Glory, Glory, Glory! | 21Jan2024

Glory, Glory, Glory! | 21Jan2024
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Pastor West: [00:00:00] It may be cold, but I want it to be cold enough. Too cold to go to work tomorrow or go to Walmart. I got to go to Publix. I'm going to check to see if it's too cold to go there. Praise God. Doesn't really matter how. Today is the day you was looking for all your life. Amen. Amen. Amen. You say? Well, you don't know what happened to me yesterday. Well, I don't know what happened to you yesterday, but I know how. I know who can fix it if it needs to be fixed. Amen. How many know? Whatever the problem is, we have the solution. Yes. Is that right? Yes. Amen. Well, today we're going to talk about the glory of God. Amen. Amen. How about that? Praise God. I have wrestled and wrestled with this message all week long. I'm kind of one of those I love. I love all of it. I love the all the ministry gifts. I love the teaching, I love the preaching, but I just love a good meeting sometimes, you know, some people call them revivals, whatever. But. Uh. I guess I just like it all. Amen. Amen. I don't know anyone who likes the Holy Ghost meeting better than I do. I can watch him run and run with the best of them. I just think if you're going to run, it'd be better to go in one direction. Because I've been at some meetings with a few thousand people in the room, and they had head on collisions and they said, well, it's the Holy Ghost.


Pastor West: [00:01:31] You can't get hurt. I saw some people hurt, so I don't know. So they had to give directions. Okay, 3000 of you go this way, and the other we can have like a watches, but you have to divide it right here. And y'all go this this way and go that way. Really? Really. What I'm talking about is an encounter with God. I think people and and I'm saying this as a pastor, I think people are tired of church. Amen. I think people know that there has to be more. I think people want them more. I think they've seen it and I've done it and whatever. And they've held on. And you know, we and it's the word and we say, having done all stand and then stand, then stand some more. We sometimes we become professional standers when we're supposed to be professional receivers. Amen. But we have to be in a position to receive because God's always sending. It's not that he hasn't sent, but we have to be a receiver. If we had a little radio in here, we could plug it into the wall. Or if it's battery, we could just turn it on and we could find out. We could we could go to any radio station within the proximity of the transmitting that's coming through this room.


Pastor West: [00:02:47] So right now there's rock and roll coming through this room. There's country, there's talk shows, there's gospel. It's all come through there. But you don't hear any of it because we're not. It's not just not being transmitted. It's not being received because we're not tuned into it. Yes. But if we wanted to listen, you know, to Johnny Cash, if we could find him, we could pick him up right in this room. I mean, he's transmitting, so heaven's transmitting. My point is, heaven is transmitting all the time. But are you receiving? Amen. You see, the Lord has a little problem. This is it. He thinks he's done. He thinks he's finished this thing. Yeah, Jesus is sure of it. Because he was his body he used. So he's. It's now. Lord, would you come? Do you know Paul differentiated between the old and the new covenant. And and you can go to Second Corinthians chapter three, you know, while we're talking about this. But Paul differentiated this whole thing between the two covenants. Paul understood the other covenant. He was a doctor of the law. He was the most trained. He was the most sophisticated. He was the most educated. He was he was he had fire, he had zeal. He had everything that you'd ever want. He just didn't have proper understanding. But but he had an awakening on the road to Damascus. And so he thought. Saul of Tarsus thought he was doing God a favor, because all these so-called people, Jesus followers and Christians.


Pastor West: [00:04:14] And so he had letters, you know, from the authorities to lock up in prison, even kill if he had to. And we know that he also Saul of Tarsus, also gave a commandment to have stolen Stephen stoned, and he held their coats while they did it. And he was he thought he was working for God. You see, God doesn't really need you to work for him. You need him to work for you. See, we do about everything backwards. Generally, if you want to know what works, find out what the church is doing and then do the opposite. And most of the time, that's what's going to be about. Right? Yeah. Uh, that's a sad document. It'd be one thing if I was sitting down and saying that, but I'm standing up and saying it. So pretty much do the opposite of what's going on. You're probably closer to the truth. Everything in the kingdom of God is opposite. Mm. In Ecclesiastes it talks about a time for this and a time for that. A time for a time lived. Time dive. Time to kill. There's there's 28 opposites. So you have to know what time it is. And if we're not on his time, it could be right. But, but, but what is God doing now? What are you going to do in 2024? Well, look and see what God's doing right now.


Pastor West: [00:05:32] Now he's the author of this word, you know, from Genesis to the Book of Maps. So it all belongs to you. But what is God specifically doing now? I mean, Jesus, Jesus would ask the people, he says, how is it that you can discern the weather? You know it's going to rain? You know, you know, if it's going to be a storm. But he said, but you have no you have no clue whatsoever to what time it is in heaven, what God's doing on the earth. He said, why don't you be like the sons of Issachar? He said, they understand the time that we're in. And then you say, if you go to Jeremiah, we, uh, Jeremiah talks about this stuff. We won't go there. But he talked about the the stork and the crane and these different type of birds that they migrate. And, you know, how many's ever seen a flock of geese, you know, leaving. They know it's getting cold and they're heading south, right? How do they know to do that? How do geeks just know when it's time to leave, pick up and leave? And so I went on I went on my smartphone and I think, I think what it is they download a bird app. And that bird. That's a joke. And the bird app tells them, you know, you know when to fly to Miami for the comeback. No, it's it's intuitive in their in their DNA, in their nature to know what time it is.


Pastor West: [00:06:54] So Jeremiah used that word to say, why are you less? I'll say it this way. Why are you less intelligent than a bird? He said the crane knows when to get the heck out of Dodge, he said. But you don't seem to know. You know, if this is Tuesday or Thursday, what month it is, or where you are in the seasons of God. Well, you know, God's plan has always been the same. You know, we go to Isaiah. It's not wrong to use. I'll use it several times myself. It ministers real well. First of the year we say, well, God's doing a new thing. I don't know if he's ever done a new thing. It may be new to us. Yeah. You know, a lot of things that we see in the church, and they're not all of him, of course. And we, you know, we see Brother Hagan, you say it this way. You know, they say, well, you know, we don't want to get in no fascism. We don't we don't want this thing to break out too much because, you know, it'd just be all flesh. And Brother Hagan says, well, yeah, sometimes it is flesh. He admitted it, you know, until his death. He know he went from Holy Ghost. He was doing Holy Ghost meetings. And that's where you might teach or preach or you might not do anything.


Pastor West: [00:08:04] It might end in praise and worship. And those meetings might, you know, would last, you know, for 4 or 5 hours and hours in the room with thousands of people. And, and he said he and he was instructed to do it in 1993. He said. And he said, because this is a move of God that this generation doesn't know. And so unless you do what I tell you, it'll be lost two generations from here out to know the move of God. Because God's always moving. He's not stagnant. He's always moving. So but he said, but this is not a new thing. So in those services, there was all kind of different, you know, manifestations. Some people were, you know, there was a lot of laughter. Everyone went to a meeting with the joy of the Lord broke out. There was a lot of laughter. Some of them were singing, some of them were dancing, some whatever, and they were laughing. And sometimes while the word's going on. Well, I grew up in Pentecostal church, and I'm there at Raymond going to Bible school, and I'm thinking, now, wait a minute, what is Rodney Howard-browne doing? Preaching. And people are. It seemed like they was laughing or talking over there. Well, you know, the room putting chairs out the rainbow, you know, it'll hold good 6000 people. And then they have a they have a small church within the church.


Pastor West: [00:09:14] So if you want to get married or have a funeral, you know, you if you go into places to hold, you know, thousands of people and you're doing a funeral or a wedding, it looks kind of, you know, if you have a good crowd, you're not going to have that. So they built the small church in the church that only holds 500 people. Managed to have a small church inside the church that holds 500 people. Well, uh, I was up in the balcony and I began to hear this noise. And, you know, it wasn't like nowhere a room like this size. So I'm like, what is that noise? And I looked over the balcony and it seemed like it was coming way to my left. And, um, it's hard. It was hard to discern because the sanctuary is so large. Ramos. Ramos stage. Not their building. Ramos stage. The stage that they minister and do praise and worship. And the choir is as big as this entire building. Just. Just their stage. Their stage is 125 foot long by 60 foot wide. So when I'm saying I could hear noise in the distance, I couldn't tell what was coming from. There was a pocket. Turned out there was a pocket of 30 people that was over here laughing. And, you know, I knew of Rodney Howard-browne, but I didn't really know who he was. And they invited him to come at the school year and come to the church.


Pastor West: [00:10:36] And he came for three nights, and there was a move of the Holy Spirit. But I'd never been anything like that. I mean, I grew up in the Assemblies of God and now here. Then I went until I was 17, 17. They don't you don't have to be 17 now. But back then, when I was 17, I came into the fullness of all knowledge. I didn't need to know anything from anybody. I knew everything they say. It starts at about 11 or 12 now. But. But back then you had to be older. Before you didn't need any advice from anybody. Y'all know that's a joke, right? Well, so I thought, there's no way. Now, how could these people be laughing? And you can hear laughter in Rodney Howard's preaching. I mean, this can't be the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost won't interrupt himself. This has got to be wrong. And I couldn't understand why the Hagens wouldn't get up and fix that thing. I thought, especially Pastor Hagen. You know, Brother Hagen, he's just kind. I mean, he didn't pass the church. He was there. If he wasn't ministering out of town, you'd see him Miss Aretha sitting on the front if he was in town. But, you know, Pastor Hagen, he. He ran the place, and he he's he's good, but he's he's stern. I thought, I can't believe he's putting up with that. How could you have someone ministering? And you got like, 50 people over here talking and laughing out loud? I'm trying to interpret this with my religious mindset that I developed, you know, in the church.


Pastor West: [00:12:00] And so I thought, well, I mean, I guess they'll do something. Then all of a sudden a pocket over to the right side and they start laughing. Then I looked up in the balcony and there was like a wave and people was doing the wave. Rodney Howard-browne still doing the preacher. I said, doing the wave like and people laughing in the floor, and then the people shouting and and he's in the book of acts just reading. He don't stop reading. Well, I wasn't familiar with his ministry. I didn't know this happened everywhere he went. Just to move with the spirit. And, uh, and so they never stopped it. And after a while it was, you know, 1002 thousand people. And he just kept on preaching. Well, that night all kind of people got saved, healed, set free marriage, delivered all kind of signs, wonders, uh, while people were and and I said, Lord, I don't understand. I said to myself, I don't understand this. I said, I can't understand. I mean, the the Holy Ghost. Then I can't really hear what he's saying because of all the commotion. I said the Holy Ghost wouldn't interrupt himself, and the Holy Ghost was just so kind to me. He didn't.


Pastor West: [00:13:02] He didn't say you or like Reba, you moron. He just said this. He said, do you know that I can actually do two things at one time? He said, maybe even three. So? So he said, this is the learning moment for you. Well. After that, Brother Hagan went on to do Holy Ghost meetings from there to the end of his life. And that move of God was was brought back. And he says, but this is not new, this is old. He said. It just wasn't hardly in your lifetime. You don't understand it. He said so Holy Ghost could meet and could be where the word is being taught. It could be where there's witnessing. It could be where you know what's happening here tonight. It's happening. In other words, you're not there, he said. That's not the way a church is supposed to operate every service, he said. But but you need it'd be good to have some times where you just come and it's not planned. Amen. Now, some of you are organizers. My wife is an organizer. She likes to plan. I'm I'm I'm going. The older I get, the more I go that way. But when we start pastoring, you know, I'm spontaneous. But much more than she is. But now I'm more a little bit when you say just the last. That's. Why? I told her there's a calendar on the phone, but she. But she has a calendar.


Pastor West: [00:14:21] She. She knows exactly everything. Now that that works to my benefit. Every time I say, where's this? When are we going to do this? And who's going to come? She just say, well, if you write things down. Yeah. And you know, back when we first got married, we, you know, I was she's 19, I was 21. I said let's go to the beach. She says, yeah, okay. When you want to go. I said, no, I mean right now. She says, well, we mean right now. I said, well, I mean, it's just, you know, we weren't in church at the time because I was during that time where I knew everything. You know, I went to church three times a week. I always said, you know, because I had a drug problem. My mother dragged me there three times a week. And so after 17 and then I got out. I didn't go to church that one time. I was committed to not go. I didn't do Easter or Christmas. And so ten years I didn't go. And then my mother told me, she says, you'll never outrun my prayers, so you might as well just give up. I didn't like that at all. I didn't like nothing about that. Everything she told me was right, but I just didn't want to hear it, she said. But she says, but she says is, you're not going to run my prayer. She says, don't you know you're going to be minister of the gospel? I said, I'm not going to be.


Pastor West: [00:15:30] Why do you do that? Why do you keep saying that? I am not going to do that. I'm going to work for Alabama Power Company. I'm going to do this and this and so on, and so is going to get me on. And, you know, and I'm going to get me a brick house and two car garage and a color TV, and we're going to have two kids and maybe 1 or 2 dogs. Life's going to be good. I mean, don't put I'm not going to pastor a church. I mean, or I'm not going to be a minister. She said, okay, but you will. So I just thought she was. I don't know why she was taking that on me. What about 30 years old? Everything changed. I just sitting in the worship service. All of a sudden during the worship, I started hearing these things. I have an awareness I don't have. I start feeling this drawn towards things and I try to suppress it. So what's that about? And it kind of go away. I go back to during the next service. It happened again. Go back and happen again. Go back and happen again. Then I'm sitting there watching people come in. This church had, you know, had some people from Raymond that was traveling. And every time they'd come, I'd listen and I'd like, well, you know, what's that Raymond thing about? So I go and check it out.


Pastor West: [00:16:37] Didn't even know why I was checking it out. Well, within a year, you know, I was enrolling. And my mother, you know, she was kind. But after. After it was all over with him, came back and ended up even when we went. I would never plan on being in the ministry full time. I was going to continue in business. I was going to write checks. I wanted to be the one who writes checks. I don't mean the tithe. I meant I wanted, I wanted to. If you had an issue or whatever, and it was of God, I wanted the wealth to be able to take care of that thing. I didn't want a barbecue to more chickens, to build something in a Sunday school room or paint the paint the wall. I'm not saying, you know, be take advantage of it, but I wanted enough wealth to take care of the missionary and take care of the pastor and take care of the church. I felt like that was just as much as calling. And it is. But anyway, so. But I turned out. You know. I always said that, you know, they said that God has seven redemptive names. You know, some of them, you know, Jehovah Jireh or Jehovah Rapha. But for me, the last one was Jehovah Trickster. He tricked me. Well, I'm just as happy as I as you can get.


Pastor West: [00:17:55] Uh, and my mother obviously was right. But there's the flow. For you. So? So what is God doing? What is God saying? You can't interpret it by what you see today. You can't interpret it in a moment. A lot of times if someone speaks a prophetic word over you, I mean, you have to know this most of the time, that word when it comes to you. It's not happening in that moment. It could be six months. It could be six years. It could be 20 years. The Lord is doing things now in my life that people prophesied to me 15, 20 years ago. Matter of fact, when they prophesied it the next week, it went 15 miles back the other way. Y'all ever happened to you? I mean, I've had the Lord speak to me some things that was so whatever or told me to give a certain amount. I mean, I mean, the biggest amount that I ever gave, you know, before I was well, was not the biggest amount now, but I mean, but I was in one service. I mean, this had me one time in my life, one time in my life, and it was when I was in transition and I wasn't pastoring and I wasn't working. I was in transition, and I was waiting every day to know the plan. And I was in a meeting and the Lord said, give everything you got in this meeting.


Pastor West: [00:19:13] I said sorry. I reached into my wallet. See what I had? He said, no, I mean everything. I said, what do you mean? He said? Everything that you have. Everything you have in the bank, everything you have in savings. I want everything. It always gets quiet when you do that. We've received the offer and. That's been a number of years ago. And I wasn't working, I wasn't pastoring, I was in a transition. I was praying. Bringing a whole lot. I mean, what's what's the next phase? I mean, what's, you know, what's the past ten years, but what's the next phase? Well, in that meeting, there were several things that happened. So I had that the meet was for three days. So Michelle was there, but she was working in the service. So I mean, if the Lord tells you that in your marriage, just please discuss that with your spouse before you write the if you got the check, if he says give everything, that's just I think, good counsel. So I talked to her about that and she said, well, you if it's if it's him, then you. You better do it. And I said, well, that's, that's I know it is. But I mean, you know, you know, where our mind goes after you hear that? And, uh, it's not like we'll but we'll get a check next week. Well, there was none of that.


Pastor West: [00:20:50] I mean, it was living by faith completely. And never been like that before. Since that was just one year period, that was the most unusual thing I've ever seen have done in my entire life. And several things transpired then that I didn't understand it, but I began to understand it. Now, like you told me a few months ago, he said, you know, back in 2005 when you was praying at the lake, and I told you this, he said, turn to that chapter. And I knew he was talking about it. And I turned there and I found the notes, what I wrote there, but it didn't make any sense to me now. Fast forward a decade and a half or more, he says. That's why this is what's happening. He says so. That's what those dreams were about back then. He said then when you had the dreams, what was it? Uh, 3 or 4 years ago, I told you I didn't want a live stream. I said, I hate that camera. I absolutely detest that camera. Because then you think, well, do I want to say it? You know, when with your normal family, you can say or do things you feel more comfortable, but when that camera goes to your face and anybody can listen to you once they come in halfway in the conversation, but they didn't understand where you started off. Or what if I wanted to tell you a story that I knew that you knew about, but they don't even know what I'm talking about.


Pastor West: [00:22:11] So now I got to go. So I was like, I hate that thing, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, get rid of it. And Elliot wanted to do it and help me and an increase in. And I didn't want to tell him no and hurt his feelings. So I worked out a plan. I said, Michelle, I'm just going to tell him to tape, but we won't go out live. And for a lot of reasons, we live in Jefferson. You know what? The internet speed is here. Dial up basically. I mean, if you can get $3 generals in one county, you. You should know how to. So, so we've always bought, you know, as much on our phones as we can get and burn everybody's phone up, you know, trying to get. We're still doing the same thing today. We're using everything that we can use to to broadcast. Well, uh, because but, you know, one day, one day, one day, they'll get the internet going here. So the thing but the thing is, so we I said, uh, we're going to tape, but we're not going to send out. But if we have a service and it's all over and I say, I like this one, let's put this one out, I said, and that way it'll give him something to do.


Pastor West: [00:23:16] He can tape every service and maybe he'll be satisfied. And I'll only send out if I want to send it out. Then that was. That was the week I had three dreams and I just don't. I dream, but my dream is I know what my dreams mean. No mean nothing. This is crazy. I dream something every night, but most of them. But these dreams were all the same. And. And you know about these, but just real quickly. Uh, it was. I don't know why it was Kenneth Copeland, but it was. I mean, you know, I know who he is, and I've been I've been within two feet of him and, and and I've been in services and I've been to his ministry and but it's not like I listen to him every day or so. But three times in that week, right before I was going to tell Elliot, let's do away with the broadcast. Uh, I had the same dream three, three nights. And it was real simple. It didn't last long, and I was just standing like this, and I felt someone tapping on my right shoulder, and I looked around and it was Brother Cooper. He said, don't look for ways to not get the word out. Look for ways to increase, getting it out other ways. That was it. And I just kind of like the first time I was like, you know, whatever. So we get closer to Sunday when I will tell Elliot on Saturday night we're not.


Pastor West: [00:24:34] You can turn the camera on, but we ain't going live. And so. Two nights later, I had the same dream, except the tap is harder on the shoulder, on my shoulder. He said, I say to you again, don't look for ways to stop getting the word out. Look for ways to increase it. Well, that should be enough for most people. But I did. I mention to y'all I kind of test that camera back then a whole lot. You know, when especially when you got people who want to write you letters and stuff like that. I was like, you know, I wasn't picking on you. I mean, just like, just leave me alone. I mean, just, you know, if you don't agree, then just there's plenty of channels, man. Just go find you somewhere else to land. I'm not going to respond to you. I did respond, I did respond one time, and I should never have responded. But I thought, well, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to sit him down completely. And he didn't he didn't answer my reply because it was about that long and it wasn't me mad at him. I just took the word of God and beat the living daylights out with him, which is completely wrong by motivation, but it silenced him. I would never do that now. I wouldn't do it again.


Pastor West: [00:25:42] But that day I did it. And, uh, so, uh. I felt like I just confessed that before. I feel much, so much better now. Not kidding. So. Okay, so Saturday is coming. I want Elliot to know we're not doing this on Sunday. So the third time I had the same dream. And this time Brother Copeland is about to knock me over. Always the right shoulder and TV makes him look taller than what he is. Brother. Brother Copeland is five four. Five four. He's just a he's dynamite in a package. And so he he dubbed my shoulder and I turned around I says it made me drop my water back then. So I said, Brother Copeland, what is it? He said, I say to you. And he pointed his finger. He says, do not stop what you're doing. Do not look for ways to not get the word out. Look for ways to increase it more and more and more. Then all of a sudden, with all my brightness, I thought, he must be talking about this, this broadcast. So I never told him like that. Well, that's just been, you know, a few years ago. So this, this service right here, you know, we're live on what, YouTube and Facebook and stuff like that. Unless you say something to take you off while you're preaching, which they've done that too. Uh, which doesn't bother me at all. So, I mean, I'm not going to conform to that, you know.


Pastor West: [00:27:14] So but the thing is this all our services will go into an audio format. Then it goes, as you know, into several different countries. So we're I don't know, we're we're well over 100 and something thousand services downloaded. Well over that. Well, I didn't tell you what Brother Cooper said then. This was the add on. He says, don't look for ways to stop. Look ways to increase his. He said the day will come. He said that the message that you preach will take you places, that your feet will never take you. Well, I haven't been to any of those countries. And then I end up having conversations with people in Africa and Canada and all over the United States. And people want, you know, could I ask you a question? Could I call I hate to ask you that. Could I email you that? And I was like. Man, I'm thinking y'all must not know I'm in Jamison. I mean, there's like, two lights here, but yet it's going. The gospel is going all around the world just because. A few tools are put together. Uh, so that the gospel could be preached and changed people's lives all around the world. When Pastor Buzzy, you know, before he passed, someone who God sent who I mean, I'll say buzz, his name was Philip, but I don't I don't I never asked him. I wasn't going to ask him either how he got the nickname buzzy from Arkansas, but he preached the finished work in Christ.


Pastor West: [00:28:47] And I don't know, I don't I don't know how many miracles he ever had his ministry, but they were in the thousands. Thousands. And so, uh, when he passed, uh, in oh nine, I had a lot of material, but back then it was on cassettes and I had a few CDs, but we, we put with, you know, we put together with the consent of his wife, a website. And there was like 150 teachings we have. And then, uh, so it's been about a year. Well, we're taking his messages and putting them out there like we do our own stuff. He's his his voice. Those those messages have went to 40 plus countries in one year. He's preached and they've downloaded the entire series and sermons everything's got from a man who's off the planet since 2009. He's preached to more people since he's been gone than he ever saw with his eyes. So we have a tremendous opportunity now ahead of us, but we're having to adapt all the time to the best way to do it, the how to do it, the equipment that we need to do it the best, to give it the best look and to give it the best sound. So, uh, so when Brother Copeland said that, he says, so the day will come that the gospel that goes forth will far surpass anywhere you'll ever go.


Pastor West: [00:30:20] That your feet will ever take you. Ever. But see, I had those prophecies given to me over 20 years ago. But I didn't think about it this way. It never crossed my mind. Then it didn't seem like nothing was changing. I was like, well, whatever. That was a great word for the day. You know, there's nothing happened. Well. You know, and if you think about it, to be from right here in Darren Cove with one of the worst years that there could have been, this church increased. This church increased financially more in Covid than any other year. And and pioneered and built a church in Liberia, Africa, and a pastor's home during Covid. How do you do that? Well, if you got thousands of people, I understand how you do it. But how do you do if you don't? And I and the and the and I asked the Lord, I said, so you want us to build a church in Africa? He says, yeah. Then later on he said, well, he needs a home. I said, well. I mean, I saw what he was living in. The rent was $5 a week. Which, but you wouldn't go in there and close your eyes and go to sleep in it. And he has no vehicle. So if you build a church on the property that he owns, how is he going to get back and forth? Because no one has a vehicle there? I mean, he doesn't and no one in his church has one.


Pastor West: [00:31:42] Well, it doesn't cost as much to build there as it does here. I'm talking about a block building. Whatever. But but you know, his people, when they when they come in, they bring their tithe. They if they if they have work in a library which has been through 14 years of Civil war and the kids, most of them aren't allowed to go to school, and no females are allowed to go because you don't. They're going to be domestic anyway. So, so so now so now we're doing the school. And so there's the church and there's the home and there's the whatever. I don't say nothing to you on on a monthly basis, but but we send monthly support, just like we send monthly support to different missionaries and Emily and Parker and people like that. Well, I mean, I just read Emily's little thing that she sent in. Parker sent. You know, I'm sure a lot of you got, you know, they told you also. But, uh, just the the last trip they was on what? To India. They was there for the start up. They was there for the meeting, and they was there for the follow up. They was there a month and a half. I mean, you got two young people in their 20s who just sold out to Jesus on fire and just trying to outrun time, but because God may come back and just can't stand the thought, if he comes, they're going to be left here.


Pastor West: [00:32:48] You know, Emily has a hard time. She's apologized about crying all the time. She's up here, but but she can't hardly stand to see the lost soul. And so if if y'all could help me get there, I'll go, because I know maybe y'all can't go. But if you could help me get there, I'll go. I, you know, and just thrilled to do it. So they were doing this this, you know Uncle Eric and pastor letter. It's always fun and cute. And so they were just, you know, sent me a little letter and said that. And if you remember, they did their festivals. I mean, the ministry was going, but they said they said, but they asked for permission. They said, well, I mean, I know, I know the the ministry is going, but with John Smith Ministries, I said, but could we do our own festival if we pay for it? Well, you know, I'm not I don't know their business, but I know enough that they didn't have nothing to pay for it with because she worked for the ministry. But I don't think she, you know, you know, that they're over painter. I'm being real kind. So they're living by faith and he's going to school full time. So he quit his job to go do that.


Pastor West: [00:33:52] Well. That's everything. Every day is by faith. I mean, do you all live by faith? Did you all spend any money that you all made last year yet, or the year before? Have you all gotten to that year? I mean, are you three or 4 or 5 years ahead? So he quit his job to go to school while she was finishing school. So anyway, what, five, five ministry, five different countries they went to last year? I think it was. But anyway, they end up in India for a month and a half, so she says. So we were there and then when they came, they needed $5,000 to do the festival, but they wanted to do two of them and so never have done their own festival, but they would have to pay for it. The ministry is going and they're going to do them, but we want to do additional, he says. You can and we can give you, you know, personnel to help you. But we can't pay for these extra festivals. They said, we understand, but can we do it if we pay for it? I mean, they're both in their early 20s. I mean, if they made $30,000 a year, I'd be shocked. I mean, I don't know what they're gonna come out. I probably shouldn't say that, but I'm just saying. So can we. If we pay for 10,000, can we do them? Yes. Well, when Nate, when that came, you gave enough to pay for the whole festival. Did you?


Speaker2: [00:35:11] Jesus.


Pastor West: [00:35:13] You know how this works. The Lord says I'll take care in the same way of the sender as I will the Goa. Did you know in that meeting? I mean, did you know while they were in India, 60,000 people came to the knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and just hundreds and hundreds of healings? Just because you said yes. And they went on four other trips that year. I'm just talking about India and she sent me the picture. Some of you all may have sent me pictures of this young couple and they and that they, when they was there during the meetings and, and they said, have you received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? And he says, who? And she said, Jesus Christ. He said, I don't know who you're talking about. Who's Jesus Christ? Well, that happens to a lot of places that I go. You know, when you pass the United States, I've never started preaching there. But when you go to the the world, not some people never even heard of. Who? They never heard the name of Jesus. When you all go to Peru every year. I mean, there are still people on Mount Cusco. Was it go 14, 15,000ft in there and then you all come with all these supplies. It's 30 degrees below zero and children are freezing to death and going there with blankets and all kind of stuff. And, and I mean, they're living in nothing and they're taking was it llama or emu dung and heating it up for their homes and cooking with it.


Pastor West: [00:36:39] But during the winter, which is like June and July for them, uh, they're, you know, and there's kids who've died because we didn't have another 8 or $10 blanket. But you're preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. And so, uh, Brother Ronald was telling me, you know, he would go into some of those villages and they and they would see the team come up there with all the supplies and saying, uh. Who are you? And where did. Where did you come from? Now watch here. Now they live in their whole life on Mount Kisco, right? 14, 15,000ft in the air. And and they said, well, we're from you, we're from America. We're from the United States. And they said, well, where's that? Well what's America? Can you imagine someone in the world asking you civilized world? You know, they never even heard of the United States of America. Then you talk to them about Jesus. And they said, we don't know who you're talking about. Wouldn't that be fun? And then they get saved and you lay hands on me. And of course, everybody gets healed. God just really just he advertises big time. When you want to know about Jesus for the first time, you can get rid of a freckles off the nose if they want them off.


Pastor West: [00:37:53] Anything? Well, all that took was willing people to go and willing people to give. I believe that increases in us all the time, more and more, because you're not in the end times. You're really not. I know we say we are. You're actually in the end of the end. You're in the two minute drill. So the generation that was going to be alive when Jesus came to get his people, he was going to look different on the earth than it was at any other time. Well, well, the revelation says the devil said he knows in revelations 12, so the devil knows his time is short. He doesn't know the day or nor the hour or so, but but there's indicators. So he's it says. And so when he knows his time is short, he'll do every evil, mischievous thing and he'll release the worst devils that he can across the planet into people's lives, because the time is he. In other words, he's running out of time. And you, by the Holy Ghost in you, the Bible says, is the great restrainer that keeps him from coming. He can't bring. He can't bring him because you're here. You're the light. Now, I don't know, as I said last week and and, uh, I don't even know. I've taken 30 minutes to do something I had. No, I didn't mean to say anything I've said for 30 minutes, but I'm just.


Pastor West: [00:39:26] I'd rather be in the flow than than be in the know. I'd rather work from revelation than information. See. If you don't get revelation, then you'll have to live by information. You know a lot of what happens in pulpits. You know what leads the church. I'm just being honest. I'm being critical. You said, were you being critical of the ministry? Well, at least you know I'm doing it for my side. But what leads the church? I'm not saying every church, every pastor. I'm just saying overall, just find out whatever the best selling book is on the market, and then you'll know kind of what's leading the church. That's the book that you're reading. So cerebral. I mean, it's all mental. It's all the brain. So they take it in and then they say it the way they want to say it, and they give it out, and they feed it from their mind through their mouth to your mind. It's not always bad. It's not saying that's a bad thing, but that's not how the church started. It started in Pentecost. Every denomination, every every, every denomination that you know in man, every every one of them started in Pentecost. They didn't stay in Pentecost, but they all starred in Pentecost. When there was 120. In the upper room, there could have been 500, right? But some of them 380 said, we know we can't hang around for this. But there was 120.


Pastor West: [00:40:48] Mary was in the upper room. And they all. And the Holy Ghost came. How like a rushing mighty what? And he filled about every other one that said of healed all of them. And they all spoke with what? There's that tongue business again. People ask me, that's the funniest question. When people don't know about the church, that's the only thing they know. They ask you if you don't have a label on the can which says, I'm Methodist or Baptist or whatever, they don't know what they want to know, and I understand that. So the only question they know how to ask you, ask you when they're trying to find us is, well, do y'all believe in tum tongues? And I said, well, I used to say, of course I do. I mean, I need my tongue all the time. Don't you believe in your tongue? That's not the way to win them. But anyway, I just saw a question I know how to ask. I went to one church growth seminar years ago, and I said, I ain't never going to do this again. And these were these were Pentecostal people. These are word of faith people. They said, you know, this is who we are. We know who we are. But we need to we need we need to do that at the right time, he said on Sunday morning. Just be nice. I always be nice. Don't don't be fanatical.


Pastor West: [00:41:56] And you know, if you don't have to, don't, don't, don't give out a prophecy. Don't get out of a tongue, don't get out of interpretation because it might scare the visitor away. You know, im I mean, in their mind, they might be. Well, I found out most Christians need their mind blown. Yeah. Huh? They do? Well, they will. They realize now that, you know, the Bible says put off. In Ephesians. It also said put on. So it's okay to be put on. He told you, he said, put up, put on, put off the old man, put on the new man. Amen. So what they were telling you to do, like if you're going to, if you're going to shout and get excited just on Sunday, hold it down because more visitors will come on Sunday if they're going to come than any other time. And then when you all by yourself, then y'all can be who you really are. Really. I'm thinking, well, that's how marriage works. That's why every other one ends. I mean, for the first year or two. Okay. Don't. You know. Don't tell her. Don't. Don't tell her this. But I mean, don't tell her that. You, you know, you suck your socks or whatever, you know, just like it's like Michelle used to laugh about stuff all the time, and she still does. She says, you know, if you did that while we were dating, I said, yes, ma'am.


Pastor West: [00:43:15] She said there wouldn't be no us. And I thought, well, while we're on that subject. Because we all have these habits. She likes to twist her hair when she's watching TV. And I said, now if if you ever become bald from twisting your hair for all these years and it's a big bald spot, I may not stay with you. So how many of you found out when you married that you know afterwards that you didn't know everything about them? There was more to come? Yeah, and it's like layers. So let's so let's get right here. Uh, Isaiah 60 said, arise and shine. He didn't say, sit down and get in the closet. He told us to arise and shine. This is you don't have to turn it. But Isaiah 60 135 arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and the gross darkness the people. But the Lord shall arise upon thee, and the glory, the glory, the glory, the glory shall be seen upon thee. We always have to get a title of something. So today I just call it glory, glory, glory in the Gentiles shall come to the light, and the kings to the brightness of his rising. Lift up your eyes round about. And see all that gathered themselves together. They come to thee. Thy sons come from afar.


Pastor West: [00:44:40] Not a fire but afar. And thy daughters shall be nursed at thy side. Verse five. Then thou shall see and flow together, and thine heart shall fear, and be enlarged, because of the abundance of the sea. Shall be converted unto thee. The forces of the Gentiles shall come to thee. Now most of you know this, but in that last verse, when it says, the abundance of the sea shall be converted unto thee, and the forces of the Gentiles. The word forces of means the word abundant wealth. Abundant. Well, she'll come to you. The amplified classic says, uh, arise from your depression in prostration in which circumstances have kept you. Hello. You ever had to feel like circumstances were keeping you in a certain place? Well, he tells you he he doesn't say, go see a therapist. He didn't take. He didn't say, you know, double your anxiety medicine. I'm doing a little bit of preaching. Y'all doing. Amen. I'm just a little bit. I'm not trying to pry. I'm just. I'm just rise to a new life. Be a new life. Be radiant with the glory of the Lord. For your lights come. The glory of the Lord is risen upon you. Now, uh, how many, how many know that your sons and daughters of God. Amen. Did you know you're more of a son and a daughter than you are a disciple? Now I know in the Gospels it said Abraham was Jesus's friend.


Pastor West: [00:46:14] But you're not in that class. Jesus hadn't he? Jesus came as as an Old Testament prophet to the Old Covenant people. The New Covenant wasn't here yet. God doesn't classify you as a disciple so much or as a friend. Your highest status is family. If you have children, do you? I mean, I mean, you disciple them, you train them, you teach them the people. So I'm not saying it's wrong to be a disciple. I'm saying. But that's not who you are. Your son, your daughter. You can't take Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in their day wasn't when you read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You can't use them. You can learn from them. You can. You can take some things from them and put it in your life. But that's not really where the New Testament starts, is it? Jesus hadn't lived and died. Now they're writing this years after it happened. But you can't take the stories of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and compare who you are in the spirit to where they were because they weren't even born again. Jesus was always telling people, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John have faith. Have faith in God, right? Try to find that anywhere in the epistles. You can't find it in the epistles. Nowhere that Paul or anybody tells you to have faith. Not not one time. You can find it in Gospels everywhere.


Pastor West: [00:47:30] Can I give you a simple explanation why? Because you've been born again and then you're born again. Spirit is faith. So someone who has faith, you don't need to tell them to have it now. You might need to tell them what they do have and how to operate in it. But you don't have to tell them to have faith. So what they had in the Gospels, they had they had human faith. Mm. You have human faith too, right? Everyone will never got on a plane who don't know how to fly. I have. Did you ask to meet the pilot? No. That's a lot of faith in it. Somebody's going to take you 30,000ft in the air. I always said, and you don't even know him personally. You don't even know the credentials. You're just trusting Delta, whoever that you're flying with, that you know, there's someone you know who has the ability and the schooling and the wherewithal to take us to one. I mean, you understand you're going 20, 30,000ft in the air at five, 700 miles an hour somewhere in there. And you don't know if someone certified or a baboon on marijuana is flying this thing. You don't even meet them. That's called faith. You ever go to the restaurant, and before you check the salt, you put salt or pepper on? Do you ever check to make sure it's tight? Did anyone check the chairs on this? Make sure I didn't come in a practical joke and saw him halfway off.


Pastor West: [00:48:44] And then during the next ten minutes, bam, you hit the floor. You said, well, who would do that? What people do to pranks all the time. See, we just use natural fake. My point is, you use natural fake all the time for things. That's your whole life. So Jesus had to tell these people will have faith. Or if you had faith and according to your faith. But you can't find the Apostle Paul or anybody. You can't find it one time. Nowhere in the New Covenant where you was ever instructed to have faith because the new birth Christ came in you the hope of glory. And when Christ came in, he brought the kingdom in all of his resources on the inside of you. Anything that you ever need for your life here or forward, is already been put in Christ and put you, and he puts you in him. Philippians 419 says, My God shall supply what all your need. According to what? According to your financial statement. Your ability to produce. No. My God shall supply all your needs according to his riches. Where now? To make sure that you would miss it. So now we know that all the Colossians say, all the wisdom and treasures that we need for life is in Christ. Philippians 419 said, My God shall supply all your needs according to his resources in Christ, to make sure that you would connect.


Pastor West: [00:49:55] He puts you in him. Lord, I mean Christ in you, the hope of glory. So Paul said, he said, I have a revelation. It's the greatest revelation that's ever been preached. He said, it couldn't be preached in times gone by and no one knew it. He said, but now is the time to bring it out. God's bringing it out right now. He said. This is the greatest revelation that's ever been preached anywhere, anytime. Colossians 127 he said, here it is. Are you ready for it? He said, Christ is now in you. He's not. He's not in a veil. He's not behind the he's not behind the curtain. He's not in the ark. He's not in a box. He's not up on the mountain. He's not down in the ground. He's everywhere. He said, you can't get away from me. If you want to go to hell, you can't. You can't get him there. You can't turn the light off. You know, you can't go into submarine and get away from it. He's everywhere and Christ is in you. What does that mean? That means that you, the born again person, are the headquarters of God. God's address is you. You are a mobile throne. Amen. Amen. I say that right. I mean mobile home. Yeah, a mobile throne everywhere you go, you are the headquarters of God. Ephesians says you are the habitation of God.


Pastor West: [00:50:58] You're the house of God. Everything God does, he does to you because you are a kingdom. So we are kingdom carriers and the glory of God is in you. So you are supposed to be a glory carrier. You carry the glory. Yes. What you saw the fight of that during Covid and I believe in this day on today. Mhm. I'm just saying, I'm just saying you think about it just, just my opinion. I'm not reading the verse here. I want to interject that don't come within six foot of each other. Use wisdom. Okay, we did wash your hands. Wash your face. Wash your lips. Wash wash wash wash wash. Right. But when you have on a mask. And I don't want to be grotesque, and you can smell body odor around you or someone who had too many beans or whatever, are you thinking now, if I'm smelling that through my mask, am I really protected? And I was doing physical therapy at one time and I said, he said, you'll have to worry. I was in Jefferson County. I said, man, I said, uh, I said, man, I got to be able to breathe. I said, I don't know how to do physical therapy and not breathe. He said, well, I know, but we're in this mandate. I said, well, I'm under mandate of breath. Yeah. You want me to do 15 exercises at 30 reps with no oxygen? What kind of therapy is that? Epitaph.


Pastor West: [00:52:30] He told you he didn't feel good. So. But so, you know, when you're six foot away, you you can't lay hands on sick. I mean, you could if you have arms like an orangutan, but but I mean, at six foot, you can't lay hands. Can't you just see Jesus right as he is? So are you. You can't you see Jesus putting on the devil mask and turning like this, saying. Go, devil. Go, go! Yeah. And then you preach that and the church is offended. You don't like a devil? Scared no one like that, are they? Huh? So churches would have to prove. But not by name. But churches would have to prove that they were doing what the government told them. My thing wasn't there here to prove that we had faith or miracles or whatever. When I talked to the city here, my biggest concern at that time in 2020, from what was going on in the world, was I wanted to know that I wanted to tell them if they didn't know that we have something called a constitution in the United States of America. Amen. And I was proud of this little city for that. I didn't talk to the mayor, but I talked to the city administrator, and he said, I think what you want to know, if are we going to come in and check how many numbers you got? And I said, well, that's the yeah.


Pastor West: [00:53:49] He said, we're not. Mayor said, matter of fact, if anyone does that, they're they're fired. He said, actually you have more rights. This is the city administrator 2020. He said, you have more rights than Walmart. And I said, our place is cleaner than Walmart. He said, now, I hope you use some practical things. I said, yeah, we can put stuff on the hands. We can six feet apart. We can see eight feet apart. We'll do whatever he said. But actually there's nothing we can do about it. He says the National Guard can't stop you. He said the Marines can't. The Navy Seal, he says no one has the authority. You have more rights as the church than anyone, he said. But but, he said, but because of the Constitution of United States of America, we have no right to stop you. He said, you know, he says, if y'all want to sit three people per in a chair and lick each other's face, there's nothing we can do about it. I said, well, thank you. I said, now I knew that I just called because I wanted to make sure you knew it. And then you see all these towns and people are shutting down and threatening and going. That's why people are leaving New York and they're leaving all kind of states and they're getting out, and then they're coming down to the South, they're coming to Texas, and they're coming.


Pastor West: [00:54:53] I mean, it's so bad some people are willing to go to Mississippi. That's a third world country down there, man. So so we're having to be prepared. We have to be ready. So the glory is where is it in heaven? Not just in heaven. It's where. Now watch here. Romans eight 1617. Y'all got just just a few minutes. It's ten till. Okay. Let's go quick. Romans eight. I don't know why we have to go so quick all the time. I was like, well, we didn't do Sunday school. We ain't come back tonight. And most churches don't even know the church even has church services on Wednesdays. It's like so I mean, it's like, so we got and we've got to rush it in an hour. Most movies you watch is two hours. If you watch the ball game is three and every pastor is like, so I got to be three and 43 minutes. I'm not a 43 minute guy. I'm not a 20 minute guy. It takes me. It's going to take me 20 minutes just to sound tired of my sermon. Amen. Sometimes people have been in the world so much and you've dealt with so much. It takes 20 minutes just to get the washing and stuff off of you. Yeah. Huh. Because I don't want you leaving the way that you may have come in. We ought to come in ready? We ought to come in fired up.


Pastor West: [00:56:05] We ought to come in like we've already prayed. We ought to come in like we're already believing. We ought to come in, that we already have our inspectors on. We ought to come on like your are at the airport, and you've already got on the plane, and you're already on the runway. You're just. And when you're on the runway and he's waiting for the clearance and you can hear the engines go boom. I mean, I love that, I love I love the speed of that runway. That's why my folks would never let me have a motorcycle when I was a kid, she said. And I said, why, please? Why? He said, my dad told me. He says, you see right here it says 120. I said, yes, sir. He said, I know you. You're going to have to know if it does that so you're not getting one. Well, he was right. Well, when I got older I got one and I tested it and it would do it. But anyway, I'm over them days. So Romans eight tells us this right here. Watch you. Romans 816 and 17. I'm in the NIV, said the spirit himself. Now who's the spirit? Holy spirit, right. He testifies with our spirit. The Holy Spirit testifies with your spirit that we are God's children. Now, if we are children, then we are heirs. Boy, I hope you're listening to me.


Pastor West: [00:57:16] The spirit himself is testifying to your spirit that we are children. And he says, and know this, if you are children, if you are a child of God, then go ahead and know this you are an heir. You're the heir of God and you are co-heirs co heirs with Christ co heirs. Now, if you're on a joint checking account and there's $1,000 in the account, who does it belong to? One or both people. If it's a joint account, we are on a joint account with Jesus. The question would be what's your resources? What do you have? Verse 17, for the spirit makes God's fatherhood real to us as he whispers to the innermost being, you are God's beloved child. Wow. And since we are his true children, we qualify to share all. All be good. If I could sing, I sing his treasures. For indeed we are heirs of God himself. And since we are joined to Christ, we also inherit all, all that he is and all that he has. Man, this is good. Can y'all say Amen? Amen. Since we're joined to Christ, we inherit all that he is and all that he has. We will experience being here. It is. We will experience being co glorified. With him, provided that we accept his sufferings as our own. Now, sir, every day of your life you ought to take your Bible and just, you know, just because.


Pastor West: [00:58:55] Not because of the manual book that it is. But you ought to just take the Bible on purpose and say the the Bible is God's Word speaking to me. Have you lived this? How many you believe this Bible is God's word speaking to you and you ought to believe it on purpose. Amen. Amen. Amen. Just believe it on purpose. If by choice we believe it on purpose, then we will do what we will be able to do what it says we can do. We can have what it says we can have. Amen. Because we believe it by choice. And if you prosper in the word and you put the word in, then the word that you put in will begin to prosper in you. John 15 seven Jesus said, if you abide in me and my my words, Brother Hagan, you say it this way. But God wouldn't have been good if he if he didn't mention the words he said, if you abide in me, that's all know. But there's more. If you abide in me. Jesus said in my words, abide in you. You can ask what you will. And it shall be given unto you. Well, you say, well, now God would just let you just do anything. No, he said, if His Word abides in you, if His word abide in you, I mean, you're not going to ask him to own the largest marijuana farm in the state.


Pastor West: [01:00:05] You ain't got a word for that. I mean, I mean, you think that's silly? Well, you ought to pastor about 30 years, and that's what we've had to answer questions. I mean, you think God's okay with that? I was like, I can't tell you how many people through the years. I mean, I lost count, prayed, won't called text ask me, dear sir, would you? I said, I know God don't like gambling, but would you just agree that I'm going to go buy some tickets? And if I went in, you know I'm all tired. It'll help all of us. Would you disagree that I'll win the lottery and get so many millions or billions of dollars? If it happened once, I wouldn't mention it. If it only happened a dozen times, I probably would just, like, think about it for a little while. I can't tell you how many times Christians want me to just pray that they would win the lottery and just remind me, now we know, you know we're we're going to tithe. That helps you, wouldn't it? That's just back down to barbecue and more chickens. I remember growing up, you know, trying to build on the Sunday school rooms, and we'd have chicken dinners, we'd settle on hams. We we had more rummage sales. We were buying each other's junk. I swapped my shirt for your shirt for a dollar and a quarter. I mean, just whatever and for a good cause.


Pastor West: [01:01:23] We're going to help the church like poor God ain't got nothing. And now we ought to have God's best. Why? I don't mean get it out of, you know, divine order, but I'm talking about God's not broke. He's extravagant. Did you know God's extravagant? If most people knew how extravagant God was, many people would get offended. Did you know when you come into heaven, you're not going to walk. You're not going to walk in on on asphalt, like now. There's gravel out there in the parking lot. You. How many of you believe? And there won't be gravel in front of your mansion, like in front of this church. Don't you think that's going to be like if your mansion needs work when you get there, aren't you going to be like, you know, we had that down there? I mean, if it needs paint and if it's sheetrock, it's a little bit cracked or it's got some foundational problems, you know, and there's weeds growing up everywhere and you got plumbing issues. Y'all built this up a little bit more than what you should have, right? But how many know? It doesn't say that. I mean, you walk through one gate, it's just a solid pearl. God likes gold. He likes it. He likes sapphire. He likes jewels. It's just the nature of who he is. But gold represents all kinds of things. Spiritual. So we have to adjust ourself up.


Pastor West: [01:02:45] That's why the kingdom is so much different than anywhere else. That's why you can't think like the world. You know. You know the world says, you know, if you be mean to me, I'm going to be mean to you. Slap me, I'll slap you, cuss me, I'll cuss you. The Bible says if you're born again. He says, forgive them. If they've done anything to, they persecuted you. He says, pray for him. Bless him, bless him. He'd say, cuss him out. He said, bless him. Viruses. You know, instead of hoarding, he says, give and it shall be given to you. Well, that's not how you do it in the world. You don't give away to have more. But so everything is opposite in the kingdom. You give of yourself and it comes back to you. Deuteronomy says the blessing of God will come find you. In other words, there's a giver. It will find your address. Amen. Okay, I'll go real quick. So, anybody ready for a glory encounter? I said, anybody ready for a glory encounter? And be ready to heal the sick. How about the harvest? Anybody care about the harvest? How many lay ready to lay hands on? Folks need the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Amen. And don't turn here. But Psalms 105 37 he says he brought to Egypt he. Israel, Egypt. He brought them forth. Man. Think about this one. This simple verse.


Pastor West: [01:04:07] Just just think about what this simple verse I'm going to read to you means. And just think about how wonderful it would be if the Bible was true. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Bible was true? Well, wouldn't that be amazing? Amen. Psalms 105 37. He brought them forth with silver and gold. They don't say food stamps. He brought him forth with welfare. Now silver and gold. He paid them 400 years of back wages. Hmm'hmm. God keeps books and there was not one feeble person among their tribe. How did he do that? How do you bring 2 to 2.5 million people who are slaves, who were being beaten with whips, treated the way that they're treated young and old? And when God says it's time to leave, we're going to a new place. Not one feeble person among 2 million. You go into a church of 50 or 100 people and say, does anyone here need healing? 95% of them do. Under this covenant. Now. Something's wrong. Something's wrong. Not one feeble person left there either. 2 million people. Maybe 3 million or so. We. We have this covenant now. So the. What is the glory? We're talking about the glory. What is the glory? Well, you couldn't tell it in my time's up, basically. But what is the glory? Well, God is the God of all glory. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of glory. Jesus is called the King of Glory.


Pastor West: [01:05:54] The glory is the manifested presence of God. It manifested in different ways in the Old Covenant, when Israel was out to protect them from the heat. There were there would be a cloud that would go over these people, and at night the desert's cold. So it would be. The glory would appear as a cloud of fire to warm them. The glory. But the glory is a person. It's not a thing. Sure, it can be experienced. Sure you can have feelings. Sure you could end up in the floor. I mean, during those meetings, I was talking about the beginning of service. Rodney Howard-browne was there. I mean, I couldn't find Michelle nowhere. I mean, there's thousands of people there, and they're all over the floor. And you look up on the screen, it says, come get your children. It's it's 1030, 11:00 at night. Come get your children. But she had all the stuff. You know, you got to have a little thing to pick up your kids. I can't even find her. I went upstairs, I went downstairs, I walked around, you know, it's a huge church, a huge church. And so I couldn't find her downstairs. So I went upstairs and there's a hall, you know, room was like a square. And then the sanctuary is a square within the square, and there's halls all the way around it, upstairs and downstairs. So I couldn't find her downstairs.


Pastor West: [01:07:07] And people, they're laying all over each other. They're laughing, they're crying, you know. And then I couldn't find her and come get your kids, I think. Well, you got all the stuff I'm going to need to give the workers to prove these are my kids. So I went upstairs and I said, well, I think that's her. And I turned 2 or 3 ladies over and over laughing and said, I'm sorry, you're not my wife. And I go down there and I turn 2 or 3 people over her, cut her hair about her size, and they didn't care if I turned them over. What I did to them, they were just drunk and Holy Ghost. So I couldn't find my kid. I couldn't find her anywhere. So I went there and I said, I know you won't come get us our kids, but I can't be the only situation like this. I can't find my wife and she has the number for my kids. I said, I have, uh, two kids in here, or I have one kid in your room. I said, his name is Taylor. I said, right there. She said, I don't know what to do. I said, well, I mean, I'm here to get him. You said, come get him, and I can't. My wife's in this building somewhere, but she's, she's she's drunk in the Holy Ghost. I said I didn't turn over 15 people like I was taking them out of the grave to check them.


Pastor West: [01:08:13] I said they just she said so she so she went over and she says, do you know him? How old was Taylor? Five. Three. Three, four. You know, my name is Eric, right? Eric. Eric. Not C, but K. So she said, do you know him? He says he looked like he was thinking about it. I was like, son, it's like, do you know I mean, I'm not going to she says, well, you know, I can't. I said, no, I know your situation, but I know you're going to need to get these kids out because they're packed in here. And, uh, she said, he said, uh huh. She says, you know him. And she says, yeah. He says, is he your daddy? He went, huh? And he said, what's his name? He said, Edward, my name is not Edward. I was like she said, well, sir, you said your name is Eric. I said, he said, what's his name again? He said, uh. Edward. Edward. Edward. So we left him in Oklahoma, and we. And we've never seen him since then. But that's what happens when the when the glory breaks out, huh? So the glory the. And I pick up on this next week. We'll stop here. Did you know, uh, second Corinthians four seven talks about the weight of glory. It comes as weight. Paul said, for your light affliction, which is but for a moment is working for you a far more exceedingly weight of glory.


Pastor West: [01:09:41] In other words, the glory, the manifested presence of God can can be weighty. It has several names. You look it up in the Greek and Hebrew. I will not make him up. The word kabod kabod, the presence, abundance, wealth increase everything. When the glory comes in, it speeds things up. It's good to believe God by faith. Faith is how you live, right? But when the glory is in manifestation, a lot of times miracles they speed up. I mean, I mean, the 3 or 4 people that I was thinking about through the years that the God of instantaneous miracles, the people who was blind, the lady who got two brand new knees. And then that was that was the manifestations of the gifts of the spirit. It wasn't the healing. She she already had three surgeries. She couldn't get any help. And they were going to have to amputate her legs. She was only 19 years old. I had three major surgeries. So within within eight, ten, 12 minutes she had a brand new niece. And when she went to the doctor, he said, there's no hardware in here. It's all. Everything I put in here is gone. Well, I went to CS. Do you think I learned that at school? No. That was. That was the glory of God was the manifestation. That was the gift of the spirit, the work of the miracles.


Speaker3: [01:11:05] Huh? Amen.


Pastor West: [01:11:06] In manifestation. What do we need? You know, ten years ago. We don't need it now. No, we need it now more than we ever needed. Amen. Paul said you ought to come with those gifts you have. You ought to desire those gifts. And then. And then? Then it comes in unity. It comes through when we come together. It comes when we pray together. Last week we talked about with the scriptures. He said, pray that it would rain. What is the right? It's the outpouring of the spirit. It's the harvest when the seeds are already put in. We have 2000 years of ministry of gospel been preached, but now we need the rain to bring in the harvest of it. The former rain and the latter rain all together. What's that going to look like? I suppose that's going to look like every move of God that's ever taking place, as Jesus has been here, and then increased on top of that, the former in the latter rain. The former rain, most people would say they believe, was in acts chapter two, when the Holy Ghost is poured out and 120 spoke in tongues of all the known languages around them, and then within days you had 3000 saved. You had 5000 saved. The church started off with 8000, plus 120 was in the upper room. A pretty good start.


Speaker3: [01:12:17] Right.


Pastor West: [01:12:19] So Joe said they'll be at the end the last days. He said, your daughters will prophesy, your young men shall see dreams. Young men have visions and dreams. And he talked about the fire God. But we need that now, huh? So? So I can't prove this, but just in my spirit, I. You know, we talked nine weeks on the end Times since. Since Israel was attacked the 7th of October. I think we did nine teachings on end times chronological order. There is no there is no there is no sign. Of the rapture? None. There's absolutely no signs for the rapture. There are signals, but there's no sign. There's tons of signs for the Second Coming. That's why we always said, if you can see the the build up of the Second coming, which we're not going to be here, right. So obviously, I think we're going to leave the tribulation where I see seven years. But anyway, you do whatever you want to. So I'm not anti that. If we if we live through the tribulation we'll be fine. But I know their argument. I've seen what they're saying. I can see some credence in it. But but when you interpret all of it for what it is the church is not here for seven years. We're gone. We are removed. God always removed his people from the ark. He took them, you know, Sodom and Gomorrah. He got them out before the flood came.


Pastor West: [01:13:48] He got them out. So he comes and he gets us out. And then the Antichrist, he comes in and he does what he's going to do for seven years. But but then we're going to come back and Jesus is going to end this whole thing. We come back with him on a white horse. That's why I said, giddy up. You're going to come back on a white horse with Jesus and kick and kick booty. Actually, we're not going to do anything. We're just going to watch. Jesus is going to do like this. It's all going to be over. I mean, and you could see all that well while you're while you're at the Bema Seat being rewarded at the marriage supper of the lamb, where we eat seven years and calves don't matter. Come on. I felt that, uh, it's going to be the worst time on this planet. Now, I can't prove this, but I know, I know there's going to be half the planet. According to the scriptures, I can see half of the remaining planet. According to the scriptures. Half of the planet will receive Jesus during the tribulation. That will be one of the greatest harvest fields that there are. But I can't prove this, but everything in me tells me before that time comes, there's going to be a great ingathering as much as you can. I mean, which one of your children would you want to go through tribulation and God loves us more than we love them.


Pastor West: [01:14:58] So I believe that the church is going to shine brighter all the way up from now to the rapture than ever has. The nets are going to be out and the harvest is going to be tremendous. Before we go. Amen. It. Wigglesworth prophesied it to Lester Summerall. He told him what the he said, there's going to be three moves and this is how you'll know. And when you when you look at the three things he prophesied, it was the charismatic movement which happened in the 70s, early 80s. He said, then there'll be a time, he said. There'll be a lot of teaching. People will come and they'll tape and they'll listen. They'll they'll have a way to take messages, and there'll be a lot of emphasis on the word. Well, that's called the word of faith movement, he said. But the last and the final great movement before Jesus, right before Jesus comes back, he said, it'll be a marrying, the marrying or joining of this. He said, it'll be that word where the word's being taught, the integrity of the word is being taught, and people learning how to flow and move with the Holy Ghost with the word, because you need the word and the spirit. So we had those. We had a great emphasis in the word of faith in 1990s. Up to the beginning of 2000. But see if you don't have the flow and the move of the Holy Ghost.


Pastor West: [01:16:13] The word itself could just be dry. But if you have just the spirit with no word, you're going to get flaky. You need word. Like I said, no one loves the Holy Ghost meeting better than I do. But. But it needs to have a word to it. What's the word say? What's the word say? Because what you're going to do on a day when you don't have no feelings. What are you going to do when the praise team ain't going to come to your house and pick you up? Could y'all play that again at my house Tuesday? No. Count it all, joy. So we need both. We need both. So with me, we need both. We need the word. And we need the spirit. Well, if you have Christ in you and you have Holy Ghost in you, and they're. And they're the father of glory and the Christ of all glory and the spirit of glory, then the glory is in you, the former and the latter to be poured out. You are a carrier of this glory. But now we have to learn how to release what we have. So we'll pick up there next week. Let me tell you what we're doing real quick. You can leave it on and not leave it on. Doesn't really matter. This is something I've done twice in 30 years.


Pastor West: [01:17:23] Uh, I think twice in 30, 28 years. We are going to. And I've just been praying about this for quite a while and just seeking the direction on, you know, what to do here. So, um. We're going to make some changes to this building and the way that it is, and some things need to be upgraded because of what we're doing back there in the sound booth, so that we can take the product the best way that we can. I don't mean I'm sorry, I shouldn't use the word probably take take the ministry because we're in about four, almost 50 countries. And so we we need some upgrades. And then as people come in the door because I believe this harvest is going to be tremendous. And then there's just natural things that we need. I read a story yesterday that it had to be the Holy Ghost. Tell me about it. Because or show me about it because I remember. But I forgot about this from from years gone by. And I went over and I said, well, you ever hear a scripture and you think the Holy Spirit's telling to go there, but you don't, you know, it's not like overwhelming. So you go over and see and then you find out, well, wow, he was trying to talk to me. So he's telling me, go to Exodus. You know, Exodus. I'm thinking I just that's just me. But it had to do with everything that he was leading me to talk to you about.


Pastor West: [01:18:48] For just a moment here and in Exodus, the Lord said, I need some things done in the sanctuary. I'm paraphrasing to my house, Moses, to instruct the people to go do this, this, this, this and this and this and to bring offerings. He said. But only ask people who have a willing heart. Don't deal with them any other way. Just tell them this is for the Lord. Not not for you, Moses. This. This is. I have need of this. And so Moses, if you go, Moses, if you go the extra 35 and 36 that you begin to see the story. And he emphasizes three times only those with a will and heart. And this is all the things that I'm going to need in the temple. In other words, we're going to there's going to be a redo here, and it's going to require a lot of resources when you go to Ezekiel. I mean, I don't know why I keep saying that. Exodus I think the next chapter 36, you they tell Moses, they says there's too much. The people keep on giving. And now everything we need to do what the Lord's asking, we have it. And more. So Moses had to tell the people, please stop giving. You don't hear that in churches very often. Joel. Joel Osteen, who Joel is, but his dad, John. John, um, anyone who ever watched John Osteen when he was alive, John said, uh, Pastor John Osteen, he said he said, well, the preacher is always asking for money.


Pastor West: [01:20:19] He just always asking for money. And, uh, Pastor Osteen, he said, well, we'll just give him a whole lot for one time. He could ask him for a long time. And I said, well, how did that fix it? But but Moses had to stand up and they had to say, please, please stop giving. Please. We have nowhere to put it. We have everything we need to do this project. So I asked God about some things last week, you know, and, and I had this thing all figured out with my nun construction mind. And within five minutes he said, no, that ain't none of that going to work. I said, well, sure, it'll work. He says, what about no, that wall ain't that wall. I said, oh, oh, so we want a different stage here. Uh, we want this removed. And it'll have a whole new look and it'll be wider. It'll have a whole different look. A whole different look. I'll take this up. There'll be no floor covering underneath it, so I'll need a new floor covering. Uh, I gotta do some electrical stuff. I got to fix the ceiling. I got to have some upgrades back there. I got to have some the right equipment to broadcast with that. Some of us on this last leg back there, some of us not even what? It's supposed to be back there trying to do the job.


Pastor West: [01:21:36] So to do the what we were going to do, uh, Scott and I were talking about, he said, well, you know, you could put the stage over there and then you could put we could build a new sound booth over here, then you could come in here. But that's a lot of construction. There's a lot of cost, and everything's going to be changed. Well, about Wednesday, I found out the Holy Ghost is a tecnologia. And, uh, I mean, this is how it came to me. He said, uh, I heard these words, uh, rolling camera. I said, rolling camera. I was like, our rolling camera. So. So, you know, what do you do when you get like that? And, you know, the Lord says, you know, Google knows everything. If you don't think it does, just talk about it your phone and watch it show up on your on your feed, like, and tell me they ain't listening to you through your TV or phone. Yeah, yeah. Just just get online and go go shopping and see if it don't show up on Facebook, which you've been looking for. I'll send them curtains everywhere on Facebook. Yeah. Just tell me that ever happened to anybody but me. So I guess I knew this but hadn't thought about it. So instead of someone having to go like this every time I move like this, the problem is that Soundbooth is at the wrong angle.


Pastor West: [01:22:49] So I got to pick up everything over here. I can't get I can't get a straight on look. This way, if I bring it over, then the door's messed up. So I'd have to move this over here and put the stage over there, do all this recarpet the whole thing, spend all that kind of money, or you could just get a camera that mounts to the ceiling and it will follow you. And no one has to do anything. And it's like the Holy Ghost knows this stuff. I mean, can you imagine? He knows about technology, about cameras. It looks like he'd have a lot to do to know about cameras. So I asked you about this week. He said, yeah, you know, it'll do that. And I said, well, I don't want to lose any quality. We have a good camera, a really good camera, I said, but we can't have lesser quality. So it's always out there. So. And then, uh, and then we're going to have to upgrade before summer air conditioning. When I bought it. When we rented this building, it's got one unit. It was fine for them for a furniture store, but in summertime. And when these rooms, when the rooms full or half full, and you put body temperature in this room and it's August in this July.


Pastor West: [01:23:58] So I have a three and a half ton for my house. This is five ton for for for over 6000ft². There's only one unit. Uh, did y'all run in the heat last night? This heat has been on. It hasn't turned off for days, and it has no backup. It can't wait till we get out of here so it can say so. We've been here for 14 years this September. And she said, well, I think we put in about a year or two for them. So it's 16 years old and there ain't no backup. So we need at least two two units. So the Lord has need of. And so I think I've done this two times in my entire ministry. The Lord has need of $75,000 that don't buy the building. If you want to just wrap up the whole thing, just five $500,000, do the whole thing. But that's not what he told me to ask about. He said $75,000. And I said, so that'll do the whole thing. Well, I know what it's going to cost to do this and this and cameras and ceiling and electrical and get these fluorescent lights out of here and put canister lights and something, and you need a certain light. Not this kind of light when you're doing live. This is worthless and it's there, but it's available. But you got to buy it, right? So we're going to change this.


Pastor West: [01:25:20] Going to make it wider, have a different look. Don't know exactly what's going to be. We're up for all kind of ideas. Take this out change everything and and have a nice presentation when you come in. And a nice presentation when people tune in. Um, as of last year, every time that the camera goes on, because we're in 40 some countries, every time the camera comes on. This is last year. I don't know what it is. This year, 1100 people are listening and watching every time the camera goes on. But in today's world, you know, they might listen to you for two minutes and off. But if you don't have the right look, see what I'm saying? And so we're you know, it's just like Michelle said, the gospel is free, but getting it out is not free. Now, I'm not receiving an offering for any of this. 100 and. Facebook. People may come in and watch for two minutes, 20 minutes, 12 minutes and go out. This has nothing to do with Facebook or YouTube. This is audio only in 40 countries. These are people who purposely went to the website because they know who you are now, and they download the entire thing into their phone, their machine, their iPad or their computer. This is what Brother Copeland was telling me that I had no idea. Can. Can you name 104,000 people? And this is going to go further and further and further. You know, when we're gone. Um.


Speaker3: [01:27:17] I bet. When?


Pastor West: [01:27:18] When I bet when these priests and prophets was getting these words, they didn't make no sense to them till like when the two witnesses. And then they're going to be killed laying in the street for three days, and the whole world's going to see them. Well, it's easy in our time to see how the whole world could see anything at one time. Now, if you got a smartphone, sometimes you don't know. My phone does things I don't know anything about, but fast. My grandkids, they can show me how to do it right. But you can. You can take your phone and be all over the world at one time. So when the two witnesses are finally killed, the whole world will see it. They'll be. How are they going to do that? Well the technology. So from wherever we are, from right here, we can preach around the world. All the way around the world, but it just takes the right equipment. It just takes the things that we need. Our biggest problem is we don't have we don't have adequate internet. And we're believing God that it stops before it gets to us. And you would think in a county this size 42 Kent off the interstate is the main artery. You think that's what you'd want for sewage and everything, but not so. Uh uh, when I say 75,000, I'm not talking about, um, I'm not going to start this project.


Pastor West: [01:28:35] I'm not going to tear up a building until I can finish it. That makes sense. Like, if I'm going to start in here, it's going to be after I have the money to start here. I'm not going to tear up walls and floor and all that and have no carpet here and there, you know, because if you pull that stage up, I'm 99% sure that carpet is not underneath it. It was put in around it. And if I tear that wall up, it going to be ugly. So I don't want to turn that on. So we might miss, you know, a week of broadcasting. So this I think the best I can figure this is going to be around 30,000 to fix everything here and do this. But the AC needs to be done before we get into summer. So I think 75 will do it. So I'm not going to receive an offering for this at all. Uh, but if you want to get involved, the Bible says he will give seed to the what sower? Uh, you know, people just wanted to, and I understand that's like, well, I don't have the money. I know I'm not asking you for the money. I'm not receiving an offering that I mentioned that if the Lord speaks to you about some of it, none of it or all of it, it doesn't really matter.


Pastor West: [01:29:39] An exodus. Moses said, the Lord has need of this. He said, but only tell them if they have a willing heart for what the Lord needs to come bring. And they did. And then they had to stop the people from giving. That's what they had to stop them doing. They they heard and they they listened and they obeyed. And they did what, what was needed. But, um. If you if you take your tithe and you put where it says other sanctuary, that doesn't help me a whole lot. I can do that in the office. I mean, I can move something from this side to that side, right? You know, so that doesn't help me. We're already using that. We're supporting, um, this was I told you Covid was our best year. Then. Then the next year was better than that. And then the totals this year was better than that. Our toddlers are better than what we had four times the people we do now. Then Covid changed everything. People sitting home, watching or not watching, listening, whatever, you know, might get the flu kind of cold out there. I think that there might be one piece out there somewhere, but that's not the way it's going to stay. You know, when things are happening and I know I'm taking extra time, but when things are beginning to happen.


Pastor West: [01:31:05] I remember being in Tulsa when Brother Hagan was alive and he had Holy Ghost meetings when he had them there at the church that night. Catch this. Think about it. From that day to this day, 1990. Well, then I went back several times after we left. Raymond. Come back. Go back to. He'd have. That's the way he did from 1994 until he passed in 2003. He was instructed to have Holy Ghost meetings so that this move of God won't be lost to a generation. That's what he did the rest of his life. Well, I remember, you know, going to school during the day and go to work. But if I was when he was at Raymond having Holy Ghost meetings in February, people in February. February. Always. February. People would begin to line up outside. After lunch time and they would stand in line. From that to the doors opened at 6:00 at night. And they'd have coffee mugs and they'd have. I mean, Tulsa can get really, really cold. I'm just telling you, it can. People were standing in line 4 or 5, six, seven hours so they could get in. But that always happened everywhere when there was a move of God. Kathryn Kuhlman, you stand in line for all weekend long. And I read a guy today said, yeah, we went. My buddy took me. We went on the bus and they said, and I went and he says, now we're going to stand here.


Pastor West: [01:32:38] He said, man, it's cold. He said, well, take your jacket, take this, take your canister, take some hot chocolate, take something because it's cold. Put on gloves, he said. But when they opened the door, he said, start running because if you walk in, the people behind you running, they'll run you over and you could get trampled. They were trying to get to the front, trying to trying to get a seat at all. Do you see that happen in church, anywhere now where people are running, trying to get their. Trying to find a seat. But if you have revelation instead of information. He said, The Holy Spirit will show you things to come. So what's he doing? Preparing it. All of us. For what's about to come. The revival down in, uh, Florida, uh, at the 1994. That's the most amazing story. But see, what people know is, you know, the the revival that took place in 1990s, what they don't know was for the last year, he was trying to fix an old building up the church to sell it. What's the Kilpatrick, John Kilpatrick, what's the name of the church, I can't remember. Brownsville at the time. Yeah, he's the church's president now. And the Church of Brownsville will. Millions of people came. And it happened when you wouldn't expect it to happen.


Pastor West: [01:34:10] You can't tell the Holy Ghost when to come. When people say we're going to have a revival, you see, on Sciences Sunday to Friday, that ain't really a revival. That's just when you get to you can't you can't tell. You can't advertise. The Holy Ghost is going to be here from Sunday to Friday. Then he's going to leave. I mean, I understand you got to put something up there, but I'm just saying. But that ain't any revival of the Holy Ghost won't be here until. He won't be here this morning, but he'll be here Sunday night till Friday night. That's not really a revival, is it? John Kilpatrick had told his people on Father's Day. Well, people got to go places. They got to get with their families. So we're going to have a shorter service. We're going to get in and get out. So we're going to lay out about 35, 40 minutes early today so they can get to where they need to go to on Father's Day. That was the day that the Holy Ghost chose for the father to come on Father's Day, and he went into a five year nonstop revival. You know how I got financed? A lot of it. The way got financed was he couldn't make the hardly make the payments on the building. He couldn't upgrade nothing. And he kept on hearing, get this done, get this.


Pastor West: [01:35:21] He says put, put circuitry all through it, get it in the bathrooms, get it in the classrooms, get it in the foyer, get this done, get this done. Buy all these houses around here. Relocate these people, get the land, level the house and do parking. He said I didn't have money to do anything, but he said, I've been going to church for two years at 430, 5:00 in the morning saying, God, there's got to be more. There's got to be more, there's got to be more. And so the Lord began to provide. And he said, I did a daily broadcast. I was I was in his church. While he was telling this, he said I was doing a daily broadcast. It was just going just to the the city right there. And he said, and there was a man watching who never came to the church, who his wife had died, and he was in all kind of depression. And he said, and I think he had started an alternate lifestyle. If you don't come up. But he started listening. He said to what I was preaching and he says so. He said I was downtown on Monday doing some business, and they went and got the mail for the church, and someone called and said, uh, Pastor John said, uh, we, we got some mail today.


Pastor West: [01:36:30] And he says, well, you get mail every day. He says, yeah, but we got some mail today. And he said, someone watched your TV program last week. And he said, that's an offering. And you sit down. He says, no. He said, you ought to sit down. He's a $100,000, he said. We that was his words. We. Next week. Next Monday. We got the mail. He was downtown doing whatever he does on downtown Monday past. John, you sitting down? He says more mail. Yeah. He says, let me sit down real quick. They said same, same guy, whoever he is, $250,000. He said who he did, who we. For over $2 million come in and two months bought all these little shotgun houses. Gave them more what the house is worth. Relocated them, moved them, leveled them in the parking lot. Did everything in the church needed. One month after everything was done, Brownsville went into revival for nonstop five years. The guy, he come at him, he thanked him personally. He said, my wife died. My kids, whatever he said. I've been struggling with homosexual thoughts for all these years, and I'm fixing to just turn my business over. I do this, this and this. I own this in Pensacola. He said, oh, you own that? He said, he said, I'm going to turn it all over. And me and this guy going to go do life.


Pastor West: [01:37:55] He said, but I watched all your broadcast for, for the last four weeks, which you've been teaching. He says, I want you to know I got gloriously born again, saved by watching you. And he says, I got delivered of that and them demons. And he said, and I want to be a part of this church, one guy who's sitting there lonely, depressed, fighting homosexual thoughts, finance the the beginning of the Pensacola revival. You say, well, now, if he's trying to figure that out now, Lord, where would we get $2 million? Well, I know a homosexual over here. I mean, would you mind even go there? No. Praise Lord. But he he he had it prepared before it came. If you going to have a baby, I would just suggest, you know, go. Go look for some baby beds, get a few items, because when you bring them home, it's too late to think about. We ought to fix up a room now. You ought to fix it up before then. Pick out a name. Right. Well, I apologize for taking extra time. So we're not receiving a special offering for that. If the Lord speaks to you with a willing heart, and y'all have always been kind and you say $75,000, you see how many there is? Well, I'll tell the other half when they get here next week. But after that you won't.


Pastor West: [01:39:18] When? When we're close to it. Whatever. Then we'll do this face. But I'm not going to start this face until I know I can do it. You understand that? I mean, you wouldn't tear the room up, would you, if you couldn't? I'm good at tearing things up. Like Bill fixes cars. I can tear one down. I can tear anything apart. I can beat that sound, booth. I mean, you won't even know what's over there. I can pull all them boards off out there. I can crowbar them off. But how to build it back? How to build it back. It's like, I don't know how to do that, but somebody else does. So I wanted to share that with you. If it gets to be too much, too fast, I will stop and say, hey, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, that's too much. Just stop right there, okay? Y'all. Okay, y'all so nice and pleasant and kind. Compassionate and caring. And you're good looking and good. The Lord blesses you with goodness, and surely goodness and mercy shall follow his life. And and you didn't even have to be ugly either. Praise the Lord, you know. Hallelujah. He loves God. Didn't make no ugly people. He said, they have a beautiful heart. I said, well, I know they have a beautiful heart, but but it's the it's the it's the it's just right here.


Pastor West: [01:40:37] He says, well I don't see that way. I said, yeah, but praise the Lord. I'm just messing with you. So God bless you. We will be back together next, next Sunday. I bless you as you go out, share the gospel. Just say something simple to them. Just. I mean, when you go to the drive, say, ma'am, can I just tell you Jesus is just about to come or Jesus, Jesus is coming. He's coming so soon? Did you know that? If it goes any further, then go further with him. Just just be cognizant of the people around you. Just begin to share the good news. Think of yourself as the of a carrier. If in 2000 people, people were so concerned, Christians included, that you carry something that I could catch and make me sick, or in some cases die, right? If you have something in you that can affect me, that I need to stay away from you, don't you think the church ought to think I've got something in me such as I have? I can give you, and it will change your whole life. We ought to have something about a consciousness about us, that we have something on the inside that's greater than anything in the world that we can give away. It will change their life. And begin to harvest a whole generation of people. Amen. God bless you.

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