seen the possibilities that God has shown them and they've stepped into it. And it's not going to be easy. He was telling me. He's been up in Chattanooga for eight weeks now, training a new man. He's up there 2 or 3 times. 2 or 3 days a week now. Well, it's not easy, but it's God's plan for their life. And look what God has done. The possibility. What are what are. What are the next possibilities? Mississippi, Texas. I mean, I mean, what is the limit? Is there a limit on God? There's no limit. No limit. Pastor. No limit. They're remodeling their house right now. Praise God. See, I believe Jesus thinks he wants it to be nice. And besides, that, nice is nice. And so whatever you have in your heart to do, do it. Don't look at the price. Just do it. What God has put in your heart, in your minds, in your imagination. Just do it. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Because he doesn't. If he. If he gives you a if he gives you something he's going to supply, he's going to do it. And pastor and his wife Michelle. They know when it's the Spirit of God talking. You know, sometimes our head will talk. But they know the difference. Follow your heart. Follow your heart. Amen. Well, that was. Ooh, Hallelujah. That's. That's the possibilities. And see, we have to have this mindset.


John Fethkenher: [00:50:35] We have to have this mindset. You know, we have to walk in love and humility. But we have to have a superiority complex when it comes to this world system. Absolutely. We have to love people. We have to love people and it's so important. You know. Eileen and I were talking this morning. As we grow in the things of God. Talking about loving people. And. I when I got saved and I grew up, all my teaching was in in the message of faith. But then the grace message came. I got a hold of this way back a little bit when we were in Thailand, and I began to find out that grace and faith go together. By grace you are saved through faith. See, they go together. And so I began to learn some things. You know, sometimes in sometimes when we think we're great faith people, we can be a little bit critical of other people. And I was guilty of that. And. We have a we have a daughter that's she's had a rough life and she lost a baby and then a divorce and a lot of things. And then she met this boyfriend and, you know, and they they started living together a few years ago. And, you know, there was a time when that would have really upset me. But I've got to the place where. I can love people. Not that I like what they're doing, but I can still love my daughter. Amen. Amen.


Speaker4: [00:52:36] Amen. Amen.


John Fethkenher: [00:52:38] So important. And now her boyfriend's very, very sick. He's probably going to pass away in the next, I don't know, very soon. He's only 53 years old. But he knows the Lord. He got saved a few years ago, not living for the Lord, but he got saved. My daughter was saved many, many years ago. Not living for the Lord, but. We have to learn to overcome. It's not that we. Condone what's happening. But we have to have love overrule our feelings. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Is that understandable to everybody? We have to let love overrule our feelings. We have to walk in love. We have to walk in love towards people. Amen. And lots of times when we begin to show our authority, sometimes the religious people come around and they say things like, well, who do you think you are? You can speak to your finances. Who do you think you are? You can speak to a tree. Who do you think you are? You can speak to sickness. Well, what are the possibilities in God? But the religious people, they'll come and try to shoot you down, try to discourage it, try to catch you off. But we have to go by what God says. We have to go by what he says and see. There has to be a confidence that surrounds us. That you're you're not of this world. You're of a different world because we are you're far superior to the things that originate here in this world.


John Fethkenher: [00:54:34] And regardless of the fact that you're walking on the earth, it doesn't change the fact that you're from a superior world. We're from a superior world. We'll go back there to Ephesians chapter one, verse number three. It says, blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Who hath? Who has he done? It already blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. See, God cannot lie. He has spoken blessings for his children, and it cannot be reversed. It cannot be reversed. Everything we receive from God originates in in the spirit realm, and we must walk in that, knowing that we live out of heaven, that we don't live out of earth. We live out of heaven. What we say about ourselves is so important. Philemon, verse number six. I love that verse. It says that the communication or that word communication actually means the manifestation, but it says the communication of your faith may become effectual. By acknowledging every good thing that is in you, in Christ. So, you know, lots of times we have to start early in the morning convincing ourselves. Sometimes, you know, you get up in the morning and your hair is this way and that way, and, you know, you don't hardly recognize yourself without your makeup. But you're looking at mirror. And you talk about who you are. Who is that person in that mirror? That's a child of God.


John Fethkenher: [00:56:17] That. Look at that. You're a child of God. All things are possible. You've been blessed with all spiritual blessings everywhere you go today, you're going to be a blessing. Amen, Amen. And you'll be amazed how that'll change the whole day. That's right. Because, see, faith will rise. Your faith will become effectual. It will become effective by acknowledging who we really are. We're not some old sinner saved by grace. No. We're a new man. We're a new creature. We're a creature that never existed before. The old man is gone. The old has passed away. Hallelujah. So we want to walk in the revelation of who we are so that we can win people to Christ. That's what it's all about. That's what. That's what Jesus came for. He came to die for everyone. And he did that sinner that you may know his sins are paid for. He just hasn't accepted the sacrifice for it yet. Or the substitution. They're all. All the sins are paid for. Some people just don't know. They just don't know. So I'm going to. Oh, one more thing. The story of. What time do we need to be done, pastor? What's when. Okay, I got an idea that that probably doesn't watch the clock much here, so. But but I but but I'll be gracious I I'll walk on thin ice. I'll be careful.


John Fethkenher: [00:58:05] But anyhow, when I see you going to sleep, I know you've had enough so. But. I was reading this story the other day, a couple of weeks ago on the Bible. The story about when the disciples were in the boat. They're going across the Sea of Galilee, and this big storm comes up and Jesus comes walking on the water, you know, and Peter. You know, Jesus beckons him to come and he gets out and walks on the water. I've heard, I don't know how many sermons on Peter walking on the water, and all they talk about is he got his eyes off of Jesus and he sank. And I got to thinking about that and I thought, let's quit thinking about. He sank. Let's start thinking about. He walked. He walked on the water. It was his fault that he sank. It wasn't Jesus's fault. See. We have to look at what? What are the possibilities? I haven't walked on the Cahaba River down here or anything, but. But you know what? It's possible. It is, I believe. I believe that if someone was drowning out out in the water. And I believe God could have you walk out there and pull him out and bring him to shore. Because God is concerned with that person out there. He loves that person. I'm not going to think of how Peter sank. I'm going to think about how he walked on the water.


John Fethkenher: [00:59:48] Because all things. If it was possible for Peter, it's possible for us. All things are possible. Hallelujah. So here's a confession. Let's make a confession. Here I am from above. I am not of this world. I am far superior to anything in this world. Let's say it again. I am from above. I'm not of this world. I am far superior. Far superior to anything in this world. So when you walk up against situations, walk up against problems. Walk up there with a confidence that inside of you, the superior one, we've all quoted that scripture. Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. But many times we don't walk like we believe it. We have to get that revelation and all of this, all of this that I've talked about today is to build us and give us revelation and confidence to share the gospel with the world. I'm going to show you a few pictures here pretty soon and talk about some things, but I'm going to make a confession about myself. You know, for many, many years, Eileen and I have taught in Bible schools, and we've held seminars and all kinds of things overseas in Canada, in the United States. And I always kind of had the idea, well, God, you know, why do I need to witness to people? You know, I'm trained in people, you know, Lord, you know, I'm doing my part.


John Fethkenher: [01:01:33] But last year. I. Well, it happened early in 22, 2022. I got in contact with a man out of Missouri. He's full time. He worked for them. It's an organization called the Fellowship of Christian Farmers. I never heard of him before in my life, but I found out that they're all over the United States. They're up in Canada. It's actually a pretty good sized group. And what they do is they go around to farm shows where they have the large auditoriums or event centers, and they have farm related equipment and feed and everything related to the farmers. But what they do is they have a little walking stick that has what they call a salvation bracelet on it, and people come by and hey, you want a free walking stick? And they come over and, well, yeah, I'd like to have one of those. And so then you show them this bracelet and it's, it's a way to lead people to the Lord. And so I went up last last January of this year, went up there and to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in January to a farm show. And. My first experience of that, I was there. I wasn't there all day, each day, probably maybe five hours a day. And. Had the opportunity to lead 11 people to the Lord while I was there. Well then also another thing they do is they go to FFA.


John Fethkenher: [01:03:14] If you're familiar with Future Farmers of America, it's a high school program for people that want to go into the farming industry. Doesn't necessarily mean they're going to be farmers. Everybody can't be a farmer. But they also this organization also goes to these FFA state conventions. And Eileen and I went up to Brookings, South Dakota, to the university up there, and they had a state convention up there, and there was hundreds. Hundreds of young teenagers from schools all over South Dakota. And you'll see some pictures of it. But while we were there, there was Eileen and I and another man that comes and helps. And then Jeff, the one that's the head of it at this one, they gave away like hot pads and different things like that. They didn't do the walking sticks, but all these kids are coming by and usually there's these vendors are all giving away little bags and all kinds of stuff. Well, they come up to your table and say, oh, what are you doing here? And we start witnessing to them, sharing with them. And while we were there, a whole day, we were there a whole day. It was a long day. But Eileen and I, we didn't even keep track of it. But we prayed with between 30 and 40 young people to receive the Lord. So I've got real excited about this. I'm real excited about this.


John Fethkenher: [01:04:40] And so in February, we went to Columbia, South America. And. We've been down there many times, I met these. There's a group of young people I met at Rhema Bible Training Center in Bogota, Colombia, probably ten years ago or maybe more when we were teaching there. And we we were going there every year for a number of years. And when Covid hit, things kind of changed. We went once since then, but no, no, the next time we went, we went to Yopal, but we went down to this town called Yopal. And the girl that we met, Eliana, is her name and she speaks really good English. She lived in the US for a while, so she's translated for me. We became really good friends in Bogota. She was not my translator, but her and her friends. They took us out around Bogota because they could speak. She could speak. So anyhow, we've been invited down to their church several times, and her father has a pretty good sized church, probably about 300 people down in this town of Yopal, and it's 100 and some thousand people. And we told them we'd come down there for two weeks. And so we gave them some dates and they said, yeah, that'd be fine. And so we went down there and we did 13 meetings in 14 days. We were really busy, but we got to go. A lot of places do a lot of things.


John Fethkenher: [01:06:07] But the thing that was different about this trip is every meeting that we had, she told me what they wanted us to teach on. I thought, okay, that's kind of different. But we said, okay, we'll do that. So I spent lots of time, lots of time getting some things ready, because a lot of the things you ask me for, I haven't done any teaching on, like leadership and things like that. I've always just I've basically been what you call a topical teacher. I teach like maybe one topic, love or faith or, you know, things like this I'm not much on. I haven't done much on leadership and things like this. So I had to do a whole lot of work to get ready to go and then listen to this Sunday morning. She wanted me to teach on evangelism. And I'm thinking to myself, you know, people aren't interested in coming to evangelism on Sunday morning. They want to whoop and holler and run. Run the road a little bit and some stuff like that. They're not interested in hearing about evangelism. But I put together some teaching on that, and I went to the The Book of Acts. I think it's chapter eight. Or it says, Philip went down to Samaria, and he preached in the city, and many people were saved, and joy filled the city. So I saw there was mass evangelism. But on the next page.


John Fethkenher: [01:07:31] Over there is a story where the the Ethiopian was coming by and Philip jumped up on the cart with him, led him to the Lord. And they were he was baptized. So there I saw a one on one. One on one evangelism. So that was basically what I used for that teaching on Sunday morning. And then at the end of the teaching, I showed them these salvation bracelets and how they work and how you do them and things. And and we came back home and probably about a month later, we heard from Eliana. She we're in contact with quite a bit, and now we're using WhatsApp with her talking to her and stuff. But they took this salvation bracelets and they made a bunch of them and they started going out. And I can't even tell you all the places, but they went to a, I went to a rehab center. What, 20, 30 girls were saved. They went to some hospitals. They went out on the streets. The first report she gave me, there was way over 100 people got saved through these people going out on the streets. And the thing that I found out about this, I'll show you it in a little bit. The thing I found out about it, it's a tool. It's a tool. And I found out that we need tools. You know, I was an electrician contractor for many, many years, and I wouldn't have been I wouldn't have been an electrical contractor without tools.


John Fethkenher: [01:09:05] Had to have tools to do my job right. Well, I found out that these bracelets are a tool, and they're just one tool. There's many tools out there, but this is one that's working good for us. So I'm going to show you a few pictures here. We'll start out showing you what we did down in Yopal at their church, some of their services. So Elliot, are you ready? Go ahead and go ahead and do the first one. I'll just kind of tell you a little bit. We'll move right along here. This is a Darcy's, her name. She was a first time she had translated. Am I blocking your view? First time she'd ever translated. She speaks really good English and she did a fabulous job. I'm not sure where that was. A service, one of those. But anyhow, she did a good job. I really liked her. Next picture please. Oh, welcome. Okay. Here is they had us do a youth night, and they have a pretty good sized youth group. And they're really they're really doing a lot of evangelism down there. And so she wanted me to teach on evangelism with the kids. I did a little bit different with them and give them an opportunity for those that wanted to begin to go out on the streets with the ones that were already going, and all those kids came up and wanted to join in on going out on the streets to do evangelism.


John Fethkenher: [01:10:35] Next picture please. Those are some people from Venezuela. Venezuela is really a very difficult country right now because of the takeover of the communists. Very poor. There's no food. There's nothing there. This couple came over from Venezuela into Colombia and they opened up. I'd call it a smoothie shop. And they're very hard workers. And they go to the church there. And so they wanted us to come down to their smoothie shop one afternoon. So we were down there and had some smoothie, the very, very loving good people. And they're just looking for a better a better life. Next picture please. On a Sunday we went out to two churches, drove out from yopal a couple of hours. And this is the first church that's. Yeah, that's that's me ministering there. Next picture please. Then we prayed for people after the service. The girl there was facing right beside me there with the black sweater on. That's Eliana. Next picture please. And that's the church. They like to take pictures down there. They must have a thousand pictures on their phone. Okay. Next picture. That was our second service that day. And Eileen did the ministry there. And you can see the church was just outside underneath that roof that was attached to that building. And it was there's always some obstacles when you're on the on the mission field just behind them across the street, they're having a rodeo.


John Fethkenher: [01:12:14] And so they got all these loudspeakers going and they're calling the rodeo and all this stuff. So, so sometimes you it's not ideal conditions, but the gospel prevails every time. Next. Next picture please. And they're they're praying for some people. They ran into one girl at probably there were some demonic activity. We found out afterwards that this particular town, there's a lot of demonic activity. And there was a girl said she wanted to receive Christ. And then when it come time, not this girl, but another one. I was not there when it happened. I mean, I was in the I was probably praying for somebody else. But this girl, she said she wanted to receive Christ, but when they got ready to pray for her, she wouldn't say Jesus. And all of a sudden she just kind of reared up and got kind of ornery, and she backed Eliana up against the wall. And I think Eileen was there. You were there with him, weren't you? So, so there's so there's there's a lot of demonic activity and there's a lot in the United States also. It's just not as evident. You don't see it quite as much here, but it's here. It's here. Okay. Next picture please. And that that's the local Walmart store, I think. We were having lunch after afterwards and I saw that truck come by and all these bags are hanging on there.


John Fethkenher: [01:13:44] And if you wanted something out of the middle of the truck, I don't know how he'd possibly get it out, but. But there's a new idea for you, Matt. You could fix up your truck like that. Okay, next one, please. And that's Eliana and I. Probably ministering at the church. Next picture please. And there it was, very hot down there, very little air conditioning. That's that's their that's their Chicago dog. If you've ever went through the Chicago airport, they have what they call a Chicago dog. And it's a great big hot dog with spices on it. And I love them. They're really good. So I was telling them about that down there. Oh well yeah, we have that here. We have a Chicago dog here. So they made it for us one night for supper. We stayed in their house with them, and it was a great big frankfurter about that big around and real long. And then they put hot sauce on it, then a full layer of jalapeno peppers and then those things on the top are those shoestring potatoes you get out of a can, you know those. So so that was their recognition of the Chicago dog. Okay. Next picture please. And here's a good one. On Wednesday night she took me to another church and.


John Fethkenher: [01:15:08] The pastor wanted me to preach on serving serving in the church. And so I did. And at the end of that, I gave a call for people that were not serving in the church that would like to begin serving in the church, and all these people came forward to serve. Okay. Next picture. I think they wanted me to pray for each one of them, which we did. And next picture, please. And then afterwards we went out to eat and the pastor was clear down there on the end, and his wife on the right and his daughter on the left, and the pastor told Eliana to tell me. He said, when all those people lined up there, he said, I ran up there with my camera and took a picture of him, and he said, I'm going to start calling them all tomorrow. I thought that was good. Next picture please. And that was some people at the church. The Lord just had me go down and pray for them. I'm not sure what the situation was. They just started coming to church there and there was some kind of hurts or something going on. I'm not sure, but Lord directed me to pray for them. So next picture please. And this was a good one. Uh, one afternoon, he wanted me to talk to the staff. And some of those are paid. Most all of them are volunteers. And they all showed up for this meeting.


John Fethkenher: [01:16:29] And I said to Pastor Omar, I said, he's the one way in the back with his thumbs up. But he I said, what do you want me to talk about? And he says, I don't want you to talk. He said, they want I want them to ask you questions. So you talk about a Holy Ghost time. Because they just come up with the question, you know, how do you handle problem people in the church? Well, you know, you could talk about that for days or weeks or months because everyone's different. Of course, there's no, you know, problems down here. I'm sure it's just it's up in Birmingham, you know, nothing around here. But. And then, like, what do you do with homosexuals that come into the church and, and what do you do with people that are living together and aren't married? You know, that's a big thing around the world now and in the church in the United States. It's a big thing. Yeah. And so they asked me all these questions probably an hour and a half or so. And it was a good time for me also, because it was really a time for the Holy Ghost to give the answers, because, you know, my mind can't come up with all these answers. Only the Holy Ghost knows. And so that was a first time I'd ever done anything like that.


John Fethkenher: [01:17:43] And it was really quite interesting. Next picture please. There. We went out for lunch afterwards on one of the church services that Pastor Omar on the left. That's the father of Eliana and her mother, Naomi. And then Eliana is the next one, and her husband Louis on the left. And then, of course, I'm down there. And then that's her son Omar, too, and then his wife. And then they have another daughter, Natalie. And I think she was still working at the church or something, but and of course, Eileen took the picture, so she's not in the picture. Next picture please. And this was the ladies meeting. Eileen did the ladies meeting. And that was a real miracle. They kept Eileen doesn't do well in air conditioning where it blows on you, you know, and she'll she'll get kind of coughing a little bit and stuff. And so they had this meeting planned for I think Friday night or something like that. And Eileen was coughing some. And so they kept postponing it, postponing it. And, and finally we were going to leave on Tuesday morning and so said, well we got to have it Monday night. So they had it Monday night. And she coughed a little bit when she went in and never coughed the whole time. So that was a miracle of the Lord. And so they had a really a great it was right around Valentine's Day.


John Fethkenher: [01:19:06] So they really decorated up next picture please. And that's part of it. You can see the decorations. And Eliana did the translating for her. Next picture please. And yeah they do selfies down there. Also they they love to do pictures. So everybody has to have a picture with everybody else. And so yeah we know all those gals there Paula. They're taking the picture. She her and her husband pastor. And they were also up in at Raymond Bogota when we were there. So we know most all of those people from years back. Next picture please. I think this is going to be. Yeah. Okay. This now I'm going to go back to this about the fellowship of Christian farmers right here. I'm sharing these salvation bracelets with these two men. They were from up in northern part of South Dakota, retired farmers. And the one on the left, he received Christ, 88 years old, the one on the right, the one with the beard and the checkered coat. He wouldn't pray the prayer. I said, don't you want to receive Christ? No, no, he didn't want to. So, you know, you just go with the ones that will, you know. And he stood right there while the other one prayed. So he wasn't he wasn't too gun shy. Next picture please. And this is up in Brookings, South Dakota. This is the one I was talking about. The the teenagers here I'm sharing with people there.


John Fethkenher: [01:20:41] Next picture please. And that girl. There was, I think, a university student, and she was actually working with the vendors, making sure they had everything they needed and they were in their right positions and right spaces and stuff. And so she came by there and she wanted to know what we were doing. And so I showed her. Anyhow, next picture. And there I prayed with four boys. There they all came and. And they were so good. So, so easy to talk to. Next picture please. And there Eileen sharing with the group. And there's the other man that was helping us. He's back there. He's talking to some kids. And the next one please. The video. Okay. The next one, the picture or the video? We can just do the picture. That's fine. Yeah. The video, it's just a 32nd video. But this is this is a bracelet. And I want to show it to you folks. Elliot helped me with that picture this morning because I got to thinking, people are online, they'll be able to see it better. And so I'll explain it a little more for the people that are audio online. But I was telling you, this is the tool and. The thing that I've learned about this is when you talk to somebody, if you saw those two men that I was talking to or all the young people, when you're talking to them, they're looking at the beads and they're listening to you.


John Fethkenher: [01:22:15] There's no intimidation. You know, lots of times you try to talk to somebody and you're looking at them eye to eye, and pretty soon that person is kind of, you know, they get nervous. But with this, they do not. They're listening to every word and it's just such a powerful tool. And so we just say here, I want to show you this bracelet. The yellow one here stands for heaven. And the Bible tells us that. The streets are paved with gold in heaven. And then I ask him, I say, you want to go to heaven, don't you? Everybody says yes. Nobody ever says no. They all say yes. And then I tell them, I say, well, the second bead, the black one. That represents sin. And sin keeps us out of heaven. The Bible says the wages of sin are death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus. And all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But God in his great mercy has made a provision that's the red one. That's the blood of Jesus. And the Bible tells us without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins. And Jesus went upon the cross and shed his blood for my sins and for your sins and for the sins of the world. And if we'll accept the sacrifice of Jesus, the shedding of his blood, he makes us white as snow.


John Fethkenher: [01:23:42] That's represented by the white one. When you receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, he makes you holy. He makes you pure. You're sinless. You're a new creature. And after you receive him and become holy and pure and clean, the green one represents a new life. The Bible tells us that Jesus came, that we might have life and have it more abundantly, and he has a new life for you, a better life than what you've had. You live in the Kingdom of God. The Bible says, whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. For with the mouth man confesses. With the heart he believes unto salvation. And then I ask him, here's here's the clue, I say to him. Then I go on and say, the way to receive Christ is just pray a prayer and ask him to come into your life, into your heart. And then I ask him a question. Is there any reason you can't pray this prayer right now? Very, very few people have said no. Instead of asking them, would you like to receive Jesus? You ask them, is there any reason you can't pray this prayer? And we've seen waitresses. We led guy to the Lord coming down here. We stayed in a hotel. He was eating breakfast in the morning. I mean, we just.


John Fethkenher: [01:25:16] We're looking for people now. We're looking for people because this tool makes it so easy. The gospel message right there. And just like you, all of you, when I was talking, what were you looking at? Were you looking at me? Or were you looking at this? You're looking at the bracelet. Absolutely. And then this card goes along with it has all the colors, what they mean. And there's scriptures on the back, not necessarily the ones I used, but there's other scriptures. And then I'm going to get my own made up here pretty soon. But the Fellowship of Christian Farmers have a little book they call the Operator's manual, and it's just a little folded thing that they give to them, tells them about getting into church, reading your Bible, some things like that. And then also in there they have a phone number that you can call, and if you live, you don't know a good church or something. You can call and they'll connect you with a church somewhere in your area. They're primarily connected with the Assemblies of God. And so. I don't know, but it's hard telling how we've we don't really keep track of how many are saved, but we're working as many as we can because I believe that there's no limit with God. There's no limit. And so Eileen and I are we're really excited about this. And you can go on the internet.


John Fethkenher: [01:26:46] We made all these up and we didn't. I'll tell you a story about that. But you can go on the internet and find all of the information about these Jeff Goss ministry. It's Goss. That's the man that we learned from. He has these cards on there. You can print it off of his website and all the instructions how what size to buy. And everything's right there on his ministry on his website. And so I just want to encourage you to begin to think about the harvest. Think about the harvest. Every one of us has friends, neighbors, family members. That aren't saved. That aren't saved and we want them saved. But lots of times we feel like, well, it's just not the right time. But, you know, we found out that anytime is the right time because I believe this is my personal opinion. The Bible says that everyone has been given the measure of faith. And I believe that when the gospel is presented to someone, God gives them the faith right at that moment to believe. Because it's all God. It's not our faith that believes. It's God's faith that we have. And I believe that he gives us that extra little punch. To believe when the gospel is given and we've seen people, it's unbelievable. On on Halloween. Some friends of ours at church that we've known for a long time. It's about 100 miles from us. And his pastor and the pastor and wife were over in our area here a couple of months ago, and they called us and we they were going through.


John Fethkenher: [01:28:38] And so we had lunch with them, and I was showing them this bracelet. He says, how would you like to come over to our church on Halloween? He said, we're going to have a hallelujah night. He said, we'll, we'll set up a booth for you and you can share these bracelets and stuff with people. I said, all right. So we went over there. How many are you familiar with? Hallelujah. Where they have all the games and stuff. They set us up right between two of the noisiest, loudest games they had. One of them was a ring toss and the other one was a basketball toss. We were right between the two of them. But again, we led 11 people to the Lord that night. The policeman came in. He was the city policeman. This is not a big town. Small, probably. Somewhere between 1500 and a couple of thousand people. Night policeman comes in and he's got a girl with him or a woman with him. And so I strike up a conversation with him and find out that it's not his wife, it's his girlfriend. She's riding around with him on the police car, you know, probably pretty probably live in. Who knows? Let both of them. The Lord. With this. With this bracelet.


[01:29:52] Amen.


John Fethkenher: [01:29:54] The girl had no church background whatsoever. I always ask him some questions. I always get the. I always get to know them a little bit. Before I do that, ask him a few questions and ask them what their church background is. The girl says nothing. He was. He had been Roman Catholic. So? So you can ask him those questions and some questions I've learned to ask. Is you can open the door in many ways with people. One of the ways I've learned is if someone's really smiley and and smiling a lot and just really happy, it's basically like waitresses and things like that. I'll say, I just did this yesterday with a girl. I said, boy, you've got a beautiful smile. How come you smile so much? She said, well, I can't help it. And I said, well, you must be a Christian. Yes, I am, she said. And then I asked him, I said, do you remember the moment that you asked Christ to come into your life? She said, yes. It was back in 2015. So see, but some people, you ask them that question, they say, well, I went to church all my life and see they haven't asked Jesus into their life. Then I show them the bracelet. Qualified people. Qualify people. And it's amazing. I've only had 1 or 2 people don't want to listen. They'll all listen.


Speaker4: [01:31:24] Amen. Amen.


John Fethkenher: [01:31:25] Hallelujah. So I want to encourage you find a tool that works for you, and you'll be amazed at how many people will be willing to listen to what you have to say. And a lot of a lot of you have friends and neighbors that have been watching you all your life, and they know you're different than they are, and this is a good way to show them why you're different. Amen. Amen. Hallelujah. Pastor.


Pastor West: [01:31:55] Appreciate you. Squash in unbelief. But also cast envision of taking the limits off. Amen. Let me read you something from Galatians six. Gentlemen, if you'll give everyone a half an envelope, who needs one? This is from the. The Passion translation in Galatians six is said, if you think that you're too important to stoop down to help another, you are living in deception. Let everyone be devoted to fulfill the work God has given them to do with excellence, and their joy will be in doing what's right and being themselves, and not being affirmed by others. Every believer is ultimately responsible for his or her own conscience. Verse six. And those who are taught the word and feel like you were taught today. Must share all good things with their teacher. A sharing of wealth takes place between them. Make no mistake about it. God will not be mocked. How about God will  not lie.Huh?


Pastor West: [01:33:17] Whatever you plant will always be the very thing you harvest. The harvest you reap reveals the seed that was planted. If you plant the corrupt seeds of self life into the natural realm, you could expect to experience a harvest of corruption. You say, well, not really, because, see, I'm under grace. Where did you learn grace? In the scriptures, through the Apostle Paul gave the revelation of it. Oh, Paul is still writing here in Galatians. Oh! If you plant corrupt seeds of your self-life into the natural realm, you could expect to experience a harvest of corruption. But if you plant the good seeds of the spirit life, you will reap the Bountiful fruits that grow from the everlasting life of the spirit. Don't allow yourself to be weary or disheartened in planting good seeds for the season of reaping. The wonderful harvest you have planted is coming. Take advantage of every opportunity to be a blessing to others, especially to your brothers and sisters in the family of faith. Wow. So we have an opportunity here. To share, to contribute to. To receive what we heard today. To walk in it and then to help them. Tell the stories. Send them down the road to the next place. Amen. And so we're we want to thank you both for coming and sharing your hearts with us and encouraging us and casting vision. I had these little mini visions. Sometimes I'll get them and. But I saw both of you. And he was. I don't know where he was at, but both of you had a machete, and I was like a machete. And this is why you're ministering. And what it was as you, as you was cutting a trail and blazing, and the generation of people was coming behind you.


Pastor West: [01:35:16] And then when you was preaching about Peter in the boat, I heard the spirit of the Lord say. He says, he says, concerning Peter. And it wasn't when he was in the boat then it was when Jesus come to ask to preach in his boat. And we know the story where Jesus asked him after he preached, you know, to thrust out a little bit, then then the spirit Lord asked me. He asked me a question. He said, he said, you know the story. And you know, Peter is in the boat and others is in there. He said, who are the figures in that story? And I thought, well, what do you mean? In that story? He said, in the story where Jesus borrows the boat and he gives instructions, and then they they and then he tells them to let out the net. He said, who are they in the story? Are they, Peter who let them borrow the boat and he's using them? Or are they one of the disciples that had to come bring in the haul? And I said, I don't know. He said, well, you should know. He says he's casting a vision right now. He is the one who's telling you to throw out the net for a big catch. She said, you wasn't Peter in the story. In that story, he said, the two of you were Jesus. You were telling us there's no more limits on you. Why don't you just throw out the nets? Why don't you just get a hall? Why don't you just take it all?


Speaker4: [01:36:43] Amen.


Pastor West: [01:36:44] Amen. Amen. So we appreciate you casting vision for us today and in ministering to us so wonderfully. So we are. We want to be able to give you an opportunity to to give right now. So we're going to to bless the girls and their ministry. So if you're if you're making that check, you already know, just give. And there's the other ways that you can give right there. So if you don't want to do a check or whatever then you can do it that way. And, and we can put it all together and and and bless them. So father, we just bless you. Thank you for this word that's gone forth today. We thank you for their life. We thank you for their ministry. We thank you, Lord, that this seed that has gone forth because the word is seed and this seed is if it's received, is in the parable, it says, if the man who took the seed and received it and put it into his heart, it grew. It increased for for some it was 30, some 60, and some a hundred fold. We thank you, Father God, for the seed that was planted to our hearts. We receive it. We thank you for it. We believe that it's engrafted within us and will produce a Bountiful harvest. And so, father, I thank you for everyone today who's giving. We declare that their giving is multiplied, increased into their life and to their and to the things that you call them to do. We speak multiplication and increase as the word was preached today, that the possibilities of are or the impossibilities are no longer impossible, but they are possible with God. So we take that step, we take that next move. We remove the limitations that might have been standing in our way before we heard this word. Today, we remove them and now we take the next step in Jesus mighty name, Amen. If you receive the offering where we all come back, you at least think about it one day. Come back and help us again. Well. I bless you all in Jesus name. You all have a great day. Amen.


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