Seize The Moment | 31Dec2023

Seize The Moment | 31Dec2023
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Seize The Moment | 31Dec2023

Pastor West: [00:00:00] Lift up your name this day. You are awesome and wonderful. Amen, Amen. You may be seated. Good morning and welcome. Hope you had a good Christmas. Praise God some people are still out of town and some people don't even know what day of the week it is. Praise God so, but we do and we're here. And I'm going to treat this just like, well, the way I, the way I this is just how I think. Or I try to think this way. I'm sure I haven't done it every time, every time I minister like it was the last time I'm ever going to get to minister the word again. So it really doesn't matter what who does and who doesn't and what they're doing, because it's not about them. Uh, the Bible says, whatever you do, do with all your heart, all your mind, all your strength, all your soul, and do it as unto the Lord. Someone nullify your face and say, then at least tell Jesus you love him. Oh praise God y'all want me to work today, I see that. Amen. Well that's okay, I'm ready to go. Mark. Chapter ten, if you will. We're in transition from 23 to today. Today's date is one, 23123. It will never happen again in your lifetime. One, 231, two, three. And so in March we're going to talk about if you are our title for today is Seize the Moment. Yay! Praise the Lord! Seize the moment.


Pastor West: [00:01:28] Amen. Y'all must have. Did y'all finish the leftovers? Amen. Okay, well, maybe I'll go down the church, down the street and see what they're doing. Praise the Lord. Mark chapter ten, verse 46. And they came to Jericho. And as they went out of Jericho with his disciples. A great number of people, blind Bartimaeus, the son of Timaeus, he sat by the highway side, begging. And when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out and say, Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy on me. And I notice he's been a beggar ever since he's been old enough to have needs. He's been blind. And they even referred to him as not Bartimaeus, but blind Bartimaeus. So he's picked up a nickname B.B. Blind Bartimaeus. So he's he's doing what he does every day. He's at the same place, at the same spot, doing the same thing. Nothing's changed. No reason to think that things are going to be any different than what they are and what they have been. So he's just there, and there's a lot of people coming up the road. But he has ears to hear. They've been hearing about the man named Jesus. He says when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth. Well, he must have heard some good news about him, huh? Apparently, he didn't hear. He was a. You know that he was a dope addict. He didn't hear that.


Pastor West: [00:03:11] He. You know, he was a murderer. Thief. He heard that he was kind and compassionate, and he was a healer. Well, blind Bartimaeus want to get in on some of that. He wanted to change his life for the better. So he began to cry out and say, Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy on me. And many charged him that he should hold his peace. So he needs a lot of help, and he's crying out for help. And and if you do, and I have through the years done some study on this, some of those who are telling him to hold his peace or is Jesus's disciples. And then the crowd around him out of respect, you know, because when you go to church, you know, you wouldn't want to speak or say anything out loud or put your hand up or anything because, you know, it's it's a place to be religious. So, you know, you want to be real quiet, you know, don't. Amen. Don't say glory to God. Don't get excited. And so they charged him to hold his peace. But he cried out the more a great deal. He. And he kept on saying, thou, son of David, have mercy on me. And they got Jesus's attention. And Jesus says Jesus stood still. And commanded him to be called. And they. And then. This is funny. And then they called the blind man, say to him, now, uh, be of good comfort.


Pastor West: [00:04:34] Well, you just told me to shut up. You telling me to be quiet, and now they're telling me to be. Be of good comfort. Rise! He calls unto thee. And he cashed in away his garment key right there. What do you do with it? He didn't fold it up. And, you know, says somebody around here who can hold this till I get back, I may need it if this don't work out. No. He cast the garment away, which was his garment that allowed him to be a beggar, but for means of resources and income. He said, I believe I'm through with this life. This moment's over forever. I'm. I'm about to seize a new moment. Hallelujah. So he cast it away. I won't I won't ever need this again. And, uh. And the blind man said unto him, Lord, what Jesus said. Jesus asked the question, read, write. And he says, what wilt thou that I should do unto thee? Really? Jesus. I mean, are you really. You really don't know Jesus, what the man would want? Well, he knew exactly what the man would want, but he wanted to hear him. He wanted him to hear. Say it. The Bible says, let your request be thought. Know, know, be known unto the Lord. And the blind man said unto him, Lord, that I might receive my sight. And Jesus said unto him, go your way. Your faith has made you whole.


Pastor West: [00:05:49] And immediately he received. His sight and followed Jesus in the way. A lot could be said about that story, but, uh um. His life changed because he sees the moment. It was a day like any other day. No reason to look like it was going to be any different. But it wasn't the same day. It was a new time. You know, his new times are come here for each and every one of us. Robert used to say. He said, miracles come by your past, your every day of your life. And then they questioned him about that. They said, do you really mean like every day he says. He says, I do mean with what I know and how I've lived and what I've seen God do in my lifetime, he said, whether you're aware of it or not, he said, most people, that's the thing, they're not aware of it. He says miracles are coming into your path every day. They're either they're coming to you or they're coming by you or they're passing you up. But do you have eyes to see it? So we're going to talk about seeds in the moment and talk about some things that we know that will help us to do that. We're going to talk about time because we're we're in a in a place where people think about time a little bit more and they're this is not the way it should be, but people are a little bit more open to change than the first.


Pastor West: [00:07:11] Well, I'm not talking about y'all, but I'm saying most people are open to change for a few weeks. Three weeks before they close their mind up again. I'm not talking to you, but that's just the way it is. Because when they change the calendar, you know, if you're an American, I mean, this is New Year's Eve and tomorrow is a new day. So in our in their mind, it's a new time. It's a new year. It's a new day. And so they have goals and plans and visions and resolutions. And some people have more willpower than others. And some will go a little while and there'll be a lot of gym memberships that will be bought in the next few weeks because we just had, you know, holidays, and they'll have a new goal to take off five, ten, 15, 20 more or whatever. They're, you know, whatever their goal is. They'll want to save more. They'll want to, you know, they'll want to. Some people is going to want to spend more. I don't want to save any more. I want to spend more. I don't want to save nothing. You ever thought about when you get to heaven that you give account for everything that you had? You know what you're not going to impress. The Lord would tell them how much you saved and how much you left on the earth.


Pastor West: [00:08:25] That's not in the kingdom. It's like a pasture. I think I told you about it. I mean, I just he's he's I don't know this person, but I just came out telling the story. He told me all about him. So I've been known him for years. He said he's a great guy. He just as ordinary. He said if you didn't know he was a pastor, you couldn't pick him out until he stands up. E he says now he doesn't have any charisma. He's not a great speaker. He said. He just he's just consistent and has been for over 30 years, just consistent and faithful and consistent and faithful. Easy times, hard times, good times, whatever they said, he they they was able to finally, you know, after 30 years of buy a building, he said. But then, you know, he says the he said the the mortgage was a little bit too high and some people had come and people had gone and some people moved out of town and it affected their income. And, you know, he was believing God for a financial breakthrough for for the church. And he said. And then he said, then just all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he said, you know, believe in God for a breakthrough. He said, A guy who came in the church. He said he was wearing a business suit, said he had on, he said. He said I don't know what kind of shoes they were, but they sure were nice.


Pastor West: [00:09:39] And, uh, he said, uh, he, uh, he didn't get to talk to him before he left, he said. But then he came back. He said he called during the week and he said, I got to be there Sunday and George's service. He said, I'm going to come back next Sunday. He said, I know you don't know me. He said, but I want to ask you a personal question if I can. And he says, uh, he said, uh, do you have a mortgage on your church? And he says, well, yes. He said, do you mind me knowing what the, the, the mortgage is? He said, I'd like to help you with that. He said, well, we usually can't give out personal information. He said, well, I understand if you can. He said, But I'm I know you don't know me. I'm a businessman and and I'm going to help you with that because the Lord told me to. He said, uh, he said, actually, I'll be more precise than that. He said, you get me the written figures from the bank. And he said, I'll bring you a check. When I come Sunday. He said, well you don't. Yeah. You don't understand how much the the mortgage is. And, uh, he said, well, what you didn't understand was the Lord told me to pay it off. He said, well, the mortgage is going to be over $800,000.


Pastor West: [00:10:43] He says, like I said, if you give me the amount, I'll be there Sunday with a check. And he's like, well, you know, I don't know because, you know, in the ministry you get a lot of stuff I have through the years from people who was going to do all kind of stuff, and there was a lot that was just, you know, whatever and don't even know where they are, much less did they ever do anything. So the next Sunday, the guy did, and he come and he brought a check for $800,000. Never came back to church ever again. But he says, he said, just like you're called to minister this work, this he says, my call, my call is to obey God in the financial realm. And I believe I will answer to God with what he's given me to do with. I will answer just as much as you will answer the call to you as a pastor of the church. And the man would be and was absolutely right. And saying that, and because he saw that as his calling, he said, I don't go by percentages, I don't go by tithes, I don't go by whatever. I don't go by. Well, this is pretty good or they don't need more than this. I don't go by. I covered my bases with my tithes and offerings. Uh, he said, if I do this thing, he said, if I do this thing right, I won't leave $2 left when I leave the earth.


Pastor West: [00:11:55] He says, when I get to heaven, it will be with people. Who's going to who's going to use it for the kingdom, or it will already be invested in the kingdom, or they'll follow my commands to make sure it's in the kingdom when I leave here. But it will be in full operation. I'll never have to give an account to the Lord of why I didn't properly use, you know, the gift that he gave me, which is to finance the kingdom and made such little use of it. And I thought you'd have to go through a lot of people to find someone who even thinks like that. Even thinks like that. I said, well, you know, I did, and I gave him a ten and some reference. And, you know, that's all I'm supposed to do. Well, you know, whenever you just do whatever you're supposed to do. And there's nothing wrong with doing what you're supposed to do. That's good to do what you're supposed to do. But we're talking about people who want to excel. And want to do the exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. Uh, I won't mind telling this story now. When this wall was put up in them offices was built. And involves my mother, but she's in heaven now, so she'd laugh at it now. Well, I'll laugh at it that day.


Pastor West: [00:13:07] But it took a while because people were busy trying to get some figures of what it's going to cost to close that wall and put some doors there, frame in that little closet and an office and all sorts of that. And Scott was helping me with it, and we finally came down to within $3,400. And my mother kept asking me, I mean, this was like, you know, the last this was like the last few months of her life, the last 2 or 3 months. She said, did you ever get the figure? And I said, well, I'll have it tomorrow. She says, okay. And so the contractor called me and I was talking to Scott about it, and it was like 96, $9,800, whatever. And he said, well, you know, Scott said, you know, nothing ever goes for just exactly what you think it is. He said, he might just say, you know, at least 10,000 and be done with it. And that was good advice. And there was a few extra little things here and there. So that that next morning when I went to go check on her, she said, hey, did you ever get the the estimate for doing it? And I said, yeah. And she said, well, you mind me asking? And I said, no, I don't. I said, I said, it's going to be $10,000. She said, oh, can I give it? And I said, do what? Now I'm paying all of our bills.


Pastor West: [00:14:16] I mean, her dad's on Social Security. You know, and and and he's gone, uh, two years prior. So it's just her. And now it's just her one Social Security check. She said, can I, can I give it? And I'm paying all of her bills. That's my job. I'm one out of four siblings. Right? And I said, I don't think we can do that. She says, well, how much do I have? I said, well, you have 10,400 something dollars left to your name from here to the end, she says, so I can give it. Now, she she didn't have a lot of resources. But she didn't think that way. She. She thought rich, not poor. Uh, I know people obviously can't give names and wouldn't give names who have millions, who can't turn loose of $10,000. That means they're that means they're their resources. If you're just doing math, you would say they're well off or rich, but really what they have is a poverty spirit. Because they don't know if something ever goes wrong or something ever happens. So all their trust is in this. And if anything ever happened to this. Well, some people marry into it and some people get inheritance and all. That's really great. Um, but, you know, for Michelle and I, neither one of us married into wealth as far as monetary wealth. In other words, at the end of the day, there wasn't a will.


Pastor West: [00:16:01] There was a bill. Or this is what you get to pay, you know, at the very end. But I always felt like Timothy, you know, when he talked about his mother Eunice, and grandmother Lois and Eunice, that he said he had a great inheritance. He had a great inheritance of faith. And that was imparted to me through my mother more than anything she'd ever left me if she'd had multiplied thousands or tens of thousands or millions of dollars. But if I had to trade in the other. That's just how I see it. Because the truth is, money's everywhere. There's no shortage of money anywhere now. And and the truth is, and I know you've heard this, but. And I believe it to be true. But if you were to take because that's what socialism is, it just says, it says we need to take everything and divide it equally among all the people. In other words, it's just Robin Hood, you know, Rob from the rich and give it to the poor and distribute it. And that's what socialism does. And it has never worked in any country. It's never worked. But still, there's people, you know, thinks that we all try. In other words, like you have more than what you need and I have less. And it's not fair. And because you have this, you should as even as a Christian, you should give me what you have.


Pastor West: [00:17:19] You should even the playing field. But what they don't understand is the people, not everyone, but but people who generally have, they have because they have a certain mindset. They have principles that they live by, that they make decisions and choices by. And they live by those principles. They don't get up every, you know, I mean, they're like you all. They don't decide week to week. Are we going to tie this time? Or are we are we going to tire this year? Are we going to give or are we going to go to church? Or are we going to read our Bible? Or are we going to, you know, are we going to stay married? Are we going? Whatever you live by principles that guide your life, that you never have to make that decision ever again because you've already made the decision. You've already made the choice. And if you were to take all the wealth and you were to distribute it, the financial experts of the world said, if you took all the wealth of the world, took the Rockefellers, everybody's money away, the richest people and you, even the playing field and everybody in the world had the same amount of money, he said. In six and six months time, he said, the money would go back to the same people who have it today. And it's not because they would steal it. It's just because they would think differently. And the person who doesn't know what to do with money or how to think about money, and they would end up losing it all, but it would go back to it would go back.


Pastor West: [00:18:46] It would be like Lassie go home if it had to travel 4000 miles. Well, kookaburras all in it, it would still come back to the same people who think the same way. And that's not just true about money. That's just true about life. It's how you think it's what's your prescribed mindset is. And if you live life, you know, with a with a yo yo mentality that you're up one day and down the next, you're happy, one moment you're down the next and and you and you just don't know what I'm going through. Well, everybody here, everybody in this room has a story. Everyone has a testimony. Everybody could stand up here. Uh, include Max. He's the youngest one here at the moment, but but, but but he even injured himself this year, so he couldn't say. Well, I got, you know, I wasn't able to go do this and do all that. And I had to sit on the sidelines. So, you know, we may not all feel, you know, as compassionate who's lived a few more years and seen a few more things. But everyone has a story, everyone has a story. And we can sit here and talk about all the woes, and you don't know what I've been through and what it's looked like, what they said to me and what they did and what they didn't do.


Pastor West: [00:19:51] And we could all do that. And some people, you know, that's what they do. They're professional storytellers and they tell the same story over and over. I mean, I never in my first, my first year or two of ministry, I remember talking to a guy one time and he was going through things, and he was telling me he was upset and he was mad, and he was telling me, you know, what had happened to him and how terrible it was and how it ruined his whole life. And and he says, I know it's wrong. He says, but I hate I hate these people and I hate them. And he says, and he says, and my mother in law, you know what she did to me? He said, I hate her. I know I ain't supposed, I know I ain't supposed to hate her, he said. But I hate my mother in law. And my wife, you know, wants us to be buried next to her. He says, I ain't going to be buried with her. He said. He says my wife and his wife was on on the deathbed and he says, and I'm going to let my wife be buried there when she dies, because I don't want to get into it with her because she's about to pass, he said.


Pastor West: [00:20:47] But as soon as she dies, I'm going to have her exhumed out of the ground and I'm going to bring her back to out of Georgia, get her back to Alabama, he says. Because I am, because I'm going to be buried next to my wife, and there's no way I'm my my dead body is going to be in the ground next to that evil, satanic mother in law of mine, he said. Of course, now she's a Christian, he says, but I'm just talking about what she did to me all through those years. He said, I'll never forget it, and I'll never forgive her. He's come for counseling. Well, he needs some. And he says he said, but but he says, she says she's going to live to be 100 years old. He says, but she ain't gonna live. Maybe she or she ain't never going to live to be 100 years old, he says. And when? When my wife dies and my mother in law's, you know, gone. Uh, he says, then I'm going to have my wife's body exhumed and bring her back here. Well, his mother in law outlived him. And he's buried next to his wife in Georgia, next to his mother in law. And they're all there now. And I hope he's in heaven. And I think I'm sure that he is. But but but he found out just how how stupid that was. People just stay stuck sometime and and but when he told me the story and I didn't, you know, uh, when he told me the story, I mean, his nostrils was in flared his his veins was protruded.


Pastor West: [00:22:05] And I said, when did this happen? He said, oh, it happened back in the 1950s. And he's telling me in the 90s, like it had just happened 30, 40 years. He's at this thing like it just happened to him on the way to church. And it consumed his whole life. We'll see. You're never going to seize the moment because you're never going to see the opportunity. And so maybe next week or Wednesday we're going to talk about, you know, we'll add to this in other words. In other words you got to you got to see it. Before you then. Then you got to say it. Then after you say it, then you can seize it. But you got to be able to see. So that you can say and then you're saying will cause the season. So we're going to talk about things that people have as excuses and namely just one of them. And sometimes people quit because they say, well, I'm just too old now or just too much time has gone by and now time works against me instead of for me. Well, we all have the same thing. We all have 24 hours. You know, whether you're whether you're 100 or 1000 or a millionaire or billionaire, everyone has 24 hours a day.


Pastor West: [00:23:14] No one has any more or any less. They get so many clicks off the clock every day. And so, um, just just a little foundational statement, you might say it this way. And I wrote this says In the kingdom of God, our language is timeless. We're all part of the kingdom, aren't we? But there's a language to the kingdom, and there's an understanding about the kingdom is that if you're if you're going to be if you're going to be living in this life and you're going to live and operate in this kingdom, you're going to have to understand that there's a language to this kingdom. I mean, if you leave here and go to another country where they don't speak English, and if you're going to function there, you're probably you're going to need to learn the language. Heaven has a language. Hell has a language. We all have a language. That's how we that's how we, you know, converse and that's how we do life and that's how we do business. That's how we function during the day. I mean, we you can't do it without language. You can't communicate and properly, uh, do life and do business without language. It's just part of the part of life, part of culture. And so, um, the kingdom of God, uh, has a language, but the language is timeless. That would be language is timeless. So if you if you're speaking what you feel at the moment, at the present moment, if you're just always speaking about what you're feeling at the present moment, then you're going to put off the promises of God to the future date.


Pastor West: [00:24:49] Because we're talking about principles of the kingdom. And you got to understand that, that there is principles that guide these things, whether we like it or whether we not. There are certain things. There's laws of the spirit, the law of the spirit of life. In Romans chapter eight tells you supersedes the law of sin and death. It doesn't come close to superseding, it just supersedes death. Died because of life. Death, which really has a name and has an author and has a father. Was completely was completely, uh. Brought to naught by the author and the spirit of life. So the kingdom, uh, the kingdom deals with language. But. But we also have to understand that we're not caught in this moment. And you say, well, you know, I'm this age or I'm that age or I went to school, I didn't go to school, or we can't do this now because whatever. And and there's all kind of time factors. But if you just live but if you live within the kingdom, you have to understand that you're living in two worlds at one time. You're living in this natural world that was created with time. But you are. But it was created by someone who.


Pastor West: [00:26:14] Who doesn't live in time. Amen. God does not live in your time. Amen. How many? You figured that out already? I mean, how many thought some things was already going to happen by now? That hasn't quite happened yet. But now. And there might be reasons for it. And they're generally always is reasons for it. And I'm not talking about sovereignty. I'm talking about there's a time and there's a season. But God and God created the time in the seasons. But he created them for earth, not for him. But he does not live in the time that he created. Just like there's builders, he might build spec houses, but he probably ain't never going to live in one of them. He's the creator. He's the architect. He's the founder of it. He's the mastermind behind it. He's the resource behind it. But he probably not going to go live in any of them. Mhm. God created all this time for you and me, but he doesn't live in any of it. He understands it very well because he's the architect, he's the builder of it. So he understands time and he understands how time works against you sometimes. So he needs you to understand how you can live outside of your time while you're even in the time, because you can do that because you're living in two worlds at one time. Your feet is on earth, but you're in heaven, all spiritually speaking, in the spirit realm.


Pastor West: [00:27:35] You're living in the spirit. You're living out of heaven. Every moment that you breathe air while your feet is on the earth. And I think very few people ever think about that. And the more that they would, the better off that they would be, because they would solve a lot of issues that continue to be issues for their life because they don't understand the principle of faith. Mm. And so let me go a little bit, a little bit further, a little bit faster. So when you talk in faith, what you're doing is you're reestablishing the order of natural time. When you talk in faith, when you talk in this language of faith, you're reestablishing what is a prescribed order of natural time in limitations. And you make the promises of God in God time, which is what so. So God time is faith. Time and faith is when now faith is just right now. So if you just always think now. When's the best time to get healed? Was the best time to be able to pay off your house. They said, well, you know, there's, you know, God's got a time and a season. Well and yeah, and I understand he said, well, Solomon's the wisest man that was ever born. No he wasn't, he was when that was written. Jesus was born to. You know, they say, you know, people say, well, Solomon was the wisest man that was ever born in that time.


Pastor West: [00:29:08] But but there's no Scripture that says Solomon was made into you, you know, wisdom and understanding and righteousness and such as this. Jesus was. Right. I mean, when you when you follow Solomon's life at the end of his days, he wasn't that wise. He was a fool. Any man who thinks he needs hundreds of wives is an idiot. Now we can gleam a lot of wisdom from him. But wisdom Solomon didn't have. A fraction of what you have in you, because you're born in this covenant with the fullness of God living on the inside of you. Solomon didn't have any of what you have in you. So we can glean some things that the Spirit of God gave him. But he never had the Spirit of God living in him. And so he he followed women and money, and they were they were into all different kind of gods. And and just to keep the woman, the all these wives, he just took on their gods and then he, he, he would build idols of their god for them. And at the end, at the end of his life was a train wreck. Well, is that someone's faith here? You want to follow me? Um. I mean 800. What do you have? Like 800W? I mean, what do you need 800W for? 800 wise for. And who would want to be the 800th one? I mean, I mean, was he that good looking or did they just want his resources, things to think about or not? So God has called the Scripture, calls God the Eternal One, the Eternal One created time.


Pastor West: [00:30:45] But he himself has no time because he lives outside of time as we know it. God is no older today than he was a million years ago. Aren't you going to be happy about your spirit body? God is no older today than he was a million years ago or 10 billion years ago. Huh? And then you have all these questions without natural answers, like, you know, when did God originate? When is the end of eternity? Well, if you have no starting and you have no ending, you can't measure somebody. You can't measure God because he doesn't have a start or an end. Before time was, God was. You said, can you explain that? No, but you can't either. That's what faith does. You just decide to believe. And Exodus won't go there. But X is 314 said God introduces himself to Moses, and Moses asked God. Or what is your name? And the Lord answered him. I am, and most of you am who he says. No, that's my name. I mean, what kind of name is that? I mean, we can say I am Dennis, I am Carol, I am Matt, I am Julia, I am I, but no, not that he's just I am. And Moses said, okay, well, you know, I mean, what are you going to I mean, what are you going to say to a bush that's talking of a bush that's on fire, that's not consumed? And the Bush talks? I mean, you're going to I mean, what are you going to do, fight with it? Uh, so if names mean anything, then God's name is I am so that he he we can be sure.


Pastor West: [00:32:36] If your name is I am, then we can. Names do mean something. Then we can be sure of this. That that that he's not the God of I'm going to be because he's I am. He can't be the God of I once was. Most of what was your name? My name is I once was. No, his name is I am so 2000 years ago. God, God never was. It's not like a pretzel. Like towards the 2000 years ago, I could put any number you wanted to, but I put 2000 years ago. God never was. 2000 years ago. God is. Doesn't sound like good English, but it's correct because I am. Last year God is next year. God is. Last year. You and I were. Next year, we don't know. Except that we're eternal beings, so we will be whatever. But God is the father of time, created time the God of all eternity. Isaiah 5715 says, for thus saith the holy and lofty one that inhabits eternity, his name is holy. So it says, he is the High and Holy One.


Pastor West: [00:33:52] And God inhabits all of eternity. Second Peter three eight says that one day with the Lord is a thousand years. A thousand years is one day. So Tom doesn't control God. He understands time because he created it. He works with it because he created it. Uh, scientist tells us that when you see a star go across a shooting star, go across the sky that explodes it. It's because it explodes in the universe, which you can see from the Earth. We all saw that, right? They said, actually, what you're seeing happen 300 years ago. You're just now seeing it. So you think, man, I was right there when it happened. No, you really wasn't. Neither was your grandmother or her grandmother. But 300 years later, you're seeing it. Um, so time was created especially for the earth and the inhabitants of this planet. And revelation 13 eight says, the Lamb of God, Jesus was slain before the foundation of the world. This is an awesome scripture. You think about it, uh, it has so many implications to it. It says Jesus was slain before the foundation of the world. Now you think, well, how can that be? How was Jesus slain before the foundation, before there was even a world? How could they have been slain? Well, because to God there is no time. None whatsoever. And Isaiah 46 nine and ten, it says, God declares the end from the beginning.


Pastor West: [00:35:21] In other words, God's mode of operation goes like this. God starts with the end and works backwards. He starts with the end of a matter and then he goes backwards. In other words, he has a plan for something. The idea for something. Something he's chosen to do. And then he he he does it and fulfills every phase of it. And once it's completed, then he takes the person that he's chose that he's going to use to do it with, and then starts that person after he's finished with the entire process. Um, I've used this illustration many times, just came to mind again. But Miles Monroe talked about in his book about vision. Years ago, he got to meet, uh, some of the CEOs of Ford Motor Company, and they said when the Tories came out, which was one of the most popular cars they ever made, they said, but, you know, they said, but they said wasn't just the Tories, but any, any car that Ford or and I'm sure this is true of all major dealerships. But any they said when the first Tories came out we had to have five years of parts. Are the replacement parts made for every part of that car, every screw, every bolt, every transmission, every radiator cap, every air. You know, anything that could tear up this mechanical, the seat, the radio, you know, the headrest, anything. We had to have five years worth of parts ready in the warehouse before we could sell the first one.


Pastor West: [00:36:51] The idea is that God never starts something until it's already completed. See, we don't think like that. We think about, you know, we're working on getting this, not this. And I feel like God wants to do this. And together, you and I, God's trying to work this thing out to will become this. No, he was through with it before he talked to you about it. Just like that pastor who had no idea. You know, he's sitting there believing God. People move to another town, and they moved and resources left and all that. And he's sitting there with $800,000 mortgage, and some guy walks in and pays his mortgage off and never comes back. Well. How would you figure that? I mean, how many people do you know that gives people $800,000? They don't know because God told them to. Does anyone know anyone like that personally? Usually you'd have to have all kind of connection, and they have to like you a whole lot, and they make you sign all kind of papers, and they keep the FBI watching the rest of your life. But that was he said, this is this is what I'm called to do produce wealth for the kingdom. So he went and cancelled the mortgage. Can you imagine the pressure took off that ministry. Well, I was thinking about the other day. I don't even know if I want to buy this place, but I'll just buy it, then decide.


Pastor West: [00:38:18] He said. Why? Well, if you look around the real estate of Jefferson, you ain't got much to choose from. And I don't even know what they sell it for. I know ten years ago they wanted 3.69, but now everybody thinks everything is worth about 50% more than that, not 100% more than that. But but you know, well, that's 13 years ago. That sounded like a a pretty good sound of money. But in today's world, there's 369. Sounds like a lot of money. For 15,000ft². That and this and this. That's $20 a foot. Just sitting there waiting for you to buy it or not. 15,000ft² for $300,000. So why don't you? Well, it just takes money. And it's everywhere. It's absolutely everywhere. It's just looking for a new homes all the time. Either I hadn't convinced you, or you already know this and you're bored with it. I don't know which one because you're not saying anything. Well, we gotta remember that faith is not future. If because. So if you're thinking of speaking future, then you're not operating in what was called the law of faith. And if you're not in faith, which is right now in time, right? The natural, physical, natural time is dominating you instead of you dominating it. And if you live in, if you live in the hope. And two, one and two gonna be God.


Pastor West: [00:40:01] Uh, if you're living in natural time, then you're going to wait and wait and wait and wait and wait. If you think about someone like Enoch, I mean, Enoch, uh, you can read about him like in Hebrews 11 verse five. It says Enoch was translated that he should not see death. That's pretty cool. What did he do? He stepped. He stepped. He stepped over. It's a natural loss. Took a walk with God into the spiritual eternal realm where time is not and time has no control. And he bypassed death and didn't come back home that day. He walked out of time into eternity time and then come back. Now, if you just take this as preaching, you think I'm just giving you some examples. But if you'll take this and say, is this right? Is this real? I mean, can this be done? Is this just going to be a sermon? Is this how we're just going to finish the year, or is there a lesson here? What can we do about this, Bob? Think about it, Bob. Well, what can we do with this? Well, here's your one. How many believe the Bible is true? How many Immaculate conception is further? One. What? Who was the mother? Who was the child? Was Isaac. Immaculate conception. Was his folks a little bit on the older side? They were getting up there, right? I mean, when you're having children and you're 30, 40 years past Social Security.


Pastor West: [00:41:32] Somebody didn't. Somebody didn't inform you about something? Well, but but listen, what the Bible says in Hebrews 1111, it says, Sarah, through faith. Saved me through faith. Through faith she received strength to deliver a child when she was past age of conceiving. Now here she, through faith, the Bible tells you, wants to know how she did it. It was through faith. She received the strength to deliver a child through faith. You see, when she was past the natural age of conceiving because. She judged God faithful who made the promise. So according to that scripture. What would we contribute? Was the reason for her to succeed? It was faith. And she judged God faithful. So she's past the age. She's out of time. She's out of natural time that God created. She's always been barren. But now, even if she wasn't, she's past the age. So her faith, not an immaculate conception. Her faith took her body back in time. Am I wrong? I mean, what did it what I mean. And then, you know, uh, Abraham got got in on this, too. I mean, you know, he was involved. And he's old. He's older than the post. And there's no little blue pills. And there's I mean, there's there's no one. There's no butterflies in the room. There's no one, you know, there's nothing. You there ain't no vitamin C in the world. You can eat all the pistachios you want to and and get the testosterone to blows out the top.


Pastor West: [00:43:26] The man's old. And this baby is young, man. This this man, he don't even think about this stuff, much less going to do anything. But they got this promise they've been hanging on to for 25 years. They said, well, if they got 25 years earlier, okay, he still would have been 75. And nobody think about. No. There's no one thing about having children 75 years old. No one. No one is thinking about having a baby at 75 years old. If that happened, I just cry. I just, I mean, y'all have to put me away somewhere. And they put a the zipper in the back, and I'd be I'd be in some home. Yeah. I don't I don't know what to do. Somehow we'd have it and we'd give it to Tabitha. She's strong. She can handle about anything. She's strong. Yeah. God, I don't know if Scott was hanging with her or not, though. He might like. Scott said, I hate my pastor. I can't help it, but I just hate him. Oh, praise the Lord. I don't know how come I said all that. Uh, but, uh. But faith. But but but he got in on that. But the Bible says he considered not his own body. How many people? That's over 70 or 80 years old. Just and natural things going on in their life. How many people that don't consider their body? Now, I understand.


Pastor West: [00:44:59] A few 15 years old. You ain't got much to consider. I mean, you don't even know you got a body. But if you live on, you know, and I'm not speaking negative, I'm just saying that's just, you know, did you know the Scripture says that we die day by day, and then there, there it says that we're renewed by the spirit, but our body dies day by day, right? Well, there's an age where you feel that, not just read it, you'll feel it. It will come to consume that. So Abraham just got the place where he decided not to consider his own body or his circumstances. These are all keys to everything. What are you considering? Don't tell me we ain't got that kind of time. I got to move on. And so people are considering all kind of things. So what God had to do was because of their faith, their their faith took them back in time. True. Then their faith restored that which was barren. Faith restored the womb to become fruitful in spite of her age. And then, uh, Abraham had to have the ability, you know, just to to be a partner to them. Moving right along. And John, chapter eight, you want to go there, but verse 56 to 58, I love the scripture. I just love this. Uh, I love I love how Jesus attitude is because sometimes you see a picture of him patting a little lamb.


Pastor West: [00:46:29] But but Jesus can talk some smack. Yeah. And and and and he's just going to mess with them this day. He was having so much fun with these folks. He's like. And they said, uh, Jesus in 56 and 58. And John chapter eight says, Jesus said, your father Abraham was very happy that he would see the day when I came. Mhm. And they were like, do what? He said, your father, your spiritual father Abraham, that you talk about, he was very happy when he could see my day and he said and, and it says he saw that day and he was very happy. And the Jews said to Jesus, what question mark? What how can you say you saw you seen Abraham when you're not even yet 50 years old? Jesus answered, well, he said, well, the fact is, before Abraham was born, I am. Wow. And then they said, oh, okay. We didn't we didn't know. And they're like, let's see, -50 carried the five. Like, no, he ain't no way. There's no way. That was well was Jesus telling the truth? He said he was happy. He was happy to see my day. He said he says uh, before he was, I was. Now, you did not. He didn't explain it to him either. Uh, he had the best time right there. He. I bet he walked off and had a plate full of fish.


Pastor West: [00:48:02] He said that was the most fun I've had in weeks. They're like, Bob, now, what's what's 700 mile? In Joshua six two. God told Joshua that he had given him Jericho and his king and all their mighty men into his hands. And in the natural it was a lie. In the natural, God is lying right to his face. He says, see the city I've given to you. He said Uh.huh was fortified while it's occupied. And he says, see, it's yours. Now, I'm not trying to buy nothing day, but but naturally, I don't own this place. Yeah, but how do you know? How do you know? We aren't the owner and we're in? It doesn't matter who has the title. I know how to buy a title. Bawling before, don't you? It. You could be working in the company you own. Better illustration with different people here, because a lot of you already are. But but anyway, uh, so you can't go by just natural circumstances. Now, how about this one in Matthew 15, verses 21 to 28, there's a woman called the Syrophoenician woman. You ever heard of her? Can you even spell Syrophoenician? I asked Siri four times and she said, I don't know. Let me go ask somebody else, but I did. She took me to some of these websites and I had talked, I think because I talked to country, I said, what's that? And she's telling me about Socrates.


Pastor West: [00:49:43] And I said, no, Socrates Syrophoenician woman. How do you spell Syrophoenician? That's her heart. But her faith dominated her time. You ever thought about that? Why? Because she was in the wrong covenant. She had no covenant for healing. At that time she was under the Old Covenant. And she had no covenant to God for healing. And so she went to Jesus disciples because she had this problem with her daughter, who was grievously vexed with devils. And she's asking Jesus for help. And, you know, and and the disciples was trying to get rid of her, and she was persistent. And, uh, uh, her daughters, you know, daily life is grievously vexed with devils. When Joe Maher said, that's always hard on the furniture and the drapes when you got a daughter grievously vexed with the devil, he said. He said, you can't keep any decent drapes or furniture. He said them devils tear them up all the time. And he said, believe me, I know not from his own life, but I'm just about. He said, I've been a lot of places. And, uh, and, you know, the Phoenicians were called dogs. And she was asking for the children's bread. And they said, well, the bread don't belong to you, you're a dog. And she didn't deny. She said, I know my dog. I mean, she even she could talk some smack. She said, I know my dog. I don't deny it. But then she but she got to Jesus.


Pastor West: [00:51:11] She said, but I know I'm a dog and I know this don't belong to me. She said. We're on our fourth sofa. Mhm. And, and my daughter is not quitting any time soon. She's eat a whole case of Eveready batteries. And with all them demons she's never going to stop. And, uh, so she said, I know this don't belong to me and I know I'm a dog. She said, but y'all know this to be true. She said, even dogs get to eat crumbs. Mhm. She said, if you could just give me a crumb off the meal. And Jesus more. He got his attention and I'd say he said, oh no, you did. She said, oh yeah, I did, yes, I did. And he said, and he said, woman, you're he says, great is your faith. Only this woman in the centurion did Jesus ever attribute them to have great faith. And neither one of them even have the covenant with God. So her faith. And we know that Jesus gave the command, right. And from where he was spoke in the in the demons was released out of her daughter's life. Her, but her faith. Jesus. It was your faith. Her faith took her out of her time and put her in the New covenant. And the New Covenant hadn't even been established yet. Amen. Jesus hadn't even died and put her in the covenant that wasn't even in existence yet.


Pastor West: [00:52:37] Amen. What are you going to do with that? What's my excuse? You're already in this covenant. This woman used her time to create a that would put her in something that didn't even exist at the moment. So her faith moved the hand of time from the future to the present. There's a language in the kingdom that we must align ourselves with, and the language has no time restrictions. It's the time of timeless talk. And Mark 1124 says, the law of faith believes we have something that you don't see in the natural, doesn't it? But Satan wants you to talk in time. Mhm. In other words he said, no, no, that ain't true. Now you just need to accept it like it really is, you know. Naturally. Well how are you doing. Yeah. But how are you. You know, even when you give a faith people say, well, how are you doing? Well, I'm healed and I'm whole. And I know you got situations. They said, no, I mean really I said, I'm healed. I'm whole. Yeah, I know, I know, we all are, but but but how is it? How goes the battle, really? You ever met people like that? Supposed to be faith people. But, but, but, but how is it really? We're not church anymore. Just tell me how it really is. We know it's bad. Mhm. Well first first Peter or 224 says by his stripes you were healed, right.


Pastor West: [00:54:09] Which means God provided healing through the sacrifice of Jesus. Now I'm going to go back to this verse and say something. Jesus. Uh 38. Jesus was predetermined. By himself and by God to be the lamb that was slain before the foundation of the world. Now what promise do you have that by to be healed when you have sickness in your body? Pain in your body. To my healing. To my healing at the moment. What is your promise for healing? What can you base it on? If you just have one verse, what would it be? The when we're talking about by his stripes. You what you were healed well was you hear when Jesus died. No, you wasn't here. So Peter is looking back to the cross when he said that Isaiah was looking to the cross. But Peter's looking back to something that already happened. So Jesus was the predetermined lamb that was slain for the foundation of the world. The fact that he was slain, according to Isaiah, is your right to be healed, right? So Jesus was slain before there was a world in the mind of God. In God's mind, Jesus had already paid the price for all people who didn't when not one person even existed. Yet, I think God has a way of anticipating our needs. Now, this year I may come out and finally preach this, but it looks like God knows everything. I know I've been holding it off till I could really, you know, I don't want to just.


Pastor West: [00:55:52] That's pretty big. Just throw out there. That's a joke, in case you don't know. But anyway. Jesus was the lamb that was slain for your sins, your sickness, your disease, your needs. Before there was you, before there was a world, before there was. Let there be light. Your answer was answered. Your problem was answered. Your solution was remedied before there was you. We're talking about time. God doesn't live in your time. He created. He understands it, but he doesn't live in it. So in God's mind, Jesus has already paid the price for your healing. Before you were on the planet. Before we knew we needed healing. Jesus has already solved the issue. So first Peter 224 God says, you're healed. Second Corinthians eight nine God said you were rich. Okay. Anybody? Romans 622. God said you were delivered. Romans 837 God said that you are more than a conqueror. So you don't have to run around looking for these ministers. Piece of, well, you know one person. Well, I got a healing ministry. One person. Well, I got a deliverance ministry. When people say, well, I got an evangelist ministry. Well, you ain't actually got none of those. There's nothing. There's nothing in the Scripture that says there's a healing ministry or deliverance ministry or an evangelistic ministry. No, they don't, they don't. They don't even exist. There's the gospel.


Pastor West: [00:57:33] And then there's something called the Ministry of Reconciliation which gets you saved, healed and delivered. There's a reconciliation ministry. There's not there's not a there's not a deliverance ministry. There's a reconciliation ministry. And and we are we are ambassadors of the of the ministry of reconciliation. Yes. Amen. So when you're like, well, I'm looking for someone for him and I need a deliverance. I mean, do y'all know anyone who needs to deliver a deliverance? I can think of a well known author. You know what I'm talking about. And I'm not judging that. I mean, she just is where she is and she has a great understanding on other things. But when I read that part of the book, I just I just throw it out. I said, well, what's she to do? We need to find someone who, you know, has her her. Well, you know. But anyway. The. And I think someone even talked to her right by text or whatever. And I was telling them what they were dealing with. And she said, well, uh, you gotta make sure I don't say whatever, because everyone in the country would know who this woman is. But anyway. But she answered the text to someone we know and said, well, you know, we know all things are possible to God, but you're probably going to need to find someone who specializes in the deliverance ministry to get delivered. And and and you know you know we all are learning and we all don't know what we don't know.


Pastor West: [00:59:02] But you don't need to run the roads. Finding someone who's in the deliverance ministry because God never had one. Jesus didn't have a deliverance minister. He just stood up in Luke chapter four and just told you what he was anointed to do. He didn't pass out. You know, he said, now I got seven different business cards. Now, if you pour, I got a ministry for the poor, and I got to see if you're bound. Do we have any broken hearted people here? I specialize in broken hearts. I passed out some of my cards over there. No, he. He was anointed to remove the burden. And if they need deliverance, he got him delivered. If they need, you know, if they were sick, he got them. He got them healed. If they had devils, he he delivered them from the devils. Right. Well, you do the same thing. So the Bible says, let the weak say, I don't feel good. Oh I'm strong. Let the poor say inflation is killing me. No, it says what? Um. Let the let the poor say. And let the redeemed the Lord say so. So the question for you in 2024 is, can you make time serve you like it serves God, and from time to time, we all need something immediately, don't we? And you have a God given faith, which is a gift to you.


Pastor West: [01:00:29] And the Bible says Faith is your servant. Faith was given to serve you. So we. Take our God given faith and it serves the plan and the purpose of God. And when you think about provision, how far that's got. Offering prosperity is God never intended you to do all the things he Adam kept. The Adam was told to keep the garden, but he didn't keep it right. Adam lived as God on this earth. He was the God of this world. He never. He never broke sweat on his brow day in his life until he sinned. The day he sinned. Adam got a job and he worked for provision. When you live by faith in God, provision work for him. When you do it the natural way. You'll always work for money and you'll work for provision. But when you do it by the laws of faith and in time, provision will work for you instead of you working for it. God never intended you to work for provision. He intended you to work for vision and purpose. And in your vision and purpose, money is always a sign to you. Some people do well, but they don't do great because they're not willing to take risk. Because I said, we've done well and I'm not willing to take what we have and invest it. If this goes wrong, I'd rather have one bird in the hand than two in the bush. And, uh, and but they'll never do something called risk.


Pastor West: [01:02:09] Well, when you're following the Holy Ghost, it's not a risk. It may look like a risk. But it's not a risk at all. But if you want to, just play it safe. Um, when you think about the founders of this country and the people who've impacted this world, if they had just played it safe. I mean, if you know, when the when the light bulb was invented, it was it was attempt 10,000. If I had just played it safe, they'd have quit after about 4 or 5 times. When electricity was discovered that wasn't safe. There was a feeling in there involved. When at Thomas Edison. You know, he's, you know, fooled with all his inventions and and his warehouse is burning down like for the second or third time. And he call his wife said, y'all get up here and bring all the kids. He said, because you probably never see a fire like this the rest of your life. He lost everything again. But within just a few weeks of months, he's back doing the same thing and have more resources than he ever had before because he thought differently. He just he thought differently. When you think with limitations and when you think with time, you're thinking you. You're not thinking with God. See. I mean, I probably make it sound like I'm trying to buy this building, but I'm just using it, for example.


Pastor West: [01:03:34] I don't need a building. I wouldn't live here anyway, right? I'm already saved. But because I'm assigned to preach the gospel as you are to the people in this area, they have to have somewhere to come to. So I don't need this building, but God has need of it. Or a building. God needs a facility. I don't need it. So why would I take on all the stress? And how could that ever happen when it's not even my need? That makes sense. Me and Ronald was talking about that his first year years ago when, you know, God kept on adding to the list this, this, this, this and this and this. And then he added on shoes the first time he preached to people and it was it was freezing rain. He looked down and God said, look, look, look down. And he was trying to quit preaching because, you know, the temperature was dropping and it was raining. They were standing there and listening to him preach. And he, being like a good American, think, you know, you need to stop. Well, you don't you don't stop there. You're not in America anymore. And so they walked hours to hear him anyway. And God says, look at their feet. And he, he and I was talking about this story. He said, now I looked and he says, and they don't have any shoes on. And man, it's freezing out there. And I looked at the interpreters and I looked at the other pastor and said, don't you start preaching.


Pastor West: [01:04:55] These people have come a long ways to hear you. I mean, they're, they're they're dependent on what you, what you got to say to be right and true. You better not stop preaching. And the Lord all he told me, he says, look. Look at their feet. He said, I want something done about that. Yeah, Ronald said, what am I going to do about it? What am I going to do? I mean, I got hundreds of people looking at me. I mean, have you ever bought hundreds of shoes for people in one day or a few thousand? I mean, you're going to need more than $20. So he not talked about it and wasn't here praying. And the Lord said, ask him this question. And I and I heard the question and I said, well, okay, whatever. I said, Ronald, I said, how many pair of shoes do you think you have you own personally? Coming from slippers to sandals to dress shoes. Oh gosh, I know, I know. And he says, I mean, I got shoes I don't even wear. He says, closet full, I don't know. I said, so you don't really need any shoes personally. He says, no, I don't need no shoes. I said, if you need some, could you go get some? He says, oh yeah, if I need a pair of shoes, I'll go get them.


Pastor West: [01:06:01] And I said, so why are we worried about all this in Peru? About trying to buy thousands or hundreds of pairs of shoes when we don't even need any personally? He said. I have no idea why I'm doing that. I said, well, why don't you me just stop it right now? And let's just thank God for the provision that he already has used, because before he told you to go to Peru, he'd already been to Peru because God's mode of operation is he finishes something before he starts, and then he he catches the person he wants to do it through, and then he starts you in every phase of it's already completed and now you're just in the phase of need shoes. But shoes was already put in there before you ever knew you. Everyone go to Peru. And that's how shoes came in. So whatever you are right now, whatever phase you're in right now, that need was already known and anticipated before you ever knew that you was ever going to have it. So it's already taken care of. Now we'll finish right here. Uh, well, we're out of time anyway. Uh, 224. Make time. Serve us. Um, in John chapter 11, don't go there. There's a story of Lazarus. And Martha. Verse 21 Martha said unto Jesus, if you had been here, my brother would not have died. Isn't that nice? If you just came when we called you, he'd still be alive.


Pastor West: [01:07:25] Thanks. But Jesus said unto her, thy brother shall rise again. And Martha said to him, I know he's going to rise again in the resurrection in the last day. And Jesus answered her, and he said, but I am the resurrection. Amen. He liked that. He picked up on that. I am of Exodus chapter three. Then he messed with the Jews, and by Abraham said, oh yeah, Abraham was so happy to see me. And Jesus tells Martha, he says, yeah. He says, well, I know that you know who arrives in the resurrection, but what you don't understand that I am the resurrection and the resurrection and the life. And he that believeth on me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. Because Martha, Martha was obviously thinking naturally, and she knew naturally he would rise one day at the last day. Jesus response was, if you believe and talk in the now time, if you'll talk in now time, instead of created natural time, you would know that the resurrection is standing in front of you. Yeah. Amen. Had he had Jesus died yet? No. Had he been raised from the dead yet? No. But he said. But if you're talking now, it's already all happened, and you can have something before it's even made. In other words, your situation. This is what I wrote down yesterday. Your situation may stink like Lazarus dead body did, but if you believe, you can see the glory of God.


Pastor West: [01:08:54] Amen. Amen. So I think I can do this in three minutes. And, uh. This came to me. Uh, I don't remember just when, but I was reminded of where it was at to go get it and to read it. This will be the second time that I have spoken this to you, but this was a prophecy that came to me. I think it was in the beginning of this year. I'm not really sure, but, uh, I didn't even remember that I had it. But I keep everything, uh, like this, especially when it comes to me like this. But he said, read this to you today. So it goes like this. The work is finished. The work is complete. Now we rest in his promise and trust Holy Spirit to confirm his work through demonstrations as he works through us to to set God's people free from their captivity, we boldly proclaim His Word as ambassadors who are sent forth to herald the glorious gospel, a gospel of good news, a gospel that cannot be bound, a gospel that knows no limits or boundaries, a gospel that sits and seals men's hearts forever, bringing freedom to those who receive him to whomsoever will. So rejoice in the Lord. And again I say, rejoice! Our God is at hand, and he will restore all that's been stolen and all that's been destroyed. Through Satan's lies and deception.


Pastor West: [01:10:18] Our God is mighty, mighty in battle, mighty and strength. Mighty as a warrior and him. Victory is our song. For he is delivering his people. Yes, with a strong hand. He speaks in his words. Go forth! Prospering in all he declares. The winds of his spirit blow upon the land. The winds of the spirit shall blow throughout the state. His spirit will revive and restore his fires, consuming all that contains the seed of Unfruitfulness he burns with his fire, all the chaff and the dross. He restores every dream the enemy has stolen. He declares, the hand of the enemy shall no further advance against you. He declares the end from the beginning his purpose shall surely stand. The vision he promises it's appointed. The time is here. The time is now. So step in, step through, walk in this glory he has supplied for all of you. Walk in this glory and be saturated in his anointing as his glory rest upon each of you. For many he has called, yet many never answered a word. Busy with their lives, surrounded, busy with their life, never surrendered to his will or beckoning call. But the wisdom of God speaks forth, cries aloud in this place. With his eyes he roams among us, searching diligently each heart for what he will find. So what will he find in me? What story does my heart record? Longing for the will and desire for the master, or perhaps not willing at all.


Pastor West: [01:11:50] Will you go where your spirit leads, trusting the steps that have been ordained for your life? For those who are present and those who were later hear these words, I will perform my oath that has been spoken, for I cannot deny myself. So I search each hearts dilanchi diligently where deep calls unto deep. Don't be concerned as to how it will happen for the vision I now write in your heart. Provision that will be needed is laid out in the order of the plan. Never concern yourself with those details, for I have commanded the resources to come forth just as they're needed. You know my faith. You know my faithfulness with each step of my glorious plan. So we're rejoice. Yes, rejoice this day, for your generation was chosen for the culmination of the end of days. No longer to wait for the harvest is great before you and together will harvest each one. All heaven is is watching with excitement. Sound of victory declared throughout as you run the race. Before you keep your eyes on Jesus each moment. The author and finisher of your faith, he never leaves nor forsakes you. Always faithful. The King abides closer than your next breath, always waiting by your side. Now meditate and ponder all these words I have spoken, for your word reveals my plan, for each word reveals my plan. Talk of these things among you as it builds each and every day.


Pastor West: [01:13:16] And soon we'll all be together forever in heaven. God and his family. Oh, what a glorious day! I was glad that I had time to pray that morning. And he says, right. And I just. And I just wasn't very good writing, but I, I he didn't give me time to write legibly. And I was like, oh, slow down, slow down. But those words are spoken by the spirit. And you say, well, yeah, but when, when did that happen? In six months or a year ago? Uh, yeah, probably, I don't know. But if you ask God, what time did you speak that he would say, what now? Who to supply to the people of Winn. Now, when does he want this to happen? Now? Because he's the God of all. Now, so your faith can take you out of time and bring you back in time, or propel you forward in time. It can take back before the accident happened, before that occurred, before the damage was done. It can fix or repair. It can restore. It can take you forward if it can take someone. And give them and bless them and heal them. Who doesn't even have a covenant? What can you do for someone who has the best covenant? When the Lazarus could be raised by the I am of resurrection life before the I am who even died and become the resurrection. What is our problem? Amen. So if your problem stinketh. Roll away the stone and give the give the command. Because if you can see it, then you can say it and you can seize the moment. Amen.


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