See It, Say It, Seize It | Part 3 of Seize The Moment Series | 7Jan2024

See It, Say It, Seize It | Part 3 of Seize The Moment Series | 7Jan2024
2024.01.07 see it say it sezie it part 3
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See It, Say It, Seize It | Part 3 of Seize The Moment Series | 7Jan2024

Pastor West: [00:00:00] Good morning and welcome, everyone. Glad that you're here this morning. Our first Sunday of 222024. How about that. And so we're going to have a good year. We got 358 days left this year. And you say well how would you even know that. Well I, I added and I subtracted and that's how I did it. But anyway 358 days. So we got to get busy. We got a lot to get done. It's going to be a good year. It's going to be a grand year. I really believe that with all my heart. I'll let you know. This year we are allowing people to say Amen. Praise the Lord. Glory to God. You're allowed to speak. Raise your hand if you have to. You can even run sometimes, but if you're all going to run, I would suggest running in the same direction. Otherwise you have a head on collision and there are some things that Mr. Nathan doesn't fix, and he works on the body of your car, but he may not want to work on your body anyway. So I don't know how our body holds bondo and stuff like that, but you may not want that. If you will go with me if you can find it in your Bible to Genesis chapter one. It's a little bit different. Difficult place to find, but Genesis chapter one and we're not. And we'll read something there in just a minute. Got some comments we want to make. This is our third time we use the last. We will use the last service of the year to talk about what we're talking about now, which is seizing the moment.


Pastor West: [00:01:16] It's kind of how we always said is, the way that you finish something is kind of how you enter into the next phase, right? If you if you finish wrong, it's kind of hard to start right sometimes for different reasons. And I'm not we're not here to talk about that. But if someone sometimes goes through a separation or they go through a divorce and they get a remarriage, if we didn't find out what was wrong the first time, we just carried into a new. To a new home. To a new marriage with another person. So if if if there's a problem existing and it's not realized and fixed, then it just shows up in another way, another another time, another household and it never goes away. The reason for that is wherever you go, there you are. Uh, that's why I always said you need to learn how to like you, because you're going to spend probably more time with you than anybody else that you're ever going to meet. And so here we go. Uh, we're not going to really go do any reiterating they're all online. I can't go back and say, uh, all what's been said, but they're all been recorded for your benefit. Uh, so and Seize the Moment series. The title for today is See it, Say it, sees it, see it first before it can be said, before it should be said, and then we can seize it. And so I want us to go to Psalms seven. Well, actually, you don't have to go there, but, uh, because I'm reading the passage translation. But Psalms 75, verse six and seven, because this is the year that, uh, I believe is the year supposed to be of great increase.


Pastor West: [00:02:51] Amen, amen, Amen. We're going to allow everyone to say Amen, Amen, amen and praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Yeah, we're going to. Everyone's allowed to. I mean, no one's taking names. And so just go. But Psalms 75, six and seven, the passion, the passion says, for I know the favor that brings promotion. Power doesn't come from anywhere on earth. For no one exalts a person but God, the true judge of all. He alone determines where favor rests. He anoints one for greatness and brings down, or he brings another down to his knees. Now, if you just pull that out of the context, it looks like God's, you know, shows favoritism. But we if you know enough of the word, you know that's not true, that he's no respecter of persons. We're talking about people that make choices and make decisions and live with certain principles in their life and how that affects their life. But he wants you to know that even even though we play it out here on earth, the promotion doesn't really come from Earth. In other words, you could get a raise, you could get a promotion, something could happen to you favorable on earth. And it worked through people and it worked. Of course, you know, God doesn't rain down money from heaven, does he? He'd be a counterfeiter if he did that. But your promotion doesn't come from the people. The good thing about that is no one can stop you.


Speaker2: [00:04:15] Yeah, yeah.


Pastor West: [00:04:16] No one can stop you. If you're believing God for certain things. And you're. You're working for a company. And if they don't recognize your value, somebody else will. I mean, it's like, uh, it's like in whatever we got going on in college sports now where, you know, they don't recognize your value. You just hit the transport. You just. We were laughing about that Wednesday night, about the transport and how people just transport in record numbers and and I laughed all the way home. Miss Carroll told me a good one, she said, and it's true story. And she said, did you know that Alabama Center transferred? And I said, he did. I said, well, praise God, praise the Lord. And she said, I hope, but I hope he don't make any snap decisions. Yeah. If you're an Alabama fan, you'll know what I'm talking about. I spent his problem all year as it snaps, and it didn't help us on the last game either. So anyway, he left and no one was crying in Tuscaloosa. I don't dislike the person, the young man. But uh, yeah, she said. I hope we don't make any snap decisions. So. But favor comes from the Lord himself. Promotion doesn't come from human effort. Although we although we, you know, we all in in work and other things we do. Of course we use our skills and our talents and we do, we do, we do, we do work, we do labor. But the favor that God brings comes from he Himself.


Pastor West: [00:05:37] Now in Ephesians 428. And we're just going to move right along. It says, let the thief steal no more, but rather let him be industrious, making an honest living with his own hands so that he may be able to give to those in need. A lot of people say bumper stickers say I'm I'm. You've seen the bumper stickers, though, and it says, uh, uh, you know, I'm off to work. Oh, oh, so I off to work. They go, well, uh, don't put that on your bumper sticker. Don't make that your slogan that I owe, I owe. So off to work, I go to my third job. Don't. Don't do that. If you go by the word and I'm talking about the word, I'm not talking about, you know, fairytale preaching. I'm talking about what is the purpose for work? What is the purpose for this? Well, here, one of the purposes of his work is not for a working. Not for a living, but for a giving. He says that he may, that he might be industrious, making an honest living with his own hands so that he might be able to give to those in need, to be able to give. In other words, to. To distribute. And so we can see that he distributes the seed. In other words, God doesn't want you to eat your seed. He wants you to distribute your seed. He wants you. He don't want you to eat the seed. He wants you to live off the harvest.


Pastor West: [00:07:01] Don't live off the seed. Never live off. Live off your seed. Only live off your harvest. I don't know if you know how strong that was. And it's so simple. But there's so many people who don't do it. Well, I can't afford to do this, and I can't afford to do that. I know, because your seed reminded. And so God doesn't want you to think on the side of seed when it comes to need. He wants you to think on the side of harvest. So we're going to talk about some of these things about provision today and vision and stuff like this. And be able to, to to see it. Um, there's nothing to say until you can see. And so we'll, we'll, we'll, we'll be in Genesis just a moment. But after the vision, that's where the provision has already been assigned. God doesn't want you to go after the work site. He doesn't want you to go after the, the, you know, the, um, the provision people are working for provision. People are working for the Czech people are working for their their their retirement, people are working for. And that's the natural side. It's not that it's wrong, but it's not how God intended. It's not the way of God blessing you is. He's trying to get you to a place that has a better 401 K in retirement. If it's there, it's available. Good. It's just it's just more cream on the top. But if you don't have all that, you know, a lot of self-employed people, they don't have any of that.


Pastor West: [00:08:26] Most self-employed people, someone who had a skill, they worked for someone else and they want to do it for themselves. Sometimes they work two three times harder for themselves than they ever did working for someone else. Because when they work for somebody else, they could clock out and go home. I mean, when I started out a company, I mean, there wasn't no 401 K. There was no 014. There was no 104. There wasn't A206. There wasn't a 44. There wasn't a three. There was nothing. And when it come time for the stockholders to receive nothing, there was nothing to receive because you was building a company. And building the company usually took years because you're putting in the foundation, and then if you do the proper things and everyone generally makes mistakes because some people want the house before they before they have the business. And generally, you know, you have to start off smaller, put a foundation in, build a build the foundation, build a reputation. Right. And one day your reputation will speak for itself. You won't have to advertise and do all kinds of gimmicks. When people when your name is mentioned, they'll they'll know what you're talking about. Isn't it ironic? As old as Coke and Pepsi are that they're still advertising? How many of you already know who Coca-Cola is? I don't know that watching a Coke commercial has ever made me want to go buy one.


Pastor West: [00:09:49] But I'm well aware of who they are. But they think it's very important that they keep their name out in the marketplace. But anyway, so after the vision, there's there's always provision, but it's always ready because the provision has been assigned has already been assigned to the vision. Now Proverbs 1022 we won't go there. But put this in your notes says, the blessing of the Lord maketh us. Rich, not adequate. The blessing of the Lord makes you rich, and he adds no sorrow to it. Aren't you glad there's no sorrow with that? I mean, he differentiated it. He says it is the blessing. The blessing, the blessing. Not a blessing, not blessings. Plural. Not the car of the house, the clothes, the blessing of the Lord maketh you rich. And with that which makes you rich, he brings no sorrow to it. The amplified classic says the blessing of the Lord. I like the way it did it in the Ampc it says the blessing, the blessing of the Lord. It. It makes you truly rich and has no sorrow with it. Then it goes on to say, neither does toiling increase it. Hmm. Well, what is toiling? Well, if you look it up in in the Hebrew it says toiling. In the Hebrew Bible, definition means all work, means all human endeavors in a post-fall world. So the God wants you to toil. It means hard labor. It means to struggle. You ever heard people tell their struggle? Man, we're just struggling all the time.


Pastor West: [00:11:29] You ever heard people say that, man, we're just working our fingers to the bone. What have you got? Well, you got bony fingers, right? That's what the song says. Working my fingers to the bone. What do you got? Bony finger writes right up there with your songs. So hard. Hard labor struggle. This is the Hebrew. The Hebrew terms. Uh, it means an exertion to weary. It means to be worrisome. It means to labor pain. So who wants to sign up for some toiling? So the blessing of the Lord maketh you rich, but adds no sorrow to it. Adds no toiling to it as no worrisome to it, no struggle. It takes a struggle out. Doesn't mean we don't work. But we're not working for a living. Hope I can get this across today. It would be a whole mindset. Yeah, I, I draw, I make a living. But it's not for a living, right? The reason I'm at work today is because I am a Kingdom distributor. I am here to distribute wealth, not pay tithes. A Kingdom Wealth distributor, does not even use 10% as something to go by. Yeah that's right. The first man I ever met. Uh, that you might remember his name better than I do. Uh, he was on Brother Hagen's board, and he, uh, he lived off the 90. Was he a mormon, or was he, uh. Yeah. Abner. Yogurt. Really, really nice, man. And he just talked about, you know, that kind of lifestyle.


Pastor West: [00:13:16] He said, you know, everything. We had the horse, we had buggies. My friend had cars. He says kind of hard to date. Get a date with a pretty girl when you can pick her up. All you can pick up in a buggy and a horse, and someone drives by in a Camaro. She says, uh, he said, would you like to go out? And she says, uh, you can't think he has to wear them black pants and them black, you know, suspenders and your black horse and your black cart and, you know, and, uh, but he had a plan for his life, and it went against everything that he was being taught. He had he had to leave his roots and his thinking and, uh, he, he ended up years later in business and was very successful and was on his board. And he said that he had a very opulent lifestyle. He says it takes a lot when you give 90% of your income away and you live on the ten. And he wouldn't say it. But others tell us a lot of the needs that Raymond needed for for to get, you know, to have a worldwide ministry, to build the church, to build the Bible school. He picked up the tab. The the church never knew about a lot of it. He just told he told Pastor Hagan sometime. He said, don't, don't, don't, don't go through all that with the people.


Pastor West: [00:14:33] He said, I know they're already given and give them an opportunity to give, but just don't don't stretch it out. He says, because I have all the finances I'm ever going to need, I can't spend all that I'm making. It's not about me. It's about the kingdom. He said, this is what I'm called to do. He says, so whatever you need to build, let's just build it. Whatever. Do we need to pay something off? Let's just pay it off. Do we need to go on TV? What's it going to cost? Let's do it. Well, that's someone who thinks entirely different. So he wasn't sitting there with a stockholder thinking, and he rounded up 10% and gross or this or whatever and that $2. It's a place to start it. And that's a personal choice. No one said he had to do it. He just said, I just wanted to live on the ten and give the 90 into the kingdom. Well, that's would be what I would call working for a giving. Not a Libyan right now. Uh, all this happened as it was supposed to happen, uh, until Adam fell. Adam was on the that was on the fast track that God had for his life until he fell. Well, you know, in Matthew chapter six it says, take no thought for your life. And of course, when everyone read that, they started doing it immediately. And so I know no one here has ever taken any kind of thought for your life.


Pastor West: [00:16:02] You've never, ever shed any tear about anything that was going on in your life, about what was about to happen to you, what it was gonna look like, and how it's gonna feel. And I'm so we know that we're not ever thinking about ourselves. But after the vision. And after the the understanding of our assignment. See, Kingdom people are kingdom ambassadors, so they're always thinking assignment. I've never thought of myself, as you say. Well, what do you do? I'm a pastor, I don't, I am, I don't, uh, I don't think about my job as to. Preach. Which is part of what I do study, which is a lot of what I do pray, which is a lot of what I do. But these aren't things that I think as a vocation. I'm always I'm always thinking assignment all the time and it just never leaves. And so you have the same thing with you. You're here for purpose. God created you on purpose, by purpose, with a purpose. And when we don't understand purpose, then we don't understand vision. And we can never. You can never. You can never fulfill what you don't even know exists. And so, uh, we want to get into the, the CSA season. So we want to be provision minded in a sense of because we're vision minded, some will say vision minded, vision minded, which is provision minded. You know why? Because you're kingdom minded. Yeah. Now you're in Genesis chapter one. Did you find it? Okay.


Pastor West: [00:17:39] Verse 26, it says In God said, let us make man or mankind in our image, after our likeness, and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creep on the earth now over every creeping thing on the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him, male and female, and he created he them. Verse 28 And God blessed them, and God blessed them. So God started off in the blessing as soon as man is created. The first thing God does is pronounce blessing upon him. And God blessed them and God said. What did God say? What is God's plan? What is God's purpose? What is God's vision? What is God's goal? What is it that God wants for man and from man? He wants him to do what? Be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea, the fowl of the air, and everything that creeps upon the earth. So he. So the first thing he did is he pronounced the blessing upon them. Remember the blessed. The Lord maketh you. What? Rich. So you can see why he would say. Be fruitful. Multiply, replenish. Now the word replenish is an old King James word. It probably doesn't fit as well as what we would think is replenish. When we think about replenish something like if you go to the store and you replenish the refrigerator, you replenish the pantry, you're restock it.


Pastor West: [00:19:18] This wasn't restocking, even though there was, most people believe a population before Genesis chapter one. God's not trying to replenish that. In other words, he just means fill it. What I've done here in Eden, he says, he says, make a replica throughout the entire world. Keep it going. Stock it, fill it, keep it going. Subdue it. In other words, this is the prototype. Now expand it. Subdue it. Take total dominion. You can take total dominion because the Dominion. You're the reason why you can do it. It was in the words when I said I bless you see? Which means my words will now cause you to prosper so that you can be fruitful, that you can multiply so that you can have dominion and that you can subdue. Well, that all got subverted when we had two people that fell over a piece of fruit. And so they lost that. We lost that. And so everything's changed. Now the words blessed is no longer working in his life. He doesn't have the. Adam doesn't have the fellowship that he used to have. He doesn't have the understanding that he used to have. He no longer has the the vision that he used to have. He no longer understands his purpose. He's confused. So he does everything opposite to what he was created to do. So no longer is he working for vision. He's working for prohibition.


[00:20:59] Yeah. That's right.


Pastor West: [00:21:05] Now he toils. He'd never toiled before. Now he sweats. And toils, and his labors and weary. Because he's having to do everything now in human self effort. He's a taller. He's not a visionary. Now he's working not to subdue and to have dominion. He's working tirelessly for provision. He's just looking to make it to Friday. That's why so many people and they're serious. And I get it. I was there, people said like, man, I'll be glad. So glad when fried was here. And I understand part of that in a way, but I don't. But but I don't understand living a life by choice where you hate what you do so much that you can't wait till it's Friday. If I hated what I did every day, I'd go find me something else to do. I'd go get along with God until I told what I was supposed to do. And then you wouldn't hate it. It doesn't mean that you can't enjoy being home with your family and doing things and enjoying that part of the week, but if you just hate it so much. Blue Monday. Terrible Tuesday. Whatever. Wednesday. They get a little happy because, like, you know, we're middle of the hill. It's on hump day. What does that mean? Well, we start sliding down the hill. I told you a story a long time ago. I know what kind of fits here. Don't I remember when, you know, life. Just real busy. Well, I was 30 something years old, 31, 32 years old, and I was in second year at Rhema, and, uh, that we we both worked the same place pretty much the whole time until I went to work in the schools.


Pastor West: [00:22:59] And we, we both worked at a carpet store because, you know, we knew floor coverings. We didn't we didn't want to have to go to school and learn a new vocation, because you really got time for a vocation. Although, you know, we needed to work, but, you know, you can't really come in to 1:00. And so, uh, since we were part time, which was 34 hours, but then we had another job after that. But anyway. But our first but but since we were part timers in that sense, then they wanted two people to work every Sunday. And that mean that meant he and I was going to work every Sunday. There wasn't a rotation. It was us. Because, you know, you know, if you're not going to be here at eight when the store opens at 9:00 in the morning and y'all are going to do the Sundays, but the store didn't open up till 1:00. So we went to Bible School five, you know, five days a week and had assignments. And then on Sunday we had church and we think, well, we've been, you know, kind of churching for five days. Uh, so we, we was in charge a lot. And so we, so we, you know, church, we have to get up and leave at a certain time, no matter what church was out or not. And, uh, because I had to go gather up. My wife had a bunch of kids, and so we had to go gather up all those kids, get them to the house.


Pastor West: [00:24:08] Then she comes up the last year telling me she's going to have another one. And I and I demanded explanations. I mean, I demanded explanations, and so, uh, anyway, she explained it to me. But anyway, we, uh, so we gathered them all up after her and get them home. Have to change, have to do this. Had a little, what, seven eight mile drive and had to hurry and open up the door and cut on the lights and start selling floor coats. By second year, I mean, you're just so busy going to school. And three, you know, three kids, one on the way. Uh, I didn't some days you don't even know if you're going or coming. I mean, I know, I know, I can think of three days that I remember passing myself on the Broken Arrow Expressway. I thought, there I go. And so. But, you know, it's just it was a busy two and a half years to be there and, uh, loved it, enjoyed every minute of it in one sense. But, I mean, it was it was just real demanding. And so having been there, done all that kind of stuff. So I remember one Sunday afternoon, it was we was like, we was like 2 or 3 months away from graduating and then kind of going to come home. I was hoping I was going to come home. And uh, we used at that store and there's just like five days like this, you know, six days.


Pastor West: [00:25:27] And then now Sunday, here we are opening up the store again. And people come in the door, and then here you start selling stuff. And I thought, I said to myself, I said, I said to the Lord, but I really wasn't, you know, waiting for him to converse. I was just saying, I said to myself, Lord, I'll be so glad when I don't have to work on Sundays ever again. Ever will I ever have to do anything on Sundays? And just as clear as a bell, he says, he says, son, you'll be working on Sundays all your life. And I looked around this store and I said, I'm not staying in this place. And he didn't say anything else. And I kind of felt like, Mary, you know, when the angel says, you're going to have this, and she says, how can this be since I know not a man? I mean, I know wasn't that dramatic, but I'm just saying. But I was just like, how could that be? Because, I mean, I knew I was never going to do anything like pastoring or traveling or anything. I just go, like, why would I be working on every Sunday? I mean, if I go back and my plan was just to be in business, I mean, I'm not going to open that store on Sunday if I'm in charge of it or not. I'm not chick fil A. We can't do it in six, man. We ain't doing it seven.


Pastor West: [00:26:34] Huh?


Pastor West: [00:26:37] But but then, you know. But Abraham Lincoln said that he believed, you know, to be successful, all you have to do is just work half days. That's Abraham Lincoln. He says it doesn't require ever for for a man or woman to be successful, ever to work over a half a day, every day. He said, I don't care if you work the first 12 hours or the second 12 hours. Well, that's not that's not what we're interested on today. So Abraham didn't know a lot of things now. Uh, so we we read the word be fruitful, multiply and replenish and subdue it. And so in other words, he he he wants it filled. He he wants a perpetual increase. God wants to see your life increasing all the time. Amen. I mean it. Look, if you made the same money. No one say anything. But if you made the same money in 24, then you made 23. You took a hit. Because of what? Just one word. No, no, no, not. Don't use the president's name. Uh, well, I never used that word in the same sense anyway. But anyway, I'm just saying, uh, inflation. Just inflation. So if you made the same exact money that you made in 23, you lost money.


Speaker2: [00:27:55] True.


Pastor West: [00:27:57] But just because of inflation. I mean, every year, if you bought insurance this year, did you notice it didn't go down for next year? They didn't say, oh, good thing for you. Your insurance is going down $200 a month. Oh that's awesome. Oh yeah. We go down every now and then. Huh? I went through the drive through of the day to get something and I said, how much? She said, well, we had a little increase. I said, yeah, I mean, I still I mean, I'm okay. I'm just saying, wow. But you, you know, everyone wants a raise. Anyone who's putting a sandwich together wants $15 an hour. Well, you can do all that. That's no problem. I mean, I wasn't no pay me no $50 an hour, put a sandwich together. But, you know, have they ever. Has you ever wondered, has anyone ever thought to do that, that even if you that you get what you want and everyone has to start paying a minimum $15 an hour, which sounds better when you're making $7, right? I mean, it does sound better, right? But do you realize when you make Burger King and Jack's and Pizza Hut and everything pay $15 an hour, do you not understand? Food's going to go up? Yeah. Do you not understand? Gas going to go up? Do you understand that you're not going to have any more money when you make 750 an hour?


Speaker2: [00:29:13] Yeah.


Pastor West: [00:29:15] You don't think McDonald's is just going to absorb all that by themselves, do you know? Every time someone steals something at a store like Walmart, we all pay for it. I thought I forgot how much Tara told me this year. How many hundreds of millions of dollars in loss prevention in all Walmart stores. You know, I mean, every year it's into the millions. And they have people like him and others there to find you and help you and stop some of it, but it's just a small dent into it. Then they have a lot of internal theft by employees and management. But they have to take their total loss, right? It's like any company does, just like like any insurance company does. Which is I hate to say it was kind of like a racket, but they just take everything. I mean, insurance companies aren't going to go down. I mean, when the cost of parts and labor to fix something, I'll fix a house, fix a vehicle, whatever go up, then the rates are going to go up, and then they just factor in all that they pay out. Right. And that determines your rates. Isn't that the way it works? And how many know that there's never been there's never really ever been a decrease. He's just always increasing more and more. And so we could talk about look how expensive things are. Look how expensive our home is. And it is. Look how expensive the utilities are. And they are. Look, you know, look what it cost to, you know, for your for your vehicle, for your insurance. I mean, uh, I mean, you just go look at I don't mean a Rolls-Royce or Cadillac.


Pastor West: [00:30:49] You you just go. I was looking at not to buy one, but I was just looking at, you know, last year, like. Like at a new truck. And I thought with a V8. And it was like a stripped down model was like 60 some thousand dollars. I said, my goodness. My first brand new mobile home was 18 for. 18 for you know what you could buy for 18 for now in a house or a trailer? One room, not much. Right? Well, has incomes kept up with the inflation? I don't think that they have. But see, if we if we live like that, if we ever get caught living like that the rest of our life, then then we're going to have to work the world system right now. I hope I'm preaching to everyone in here, but usually you're not. And the younger that you learn this, the better off that you are. But you're never too old to fix it. Hmm. And when people don't understand it and they get into tight, the first thing a lot of people do is they cut off their giving because they say, you know, I don't, you know, if I don't pay my power bill, they'll cut off my utilities. But, you know, I don't not want to give to the church, but, you know, I can't no one make me as voluntary. That's right. It's absolutely. But that's how you think. That's that's gives us a window into how that we think. Now, if we're if we're giving because we're scared not to give, that's not good either.


Pastor West: [00:32:26] If we think Malachi, which a lot of churches have helped us think Malachi, and they'll ask you, are you a God robber? What's the god, Robert? He withhold the tithes. He said, what's in the Bible? What's in the old covenant? Well, the attitude of that is still prevalent, whether it's the Old Testament and the New Testament. But, you know, the funny thing goes is, you know, Malachi, people were tithing to The Godfather, you know, not they said the father, it was it was, you know, the movie The Godfather, they were afraid not to tithe because they felt like he would break your leg. In other words, you know, uh. Well, I won't say who, but, you know, people just walked in like that. They had. We all have. And so they'd say, you know, if you don't give the tithe on Sunday, then the fox is going to get the chicken in the henhouse on Monday and Tuesday. And if you don't give here, it's just going to come away there. So you better give here. In other words, you better keep your books straight with God at all times because God keeps he knows your books. And when he and when you don't give him what it says, he'll come get it himself, and he'll take more than if you gave it. How you like that loving father? Huh? So then. Then it makes it all about you, doesn't it? Okay, so let's get back to our our lesson. So. So the entire book of Genesis, every time God was involved in creating something, whether it was heavens, moon, suns, stars or, you know, the firmament, it was always prefaced with words.


Pastor West: [00:34:04] Every time there's no exception to it. And it would say, And God said. And God said, And God said, what? Why was God? Why did God say it? But because he wanted intended result. But the words came from what he saw on the inside of the image that he had on the inside of him. Then he spoke the image. Where people a lot of times just speak with, they see. In other words, they don't want to call things that be not as though they were. They want to tell you what is. This is a problem. I am very sick. I was watching someone on Facebook today asking for prayer and they said, like, just pray for me. Pray for my husband, pray this, pray this, pray, doctor this, pray and all. That's fine. But but I don't know. I mean, just personally I wouldn't go to Facebook do that. I wouldn't I wouldn't tell people what was wrong with me on Facebook. If you held a gun to my head. Then someone asked the next day they said, well, we've all been praying. You better. No, I ain't no better. I'm worse. New York. And I said, well, we're so sorry. So my mama had that didn't make it, but we're going to pray, she says. So that worries me. But they said, we're going to pray. So I, I just watched their response. So they said, we're going to pray harder and harder. That's what Jesus said. Remember? Remember when he told you to struggle in prayer?


Pastor West: [00:35:41] Our heavenly Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done. Please. On earth like you've got it up there in heaven. Give us something. Bread or something, this day. Hello.


Pastor West: [00:36:04] I mean, I don't know what's hard look like. So can you see? Some people may lack some understanding. We're going to pray harder and harder. We will come to help. You will come. And I know their intentions are probably really good, but I wouldn't. I would not do that on Facebook or anywhere else. So everything God said was prefaced with what he said. You're made in the image and the likeness of God, right? We know that Mark 1123 says, have faith in what? Say you get a golf cart. Hmm. Or it means have the God kind of faith. So if you're going to be made in his image, then you're made to function like him. If he made you in his likeness, in the image he made you to. That means he made you to function like him. The way that he functioned. He created you the same capacity made you in his class, in that sense, to so that you would function in this life like him. When you don't do that, when we don't do that and we see all need suffering situations and then we speak about those things, then we do the opposite of what he says. And we don't function like him. We malfunction. You can't get his results work in a malfunctioning mode.


Pastor West: [00:37:38] Doesn't work that way. Just absolutely doesn't work that way. Now. So the mandate was given. What to be fruitful, multiply. Replenish, subdue it and have dominion. Adams total focus was on the mandate, the vision to replenish and subdue the earth, because the provision was already being provided by God. When you go back and read in Genesis chapter one, he says, he said, he says, see, I have given, I have given. So God had already given the provision, but after he sinned. And he fell. He lost sight. He lost vision. He lost the assignment. He lost all of it, so he's no longer subduing. He's no longer functioning like God. He's no longer living with dominion. Adam is no longer thriving. Adam is just trying to survive. Adam is now trying to get Adam, which was made to be the little God on the earth, is no longer thriving. He is trying to get by. His thoughts, his focus, his vision has completely changed. His mandate and vision is not his priority now. Uh, this this, uh. And I told you this a long time ago. It's kind of funny how things changed on me a few years ago. It's like, not always, but 85% of the time now. Didn't used to work this way for me.


Pastor West: [00:39:06] I can be out doing whatever. Then all of a sudden I could be riding somewhere. I could be going to the store, I could be cutting grass, I could be doing whatever I'm doing. Then all of a sudden I hear the Holy Spirit preaching to me. It's like. It's like I hear the sermon. I hear it myself. I don't know about anybody else, but that's how things come to me. I hear the sermon myself and it helps me. So I always keep something right with so it's better while I'm in study mode if I'm sitting there. So I'm just sitting here writing this on this pad over here. I can't use it because it's going to look like shorthand, you know, when I first get it. So I'm just writing down everything that he said to me. So all I'm really doing today is, is just telling you what he told me. It'll be up to you whether you want to believe it. You check it for scriptural accuracy. Because man can't make a flaw. But now listen to this. So he's not. So he's not focused on replenishing the Earth. He's focused on replenishing himself. Why he lost his position. He lost his position. He lost. He he lost the assignment. His his primary focus is just provision.


Pastor West: [00:40:17] Matthew. But Matthew 624 to 33 tells us that you can't serve two masters. You can't follow after vision and provision. Satan will try to distract you with being responsible, which means looking to you, looking to yourself to supply your own needs with your own wits and your own strengths. You can't have two masters, so you can't have two wives. And Satan is the God of this world system. We are in this world. But Jesus said, but we're not of it. I mean, Solomon had hundreds of his fool. Very. Praise the Lord. Can't one master, all of our provision is placed in Christ? I told you to check for accuracy. Uh, all of our provision is placed in Christ, isn't it? I mean, you can go to so many scriptures. You can go to Colossians chapter three. You can say, In him are hidden all the treasures in him. So all your provision is placed in him, and then in him, and he in you came through the new birth. Now. I think all the stuff that you guys already know, but I don't think everyone always lives it. But what if we just went crazy, lost our mind and started living like the Bible is? Oh my God, it'd be amazing.


Speaker2: [00:41:33] Yeah.


Pastor West: [00:41:35] Someone might even think you're cold. I know no one's ever thought about it, about that, about us at all. Never said nothing about it. Years ago in Clanton. On the sign. Of course, I wouldn't think it that way, but boy, did I get some. Boy, did I get some negative press, because on Thursday we'd have people come who were sick and we'd teach, you know, and and. Well, like, it was called the Healing school. People come from all over the world whose terminal. And they would come five days a week. They had a morning and they had an evening session. And, uh, uh, Keith Moore taught. Doug Jones taught. Uh, uh, Jim Hockaday when he was there. He taught. Brother Hagan started it. But I'm saying people would come from all over the world who were sick and dying, and many of them would get healed. I mean, they had nothing that medical science could do for them. So I was just used to the firm healing school. And so we we started getting all kind of negative fan mail. People said on that sign. So we just invited people if they were sick, if they wanted to come on Thursday or whatever, you know, and we could minister to them that we could pray for them. And if they were sick, they could have healing for their body.


Pastor West: [00:42:40] And so we started getting all this negative press about it because they said, who do they think they are putting up here? You come here and you can be healed on Thursday. You can't tell people if they can be healed, who do they think they are? Like like they're they must think they're something like God or something. And that's like, yeah, thinking a whole lot like it actually. Yeah. Well, I see. So to me, I'm just thinking like, what's your problem? We're just going to minister the word of the will of God, the way of God. And we're going to minister the healing to you for your body to be healed, which is the will of God. Well, you can't tell anyone that can be healed. How could you know? You don't even know if it's the will of God for them to be healed. I'm thinking when I do because I can read. I mean, did they teach you how to read? Well, the that didn't end the fight, you understand? But it did for me. I mean, I never got into it now. So the word. Um. Two masters, right? Yeah. New birth. So the word is self centered. Focused. In other words, his or atoms do away with self-centered focus. Because he lost the provision, he lost the vision. He lost the mandate.


Pastor West: [00:44:01] He lost the power. He lost the ability to do it. So now he has to he has to be self-centered, focused, which means he knows he's going to work, he's going to sweat, then he's going to redouble his efforts. And and some people they like, you know, well, we're going to do more than that. We're going to have to lie, cheat and steal. That's the way to get ahead. The world is provisioned, mind. The world is Matthew 632 Jesus said, The Gentiles, Jesus and the Gentiles seek after all these things life necessities. But Jesus said, but your heavenly father already knows that you have need of them before you even know you have need of them. So then he. But then he answered, it wasn't just for him to have compassion because the Lord sees your problem. No, he said, so seek the Lord knows you have need of these things, but don't. Don't be like them. Jesus says, don't be like the world. The Lord knows you have needs. He understands you're on earth. He understands you have necessities, he says. So here's how you guys do it. Seek when you get along to it. Whenever you get around to it. No. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Seek the kingdom and righteousness and then be right with that.


Speaker2: [00:45:21] Amen.


Pastor West: [00:45:25] These and then these things just get added to you. Well, you you can't get a worldly person to think like that at all. Would you seek God in His kingdom and be right with God's ways in his kingdom? Understand his righteousness. Understand that you're right and these things will come looking for you. You won't come looking for them, right? Hmm'hmm. So we are sent by God with faith, vision and purpose. And if you're working for the provision, if if you're working for provision, your assignment is lying dormant within you. If you give an ambassador an assignment, think about that. Our nation signs out ambassadors. But if you give it an ambassador, an assignment without provision, he or she will be busy. Be busy earning provision instead of focusing on the purpose of why they were sent. Yeah. God doesn't need you to figure out a way to fulfill your assignment purpose. He needs for us to know his plan and say yes to that plan. Focus completely on him and the word, knowing that you're completing him. Nothing missing, nothing lacking, and that he's a good shepherd. Everything stopping us. This is just me writing down. This is just me sitting in the room, and it's like I'm here and I just write everything. Stopping this is wrong. False doctrine, wrong beliefs, wrong words, wrong actions. Right thinking produces right results. We are commanded to be fruitful and multiply. Increase doesn't come through straining. How does a plant or tree or baby grow by straining or living in the proper environment? Receiving what's provided.


Pastor West: [00:47:20] If God calls you. I thought this was a simple yet powerful explanation that I just heard. If I called you to be a farmer, if God called you to be a farmer, you have to have three things for sure seed, dirt and water. Y'all agree? Yes. Which of these three did man invent? And I said, Lord, speak on. So he said, and he said, he said, you know, these are three things. The three necessities if I call you to be a farmer, said he said, which one did you invent? He made a good point. He said most Christians need a mind renewal. And I said, I want to put a removal. But anyway, he said no. He said no, just stay with my word. Renewal. They don't think or act like the Word of God is. They don't think and act like the Word of God is. We can't call on God for a miracle and tell him how to do it our way. People do that all the time. You don't think we'll do it? Lord, if you if you if you just speak to him. Flew over here. I've watched pastors do it. They know who has money in the church, and they're always suggesting things. It's just like, just. Just like, leave them alone. Well, you know, they got this business. Well, I remember I had a business, had a lot of invoices too.


Pastor West: [00:48:50] So lots of employees. Then I had to match their income. I said, I don't even I don't even think they work for the income. Let me have to match it. Workman's comp. For what? They'd have to do something that even had to be comped. You know, just because you got a sign with your name on it, you know, it doesn't mean you have to open up extra checking accounts. That's the way it should work. That's the way it can work. But. The word is, uh. Is being kingdom minded. Which is provision, not necessities. Remember, seek first the kingdom. Okay, now. So a farmer has to have seed, dirt and water. Neither neither of these had. Any of his ability to do it. You can't call on God once again for a miracle and tell him how to do it our way. Because his way is perfect. His way is just. His way is righteous. He and he said, I need no one's opinion. I know this doesn't mean nothing to you all. I love it when it comes to me this way, when it comes to me. And it's real simple, but I love it when it's just like someone stands up and gives a prophecy. They don't know if they're going to say the next moment. I had no idea what I was going to write the next sentence. I love it when it comes to me this way.


Pastor West: [00:50:18] I know that doesn't mean a whole lot to you all. It means a whole lot to me. Why do so many Christians offer him their opinion instructions? Who created who? Was you here before me. He said. Or was we here before him? Is God in the process of learning, growing spiritually? What kind of degrees do you think he holds? Who can measure up to him? If we feel limited in life, it's because of us, not him. I quickly thought of Psalm 78 one Speaking of Israel. It says yes again. They tempted God and limited the Holy One of Israel. Apparently. Heaven knows there's a partial translation. He should look that up in the Passion Translation. So I stopped and I looked it up and it says the Passion translation said. And again and again they limited God, preventing him from blessing them. Again and again they limited God, preventing God from blessing them continually. They turned back from him and provoked the Holy One of Israel. Acts 1034 says, God is no respecter of persons, though the partial translation of the B part of that verse is, God doesn't show favoritism with people who treat everyone on the same basis. So I believe God wants to do something miraculous in everyone's life today, in 2024 and beyond. Why? First off, he loves all of us. He made everyone unique. He made everyone special. He never made junk. He never made a dud. God's good. Amen.


Speaker2: [00:51:55] Amen.


Pastor West: [00:51:56] God is infinite. He's powerful. Our lives should reflect that very truth. Yet seems like so many, very, very few believe in so seldom. If you're not believing God already, then repent and get started today. I was still taking notes. It's like you didn't have much. You didn't have a lot of wiggle room there, Lord. Remember Jesus one time he's preaching. They said, man, he has some hard sayings. Hard sayings that Jesus, he's a hard preacher. They said he wants us to eat his blood. They said, Jesus, did you hear what that man preached? He wants us to drink his blood and eat his flesh. He said, that man's hard. And then they all walked away. And Jesus walked and walked away. He didn't say.


Speaker3: [00:52:45] Oh, come back.


Pastor West: [00:52:46] That was the metaphor. I wasn't talking about that. He just let him walk away. Then. Then he looked at his disciples. They looked at him and they're like, oh my gosh, did you hear what he said? He said, y'all won't go with him. And I'm thinking, well, kind of, but I guess you're the only one with the words of life. So, I mean, the the whole crowd was gone. He's like, Jesus didn't try to like, why didn't mean it that way. Please come back. Please. We should be full of joy. Hallelujah. That's what Jesus gave you was his joy. You should be enthusiastic and excited about this day. This is the day the Lord has made for you. We read. We sang that in a song. James said, count it all joy. Well, wonder if it's not joy, duh. Then get to counting. I was still taking notes. I was like, duh. It's like I ain't thought about that in a moment. Then he said, then get to counting. We should write the vision out in your heart so you can run with it and others can run with you. Why are you limiting God in your life? What thoughts, beliefs, or action needs to be evicted? When will you be willing to move forward from where you are now? I said, when are you seriously considering going to the next level or just talking about it? Can you see it in your heart and your imagination? Can you meditate on and meditate on it until you can see it in your mind, your will and your emotions? When will just enough be just enough for you? Are you calling things to be not as though they were.


Pastor West: [00:54:14] If God said yes to everything that you are believing him for and is written down already, will there be anything for him to accomplish for you that today? Because job 2228 says, when you decide and decree a thing, it shall be established in the light of God's favor shall shine upon you. If I was to favor you today, and you've been favor as you have been favoring others, would there be any reason to rejoice? If your sewing was to produce a 30, 60 or 100 fold return, could you be debt free today? Or would you have to buy a Big Mac? Now you're just being funny. You. If heathen is a covenant promise. And it is. And if heathen includes you, and it does, shouldn't you cash in? Amen. And then go help the world with the gospel. Why, in your mind and heart were 24 be a greater year than 23 or before? If today you could put in one sentence paragraph the vision for 24, what would it say? If you don't know, it's it's not that you're experiencing unanswered prayer is because you have an unredeemed mind.


Pastor West: [00:55:19] But the good news is you can change. The greatest gift that God ever gave mankind is not the gift of sight. This is Miles Monroe here, but a vision. Doctor Moreau said. Helen Keller, who became blind due to an illness. At 18 months old, she lost her sight. However, she became a remarkable author and entrepreneur that impacted her generation and the world to the present moment. When asked in an interview, Mrs. Keller, they said, is there anything in the world worse than being blind? She she replied, oh yes. They said, what could be worse than being blind? She says, for for the how to for you to have physical sight, but you have no vision. The blind person said, oh, what's worse than this is being they'll be like, you can see, but you but you have no vision at all. She went on to say, the eyes that look are common, but eyes that see are rare. Vision is the capacity to see things as they could be, which takes faith. Proverbs 23 seven says, the man thinks in his heart. That's who they are.


Pastor West: [00:56:23] Never let what your eyes see or what you feel in your emotions. Determine what you believe in your heart. Second Corinthians five seven says, we walk by faith, not by sight, which means we walk according to truth. What's the truth? Well, Jesus is truth. That means you need to deposit truth in your heart. Then walk it. Walk truth out every day. You can't seize what you can't see. Vision is the ability to see things as they should be. If you're operating by sight, you're going to see problems. You're going to see challenges, you're going to see crises, and they're going to be all around you. You're going to see bills to pay. You're going to see inflation, sickness, depression, family issues. You're going to see and feel all those things. Sometimes it seems sometimes like it's a foreseeable that there is no foreseeable solution. That's why you may feel to you. You may feel discouraged. You may feel hopeless. Everyone's been tempted at some time to quit or give up or take a big break. But God didn't create you to lose. He created you in his image and likeness. He completely understands your situation. He's already anticipated your problems and your needs. He knows many ways out. He knows how to secure your breakthrough. He doesn't want you to fear or fail, and he will lead you to victory.


Pastor West: [00:57:38] If you believe Jesus understands, understands the storms of your life, he said he he said he would experience. He said that he would experience the storms or he said that we would John 1633, that we would experience storms in our lifetime. But he said, be of good cheer. Why? For I have overcome them all. Amen. During a violent storm, Jesus himself was in a boat, but he was sleeping soundly in the middle of the storm. The devil wants you to panic. He wants you to be afraid. Jesus stood up, spoke to the storm, and he commanded peace. And the winds and waves obeyed him. He came to his disciples in a boat and another storm member, and they were afraid, thought he was a ghost. They were terrified because of the storm. And Jesus walked him on the water and said, don't be afraid. He walked to him, standing on top of what they were, what they were terrified of. Sight without vision is dangerous because it has no hope within itself. If you first, you have to see it. Then by faith you can say it. The thing that you see and say, Jesus says shall come to pass. Then you can seize it. Amen. Amen. You got to see it.


Speaker2: [00:58:53] Man.


Pastor West: [00:58:55] You got to get it in your heart and conceive it. Believe it, then you can speak it out. Brother Hagan, you talk about this all the time. He used to say people are speaking to things long before they've established things in their heart. He says. Sometimes in your situation, you just have to. Maybe it's the mercy. You have to go do something, he said. But most people would be far better off that, whatever their problems are, if they would just go. I don't even care if they know things, if they would just go to the Bible and write down these promises and write them down and meditate on them for a few days, maybe a week or two, then pray. After it's conceived in their heart, not knowledge in your mind. So knowledge just push you up. But if you. But if you could see it. Like the people were one in Genesis chapter 11. They were going to be a tower to reach the heavens. And God himself said, he says, this ain't my plan. But when you get people doing the same thing, they get them all in one one frame of thinking and one accord. He said they will accomplish the thing that they can see, and now they're talking about it because they're all one language. So we're going to have to confound their speech so that they can't communicate. So they can't be in unity, in oneness, because they will accomplish things that I don't want them to accomplish. This is not my will. But the principle is if you can see it and say it, it will come to pass. Mhm. That was a negative. But the principal, he said, will still work. Now this could just be a sermon to you. You could leave here and go get you a chicken sandwich and never think about it ever again. You say? Well, I don't know about writing things down. I know what sounds good. I know you're supposed to. Heck, I ain't got time to write nothing down.


Pastor West: [01:00:52] You don't. Why don't you?


Pastor West: [01:00:56] I'm busy. When did the Lord tell you to be busy? He told you to be productive. Now notice he said, be fruitful, multiply, subdue. Have dominion. Four things. Is the word busy in there? Did you know an average Coke machine used to? I don't know if you still can. You could one time. You could. You could actually own a, you know, like a drink machine. Vending machine. That said, an average one makes about $150 profit a month. That ain't enough money to live on, is it? What if you had 300 of them? Would that be better? People would just be buying your your soft drinks, putting you say quarters. Now they're going to need some debit card to get a drink. But I'm saying but you know, I'm saying. But would you be any smarter to own three of them? I mean, would you work harder to own 300 machines and own one? Could you be at 300 places at one time? No. What would it be? It'd be that your. Your money would be working for you. I see rich people don't think about saving money. They think about spending it. Because the way money works, the house backed. Cash is the lowest form of security that there is. It is in the world, and it's been that way for many years. Security is not being able to stock up a lot for the future, because one day it may be worth nothing. The only really guarantee that you have is that you're a kingdom person with a kingdom mind, and you understand that your authority and who you are in Christ, the things answer to you.


Pastor West: [01:02:57] Jesus spoke to a fig tree actually be. Let's just be correct as he did. But that's not really what it said. It said he answered it. There's things in your life that you're letting go by without answering, and you just think it's part of life that they're happening. And they are some of them. They're just part of just life. But a lot of things are not just, you know, the normal course of life. And, you know, occasionally things will be when people say, well, it's just karma and whatnot. It's called devil. You know, if they want to call devil Carmen, that's fine. But but but Jesus answered the fig tree. He said, well, I never really understood that story because they said he wasn't even time for figs. Well, all I know is the one. It had leaves on it. Which says I'm a fig tree. The reason I exist is to be fruitful and multiply, which was the Dominion principle. And it and I think in the mind of Jesus, like, well, if you're not going to do what you're created to do, then I don't have any need of you. So he says, let's stop your existence because you're not you're not functioning. You're malfunctioning. So therefore cease to be. It was talking to him.


Pastor West: [01:04:20] He talked back to it. What's talking to you? So this is how we have to think. Well, I just thought, you know, my knee was hurting. Well, it is, but it's talking to you. But it's the it's the kids. Well there's talk on so so so we have to answer these things. Do you understand? I'm not trying to do a service here. I'm treating you like who you really are. Kingdom agents, kings and priest who thinks on a different level. You know, this is not. I want to lay hands on you and ask God to give you a better 2024. Be with you as you go. That could appeal to all emotions. It could be kind, but it's not how kingdom people think. You think? Well, I got a lot of problems. That's good. I'm going to pray they increase. Every, every, every market in the world is there to fix a problem. Y'all ever thought about that? All the little things in the world is a market. Or if it's a sport, someone likes to be entertained. Someone makes millions of dollars to watch someone go do something. If everything is a product, everything. I mean, the printing of this paper, which, you know, I won't go through all that, but I understand how to do this completely. There's nothing about this I don't understand because I did this. But, you know, I remember the big trucks coming up, uh, on Oxmoor Road.


Pastor West: [01:06:05] Huge spools of huge spools of of paper. The ink come in five gallon buckets. I know how big the tray is. They're going to go in. I know, I know what the the platelets that have these words on it. On a round cylinder that's with a big old Allen wrench. You have to tighten them around the cylinder and then they go down and that ink that has to hit the paper, just just whatever. And the guy up at the front has to steer this thing with little wheels to make sure the words ain't going like this, and they're going straight across. And how everything needs another market for. I mean, every thing in your body has an industry for it. Every function of your body has an industry for. It's pretty complex when you think about it. The vastness of it. So if we're just thinking provision. I'm sorry. I will be through with this. This is not who you are. Please don't be this person. You may feel like this person sometimes. I have felt like this person. Well, I just, you know, I just need to. People go through different stages, different ages. I just need to this much to the end. And, you know, I just need, need my health. As good as it can be. I need good health. And I got to make so much money. Then I got to be able to retire. But I got to be able to work and often, you know, make enough money to retire.


Pastor West: [01:07:39] But my body don't feel like doing. But but I got to because I got to have this much and don't seem like there's enough. So I got to look for ways to make more. We got to cut back over here. I got to see if I can, you know, get get rid of this little catch him, I get along, I mean, I got to go do something. That's what fallen man did the moment he fell. He left the assignment and the mandate and he started working. He started working. He started working by the sweat of his brow and the wits, his own wits, the moment he fell because he fell from his position. All he could think was provision. He worked for it the day before. It worked for him. God said, every one of these trees, Adam, you're going to notice every one of these things going to produce, and they're all good to eat. He says, I made everything that you needed. Then I made you. I created you a home before I brought you on the scene. It is not good for you to be alone. So I put you to sleep. You. Did you notice I took out one of your ribs? Oh my God, you did. And I made her. He says, what's her? And he took the sheet off and took. And she woke up and she stood up and Adam said.


Speaker3: [01:09:01] Whoa, man.


Pastor West: [01:09:04] And he says, gosh, would that be a good one? He said, woman, oh man. He said, me like. But I don't know why people get an apple. It didn't say it was an apple. It wouldn't matter what it was. It would have been any of us. God saw the need before. That's why Jesus was the the lamb slain before the foundation of the world. Because he knew the condition of man. What would happen before it happened? So he anticipated their need before they ever had a need. Your need has already been anticipated and answered in here, but if I don't think like this is, then I won't function as this is. I'll think like the world and then I will malfunction. I'll have days. I'd come in, I'll weave in and I weave out. I'll raise my hand and say Hallelujah. When they play my favorite song. But when it comes down to what you're going to do. You ought to go to right here. Then you ought to settle. See you're not working for retirement. You're not working. Have enough for retirement. Just my personal opinion. I've said it many times. I don't understand people's goal to make millions of dollars, to leave it to someone who may not even use it for the kingdom.


Pastor West: [01:10:41] I believe you'll answer for that. Hopefully you can influence your kids if you're going to leave something to them that will, but if they can't, they're going to know I love them, but it went somewhere else. If I could leave a quarter of a million and a half 1 million or $10, and my kid was going to eat it up and don't carry anything about anything that was ever ministered, taught, or preached. When it comes there, I mean, you can, if any of my shirts fit, take them, I don't care, but don't look for anything else. Because see, your life is not what you're going to do here for 68, 70, 80 years. This thing is about eternity. You're doing your eternal situation with God right now. Amen. That's why I choose. That's why it requires that we think completely different than other people. We are, we are called and equipped and anointed to solve issues. Think about it. Is it that what you do for a living? Don't you solve a problem?


Speaker2: [01:11:54] Mean.


Pastor West: [01:11:56] Really? People didn't have any problems with their vehicles. Why would they need you? Then after you get it fixed, they run into a tree and they take it to Nathan. And what's he do? He solves the problem. And the reason why they had the reason why they had that wreck was because they wouldn't wear no sunglasses when they were driving. And so they didn't stop by one of my stores and pick up that, and they couldn't call the police because they didn't have one of these phone chargers, you know, like whatever, you and Logan has to fix people's problems so their hair won't, you know, won't won't be as long as his. I'm just messing with you. I've been pulling all mine, but it won't come out anymore. And we can't even get into Jessica, I bet. I mean, I don't even know. I bet at that level, they tell you everything more than what you want to know. You didn't even need to know that. I may be wrong, but I don't think I am. When they get to the place they need help like that. They're like they unload. Hairstylists know that for sure. It's like, whoa, whoa, okay, the cut is $65. The mind thing, you know, the psychology. That's that's 300. I understand Umachan don't see me ever 2 or 3 months. But if it's going to keep on like this, it's going to go up to 500.


Speaker3: [01:13:25] Huh.


Pastor West: [01:13:25] But we could just take any of you like that. Think about you. Are you are a called and anointed and gifted to solve problems. So why are you trying to get rid of them? The bigger the problem that you solve in the world, the more the world pays you for. My goal is just to this morning is just to help us think, right. That's all I'm trying to do is just help us. I know you know this. I'm just trying to remind you of it because you're out there all day long. It's just like if you, you know, if you go out there like, tomorrow is supposed to be kind of rough in South Alabama and the wind and all that kind of stuff. When we went to Colorado to Blake's meeting, my, you know, different ways to go there, my brother was telling me, he said, have you ever went through Kansas? And I said, no, he says, you ought to go through Kansas because you go straight across it into Colorado. He said, you ain't going to want to come back that way, because you ain't going to want to see that twice. Y'all have went through Kansas. It's as flat as it can be. I mean, every now and then we see a tree. I tell him, I said, look, she said, I said, that's a tree way over there.


Pastor West: [01:14:28] I'm serious. I mean, you know, like how the ocean. Does anyone know how far the eye can see? Like if you're standing on the balcony? How I've always asked, I Google it. It's like 3 to 5 miles. I thought it was 20. I mean, without a landmark, like a, like a big, you know, condo. I think it said 3 to 5 miles. So when you're, when you're in Kansas, I mean, you just look to the left and right. It ain't nothing but land as far as you can see. And every now and then you'll see a tree and but but you're at least at 4000 foot sea level, even though it's flat coming in, you know, coming into Colorado, it ain't much to look at. There's wind, there's windmills everywhere, and they don't need no wind because there's no trees to stop it. So we stopped to get some gas. And that's about all this wind coming in tomorrow. But it's like this all day long in Kansas. So I stopped to get some gas in and I said, are you from here? He said, yeah. And I looked over here and I said, is it is it is the weather just he said, where are you from? I said, Alabama. He said, you mean the Kansas? He says, now this is, this is everyday. And I was holding my hat, you know, while I was pumping my gas.


Pastor West: [01:15:37] And I'm thinking, man, if I had to move here, which I wouldn't want to move here if it's like it's every he says, oh, you get used to it. I says, you do. I said, man, I set me up. Hairspray stands everywhere. Skull, skull scars. I mean, because, I mean, it's like the whole time I come, there's your 4000ft up in there. There's no trees to stop it. I'm glad I went and saw it one time, but I came back down the other way into Oklahoma. But you know that hair, that hair spray fixes the problem? Yes. So all I'm doing is today is trying to tell you something that you already know. Because when you go out in the world every week, you're getting all that. And then y'all come back and suddenly he's like, tell us something. Right? Tell us something true. We're going to go see them again. But you're going to take it with you so that they become like, what this is. Amen. Well, God bless men. Grab you one of these on the way out and go home. And seriously give it consideration. Amen. It's not that. If you don't go, we're going to talk about. Well, we want to talk about a little bit, but but not scared. I'm just kidding. But grab your one as you go. Amen.


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