The Surpassing Glory Of The New Covenant | 28Jan2024

The Surpassing Glory Of The New Covenant | 28Jan2024
2024.01.28 the surpassing glory of the n
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Pastor West: [00:00:00] Because we're afraid of him. Because that's not our home. But we're saying we are. We are his children. He is our God, and we love him. Why? Because. Because what he first loved. You see, God believes in sowing and reaping, doesn't he? Amen. You can be seated if you can. Well, good morning and welcome. Are we rolling? Roll on, baby, roll tide. Well, I'm about. Maybe. Or maybe not ever again I don't know, I know. We'll see. I remember when I used to carry a whole lot. Hallelujah. Well, God is good all the time. The Bible says stir yourself up. Y'all could make my job a little easier. If you want to come see what I've got, let's just go ahead and dismiss. Although I have some things. See. In Corinthians, Paul had to bring order to the church of Corinth because it was out of order. He commended them for what they did have, he said, but their hearts, he said. There's mass confusion going on here. He said, every time we get together, everyone has a tongue. Everyone has a prophecy. Everyone has, you know, a word of knowledge, a word of wisdom. Every time together, he says, y'all just talk over each other. He says there has to be some order to this. And I always said that Paul came back to the same church today. He would say, how come when we come together, no one has a tongue, no one has interpretation, no one has a prophecy, no one has a word.


Pastor West: [00:01:41] No. No one has anything. Huh? Got real quiet in this Presbyterian house. Press pass by, say, Presbyterian. Well, now, we're not press bias. And thank God for them. I'm just saying. But you have to stir. You have to stir. And especially in the days that you're living in. Yes. Yeah. You see, the enemy can't stop you, but he'll certainly kind of distract you. There's physical distractions and there's mental distractions, and there's all of it put together at one time. And all he wants to do is silence you. If he can't stop you, he'll just silence you. Jesse Duplantis said years ago. He said he didn't catch on for a little while, he said, but his plot to me was he couldn't stop me. He said. He said, well, you better hold up. You better hope you get a little bit older. You know, you keep on going at your pace, you're going to burn out, you're going to be gone. And he said, that don't mean nothing. He said, you ain't nothing. Leave me alone. So that wasn't working. You better hold up. You better stop. You take a break. You better rest. You better quit doing all this preaching. He said Sunday at work. So he said he changed his tactics, and he. And he pushed him. He says, you better hurry. You better go. Go, go, go. He said, people going to go to hell.


Pastor West: [00:02:45] People won't go to hell. Go go go go go. He's going to try to burn me up. He said. But I think it worked either because the Bible says there's a refreshing that comes from him. How do you know when you speak in the spirit? The Bible said in Isaiah that with stammering lips that we have a refreshing. You can pray in the spirit and get refreshed. Sometimes if you don't have time for eight hours sleep, you know you might just wherever you are working, doing whatever you got to do, just, you know, you can't go to work and pray out loud in some atmospheres. They're not paying you to do that, but you can be in the spirit. I always say, you know, people say, well, I don't you know, I've used this illustration for years because it's really a good one and it's true. People say, well, I don't have time to meditate the word like you do. Well, you probably don't, but you have time to meditate because if you ever worried, you meditated and you didn't have to take a worry break to have time to go. You say, I don't have time to worry until I have time to sit down and think about it. Then I'll start worrying. No, people worry, just consciously or subconsciously. Not y'all. But you can. Well, if you can worry without thinking about it, you. You can beat an attitude.


Pastor West: [00:03:49] Come on. You could be in an attitude. You can have a consciousness about you. And so when that you come together, the Bible, Paul said, there's times that you're going to need to stir yourself. Amen. James said, there's times that you're going to have to count it all joy. Now Imma tell you why he said that. It's not really deep. The reason why you have to count it all joy sometimes is because it's not naturally, it's just not all joy. Usually it's everything but joy. And so if you relegate all your activity to when you feel anointed. Oh yeah. Then you won't ever get much done. Because you know, you know, Keith Moyer say have money, feel good, will travel. But what if you don't have the money or you feel good and you don't feel like traveling? Well, sometimes you just have to travel anyway. The Bible says, Paul said we have the same spirit of faith. He didn't say we have a close one or identical or generic. He said we have the same spirit of faith, saying identical spirit of faith. It's who. It's him as who he had Christ. You have the faith of God. How do you know? Well, he gave you his faith. Hmm. You all read the same Bible I do. Amen. You have the same spirit of faith, Paul said, I believe, therefore I spoke. Now, word of faith. For years you used to teach it this way.


Pastor West: [00:05:12] And so we get like, if you just keep on confessing it and confessing it and confessing it and confessing it and confessing it and confessing it and confessing after a while, your heart gets to believe in it. What heart are you talking about? Now, if you're talking about your spirit, your spirit doesn't need confessing to believe anything. Your spirit is already smart. Your spirit doesn't need an upgrade. Yeah, it's this thing between your ears that gives you all the problems. It's not your spirit. Your spirit is wall to wall. Holy ghost, it does not need an upgrade. When you go to heaven, they won't hit you with a righteous one and say, oh, you're in heaven. Time to upgrade your righteousness. You're as righteous as Jesus is right now. You'll never be any more righteous in heaven than you are sitting right there in that green chair. Boy, that excites me when I think about it. So Paul says there's times that you have to stir yourself up in the Holy Ghost. I sit down, I don't drink my coffee black. I try to. One time I said, I'm going to be a man. I'm going to drink my coffee black. And I said, this is just nasty. I just so, so, so I womanized a little bit. What do you want to cut? So I don't know why I did it today. You ever started something and something called your attention? You ladies know what I mean? Not by men, but, you know, you start something and something gets your attention.


Pastor West: [00:06:23] You walk off. I did that with my coffee, and I got back to it, and I put, you know, my little sweetener in it. I put the little creamer in there. And then I got busy doing something, and I came back and got the coffee, and I took it to the into the living room, and I got just a little warmer that I liked. It keeps it pretty warm. And anyway, I went to take a sip and it was bitter. Oh, wait, man, what's all that? Well, it it I could tell by the color it wasn't black coffee. And I said, well, this is this don't taste right. Then it realized. Then I realized what I didn't do. I didn't stir it up. Yet it had all the ingredients to taste like it should have tasted. Then you had the coffee. I had the hazelnut. I had the sweetener, and all it needed was a little. Or maybe you're one of these, I don't know. All it needed was stirring. See, you have everything in. You need to be more than a conqueror. Amen. But sometimes you yourself, without a praise team, without someone to lay hands on you. You may have to stir yourself up. Amen. Amen. You know you ought to preach to yourself. You go down the road. And I have done this and I've got myself in trouble years ago.


Pastor West: [00:07:48] I get so excited sometimes praying in the spirit. It's like I hit a gear that's not on the earth, and sometimes I almost drive like I'm not on the earth. So I found out for me, I better pull over if I'm going to do that, because I have been pulled over when I was a little bit out there and I was just, you know, because people get in the tendency of praying and they'll drive, but they'll close their eyes. Don't, don't, don't don't do that. Just I mean, just pull over. But I've been following him. And he said, uh, he said, sir, have you been drinking? And I said, sorta. I said, not like you think. Well, I'm gonna go lie to him, because, you know, I know I was swerving. This is years ago. And he says, well, you're swerving all over the place. And I said, yeah, I know, I'm sorry. He says, so you're not drinking? I said, no, you can test me if you want to. I'll take the test. If you want me to, I can walk the chalk line. I can walk whatever. You give me a breath. Whatever I said I was praying. He said, why were you swerving? I said, I just told you I was praying. He said, yeah, but why were you swerving? I said, you don't get it, I was praying.


Pastor West: [00:08:51] I said, have you read acts chapter two? He says. Act two. I said that means you have it. When I say acts, who? That means they haven't read it. I said they were. They were in the upper room waiting for the promise of the father. And I said, and suddenly a sound came from heaven as a rush. Mighty one filled all the house where they were sitting. Everyone in the house was filled with the Holy Ghost, all the tongues, as the spirit gave them utterance. And I said, And Peter had to stand up and explain to everybody, these people aren't drunk as you suppose, but they're all filled with the Holy Ghost. Yes. Now, other translations will tell you that was I think it was 9 or 10:00 in the morning. So Peter, Peter, Peter said, now they're not drunk yet because it's only 9 or 10:00. So he had to in other words, he had to say, this is this. This happening right here is not normal. What happened? They got very, very full of the Holy Ghost. And you know, when you get full of the Holy Ghost, you get full. I don't care. And whatever bothers you doesn't. And whatever's like, I don't know what I'm going to do no longer makes any difference. I mean, just doesn't make any difference. I remember I was in Texas one time. I was in the Dallas Fort Worth area and I went to I went to go see Rodney Howard-browne three day meeting, and we went and drove all the way there.


Pastor West: [00:10:09] Don't think he didn't come. And we were less than happy. And he was in Australia having a meeting and it just went on for weeks and weeks and weeks. So he called to apologise and he was on the big screen saying hi every day and, you know, trying to make up for his sin. Anyway, he was just, you know, and he used the came to that church every year. Large church about 2500 people. 3000. But he sent his brother. And they just he just began to, uh, talk about a number of things. And the joy of the Lord was there. But I didn't have any joy that day. I just drove 800 miles to Rodney Howard-browne is not here. And I had more problems to deal with at home than I knew would do with I had problems at home. I had problems at church. If I'd had any sense, I would never went to Texas. I mean, everything in my brain said, you need to stay here and and you need to stay here and handle this. You ever been like you like like you're you're going to go somewhere. You think about going to a meeting, but everything logically says, don't go. This is not the time to go. This is I mean, you got to stay here and take care of this.


Pastor West: [00:11:10] But I went anyway. And so for the first day, I was thinking about how foolish it was that I left home with all this going on and what was I going to do about it? And I was a little tired from the ride. So, so the joy of the Lord, you know, you're you're in a even with Romney's brother, Joy of the Lord there. And everybody was laughing. I wasn't laughing, I mean, everybody was laughing. They just had a good time. The joy was there. I went full of joy. I was full of sorrow. I hadn't cast my care. And Lord, well, I did, but then I took it back. No, I know you've never done that, but, uh, I mean, some some some Christians do take it back. I'm just telling you. I told you I know a thing or two because I've seen a thing or two. People can take their care back, and they do sometimes. And so I took mine back. And then, uh, you know, then I would get some calls and people say, you know, we got this. What you going to do about it? And I didn't know what to do about it. And, uh, I got into the end of the second day and Rodney Howard-browne brother was telling us, you know, what it was like for their family to move from South Africa to, um, America. And it was a very sober time in the meeting.


Pastor West: [00:12:18] It was a very somber time. It was a time where this gentleman himself was talking about how his his wife was sick unto death. Uh, I'm trying to remember Rodney's brother's name, but anyway, so we were there, and, uh, of course, they sound just like, you know, they got the same African, you know, South African accent. And, uh, the doctor was telling him, if you move your wife. She'll never live. If you take her from the hospital. And by that time she'd gone home, he said, but you can't move her. You don't even need to move this side of town, much less leave the country, he said. And if you move, he says, she will surely die. Well, this was the this was like, you know, into the into the the last day there was a three day meeting. It was the last day. And I'm still dealing with all my internals, you know, because of the externals, I let them I let them become internals. I know you never done it, but I'm just telling about me. I'm just repenting. I know you've never done any of this stuff, but. But I let externals become internals, mental pressures. What am I going to do about it? Figure it all out. You're the leader. You figure it out. You're the answer guy. You're the answer woman. Well. So I was I was dealing with all that. And so I was sitting, uh, like I said, church probably hold about 3000 people or more.


Pastor West: [00:13:43] There was a balcony and but it was the morning meeting. So there was, there was, there was about 1800 people there. And I was right in the middle, had awesome praise and worship. It was it was really, really good. And I was sitting in like the second row from I was right in. I was, uh, here's the speaker right here. And I was one pew section left of the speaker sitting on the second row from the front was where they put us in the ministry section. And this is not, uh, the morning session was more of a teaching. And as I was being taught and he was telling the story of what the price that had to be paid to come to America for the entire family and how his wife was, they didn't give her hardly any hope to live. And if you move her, she certainly won't live. But the Lord said, it's time to go and don't delay. And they knew the voice of the Lord. They knew the they knew they knew the will of God. But but they, they had to defy all logic. And you can imagine the pressure of all the medical staff, trained personnel that you respect. If you move her, your wife will surely die. And his wife said, it's time to pack and go. And so she certainly gave her consent. Then all of a sudden into this story, when you can, you can't hear a pin drop.


Pastor West: [00:14:56] All of a sudden the joy of the Lord hits me. Everybody and his brother had been laughing for two days, but there wasn't nothing funny to me anywhere. All of a sudden, this guy is telling the worst story that you've ever heard in your lifetime, and all of a sudden, the joy hits me. Now I know people can put things on. That's not real, ever. But, you know, like Brother Hagan said, I really have some wildfire than no fire at all. He said, don't worry. About what? No wildfire. He said there'll be plenty of wet blankets to put it out. Well, I've always found that to be one of the true statements Brother Hagan ever said. Don't worry about wildfire. They're always in every church. There's enough wet blankets to put out any kind of fire. So, so and so. That's true. So I in other words, it wasn't coming from here. It was coming from here out of my spirit. Well, that's what the joy of the Lord is, right. Yeah. You know, so the Scripture says, what does it tell us about joy? Those who don't have any joy don't have any what? Strength. So it said. It said in the Scripture said, if your strength is small in the day of adversity, you're going to fall away. And I was at the place of Bob and Bob.


Pastor West: [00:16:10] Y'all remember Bob and Bob, little thing that you could hit and it would go to the ground and kids could punch it, you know, come back up. Except I wasn't coming back up. It was taking me a long time, you know, I was bobbing down, not bobbing bob back up and, uh, uh, so anyway, so I, I was in the middle of the pew. So there was, it was, it was not the kind of it was not the time to get up in front of everybody and walk that close to the front with what the man was saying and not draw attention. So now sit in the middle. So I was trying to hold in this joy, this laughter, but it was building and it was building and it was building and I couldn't hardly stop it. And I don't know, like I said, there's probably 15, 1800 people in the morning meeting and he's talking about. So we put her in an ambulance and we got her there and we started getting things together. And the family come and we all laid hands on her. And then and then then all of a sudden I went. And then everyone looked at me, and I'm looking for security because reverse roles I would have called security in, with no question. I wouldn't even prayed security. But yeah, and people were looking at me. And within two minutes. The whole room erupted. The whole room erupted.


Pastor West: [00:17:38] 1800 people was crawling on the floor like slobbering drunks at the wrong time. You know, sometimes the Lord don't know the right time to bless you. I like that little. I like that book I got at home. Y'all know Steve Sampson. We had him in a while. We give him a call and have him here pretty soon. But he, uh, he's got he's wrote, authored a number of books and, and he uses the funniest captions and, you know, he's got a humor about him that's just, you know, it's just like, real dry humor. And he's he's funny. But anyway, on the front of the book, he got this man praying, and the Lord is talking to him. He said, Lord, Lord, not now, don't talk. Now I'm praying. And so the Lord didn't know. I guess he didn't realize what was going on in the meeting. And uh, but anyway, it all broke out. I guess what I remember about that was it took the whole service and it went a whole nother direction, and and people just got healed. They got blessed. All kinds of things was happening. You know, sometimes you can be used as a key, as a catalyst to turn the whole room around. Amen. Lord, you might be the catalyst for your entire family, for your city, for a state, for a nation. You say me? Yes, you. I remember one time I was in a meeting in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and I was fine.


Pastor West: [00:19:00] I'd already, you know, I'd already prayed. I, you know, some people don't, you know, well, I won't go there. But anyway, I just prayed up and I was ready. I wasn't needing any particular thing. I was just glad to be in the room. And so I was in the room and I was doing praise and worship and it was awesome. We had a good time. And also the spirit of the Lord came to me while I was sitting in the room and he said, uh, I, he said, I need you to do something for me. I heard him just as clear as the bell. Music's going on. It's loud. I mean, there's plenty, but, you know, I could hear him talk to me. He said, I need you to do something for me. And I said, Lord, you know I'll do anything you need me to. He said, good, I need you to run around the room about three times. Outside this room, he says, this room. And I said, what day would you like me to do that? He says. He says, well, like right now. I said, you want me. You want me to organize something. He says, no. He said, I want to do something in here. And he says, but the waters need to be stirred. And he says, and I'm dealing with many people. But he says, but, but but they aren't listening to me.


Pastor West: [00:20:06] And he says, some are hearing me, but they're not obeying me. He says, because it's like abortion. He said they killed it in their head. He said their brain killed. What I want to do here. You know, it's funny how Christians can tote signs, how we're against, you know, killing. But we can kill the move of the Holy Ghost, right? Well, okay. So anyway, so I'm sitting here thinking about it. Well, you know, it didn't bother me just like. But it wasn't like, you know, one of these songs, it was like, you know, you just started to go around around. I mean, Bill and I would get it, you know, we get it. I always said, you know, if I ever get to build a church, if no one brother Bill, I'm going to build up like the Talladega 500, I'm going to have walls that you can just bank and you can just, you know. Anyway, so. I did, I just took off and I just ran and I just whooped and hollered, you know, like I'd won, you know, the the $10 million sweepstake. Woo! Glory to God. And people. Just look at me. Lap one. You know, and it was one of those songs. It wasn't jazzed up. It was just kind of medium. And there's like number two about number three, you know. About 20 people went yeah. And they all start. And then and, and the pastor didn't know what to preach.


Pastor West: [00:21:25] And he sat down and he says, well, he said, I guess at least I have my notes for next week. Well, I've been on both sides of that. So anyway. But see, the Holy Ghost wants to say and the Holy Ghost wants to move and the Holy Ghost wants to speak. He wants to change and he wants to rearrange. He wants to move some things. Can you can can you hear what he says to you? What is the Holy Ghost doing in your life right now? Well, the whole Bible belongs to you, but it doesn't mean he's doing all that at one time. What is he showing you right now? Now, today I have some things, and I. This is generally hopefully most all the time. But this is the way this one particular is that we're going to talk about today. This comes from three different ways. This comes from study the Bible says study to show yourself approved, rightly dividing the Word of God that we would not be ashamed. But the Bible says in first Corinthians 14 two, he that speaks in an unknown tongue speaks not unto men, but unto God. Howbeit in the spirit he speaks mysteries. Paul said, I will pray with the spirit. I at my will will pray with the spirit. You know you've got different denominations. Denominations believe different things. They say, well, now you can't talk in tongues unless the spirit moves you to do things.


Pastor West: [00:22:44] And in other words, there has to be almost like an ecstasy built up. And it has to be so much like, you know, like shaking a Coke. And what happens when you take the top off of it? And I think that's our tongues has to come out. Like, God's got to shake you. I'm gonna need some tongues. There it goes. Like a champagne bottle. Not that I've ever drank champagne, but I'm just saying. But, you know, I've seen TV, so anyway. And so. But Paul said I will pray with the spirit, but I will pray with the understanding also. He could do both. Both will. Now, that doesn't mean everything that you pray needs to be interpreted, but you ought to consider sometimes that things that you pray in the spirit should be interpreted. You know the best place to do that. Practice that home. Home. We said, well, I just don't ever, you know, I just sit there and don't know what to say after I pray this prayer. Well, that's not how. That's not how you start. You don't start with, I can't do that. Paul said, I will. So you could say what Paul said. I will pray with the spirit, and I will pray with the understanding. The thing is that you've been around so many religious services that you think that God talks in King James. Brothers and sisters I in.on and hitherto and you know, if you're if you're from Tennessee, I mean, I know a Tennessee evangelist.


Pastor West: [00:24:08] When he gives a word out, he uses his I mean, he lives in the hills. And when he gives a word out, he'll say, mama nim. Mama nim. The Lord was saying. Mama nim? Well, he probably does to him. But, you know, you go into your northern states and he's he's not going to talk that way. You know, he's not going to say y'all. He's going to say yous guys. The Lord would say use guys, right? So we think that the Lord talks like just like this speaks but doesn't. He just has a natural language with you. And I use a silly illustration with Michel last week. You know. In other words, he didn't have to talk loud to you because it's a relationship. He doesn't have to scream, I love you. He just tells you what? Because it's intimacy. And so that's what we have is we have a law that we have a savior, but we have a father. He's ABBA, father, ABBA, father who knows all and he's all caring, all loving. So what we have here is study to show yourself approved. The other parts of this message you'll probably detect when we in and out of different ones is. Is there a time of praying? And then interpreting. They say. And I write that down. Didn't never did this for years. But now, towards this phase of my ministry, a lot of times my notes are the notes that I get, which is the interpretation of the tongue written in things that just would sound very plain in the sense of there's no hitherto anons, you know, it's you understand what I'm trying to tell you so it can come different ways.


Pastor West: [00:25:47] Now, uh, we talked about the Great Awakenings and, uh, if you're a student of revival and church history, then, you know, we won't go in there this morning. But I said, but you can see the move of God, the, the whatever time you want to use renewal, revival, awakening. But, you know, revival is not what everyone says it is. If you if you advertise it, it's not. There are some things you may not say what it is, but you know what? It's not. Yeah, yeah. And in revival you are not having a revival. When you advertise the when it will be and when it will in what you're having is a special meeting and we can all get excited about it. And I'm not saying we shouldn't come, but you cannot tell people the Lord will be here Thursday week, but he can only stay in town for three days, so that's what it'll be. Now. You scheduled a meeting and there's nothing wrong with scared of the meeting. But don't call it revival, huh? Just call it a special meeting is what it is.


Pastor West: [00:26:58] Because when God. When God moves in the room, he doesn't ask your permission. Like I said, with John Kilpatrick, when he's when he was in Pensacola, that started June the 18th, 1994 or 95, rather. And they've been praying for a number of years, 2 or 3 years daily. He was himself going to the church in the morning. Four 3335 wanting more hungry, knowing there had to be something different. Seeking God. Then more started coming, then more would join, then more would join. Well, it happened, but it didn't happen on his schedule. And it didn't happen the way he thought it was going to happen. God's usually not going to fix your situation the way that you that you suggested it to him. He he he he's all knowing and he doesn't need any of our suggestions. Philip told Jesus one time. He said, well, show us the father and then we'll be satisfied. And then Jesus is like, sure, man, how long have I been with you? Oh my gosh. I mean, how much longer I got to stay here? Could they just kill me and get it over with him? My gosh. And so one day, they finally got it. They said. They said finally. You have talked to us plainly. Not in Proverbs. Now we see that you know everything and you don't need our opinion, you know, and you know, modern translation, he said. In other words, we see that you know everything and you don't need our opinion.


Pastor West: [00:28:34] Well, that'd be true today. He doesn't need your opinion. He doesn't need my opinion at all. So he won't always come the way that you think he's going to come. He very seldom will ever come. And then you think about you think about the the revivals that have taken place before. If you read those. And what happens is people who were used instrumentally, whether it was a particular denomination or a church or how it happened, the way it happened, that's how they saw it. That's how God came. That's how that revival or awakening or whatever we want to call it, give it whatever phrase you want to. That's how it happens. So when they try to repeat it or another revival takes place, they judge it based on the last one to say whether this is God or not. Generally speaking, as somewhat of a student of revival, somewhat not. Not a I don't master the subject, but I'm saying but someone who study revivals, generally the ones who criticize the current revival are the ones who was in the last one because they said, no, that's not God doesn't do it that way. We know for a fact he goes, he comes this way. That's not that's not God doing that. But that part of sovereignty is absolutely true. He is sovereign. And he can come any way he wants to. So John Kilpatrick said on June the 18th, it is Father's Day and we know people have places to go.


Pastor West: [00:29:54] So we are going to, you know, we're going to have church, obviously, but we're going to do it, you know, we're going to shorten the service time down. In other words, we're going to get them in and get them out a little bit quicker. But the Lord had different plans. And he showed up the way that he showed up. And John Kilpatrick would tell you, I mean, I was in the meeting when he said, you know, I knew all this praying we were doing, I had plenty. I had the confidence. I knew he was going to have revival, he said. But, you know, I thought it would be like 2 or 3 months. We go, like 4 or 5, six, eight weeks. He says, you know, on the outskirts, maybe about three months. He said. I had no idea it'd be five years. Do you know why people visited Brownsville? Roughly. Just the ones they know of registered 4.5 million people to Pensacola. Do you know who? Well, I don't I wouldn't know who all might have prophesied about that revival, but I know the most notable person that prophesied that revival was Paul Young Echo. I was David Yonggi. Cho later changed his name to Paul Young Cho, which he passed just a few years ago. Largest church in the world. We had had a little church in Korea, about a million people, about a million people.


Pastor West: [00:31:18] But he prophesied the revival in Pensacola in 1961. Didn't, didn't want to, he said. I didn't want prophecy. He said. I asked the Lord for a gift of healing, he said, and his own words he said, prophecy scared me. He says, you say things that don't come to pass. They call you false prophet. And so he prophesied in 61 and he said, nothing happened. 62 nothing. Six, three, nine, 64 none. 65 he said, you understand what I'm saying? Then people said, Doctor Cho, you prophesied in the United States, in the state of Alabama, in some city called Pensacola, there'd be a revival go around the world. Are you a false prophet? So he gave this testimony. Paul Young Cho gave this testimony at Brownsville during revival that when the revival happened, he came because he said there was no one as happy as me for for it to start. He said, I he said I will very happy. I was very happy, he says, because I have been called false prophet many times. So anyway, uh, but it happened the way it happened. Well, the Scripture said of Zechariah, we were at the other day, he said, ask the Lord for rain. You say? Well, I have to know how this whole thing works. No, he just had asked for some rain. I asked for rain. The rain of the spirit. Hosea talks about.


Pastor West: [00:32:42] And Joel talks about the former rain and the latter rain. Now, I believe, even though you don't see things here, because you're not everywhere you go into different countries and different territories, you would, you know, you would. We would have a greater. We only see what we see and know what we know. But for those who travel around the world and there are different places, whether it be a missionary or or, you know, whatever their capacity is in the ministry, they have a world view of things and God's doing things all over the place. And many believe that we are already in the Third and Great Awakening, which is what Smith Wigglesworth prophesied. And he said, where you'll have the he said you. He talked about 3 or 4 different things. One was the charismatic move Smith Wigglesworth prophesying this with Lester Summerall in the room. This was the last time he would see Lester Summerall and he prophesied these things with Lester. Summerall was at Smith Wigglesworth House, but because of the war, uh, Doctor Summerall had to get back to the America. He was not allowed to stay there. So he came to see him one more time, and he. And he laid Smith laid hands on him. He was on, on the floor, on his knees. And Lester, or brother Wigglesworth was laying hands on Lester Summerall. And when he did, the spirit of prophecy came on, and he prophesied the last move of God.


Pastor West: [00:34:05] And he said, then this will be the third and final. But he said, Before Jesus comes and he talks about one that would characterize and for all practical points and purposes, we would call it probably the Charismatic Renewal that was really prevalent in the later 70s, actually the 80s, where there was a great emphasis on the gifts of the spirit and people of all denominations was being filled with the Holy Spirit. And the gifts were in were in operation. Then he said, after that time he said, there will be a place where people will come, and there'll be such an emphasis on the word being taught. Well, that would be the word of faith, he said. People will come with pens and papers and devices and they'll record their own service. There'll be such a hunger for the word of the Word of God. With the Word of God will be taught precept and example, and people will stand on the word. Well, that's called what the word of Faith movement. He said, but that won't be the end. He said the end before Jesus comes back will be. He told Lester Summerall, and as he was praying and prophesying, he said, it will be a Marian if it were a unity of the two of the word and the spirit coming together, flowing together. Because you can't have. You don't want the spirit without the word. Because you will get into fanaticism.


Pastor West: [00:35:23] You'll get into chaos. You just have flaky stuff going on. But you don't want just word and no spirit. Because I told you before, I worked in a place. I know how to print this book. I didn't work in every department, but I know about every department. I know how to. I know how this book got printed. But. But, but, but it could just be a book. In the way that a book is made. I mean, I know how big the spools of paper come to the the plant, the princess paper. And believe me, the spool of paper is wider than this. It's about. It's about 4.5ft wide, some spools of five foot wide. It takes a forklift to pick up a spool, to put it into a machine that prints so well on a letter press it does. A letter press is about 125 150 foot long, takes 6 to 8 men to do a press lithography. Stuff like that is just a 1 or 2 man press. But, but but these kind of what I'm saying, this is just natural in the sense that it's a book with a binder. It's got glue, it's got ink, it's got paper, it's got da da da da da da da. But being what it is, it's supernatural from the beginning to the end. Yes it is. It's all supernatural. But without the spirit, it's just a book. It can be, it can be.


Pastor West: [00:36:52] It can be a letter. It could be a dead letter without the spirit. See, Paul said that we are we are to be living epistles. What's an epistle? It's a letter. He calls you lively stones, not dead stones. In other words, he said, you are supposed to be the letter, the epistle that that God sent that people read you. Not not your pastor read you. I believe this last and final move of God will not be something like Brownsville, although I believe that there will be outposts like that all across the world and country where people will come and they'll be drawn to. But I believe it would be more of an outflow. That's not that's not the day of the of of the of the super Christian, of the super saint behind the pulpit. But it's the day of the Saint, not the day of the five fold ministry. Now we need the five fold ministry for the equipping of the saints to do the work of the ministry. But it's Christ in you, not Christ in your pastor. The hope of glory. In other words, that would be the intended purpose. That the bringing together of two sees Christ in you the tangible, living, breathing Christ in you, pulsating John G. Lake said, in your body, your brain, your blood, everything through you, Christ in you, Christ in your skin, Christ in your sinews, Christ in your faculties. Because what you what you're doing and when you're ministering, healing what you're doing is you're ministering life.


Pastor West: [00:38:30] Jesus said, I you know, John 1010 very familiar verse I always call the dividing line of the Bible between the Old Testament and New Testament. And I don't think the New Testament starts, actually, I don't personally think it starts in the Gospels, starts in the epistles, but I think it's the dividing line of the old and the new in the sense of John 1010 says. Jesus says simply. He said, Satan comes to do what? Kill, steal and destroy. He said, but I didn't come. I come to give you what life and life more abundantly. Do a little word search on that word. Life is the word Zoe or Zoe, which means the life in the nature of God. In other words, whatever the substance is that makes God, God is called Zoe. Zoe. And when he came and he and he brought you life, he brought you Zoe. In other words, he brought the same life to send him and put it in you. So if you read the scripture that way, Satan come to steal, kill and destroy. But I come to give you life and life abundantly. So you have a number of churches. Nothing wrong with this. They call self abundant life Church and we think Abundant Life is talking about. Well, we got plenty of vision and plenty of provision and that's fine.


Pastor West: [00:39:41] There's nothing wrong with either one of them, but they're taking it out of that verse where we got abundant life. But life is the life in the substance of God, and then he gives you that in abundance. Amen. Why would you need an abundance of life so that it could go past you into other people's lives? In other words, I have enough for me. I got enough to get into your life. You have a need. We can take care of it. Church has a need we can take. We can take care of it. We need to send missionaries. Let's get it done. Huh? How big can you think? I mean, are we just stores up? Well, you want so much money you can store before you die. Mina. How do you answer that? How do you answer that? At the Bema Seat. Well, when I left, you know, I left 1.8 million, or I left 3 million or $300,000. So it didn't get in the kingdom? Well, I gave it to my kids. Well, did they now? Melanie. No, but but but but are the kids operating in the kingdom? Because, you see, because the parable said he gave to each one several as he will. But he came back, checked on it. He wanted to know what you do with it. He wanted to know what you do with it. He wants to know what you're doing with it. Well, I gave my ten.


Pastor West: [00:41:08] That's not what he said. He sent him by ten. He said, what are you doing with it? Are you expanding the income? The kingdom of God is what? Righteousness, peace and what? Joy in the Holy Ghost. I started this last week. Didn't finish it. There was only one time in my ministry ever, ever forget ministry. Just person. Just person sitting in the service. Lord said give everything you got. And I looked in my pocket and I said, okay. He said, I didn't mean your pocket, I mean everything that you own. I said, well, what do you mean own? He says, everything you own. I said, you mean like everything. While I'm not even employed at this moment. While I'm in between assignments. He says yes. I said, like, everything. He said everything. Was a three day meeting, so I didn't know what I owned and my wife wasn't in the service. She was in the church, but she was working in a service. So I had to tell her what the Lord told me and she said, well, we we better do it. I said, so you agree? She says, yeah, I mean, if the Lord told you, you better do it. I said, well, what do we what do we have? She said, I'll let you know. A couple of hours. I checked two places. She said, we have $9,300. Everything. I said, I guess he means everything pockets before she says, yeah, I mean, I sound like everything.


Pastor West: [00:42:30] So it was 9300 and some. So we went to church that night and we gave $9,300. Next morning. I was at home and on the way home the devil followed me to the house boy. Now I thought when I got home, the angels. I thought Michael Gabriel would be in the driveway and saying, Matter of God, thou hast obeyed. I have been sent from from the heavenly throne. Uh, now, there was no they weren't there, but the devil was there, he says. He said, boy, you boy, you pulled wheelie. He said, what's that mean? Well, it's just an old colloquial turn. Whaley. In other words, you ever heard Jonah and the whale? I mean, he he didn't do right and well. He played Whaley. And he says, boy, now you. Well, now you've fixed yourself. Now you don't have a dime to your name. You're not even you're not even pastoring the church. You're not even traveling, you're not even on a job. And and he says you don't have a dime. Well, about that time, the pastor called me and he said, hey, could you meet me at the church this morning? He said, I need I need some help doing something. He said, have you got about 30 minutes? I said, sure, well, I went and jumped in my car and I looked at the gas gauge and there wasn't any gas. I thought, well, let me run and get some gas.


Pastor West: [00:43:51] Then I realized. I don't have any money till I get paid with just. Oh, that's right, I'm not getting paid. It was a strange time. Yeah. Well, that one year in Tuscaloosa, I don't know if it could have happened in Auburn, but in Tuscaloosa I was able to not just kid. But anyway, the Lord supernaturally provided for us for a year. Never happened before or since, ever like that. And sometimes people that's the church. Or I'd be. I could be out and about, and people who didn't even know me would come up and hand me finances. People would come say, I don't even know why I'm doing this. Lord told me to go to the bank and to bring this to you right now. And so the Lord was showing me he could supernaturally take care of me even without my help. Now I know people who do that quit the job. They call it living by faith. No, that's not I mean, that's not living by faith. In other words, when faith, you know, we're being taught a lot in the 90s, people would just say, well, I'm just going to quit my job to live by faith. I ain't going to work. I'm just going to read the Bible all day long. Well, okay, if that's what he told you. But but we're going to know real quick. Yeah. There were some things that ain't going to be long to find out.


Pastor West: [00:45:04] Well, so this was just a period of about nine months that took place that this took place. And during those nine months, the Lord talked to me about three subjects. I never even talked about them. Don't even know why I'm talking about them this morning. But he talked to me one about leadership to my more here anywhere else. He talked to me about revival and he talked to me about the nations of the world. Now, what I wasn't doing with any of those at that moment, at the moment was any of it. That was in 2005. And so I would go get in my car every day, take a little sack lunch. And I would go to Lake Nicole and sit on a rock for anywhere from 7 to 10 hours and pray in the Holy Ghost. Never did anything before like that from that day to this day. Well, when you pray in the Holy Ghost for 7 to 10 hours a day, for nine months, you're going to develop a sensitivity to hearing from the things of the spirit. And I know you say, well, I can't do that. I'm not. That's not what I'm trying to talk to you about. I'm just giving you the gist of what's happening here. I developed a sensitivity to where I begin to hear things like this. And then I would just. I would tell Michelle sometimes I'd say so.


Pastor West: [00:46:22] And so is going to call here in about two hours. And this is what they're going to ask. And this is what I'm going to tell them. I remember one time it was a, uh. I told her, I said, uh, in six months, this is what's going to happen. It's going to happen this month. It's going to happen on this. It's going to happen on this weekend of that month, and it's going to be on a Saturday and the phone's going to ring. And this is what that person is going to ask me. This. I was telling her this in April and I was talking to her about the month of October. And I learned a valuable lesson. Is that you can love God with all your heart. Be a good person. Be a good Christian, whatever, and not have a clue what God's doing. Just because you're so busy. I didn't say it took ten hours. That's not my point. It's not a formula. And and I don't. This is just me personally, because this is just something the Lord told me one time. I don't make it. This is not doctrine. It's not doctrine. I said, well, Lord, you're first in my life. He said, I don't want to be first in your life. And I said, you don't want to be first in my life. I said, you're first on my list. He said, I don't want to be first on your list.


Pastor West: [00:47:32] He said, I don't want to be on a list. I said, what do you mean? He said, well, if I'm first, tell me what's big enough to be number two. And I said. Okay, there's God and there's list. You see what I'm saying? I mean, what are you going to make? Number two, if God's number one, then. Then what's the pecking order? And I'm just here to tell you that the Third Great Awakening has already taken place. And we can get in and out, or we can hear about it, or we can read about it one day, or we can get to heaven and get to see what all they did about it while we were having church. Doing church somewhere else. Mhm. He won't pick the most qualified. He'll pick people like Peter was a salty dog sailor who. He'll talk. Think about it later. Just because your heart is right and conducive. But you think about all these men who gave their life totally. Yielded their life. Totally. All you got to do is, you know, maybe we'll do it sometime soon. I'm sure you've seen it before. How did all of them die? All of them died. Horrific deaths except for John. John. They tried to kill. They put him in boiling wax. And the man that they couldn't cook him up. So they put him on the Isle of Patmos. Peter asked to be crucified upside down because he said, I'm not worthy to be crucified in the manner of which my Savior was medium of crucified, others beheaded, most of them tortured.


Pastor West: [00:49:15] So that you could have this. Hmm. And so here we are 2000 years later. And the plan of God has never changed. It's still the same. Except all I can tell you is you're running out of time. We're running out of time. Not patience. Just time. Time. And so he patiently waits for the fruit of the earth. Now, let me give you a few things I think you gave me. Our God is great and mighty. Holy spirit, I'm listening. I'm praying that I'm. I'm interpretation. I'm writing it down. Our great and mighty. Holy spirit. Is on the move. He moves as a river. He's not stagnant. When you follow the Holy Spirit, there's a rhythm. There's a flow. And many people miss him. Because they only think naturally. But there's nothing natural ordinary about Holy Spirit or about the Bible. You can sing in the glory. You can worship and praise in the glory. You can pray in the glory of God. Glory is the atmosphere of heaven. Were instructed to have heaven on earth. You can preach and share and testify in the glory. The wonderful thing about the glory of God is always increasing. It doesn't say that God will decrease his glory in your life. No, the Bible says we go from one degree of glory to another.


Pastor West: [00:50:51] The psalmist said, he anoints my head with fresh oil and my cup overflows. Thank you, Lord, for the fresh oil. See you. This is tongues interpretation. I'm doing it and I'm getting it. And then I'm thanking him for the fresh oil. I'm in my office having a good time. The best thing I ever did is build that little office as my heaven on earth. Hallelujah. Should have put a bathroom in there. Praise the Lord. But anyway, thank you, Lord. Then we have your promise of living in the overflow. We're surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life. Not 10 or 20 years, but every day. Praise God. Leonard Ravenhill, great revival said. He said God is a consuming fire. He said, Holy Spirit is a spirit of fire. Jesus said, I come to bring fire on earth. There is no escaping fire. You think about the prophecies that has gone given to holy men of old as the Holy Ghost moved them to speak? The Bible says this Bible is composed of 40 different handpicked people with one author, Holy Spirit. It's the Holy Spirit moved upon these men of God. And they wrote and spoke the words of the living God. It said that when this the Bible was being written, that every time they come across those who was, you know, was transcribing, those who was putting down on pages, those who was, you know, was put into a translation that you could read hundreds of years ago, hundreds and hundreds of years ago, that they had such an awe and respect for God that every time they came to the word God or Yahweh, they would stop and take a bath because they didn't feel worthy to write his name down.


Pastor West: [00:52:42] Can you imagine how much they bathed? How did we get here? How did we get to where he said, if you if you. Jesus said, if you if you go with me and you look back if you plow with me. But if you look back he said, I have no use of you. How did we get from. Just say these words and you'll. And you'll be saved forever. Just say. Just say words. Now say this. Okay. It's done. Like it's an incantation with no heart whatsoever. I think there are scores of people in church that think they're saved. They're not saved. They think they're saved because they said something. They quoted something, they read something and they said, well, that's what it took. Then there it is. No. See. So something had to die for. Something to be born. Then there's supposed to be a new you. Not an oh, you wrapped up in a new ribbon. This should be noticeable. It should change. It doesn't have to change all in one. You know, there's there's a progression but there's but there's there's a change.


Pastor West: [00:53:55] They're saying is if they were looking for an enough evidence in your life and in your home to convict you of Christianity, would they get enough evidence to convict you? How close do we have to get to the world to win them? Do I have? Do I have to become them to reach them? No. You don't have to become an alcoholic or or whatever to reach an alcoholic. I mean, the first time I preached down at Keeneland years ago, I mean, I was terrified going down there because every one of them down there. I mean, they're court appointed or they're they were in prison or some of killed folks, and then some of them were just there because they were outside begging to come in with needles outside their arm. And here I'm coming down past the church and I'm like, I know what y'all mean. I used to smoke Winston lights or Marlboro Lights, whatever. It was like, you know, they would laugh me off like, yeah, I did. It was the 102 Mm.hmm. Took NyQuil. Sometimes it's got a little stuff in there, little juice in there. And they were like, oh yeah, well, then you understand our battle. And so I talked to Matt Gorman. He said he said, I don't need you to. To understand them. I need you to preach Jesus to them. I need you to preach the answer. Need you preach Jesus to them. He said. They're desperate for answers.


Pastor West: [00:55:26] He said just to preach Jesus to him. And if you preach Jesus, the Jesus in you will set them free. What was the most amazing service I ever have? I left there thinking, man, I mean, that's the easiest place I ever preached in my life to this day. It's the easiest place I ever preached in my life because there was such hunger in the room, such desperation. It wasn't like they were tolerating you. It wasn't like they were looking at their watch. Matter of fact, when I closed my Bible after three lessons, they cried because I stopped. Grown men cried because the teaching was over. I said, well guys, what time did y'all get up? Will we get up at 430? And we have worship and praise. This is not asked. This is how we do it. Then after an hour of doing that, then we come back and we clean up our room, we make our beds and we go and we cook our breakfast. We clean up, then we, you know, we we have some meditation time. And then you got here at 8:00 and we had three 50 minute sessions with a ten minute break in between and after third service. I said, well, I said, I appreciate y'all letting me come today and minister and share in your life. And I said, so we'll close for now. And they went, oh. And then some of them began to cry and weep because it was over and the gifts of the spirit was in operation so much I couldn't shut it off.


Pastor West: [00:56:47] There was such a pull that you that you knew it wasn't. I mean, it's you, but you know, it's beyond you. There was such a pull. Often you used to wonder. I remember back in 1990 something when we had Holy Ghost meetings like that, where we didn't come and we didn't have a sermon like this. We just come ready to prepare. We might sing, we might worship, we might testify, it might be teaching, it might be preaching. We might just be waiting on the Lord. We might. We didn't know. We purposely didn't have a plan, but we came just to wait on the Holy Ghost. I miss those kind of times and services. We need to have them again, where you just come and you just wait and, uh. And then. Then deer though deer. In those times, marvelous things will begin to happen. Marvelous things begin to happen. And and there was a great emphasis. People from all different denominations was coming, some people coming from Montgomery to Clan I like. How did y'all know to come here? Well, we've heard we've had people that had to get healed and they said and get filled with the Holy Ghost. And we had a whole bunch of people come one night. 20 some people come from Montgomery and they said, we want to be filled with the Holy Ghost.


Pastor West: [00:57:56] And, uh, so we did that. We had those times of, of just waiting on the Lord and to have times of worship and praise and singing in the spirit. And we didn't have to race the clock. And you could go if you needed to go, but you didn't, you know. But but you understand what I'm saying? We didn't feel like we have to be out because the rump roast. It was Sunday night, not Sunday morning. So you could come or not come. Stay as long as you want to or leave. And these people drove from Montgomery. You've heard me tell the story about I laid on. I said, why did you come, sir? He's a black gentleman. He said, well, I come because I heard about he said that you have the Holy Ghost. I says, you heard that I have him. I said, well, that'd be true. I said, but uh, he said, well. Well, I mean, I mean, I want that tongue bitterness. I said, what what what business is that? I said, you don't have a tongue. I just messing with him. He didn't know what to call it. He just he knew what he'd heard and how their life changed. And he wanted it. He said, I want it more than anything in the world. He said, I want my life to be changed more than anything. World. He said, if it's of God, I want it.


Pastor West: [00:59:03] And I laid hands on him. I said, what's your name? He said, my name is Moses. I said, this is going to be fun. I ain't never laid a hand on nobody, not Moses. I said. I said, your name. Moses. What can I tell you? He said, Moses got to feel the Holy Ghost went to the ground. He cry. He laugh. Speak in tongues. Cry. Laugh. Speak in tongues. Cry. Laugh. Speaking tongue. Cry. Laugh. Speaking tongue. Well, this was going on for an hour and a half. Well, we eventually had to close the service, and. But Moses couldn't drive back, so they, uh, he was they had to put him in the back seat of the car, and they got him home and took him home, and his wife called me three days later. She said, my name is so. And so was at church on Sunday. Do you remember me? I said, uh, I'm sorry. There's a lot of y'all here. Visitors. She said, well, do you remember Moses? I said, Moses, I remember she said, well, I'm Moses, his wife. I said, oh, how are we doing, Miss Moses? She said, well, we're doing good, but not real good. I said, what's, what's wrong? So he said, Moses, do you remember what Moses was doing? She said, listen to this. I said he he started that up again today. She said no, he ain't never stopped.


Pastor West: [01:00:05] This is Wednesday she said. And he ain't been to work in three days. She said he's crying, he's laughing. He's praying in tongues. He's been going on for three days. She said, now this, this got to stop. This man's got to go to work. And she says, can you do anything? Well, Brother Hagan taught me enough to know when I don't know what to do, act like I do. So he said, he said, don't let them see you sweat. And I thought, well, I said, well, sure. I said, just put him on the phone. Then I got to thinking while she was going to go put him on the phone, what am I going to do? I didn't take no class at Raymond. How to get him to stop talking in the Holy Ghost. You know, it was how to get him filled. And I said, Moses. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And I said, you loved you. Oh, I knew, I knew. Oh, shut up my mama. Ha ha ha ha. Three days, she said. I mean, it's been glorious around here, she says, but it won't be too glorious during payday. And I said, well, it's not a problem. Well, I didn't know what to do, and I heard the Holy Spirit say. He said, just tell him to stop and cease, and he can pray at other times. Tell him to stop it. Just stop and desist and I will pray with the spirit.


Pastor West: [01:01:17] I can at my will pray with the spirit and I can pray with the understanding. Well, I don't have to work it up and I don't have to be forced to stop. Hmm. So I said, Moses, in Jesus name, we will stop and cease and desist. You'll still be in the spirit, but now you'll be able to rise up and go do your work and do what's necessary around the home. And he just gently went down to a piece, and I talked to him, you know, a couple of times after that, and his whole life was changed. Well, that was just kind of different. That was kind of unusual. That was kind of amazing. I didn't have a course on that. I didn't have a book on that. How, how how do you get people to stop flowing in the Holy Ghost? Well, that's not a best seller. I mean, the sellers had to ever get things going, not how to get it stopped. But, but but, you know, I was privileged to be at a Bible seminar when Brother Hagan was still alive during Holy Ghost meetings in February. It's cold. It's cold out there, and the wind's blowing. I mean, you go to Tulsa and in a cold February and the wind's blowing, and you get out of there at midnight. And all kind of marvelous manifestations don't make any sense to the mind or the brain. But one man, he just.


Pastor West: [01:02:33] He just walks out of the church. He's probably in his 50s. I saw him and security was all around him, and he just was walking off the off the, the concrete area to walk out into the parking lot to go to his car. And he had his Bible under his arm, and he was a man in a suit in his 50s. And he was like this. And one foot headed down and he he froze. He just froze. He was that way all night. Security stayed there. And, uh, I asked some people there because I knew some of the people walked security. I said, what about that guy? They said, well, we supposed to talk about it. We can tell you this. We couldn't move him. We couldn't pick him up. I don't care how many of us was there, we couldn't pick him up. So it was strangest thing. We'd never seen nothing like this before in our life. We couldn't budge the man. And that's just what y'all do. They said, well, we put a coat over him, but I mean, he didn't look like he was freezing, although we were freezing watching him and said he had a Bible on his hand and said. And I said he never blinked his eyes. One time from the time that we got to him, when they called security over there and he said, till five something this morning when he snapped out of it.


Pastor West: [01:03:49] What do you call that? I guess you call it a sign and a wonder. Right. I don't I don't pretend to understand all that. I said, well, that's just the devil. Yeah. Devil does that all the time. Yeah. That's right. He blesses people all the time. People say, well, you know that tongue that's of the devil? Well, I want to ask you if anyone here ever been to a club. But have you ever heard anyone talking in tongues in a club? Intoxicate. Speaking in heavenly languages. Now, I've heard some languages, but they were easy to interpret. Yeah, right. So this the move of the spirit that's already happening. Y'all hear? Y'all went home. Yeah, yeah. It won't come the way that you think it's going to come. And it won't come the way that the last one probably came. But it's coming. And it's already here. So we want to begin to participate. So as I was praying this, he reminded me of the the scriptures and Haggai about the former and the latter rain. I won't I won't go in that for sake of time. He talks about the glory. We know the glory of God. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of glory, and Jesus is the King of glory. The Hebrew word Shekinah means the bright cloud of God's presence. In Ezekiel 24. He said he's like a consuming fire when Moses went up to the mountain. He manifested as a fire.


Pastor West: [01:05:22] Is the Exodus 40 3438 the glory of the Lord was like a cloud of day and fire by night. The scriptures talks about in Second Corinthians 417 he says, came as the weight of glory. He says, when light affliction comes into your life, it's but for a moment, but it works for you, a far more exceeding weight of glory. Now, last week I asked you to turn to a certain place in the beginning, and I never read it. Y'all may not remember it, but I remember it. And it was Second Corinthians chapter three. But I don't go there yet. So, glory, you can't really have a taste for something that you've never experienced. We used to have a man here in the church and he's still there. Still, because of medical issues and being older, they have not been able to come, but they're still part of the church. And Mr. Clinton, we don't mind saying that, but he's we talked one time about food and about pizza. And he says, I said, what kind of pizza do you like? He said, I don't like pizza. I said, you don't like pizza? He said, no. I said, I ain't never met anyone who didn't like pizza. He said, I can't stand it. I said, why don't you like about it? He said, I don't know. I ain't never had it. And I said, no, wait a minute. I said, you don't like pizza? He says, no, I said, you don't like at all.


Pastor West: [01:06:34] I said, I can't stand it. I said, but you never had it. He says, no, I never tried it. I said, well, how then how come you how would you know? You don't like it if you never tried it? He said, because I can just look at it and I wouldn't like it. I said, what, you never tasted it? He said, nope. I said, not any kind of pizza. He says none, he says, but. I know I wouldn't like it now. I'm convinced of this. If he ever tasted it, he wouldn't like it. Yes, because he's already decided. So how can you know what? Something. How can you have experienced something that you've never tasted? Well. I mean, I remember being a kid growing up in a Pentecostal church and watching the little ladies with the buns up here. Y'all go to church like that and had the hair up like. I mean, I mean, it's like a beehive. And we're the little grannies with the bonnets. Miss them days a little bit. And they gather around. She shout up and down the aisles and shout her bun down. Remember that? And they go back and forth. Cause she'd go this way. And she'd go that way. And she'd go this way. I thought I'd just turn loose. Let's see what happens. If I could. Tornado. Foo foo foo foo foo.


Pastor West: [01:07:42] And as a kid, it scared me. And boy, I'd get out of the seat and I'd get under the pew. But I'd be watching. There was something going on every week like this. Every Sunday night I'll watch like this. And I thought, man, this is the best show that you can watch. And you can get in here look like for a dollar. Well. Some of them got up to $5. And so that's, that's what began to take place. And those things would build in me. But I remember when I got filled with the Holy Ghost, I was 19 years old, but I was hungry. I didn't know really what it was. And there was no one telling me that much. There wasn't any teaching on it in the church. There was nothing. There was just an evangelist in town. And he said, if you want to be filled with the Holy Ghost, speak in other tongues, then come on up here, but with no explanation. So I went through that whole rigamarole that you hear the horror stories of, you know, they told me stand up a little bit. He said, he said, put your chin down. Like, I like this. He says, glory, glory, glory. I said, glory, glory, glory. He said, say it loud. I said, glory, glory, glory. He said, open your mouth. Speak in tongues. I said, he said, say glory, glory, glory. Glory, glory, glory. He said, say hallelujah, Hallelujah.


Pastor West: [01:08:54] I said, Hallelujah. Hallelujah glory glory glory, hallelujah. Just by the mercy of God. They lay, they lay hands on me. So many times I thought the all my hair I thought I'd leave there bald. They anointed me well they, you know they, they said. Now put your chin back up. Stand up straighter. Put your hands up. Say glory, glory, glory. Just the mercy of God. I spoke another tongue after I spoke in tongues. It was glory. I was, I was wore out. No one ever told me what the purpose was for them filling with the Holy Ghost at 19, and never spoke in tongues again until I was 30 something years old where I was taught. Let's just tragic. Which is tragic. And so the infilling of the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah! Well praise God, praise God. You can't have a taste for something you'd never experienced. Amen. Adam and Eve, I'm writing this person, not study. This is tongues interpretation. And then you know things. But Adam and Eve were created to reflect the glory of God. You and I were created with a taste for God's glory and for worship. We will worship whether you want to or not. You worship whatever you give your most time to your talents, to your treasure, to when we as a spirit worship him who is spirit and spirit and truth, we worship God and His presence awakens a taste in us that nothing and nothing else can satisfy.


Pastor West: [01:10:24] God's glory is the most manifest attributes. God does not have glory. He is glory. God does not have goodness. He is goodness. Revelation four eight says, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is to come. Now what does it say? Holy, holy, holy, the Lord God Almighty, who was and is to come Holy means separate, set apart, sacred. Lord God Almighty means owner, master, ruler, and power of all who was and is to come means the eternal, the omnipresent and preeminent one. He's everywhere. And when everything is said and done, he will remain not changed. He's not wearied the Lord, mighty strong in battle, the all glorious One, the supreme ruler of the universe. When we give God glory, we are exalting him willingly. We are giving him access to your life. But don't make a mistake that God is glorious whether you give him glory or not. God is to glory is what heat is to fire. God is to glory is what wet is to water. God is what glory is what ice is to cold. We don't make water wet. We don't make fire hot. God is glorious all by himself. No creation can take away or add to from the creator. When we attribute notoriety upon another person, perhaps someone like a famous athlete or a musician or an actor, they receive a certain amount of natural glory or accolades. But that's called attributed glory.


Pastor West: [01:11:54] But I don't care how great they are or their talents or their abilities are, whether it's Michael Jordan or whether it's Michael Jackson or Tiger Woods or Elvis Presley. When you remove the oxygen from the room, the glory is gone. But that's not who we're dealing with or what we're dealing with. God's glory is intrinsic meaning. It's belonging, longing to the real nature of a thing. God gets glory from himself without help or assistance from anything or anyone. We don't make him glorious through our worship. We worship him because he is glorious. Amen. Amen. Adam and Eve were clothed in this glory. They were created to reflect God's glory here on the earth. When? When they sinned and they aided the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they lost the knowledge, the revelation of the glory of God in them. You and I are not the source, but we were made in his image and likeness because we are one with him in spirit we reflect the image of him the glory, his love, his righteousness. You reflect his goodness. You reflect his joy, his peace. It's seen in us as we, as we reflect to the world what shines in us and through us. We are reflected. Just like on your car, when you put on the lights, the brake lights or the headlights, it's not the lens that's lighting up, it just reflects the the inward power or the inherent power of the bulb that's being illuminated.


Pastor West: [01:13:17] It becomes just that a reflector. We're not the power source, but we reflect it. The work of Jesus is the very center of the gospel. It's the essence and the core of the gospel. Jesus is not only the narrow gate. He's your destination. He's the Alpha, the Omega, the beginning of the end. There's no greater revelation than Jesus himself. I want to finish this morning with this for sake of time. Last week I asked you to go to Second Corinthians chapter three, if you'll go there in the Passion Translation. If we're doing that second Corinthians chapter three, I'm going to read just a few verses and we'll. We'll put a place to start again next time. I want to say this that the New Covenant is far superior to the Old Covenant. How many know that you're in the New Covenant? You'd be surprised how many doesn't. Do you know why you're going there? That's second Corinthians three. Verse seven through 15 is what we're going to read in the passion. But don't turn there. But Mark 222 in the new Living it says, no one pours new wine into old wineskins. If he does the new night, the new wine would burst the skins. And the wine is destroyed and so are the skins. But new wine is for new wineskins. So what you say, what in the world does that tell about wine and wineskins? My God, what kind of teaching is that? Well, Jesus said that you can't take the new wine.


Pastor West: [01:14:53] He's talking about two covenants. He was, he was in the process of being the mediator of this and would death bearing resurrection. He would be the mediator of the New covenant. And all he was saying was, well, in essence, what he was saying was, you can't take the old covenant, you can't take the Old Testament, you can't take the Ten Commandments, you can't take the laws of do and don't bet or not, and thou shalt nots and put them in the new covenant. And that covenant he said, I spoke to holy men of old, and that way I spoke. I put it on a rock, I put it on stones. And then you read the stone and did what the stone said. Huh? He says. So you can't take the you can't take the rules of the Old Testament which is without relationship. Mhm. Yeah. And put them into the New covenant. You can't take old wine or you can't put new wine, the new covenant, and you can't put it into an old pattern and old covenant, he said. Because what happens is that wineskin, as it gets old, it gets brittle, begins to shrink. But when you put new wine in it with the gases in it, it begins to expand. And what happens, he said, will burst. And you'll, you'll you'll lose the wine and the wineskin.


Pastor West: [01:16:11] So in Hebrews. Hebrews he said, there's been there was a fault with the old covenant. Therefore I have need to make a new one. The fault with the old covenant, which is a minus. I don't have time to go. The fault with the old covenant is God had a set of rules that Paul called him a schoolmaster. The schoolmaster was there to teach you until the actual teacher showed up. Who's the actual teacher? Jesus himself. So all the law was for in the sense was. In other words, now I need to back this up and say this because I don't want people thinking that you're down on law. No, the law is righteous and holy. It's God's righteous standard. It had one major issue. It didn't have any ability to make you what it was. It exposed what you weren't, which was its purpose. It was to give you a big. Hey, hey, you can't do this. But people still try. I have people sending me posters a week and all this. So the reason why the world is in such sad, pitiful shape today is because we've got away from teaching people the Ten Commandments and all the ceremonial laws. And no one's keeping them. And that's why our world is such a mess. And I said, no, the reason why we're in a mess is because you have access to a computer. I wrote this article.


Pastor West: [01:17:35] I'm not. But I remember when I thought disliking him. So I'm not throwing stones at. I'm not, I was him, I get that, so you know what I'm saying, I get that. So, Jason, you can't put in what's coming into what has been. And you can't put in yesterday's revival in today's move of God. He's the he was the author of both. But he's the new. And we are creatures of habit, of thinking. And we think, well, if it doesn't come this way, it doesn't look like that. And if it don't this way, and they don't do this song this way and it's too loud, it's too there's too like this preachers to whatever. Don't don't get lost in the semantics. There was the day the Messiah was on the earth and people was within two blocks and didn't even know was there. Someone was in the inn and the stable was right here, and the room was full of the inn, and God himself was in a human body, and no one in the end could even do it, that God was outside in the end and you didn't know it. So if we try to respond through an old covenant mindset where we become the servants of God, now we do serve, but we don't serve because we're servants. Because you're not a servant, you're a son and daughter who has the want to, and the desire and the humility of the heart to serve.


Pastor West: [01:19:13] But God didn't. God's not looking for employees. You said, well, I'm working for God. Well, you need to stop because that's not working. Why don't you let him work for you? Jesus said, my yoke is easy. What you're doing, he said, looks heavy. You say, well, my life is just burdened down. Well, you didn't get it from him because his way is light. And what? Easy. And that doesn't mean that your absence of of problems, you can have problems all around you. But be honest with you. The people that I know of that have the better understanding of these things and are functioning in these things in life. They have more problems than anyone I've seen in my life. It's just the problems don't have them. They kind of expect it. I'm not getting the friend who's in heaven right now. You know, y'all know who y'all. Some of y'all didn't ever know him, but prophet of God. And so it had to frame you say he said if I just go too long and ain't no problems, he says then he says he says I know something's wrong. He said something's not going wrong. He says, what I do, I generally he said, now I just start something because the law of averages, you know, he says, if I go ahead and start it, it's like a guy at one time, you know, what's the odds of you getting on the plane with someone having a bomb? And the guy was an engineer.


Pastor West: [01:20:36] He said, well, I guess I could figure it out. I said, well, I appreciate because I fly all the time. He says. I mean, he says, you want to know what the odds of, you know, back when this first started, what's the odds of you getting on an airplane? Something goes wrong with the bomb. He said, well, I'll get back with you. He said, it's going to take me 2 or 3 weeks. He ran all the numbers. He got out with him. He said, hey, Bob, he said, he says it's 10 million to 1 that you'd ever get on the plane. If someone would have to have a bomb. He said, well, okay, that's pretty good. He says, but. But there's that one. He said, well, let me ask you this. Is there anything I could do to increase the odds even greater? He said, well, Bob, it's 10 million to 1. He said, yeah, I know, but is there anything I could do to increase it that it would ever happen in my lifetime? I'd ever see this? He said, well, I'll get back with you. He got back from 2 or 3 weeks and he says, got your answer? He said what he says. He says, so I can get better odds. He says, yeah. He said, what do I do? He said, next time you go on a plane, take one on yourself.


Pastor West: [01:21:29] And then probably in your lifetime, you'll never see that again because you'll probably never see you again either. But anyway, you'd be servant. You'd be servant. So there's no one in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John who resembles you. Paul didn't say follow Philip. You can learn from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but they didn't have what you had. The only one who has what you have in the Gospels is Jesus. Amen. They were disciples. We are a disciple in the sense that we learn we're a student, you know, we're we're of the kingdom. But what you are sons. God wants sons. He wants daughters. He wants people who help rule the planet, he said. He said he said a master never tells his employee what he's doing. He said, But I've given you everything the father's ever given me, he said, because I don't even. He said, I don't call you. Servant. You don't need to call your friend, he said. Abraham was a friend. Well, Abraham ain't got anything. What you got in yet? Would you rather be God's daughter or God's friend? So by your own admission, you think daughter would be a higher elevation? Yeah. So let's finish right here. Okay, here we go. Second Corinthians three, verse seven, passing translation. We got it. Here it is asking you, Sheriff. See you. Thank you captain. Even the ministry that has characterized by chiseled letters on stone tablets came with a dazzling measure of glory, though it produced.


Pastor West: [01:23:08] What? The Israelites couldn't bear the gaze of the glowing face of Moses because of the radiant splendor shining from his countenance, a glory destined to not fade away. Now, what's happened here? Why is he glowing? Why is he dazzling? What's happened to Moses that he's he's he's shining from ear to ear. He's coming off Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments. He's been in the presence of God, and he's like a neon sign. And he he every time he gets with God and goes to praying, he just shines. He just his skin radiates. So he comes off with two tablets of stone. And he and he shining so much they can't look on him. They're terrified. So they they put a veil over him because they're terrified. Okay, can we go on verse eight yet? How much more radiant is the new glorious ministry of the spirit that shines? Thank you. Pam. From. Us. Not upon us. From us. Moses shined because of the presence of God from the outside upon him. Now God lives on the inside and shines through. Amen. Now, verse nine for the former ministry, for if the former ministry, we're talking about the Ten Commandments. Watch here. For if the former ministry of what? Well, it's called. What are y'all? Are y'all serious? Kim Cloud's coming a few weeks. He'll he'll say, is that in the Bible? You know our kids about that.


Pastor West: [01:24:56] Is that in the Bible? For the former ministry of condemnation was ushered in with a measure of glory. How much more does the ministry that imparts righteousness far excelled the glory? What once was glory no longer holds any glory because of the increasing greater glory that has. Waste it. It's done. What? It's replaced it. How could you be living in two countries at one time if one's been replaced? Hmm? What was that? I'm sorry. Thank you. I got so excited, I can't stand myself. I was like, my gosh, the fated minister came with a portion of glory. But now we embrace the unfading ministry of a permanent impartation of glory. Did you get the impartation? Yes. So then, with this amazing hope living in us, we step out in freedom. Which means rise and shine. Arise and shine. Not sleep and hibernate. Arise and rise and shine. And boldness to speak the truth. You step out in freedom. We are not like. Moses. Who used a veil to hide the glory that kept the Israelites from staring at him as it faded away. But I don't write me a letter. I'm reading from the Bible. You know, people write you and they'll send you things like I'm reading the Bible. You say, well, that's that, that's that passion translation. Well, you let me read King Jimmy. It says same thing. Right faded away, their minds were closed and hardened.


Pastor West: [01:26:52] For even to this day, the same veil comes over their minds until they hear the words of the former covenant. The veil has not been lifted from them, for it's only eliminated when one is joined to the Messiah. So what we have is church trying to turn church people into Jews. Now, if your last names as Mims and Eastland, you're probably not a Jew. If your name is Scooter Brown, you're probably not a Jew. If you come from LA, the lower parts of Alabama. If you were Mims or a Headley or an Eastland, or a Cleckler or Cleckley or Cleckler, you're probably not Jewish. I mean, I'm not trying to judge you, but you know, so why would you go to church and be and become a reformed Jew? We've got to get back to the now. So I'm saying the old covenant was your righteous and holy and had the righteous standard. But all it is purpose was to tell you that you can't become righteous, holy and standard in of yourself, that you need help, that you need a messiah. So once we understand that, we should live that way, he said our ministry, this new covenant would be imparted to you as righteousness. What did the other covenant impart into you? Condemnation and guilt. You don't measure up. Don't be looking for no revival in your house and no glory. God ain't coming to do nothing at your house. He'll come straighten you up.


Pastor West: [01:28:18] You know what you've been doing and not been doing. God's up to here with that. That's what granny you say. She said, boy, I'm up here, y'all with his grandkids working in the garden, and we, you know, we supposed to be. She had granny had flowers everywhere. We had to go cut her grass and I'm like this. She said, hey, you're killing my flowers. I said, well, I thought it was Johnson grass or whatever. I'm like a little boy from five years old, moved from Michigan. I don't know, Johnson grass or tulips or whatever, you know, just be glad I'm out here doing something. Granny and boy, she she said, God. She said God had y'all up to here. It wasn't God. It was her. She was mad. She was upset. You ever seen you ever be honest with you? I mean, y'all are real nice. And you've seen a preachers man. You have, haven't you? I mean, with a varicose veins. Her look like a werewolf, huh? And he paints his. God's really angry at you. You say, well, God's going to get you for that. Well, if God was going to get you, he knows where you are. He can find you quick. It's not going to take him weeks or days or decades. If he's going to wipe you out, he'd do it quick. I mean, this fast, I mean, you'd be like you'd be here a moment and then you'd be like.


Pastor West: [01:29:30] David Dixon said. He said, and I said what I said, David what? Evangelist David Dixon, Mississippi. I said, what, what's dirty? He said, well, he said, it ain't same for y'all in Alabama. He says, I said, what do you mean? He says, what happens when we was riding one day, I was taking him lunch after he ministered here and he said, uh, what, are you going to cross a railroad track? And he says, what's that happened? When I said there was a wreck here? I've shown him. I said, there was a wreck here, and there was two people. Hispanic people got killed right here. And he said, man, that's terrible. He says, what do y'all call that when Amazon in Alabama, what do y'all call that when you take him to the hospital? He was setting me up. I didn't know it I said I said what he said. What do they call it when you take it to the hospital? But you but you don't make it or you die to get there. And I said, D.O.A.. He's dead. Dead on arrival. He says no, it ain't. It ain't that way in Mississippi. I said, it ain't. I said, what do they call it? He said, well, if a if you, if you get hit by a train in Mississippi it's dart. Dart. I said what's that mean. He said, dead right. Tare said, dead on arrival. You know, baby, you dead right tare.


Pastor West: [01:30:38] And I said, you are from a third world country. It's dead right. But you're not like Moses, okay? There's hope. I only got one more since there's 13 to 15. We're not like Moses, who used the veil to hide the glory from the Israelites, staring at him as it fade away. Their minds was closed and hardened, for even to this day, the same veil over their minds when they hear the words of the former covenant. The veil has not been lifted from them, for it is only eliminated when one is joined to the Messiah. Verse 15. So until now, when the Old Testament is being read, the same blinding comes over their hearts. Verse 16 but the moment, but the moment the one turns to the Lord with an open heart, the veil is lifted, and they see. Now the Lord is referring to here when it says the Lord, he's referring to the Holy Spirit. And wherever he is, wherever he is, Lord. There is freedom. So? So what? What do we need to preach? What do we need to live? If we're going to have freedom, if we're going to be able set people free. We're going to have to preach this new covenant where Paul said in Galatians he said, God separated me from my mother's womb. To preach this. He said, if any man preach any other gospel, so-called gospel, than the one I preached, Jesus, let him be a cursed, which means doomed to hell. I was like Paul, I mean, you you okay?


Pastor West: [01:32:14] Mm hmm.


Pastor West: [01:32:18] He was such a threat with this gospel that they found it necessary. To crucify him. Is what we are doing so necessary? Such a threat to the Kingdom of God. That they're looking for you. Verse 18, we can all draw close to him with the Vail removed from your faces. He said, I just want to draw close to the Lord. My knees should be closer to the Lord. We'll take the rug off your head. My gosh, you got. You got a war rug over here. You got three blankets and a tent. Get the veil off. I just want to be close to the Lord. Well, I mean, you're you're in a you're in a bunker. You come out and get some air, huh? Here we go. So remove from our face. And now watch this. And with no veil. With no veil. We all become like mirrors. And brightly what reflect the glory of the Lord Jesus. When we take our self, remove our thinking from the old covenant to the new covenant. From the old wine to the new wine, from the old wine skin to the new skin, from the laws unto the relationship from thou better not to Holy Spirit. Then we all become like reflectors of your vehicle that you're not. The power with the power source flows through you, and you reflect him. And the reflection that comes to you is what called what. Glory. It's called what you're going to reflect. Who? Jesus. Who is what? Ephesians one, The God of all glory. John 17. The night before his crucified, he prayed that we would be one with him, and he said the same glory that you sent me into this world with.


Pastor West: [01:34:34] He said, I pray that that saint, the same identical glory you sent me into this world with. I pray that you you put that same glory in them, that that you may be in them, and I and you, and they and me, and we in one, that we may be one. Amen. And then John 1723, in the New Living Translation, if you can stand it, and I should charge double for this, I should charge double for this, but I'm not going to. We receive the offering, but I should charge for this. John 1723, in the New Living Translation says, Jesus said in that prayer, and he says, and, father, show them. Tell them that you love them just as much as you love me. When I read that ten, 15 years ago when I read The New Living, I'd like to come unglued if you'd ask me, Does God love us? I said, well, sure. I mean, no. Do you think he really love us? Well, of course I do. I know he does. For God so loved the world. But still in my in my, my, my two covenant mind. My my cocktail mix. A brand of teaching, you know, cocktail with two covenants. I would never told you that the father loves you just the same as Jesus. Well, let me say it this way. God has no more love for Jesus. Zero. Zilch.


Pastor West: [01:35:59] He doesn't have an ounce more love for Jesus than he does for you. Then. Now, if I were to ask you, do you love your neighbor's kids as much as you love yours? If you were as honest with me, you say, well, I love them. I but I don't have the same feelings and we would all understand that. But the Lord don't. He don't understand it. You see, we don't really know much about this love. Jesus had revealed to them that you love them just as much as you love me, or you love me no more than you love them. How do you know that? Well, it's real simple. Who died for who? Who? Who gave who up? He didn't say, Jesus, take these sleeping pills and he'll go easy on you. But someone's got to die. He wasn't given a shot and put to sleep and said, well, we're going to we're going to call that death. Now he was tortured. Who loves who. Who died for who? So he says, when when that veil comes off of your mind, he says, all of a sudden you begin to reflect. The glory that's in Jesus starts oozing out of you, coming out of you. The same glory, the same Jesus. As we look in the mirror. We? What does the mirror do? It just reflects how. How many ever used the mirror? A mirror in your car or a compact mirror? You ladies and you know you're going somewhere. And you'll. You know you'll check your makeup or whatever. If we've been out in the wind.


Pastor West: [01:37:44] Your hair's everywhere. So. So does the mirror change anything by itself? I mean, when you got ready this morning, how many come here, if you don't mind me asking you. But. Well, I'll pray for the last two anyway. Today. But. But did you just put your your hair like this up? Go ahead. No, I parted on this side. Will that work? What? What does the mirror do? It just tells the story. It's just a reflection. We're not the source, but we're the reflection. Except that same power flows in you. Christ in you. The hope of glory. The hope of glory. Amen. So this is the last of that verse. It says we are being transfigured, which is the metamorphose into the very image. You're being transfigured into the very image as we move from one level of glory to another in this glorious transfiguration comes from the Lord, who is the spirit. So we are we are being metamorphosed, transfigured into what a better Christian Lord. I'm going to try to do better this year. He said, don't need you to. Don't need your best. You say I'm going to do the best I can. He don't want your can or my can, your can, my can he number the garbage can. He doesn't need your best leave your best life right now. No, he don't need your best life right now. It's his life. Amen. Paul said I died, but I'm alive. How? How did you die? And how are you alive? I died with Christ.


Pastor West: [01:39:30] Symbolically he did. He identified himself with his death. He said, but I've been raised to life and the life that I'm now living. I live by the faith of the Son of God, who gave his life as a ransom for me. So who and what are you identifying with? Praise God. Well, Hallelujah. Well praise God. Thank you Jesus. That's what he did for you. That's what he's doing for you right now. What is the glory? Well, it's it's a lot of things. It's its honor, its respect, its love, its majesty, its its weight, its influence, its abundance, its wealth, its deliverance, its all that. The. The weight. The cupboard or cupboard? Have you want to pronounce it? Is here. It's available to you at all times. What do we do? We just begin to stir ourself up and say, this is what happened. This is what Jesus did. This is the covenant that I live in. You say, well, I don't I don't feel like that. Well, our feelings will follow. You say? Well, I said, we've been failing to follow. Well I said, well does your. Does your finger hurt really bad right now I said and they said, well no, but if I, if I take a hammer and go. And I said, how about now? Well the feelings will follow, right. Well, if you just begin to you begin to meditate on what's already happened and who you are or already are. If you need feelings, if you if you have to have feelings and get in that department to be able to function, they'll come.


Pastor West: [01:41:13] But it'd be better for you just to know than to have to feel. See, that's the whole that's the biggest problem, I think with the church right now is they're all looking for feelings. We're all looking for things well, meaning people. I know, I know, they mean well. I'm not throwing stones at anyone. I would have been probably the leader of the club at one time, but. But we're all going to conference and we're going to the open Heaven conference. So it's closed. But yes, but we're going to have a conference and open it. So. So your conference opens heaven, which means right now it's out of business is closed, but this conference opens heaven. Or we're going to bombard the gates of heaven. Really. We're going to scale the walls of heaven like Navy Seals and bargain. And when we. And when and when we get over the gate and we run to the throne room, what are we going to do to God when we reach him? See, it's just it's just weird, crazy thinking people just why won't we just accept what Jesus has already done is to finish work and just live from the place of being finished that idea, and then come to a place of appreciation that says, regardless of what my experience has been and my feelings right now, this is what actually has happened. This is actually the truth. Amen. Am I boring? Y'all are y'all's mind, huh? Praise the Lord. Amen. Man, this is shouting grounds is what it is, huh? But sometimes when you hear something quite a bit.


Pastor West: [01:42:51] But it tastes quite a bit because you know how long the old covenant has been preached over and over and over and over and over and over. And you write songs as the deer pants. And there are in the Psalms. And we, Lord, create in me a clean heart. He well see. Maybe he thinks he did. Yeah, you're in the wrong covenant, you said. Well, David prayed it. David's not in your covenant. David was praying. God created me a clean heart. Are you the righteousness of God? Well, then, why would you be praying God? Creating you a clean heart. You're as righteous as Jesus. He imparted his righteousness to you. You're not David. Quit praying David's prayers. You say? Well, that's not very nice. We may not be, but it's accurate. You have to step up to a higher place. Huh? Far above all principality. All power. Almighty. All dominion. The devil is never going to take orders from a bunch of wimps. If you don't know who you are. He knows you don't have any authority. All he's got to do is bring a little commendation your way, get you to fall for something on Thursday, and he's got you down for three days because you're condemned. All right. All week long for what you did. But even when I make a mistake, even when I fail, even if I were to sin, even if I make a mistake the whole time, he's still under my foot.


Speaker2: [01:44:14] Amen.


Pastor West: [01:44:15] Even when I missed it, his position is still the same. Amen. Amen. Because I would have to ask you this. What did you do to become righteous? Mm. What act did you perform to become the righteous God? What did you do?


Speaker2: [01:44:30] Huh?


Pastor West: [01:44:31] No one's talking. No one's telling me anything. What did you do? What? What natural thing did you do to become the righteous of God? Then how did you lose it if you didn't do anything by your own will or by your own action to become that? How did you lose it? Well, I got mad cuffed and now I'm lost. Well, you need to stop that. Grace will help you. Yeah, but I said two dirty words. Well, quit talking dirty words. Jesus will help you. So? So you're not saved anymore? No, I can't be saved. Man. I didn't understand about this thing. I quit smoking 400,000 times. I used to say if I just had the money of the service that I bought after I quit. And the lighters, I didn't understand this thing. But we have more. We're in the covenant of the what? The more, the more, the more, the more the better. Covenant are. The more covenant are, the more. Anybody want any more? Yes. You ought to get a little bit more. Then you have to get a little bit more. You ought to have a little bit more. Yeah. Then you ought to have just a little bit more. Amen. Praise God.


Speaker2: [01:45:45] Lord.

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