Rev. Steve Sampson | Evening Service | 3Mar2024

Rev. Steve Sampson | Evening Service | 3Mar2024
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Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:00:01] Amen. Wow. That's you. Bless me. Thank you very much for that. And I do have the only military birthday in the year, March 4th. Okay. Anyway, um. I couldn't resist that. So, um. We had so much fun this morning. I have so much fun in church. I just love the body of Christ. In fact, when I minister, I start feeling this love for people that I can't put in words and. I don't feel that way in traffic, but I do feel I just, I think heaven is going to be full of just fellowship, you know, just a lot of fellowship. And yesterday we were we went to the men's thing at Michael Billings shared. And I took I took so many notes and I was sharing them with Melody this afternoon. But he just what a what some good, good, good truth. Thank you Lord. It was just brought so much understanding. I appreciate that so much. Amen. You were talking about how you and. Deb have coffee every day. So I have a rule about coffee. I only drink it if I'm alone or with someone and then say, man.


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:01:26] Help me Lord.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:01:29] This guy went to the doctor and he diagnosed him with something awful. And he said, you only have six months to live. He said, well, doctor, what am I to do? And he said. He said, I'll tell you what, you need to go out and find a woman out in the country who has six small children. And move in with her. And he said, well, doc, is that going to make me live longer? He said, no, but it'll seem like a lifetime. So. Um, anyway, I can't uh, this I got so amused with this pastor from Houston. Kerry shook. He's on TV a lot, but he said he was in his huge church, televised and everything, and he he had a guy in his church, got saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit and delivered from drugs and alcohol the whole thing. And so he says to the guy and he said, I really fought with it. But he said, I think I'm going to have the guy give his testimony in front of the whole church. And the guy, he went to the guy and said, would you would you be willing to give your testimony how God delivered you from drugs and alcohol? Oh yes, I would. And if it's okay, after I give my testimony, I'd like to do some palm reading. And he thought, yikes! He said, well, I'm not sure what you mean. He said, you know, I love palm 34 and I love palm 27. And anyway, there's a oh, so. Here's what I want to. I hope this is just will hit you good tonight, because I want to just share on this subject that every day. All day long God is trying to get you to receive.


Pastor Erik West: [00:03:23] Amen.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:03:25] I just think it's so important because I've noticed I was in a men's retreat in Rapid City, South Dakota, and there was 300 men there, and I was the only one with that wasn't wearing a cowboy hat because I looked stupid in the thing. But anyway. This doesn't happen to me very much, but I heard the Holy Spirit just like a whisper. There's a man here. His wife's name is Sharon. So when I got up to share and talking and I said, there's a man here. Your wife's name is Sharon. And you need to come up because she needs prayer and no response. So I thought, well, maybe something's wrong with the microphone. So I repeated it all again, no response. So after the meeting, I'm standing there and people are coming around. This one guy comes up and he says, could I talk to you a minute? And I said, sure. He says, well, you said, I'm the one. He said, my wife's name is Sharon. And I said, what's wrong with her? He said, she's only 40 years old and she's in just desperate, excruciating pain all the time.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:04:35] And I said, well, why didn't you receive? Why didn't you respond? He said. I don't know, he said. I'm a pretty self-absorbed person. I thought, yeah, you are, but it's like I call these things a silver platter. Healing God brings silver platters in our life a lot of times, and we forget. We dismiss it and we reject it. And the Holy Spirit is trying to get us to receive. And let me just give you this scripture that is so apropos to this, because he says, you all know it, but he was in the world. This is John 110. The world was made through him. The world did not know him. He came unto his own, and his own did not receive him, but as many as received him, to them he gave the right to become the children of God, to those who believe in his name, who were not, who were born, not of blood, nor the will of the flesh, nor the will of man, but of God. So I'm going to have you say a statement, "If you're not receiving."


Congregation: [00:05:44] "If you're not receiving.."


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:05:46] "You're not becoming."


Congregation: [00:05:48] "You're not becoming."


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:05:50] Because to become, you have to receive. As many as received him. He gave the power to become the sons of God. I think it's I think it's just incredible how many times a day God talks to us. And if we're not careful, we dismiss it. And I was in a meeting in Storm Lake, Iowa, and one night and and I've seen so many wonderful miracles. But there's a word that night, there's somebody here. You've been in some kind of accident and you've broken several bones, and God wants to heal you. You know, no response, which most times people respond. But this guy comes up afterwards and he says, he said, well, I was in a small plane crash and I broke 157 bones. And I said, why didn't you say something? And you know. It's like the guy who was a missionary in South America and he says. He thought he found this beautiful, exotic bird and he taught it to speak these languages. And anyway, he created it up, had it sent to the United States and. He contacted to his first gift for his mother, and he contacted her a little a few weeks later and he said, how did you like the bird? And she said, it was delicious. And. He said, I can't believe you ate it. I taught it to speak four languages. And she said, well, why didn't it say something, you know? And so we're to say, we're to say something.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:07:22] Hallelujah! I believe God's working on all of us to to just talk more, dialogue more and to start a conversation with people. You don't know how God will open a door. And, um, Bob Mumford was I don't know how many. Most of you have heard of Bob Mumford through the years, but he he had a prophet come to him and he says. I have a word for you. Bob Mumford were very popular speaker. In fact, he was Billy Graham's favorite pastor. And he said, well, what's the word? And he said, the word is, you know the words, you know the music, but you don't know how to dance. And I saw in the woman at the well. He taught her the words. She could hear the music and then he began to dance with her. If you knew who you were talking to, you'd be asking for living water. And I think a lot of times we're so religious, we don't know how to dance with people because there's a there's a flow, there's a rhythm, there's a, there's a Holy Spirit presence that will teach us how to engage with people. Hallelujah. So he came in, but as many as received him, to him he gave the right to become the children of God. I just challenge you. I promise you, every day God's trying to get you to receive.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:08:51] We have communion together every morning, and we didn't used to do that, but we just we just don't want to miss it anymore. But we just have communion. Just pray. Simple prayers. And it's amazing how the Holy Spirit will bring to mind people that need prayer and stuff. And it's just it's just so much fun. Um. The Holy Spirit talks to us always. I'll give you one more example of. Years ago. Britt. My daughter Brittany is 30 some years old now, but she was at a fourth grade class and the fourth grade class was going to go on a thing to Montgomery from Birmingham. She was at a Christian school, and I was one of the suckers that was going to chaperone. And so it's raining. And this little school teacher, she told everybody, she said she started to pray. She said, we need to pray before we go. And then she told the Lord it was raining. Of course, he had no idea, but she just really she just informed the Lord, Lord, it's raining today and Lord, we would really appreciate if you would when we get to Montgomery, if you would, if you would have the rain stop. So we can. So we can have the kids enjoy their picnic and have lunch and before they go tour the courthouses and everything. So I listen to that prayer and it poured down rain all the way to Montgomery.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:10:16] It just poured and poured. There's about six, 6 or 8 cars just we all drove down there. We pulled off the freeway to get into Montgomery and. The rain starts to slow down. We get up near the picnic area, the downtown Montgomery, and the rain stops. And the. And it was just a weird because it's like the the clouds pulled back. And it began to. The sun came out for about 20 minutes and everybody ate their junk food, you know, and and so forth. And then they get done eating and they're picking up their sacks to throw it in the trash. And as they're picking up their. Trash the clouds. Come back. And it starts to rain again. And I went to that teacher and I said, do you realize the Lord answered your prayer? Word for word as you ask. And she looked at me like I'd been smoking something. She had no clue. She had no clue. Melody's an occupational therapist by profession, and she's in a nursing home one day. And this girl, she's had a real lot of tragedies. She was just depressed beyond belief and a lot of pain. I believe you said. Pardon? A stroke. She'd had a stroke, and she was in a lot of pain and very, very depressed. And so Melody's, you know, she just said, could I pray with you? And the woman says.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:11:50] Okay. You know. And so, Melody, you just prayed for just prayed for healing, prayed for the depression to go and prayed for things. And the next day, Melody is back in that nursing home. And. She talks to the lady and the lady. It slips in. I don't understand what happened. Why am I not depressed anymore? I don't understand, I don't get it. And Melody was saying, well, we prayed the woman could not make the connection that God heard. And God answered yes. And more and more as I live, I realize God's trying to talk to us all the time. He's trying to insert things in us, and that's why the devil is is so big on distractions to try to get us so distracted. Have you ever gone to your cell phone and you're going to look up something on the internet? You're all ready. And then, oh, there's a text. And 30 minutes later you realize you never did look up what you were going to look up because you got distracted. I don't know if anybody has a cell phone here, but but the the the deal is. God wants us to receive. Because if we're receiving, then we're becoming. Hallelujah. Um. Jesus in Luke 13. Sits on the edge of the mountain around Israel. Jerusalem. And he says, Oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:13:20] How often I wanted to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, but you were not willing. See, your house is left to you desolate. And assuredly, I say to you, you shall not see me again until the time comes when you say, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. They wouldn't receive him. And we can be the same way. We can be guilty of not receiving because God is always up. And I've heard the Lord many ways many times over the 100 years, but it's always encouraging when the Lord talks to you, it's always encouraging. One thing I've learned is always be careful to to not reject the vessel, because sometimes we look at the vessel, but sometimes the most odd people come up and they have a true word from God. Now, I wouldn't want them on my board. You know, they're not balanced, but they sometimes somebody will just hear the Lord so clearly. It just leaves you in in shock. Eric Metaxas said, the most insidious lie we can believe about God. Is that he somehow against us. It's the very same lies that planted seeds of doubt and evil spirit in the Garden of Eden. We've doubted God's goodness ever since. He said this and I think this is so good. People don't reject God for who he is.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:14:46] They reject him for who he isn't. Because of many, God has been portrayed as certain ways, you know. And listen, this one and this is Luke five. It happened on a certain day as he was teaching. There were Pharisees and teachers of the law sitting by. Now notice that they were Pharisees and teachers of the law. They came to listen to Jesus. Pharisees. They came from every town out of Galilee, Judea and Jerusalem, and the power of the Lord was present to heal them. Can you see Jesus and God having a conversation? Let's heal some pointed headed Pharisees today. You know, let's just let's work on some Pharisees. Let's just heal them. And that was God's intention. The power of the Lord was present to heal them. Behold, they they men bought on a bed a man who was paralyzed. Whom they sought to bring in and lay before him when they could not find. How they brought him in because of the crowd. They went up to the housetop, let his bed down through the tiling, into the midst before Jesus. I love the next words. And when he saw their faith. Wow. They must have really loved that. Their friend. But he said. Man, your sins are forgiven you. And the scribes and Pharisees began to rebuke him. And who is this that speaks blasphemies? Jesus kind of mocks.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:16:16] He said, well, what's easier to say? Your sins are forgiven or rise up and walk. You know, it's so easy. And. But you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins. Said to the paralyzed man, get up and walk. And the man took off. Now here's the thing God's presence was there to heal Pharisees. And teachers of the law, and no one was healed because their mind aborted it. I don't want to abort. What God is doing. Because it's real easy. The Bible is really full of abortions. Let down your nets for a catch. Jesus said Luke five. Well, we've been out here all night. Abortion. Abortion. Abortion. Nevertheless, because you said it, he broke the abortion. Second Kings five. Naaman the Syrian. He was furious because he came down to get healed. And it was a wonderful story how he was full of leprosy. And yet he heard this teenage girl say, that boy, if he was, he would be in Israel. He'd get healed of his leprosy. And and so he goes down. It said he had an entourage, but a group of whatever they were with the chariots, and they pulled up in front of. The Prophet's house. It didn't say if it was a three bedroom or a four bedroom, but. But they pulled up in front of the Prophet's house. And what's interesting is the prophet did not come out, but he sent a messenger out with pimples, I think.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:17:54] But he was just probably had a squeaky voice, probably a nerdy looking or something, I don't know. But he said, here's the word of the Lord. Go down to the River Jordan and dip in it seven times and your skin will be brand new. What was his response? Naaman the Syrian was furious. Why? Because his brain didn't like the way God was doing it. And he had some anti-abortionists there. And they said, if the prophet had told you something hard, you would have done it. Why can't you do it? He tells you something easy, and they talked him into it. They stopped an abortion because he was saying Naaman the Syrian was saying, I'd rather keep my leprosy. Then be wrong. And that's it. I'd rather keep this four stage cancer then have to admit I'm wrong. But he dipped seven times. Interesting. Nothing happened on the first six dips, but on that seventh dip, he got brand new skin. I've seen that happen in meetings over the years. I had a friend come to when I was pastoring in Beaumont, Texas, and his name was Bernie Davis, and he would come in the meetings and people would get healed of skin conditions. I mean, 20 people. And so I said, would you pray for me that I can flow in that gift? And so he did.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:19:23] He prayed, Lord, blessed me with this gift that was about it. And so over the years I've been in meetings. One night I was in little Rock. And the meeting was over. And of course God can't move after the meeting is over. But but by the way, there's a somebody here that has a real bad foot fungus and God is healing it. That was it. No. No prayer. Nothing. So this young man who's on a the a star on the local high school basketball team, he gets home and he has horrible foot fungus, but he he gets home and takes his boots off and he's got brand new skin on both feet. The whole basketball team got saved because they all knew it and made fun of him. And they all saw that brand new skin on his feet. So God's trying to get to us. Yeah, I believe the Holy Spirit wants to move all the time. I believe in were to preach. I believe we're to exhort. We're to to to just preach the word. But I believe that there has to be room to let the Holy Spirit move. You know, the moon has no light of itself. The moon has zero light. The only light the moon has. It's a reflection of the sun. You have nothing to offer anyone except unless you've received it from God.


Pastor Erik West: [00:20:42] Amen.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:20:44] Jesus said he sent out the 12. This is Matthew ten commanded them, saying, do not go into the way of the Gentiles. Do not enter a city of the Samaritans, but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. And as you go, preach, saying, the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers. Raise the dead, cast out demons freely as you have received, freely give. I was reading through the New Testament a number, what, a number of years ago. But it was it was interesting to me that Jesus never prayed for anyone. The only time he prayed was at the tomb of Lazarus. And then he said, Lord, I don't need to be praying this prayer. I know you've already heard me, but I'm just doing it because people need to see me act religious. And and then he called of Lazarus. But you know what? He never told you to pray. He didn't tell you to pray? He said, lay hands on the sick and they will recover. He didn't say you'd have to pray. Now we do this a lot of times we here's how we pray most of the time. I think this is a credit card here. And we pray for somebody and we say in the name of visa, I said, in Visa's name, yes, in the name of visa. If you do that in a store, they're going to call security.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:22:12] But yet we do that because, you know, here's a bold statement in your Christian life you would never again have to use in the name of Jesus. You'd never have to say that because you're in the name of Jesus. Yeah. Melody doesn't go to the clerk and say, I said in the name of my husband. No. It works. Sorry to say that. She can just hand him the card, but we're in his name. We're in connection to his name. It's not. You know, it's okay to say the name of Jesus, but it's the fact that we're already in the name of Jesus. Wow. Pastor from Kansas City. He and I went down to the supposedly Lakeland, Florida revival that was real popular. How many years ago was that? Anyway, we went down there twice, and the first time we went down there and. It was. Our spirits were checked and didn't know why. A lot of people, a lot of drama, a lot of preaching, a lot of hype and. He looked at me and said, do you feel anything? I said, I don't. He's. And I said, I don't either. And after that preacher got done, they said, now we're going to have a bunch of well known figures and named a bunch of famous preachers and said, now they're going to come, they're going to come in three weeks from now, and they're going to put their hand of blessing on this revival and declared a revival from God.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:23:45] And what came up in my spirit, you shouldn't do it. You shouldn't do it. The pastor had been having an affair with the girl there and he was a miss. I'm sure he loves God going to heaven and all that, but but it was something was really off and it just hit us both wrong. You can trust the Holy Spirit in you. The Holy Spirit in you is right. He's right. He thinks he's right. He knows he's right. That's right. That's when I say when a word of prophecy comes. God thinks he's right. It just going to happen. That night. We were both so kind of discouraged. We went out and we were standing out there in the Florida, the beautiful sky, and we were looking at the Big Dipper and the small Dipper. And my friend said something so profound. He said, isn't that just like the Lord he's trying to pour out? There's a big dipper in the sky he's trying to pour out. Little dipper, big dipper. He's pouring us out. He's pouring out to us. Hallelujah! I love to teach about crowds because. Of course I love to say this many times preachers love crowds, but they don't like people. But it's interesting if you ever study this, how there's crowds to be dealt with.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:25:08] And the only place in life where there's not a crowd is the salad bar and the exercise room. Every other place you're going to have to deal with a crowd. Well, Jesus had to. It says that. The people had to press through a crowd. I'm sure it was difficult to even get very close to him at all. The thousands of people lined up to hear him and so forth. But the woman with the issue of blood. Her challenge was not just to get touch Jesus, but to get through the crowd because there's always a crowd standing in your way. And I find in life you're always having to deal with crowds. Sometimes I drive from Birmingham to. Greenville, where I preach, and you got to get through Atlanta, and it's like it's the closest thing to torture you can come to. But there's like there's like 30 or 40 minutes there, just horrible traffic. And when you finally get beyond the traffic and get past Jimmy Carter Boulevard, it starts to let up and you feel like they should be handing out some kind of gift or something, because I made it through. And I believe the devil knows most of us don't like crowds. And so we don't fight. We don't push. That woman had to push beyond a lot of people. I think there's faces in the crowd. I think some of the crowds are unbelief.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:26:41] I think one of the biggest people in the crowd is unworthiness. You don't deserve it. You have an odd shaped head. You know, whatever it is you there's there's always something. But you see what I'm saying? You have to press through every member of the crowd that's in front of you. And that'll hit most of us, because there's a thing there. Who do you think you are? You're not worthy. God doesn't want you to have that. And those are members of the crowd that you got to press through. I like the crowd that was so big in that house we talked about a minute ago. The crowd was so thick that they couldn't get their friend in, so they got up on the roof. Probably had to go to Home Depot and get new tile and everything, but but what amazing thing is. Because. That woman pressed through. So we were talking about what? What keeps us from receiving. I wrote down a bunch of things. Unworthiness, shame. Condemnation. Pride. Self-sufficiency. I'll get it worked out, you know. I think God hates self-sufficiency. False humility. Wrong thinking God gave this to me. You know how many have heard that one? Distractions. Lack of understanding of the love of God. The analytical mind. This brain is called an abortionist. What did the Lord say to you? Melody, one day you're going to your head for all the answers.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:28:15] That's where all the garbage is. One that you. Yeah. We feel we have to do something to deserve it. In Birmingham years ago. There was this. Man who is dying of cancer, and he was invited to one of those big churches up north. And. And when he comes in there, because somebody said, if you go to that church, you'll get healed of cancer. And so this guy drives in and some usher, well, meaning in the parking lot, said, you can't park there. And they got into a squabble over parking and the guy with cancer left his chance to be healed. But somebody was being so religious they wouldn't let him park there. Dear God, help us. So many times there's something there that we have to realize that God is trying to get us to receive. The devil's trying to get us not to receive. So what are we receiving? We're receiving salvation. We're receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We're receiving healing. We're receiving guidance. We're receiving purpose. We're receiving strength. We're receiving freedom. Correction. Revelation and understanding. And Melody was telling me this this afternoon, one thing that we're receiving is truth. Because it's the truth that makes us free. And many times people have an identity issue because they've never received their new identity. You talked about that a lot yesterday. We have a new identity.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:29:55] And most people cannot receive correction because they take it as rejection. And so instead of receiving it, we shove it away. But Melody's ministry is to women that have had horrible abuse. Horrible abuse. Many times it's verbal, sometimes it's physical, but. But they build up. An immunity to that, and you have to be willing to receive. God, I may be the one here needing help. I may be the one that is hurting. And so there's a stronghold of unworthiness in about everybody that has to be broken. He says in Hebrews 12, yet more. This indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken as of the things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and fear. When I was pastoring. One day a guy came in and he he he just started prophesying like he's never been there before. He just just blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and just prophesies. And it was bad that one of the elders said what made him come in and hiss in our pit, you know, that kind of thing. But it was it was bad the way the guy did it. So I went to the guy afterwards. I said, well, I'm glad you're here today, but where is your church? And he said these words he says.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:31:35] I am not a member of any church. I'm a member of the Body of Christ. And if I get insulted on Monday, usually I don't know it till Friday. I'm just not quick that way. But I heard these words coming out of me. I said, that's like saying I'm not a part of a family. I'm just a member of the human race. Wow. Of course, he wouldn't receive any correction. David knew how to receive forgiveness. Against you. I've sinned, he says, and done this evil in thy sight. Wow. You know. We all know the scripture in James. That said, if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach. It will be given. But let him ask in faith with no doubting, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. Let not that man suppose he will receive anything from the Lord. For he is a double minded man. What's a double minded man? It's a man with two minds. He has two mind. One mind says. I'm going to follow God. The other mind says. I'm not sure. Put it like this. In the same text he says, be doers of the word and not hearers, deceiving your pastor and his entire staff.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:33:00] No, they. Be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he's like a man observing his natural face in the mirror. He observes himself and he goes away and immediately forgets what kind of man he was. So you can look at it two ways. You get up. You go look in the mirror. And the Holy Spirit says. Your mind. You belong to me. You're my son. You're my daughter. I love you, I've accepted you. And we look in the mirror and we say, that's it. And then we walk away and forget. And we say. I feel like a failure. I just feel like a slob, you know? Or. You go look in that mirror and the Holy Spirit sweetly says, you got a problem with fear. You've got a problem with pride. And we say, Holy Spirit, you're right. I'm going to work on that. I've got a problem with fear and pride. And we walk away forgetting what God said. But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues it, and is not a forgetful here, but a doer of that work. This one will be blessed. In what he does. Wow. One of Billy Graham's favorite jokes was.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:34:36] This long winded preacher. He just preaching and preaching. He didn't stop. And finally one of the other men on the platform threw a hymn book and and he hit he missed the man and hit a lady on the front row, and she's blacking out. But as she's going down, she's. She said, hit me again. I can still hear him. But, you know, I go to churches a lot of times and, you know, I have a little bit of a reputation, but. Sometimes these people have this attitude. If Steve can touch me, I'll be healed. And I want to say what I do say is, I am so sorry I left my magic womb. Magic wand in the room. People think it's magic. It isn't magic. It's being receptive. Hallelujah. I stand there in Amarillo and talking to a girl a few months ago. And. She said you were here years ago. And you said. She said. I'm a dental hygienist. And she said every time I put latex gloves on, my whole skin and arm, my hands break out in this terrible rash. I stand there minding my own business and I just like somebody here, is being healed of an allergy to latex.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:36:03] Who could come up with that? Anyway, she never had another problem. Ever. So praise God. I appreciate Melody because a few months ago. We went out and you get the mail, and the mail was like, stacked this high and set it on the counter. Came in later. I said, where's the mail? She said, I threw it away. She said it was all junk. In the Holy Spirit said to me, most of your thoughts are junk mail. We got to quit receiving junk mail. As at this church and this guy, this pastor said, now they call me. Apostle Bishop Jackson. You said, how would you like me to address you? I said, Steve. Wow. But anyway, God is good. Hallelujah. I'm kind of in a silly mood tonight. Like. I accuse Melody this, but it isn't true. But she said, I eat like a bird, like a vulture. Now we do have a melody, and I do have a tradition. When we go out to eat, I always order for her. Just a tradition. But. But there's more than that. The reason I do is because it's so hard for her to yell across the car into the speakerphone, so I order. I order for her. Anyway. Anyway. 


Congregation: [00:38:07] **laughter**


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:38:17] What is wrong? 


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:38:18] Yeah **laughing**


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:38:22] My favorite preaching story is the two guys that were on lunch hour. They'd worked all morning and they opened their lunch pails at noon and. One of the guys opens his lunch pail and he just right away. Not more baloney. I get so sick of baloney every day. Baloney. His friends said, why don't you get your wife to make you something else? He said, well, I'm not married. So most of the baloney in our lives is our own doing.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:39:01] Wow.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:39:04] But anyway, remember, Stephen, he said, you always resist the Holy Spirit, just like your fathers did. I'm trying to take on a lifestyle, and I'm working on it. Believe me, everything I preach, I'm so guilty of it. But I want to be more receptive because think about it every day, 24 hours a day. God's trying to get you to receive. It's good to go to bed at night and say, God, don't let me just sleep. Give me a dream. God will give you a dream if you ask him. And don't be stubborn. Psalm 32 I will guide you with my eye. Only don't be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding, which must be harnessed with bit and bridle, so we can grow into being more receptive. Be like a little child. And receive. Give us this day our daily bread. Because God has something to give us. Wow.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:40:03] So anyway, there's a whole lot there. I'm just so mindful of that Big Dipper, though. God's always trying to pour out. He's always trying to give us. So there's somebody here tonight that, um. You're bound with fear. And during the worship. As I was hearing the Lord say this, he said, the root of it is a lack of trust. You're full of fear. It's a demon spirit that is bound you and kept you from receiving. It's just fear. It's a bluff. It's a lie of the enemy. But it's rooted in the lack of trust. And so I believe God is doing a divine exchange in you tonight to say. Trust me. Trust me.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:41:01] That's for somebody here. I don't know who it is, but it's for somebody. You're full of fear. You're full of fear about everything. And it's a lie from hell. But the antidote is to say, God, I'm going to choose to trust you. What's the worst that can happen? The worst that can happen is nothing. You know, when I obey God, I try my best to obey God. You know, I have to say to the devil, what's the worst that can happen? Most churches, nothing's happening anyway. So we want to just be so bold, okay? God, we're going to trust you. We're going to trust you.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:41:43] I want to pray for four people that have had. You have neck issues not necking, but neck issues. Uh, there's four of you. But one of you. It was an injury. It was a bad injury. But God's going to heal you tonight. So if you're one of those with neck issues, I want you to come up. And the one that has had one where your neck neck was caused by an injury, that was you. Okay, we're going to pray with you. So there should be four of you. One, two, three. Should have one more. These are all these guys are here to catch you. And I'm going to if I can, I'm going to push you. Uh, but, uh, anyway, was this an injury for you, too, or just.


Elliot: [00:42:41] No major injury. But I've tossed around a lot in the military. That's my suspicion on it, but.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:42:46] Yeah, but anyway, God's going to take care of it, so. 


Elliot: [00:42:48] Yes sir.


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:42:48] Yay!


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:42:49] Yeah. So, Holy Spirit, we thank you for healing, Elliot tonight.


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:42:53] Thank you.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:42:54] Lord, we're doing this out of your command, not out of our own. And we command this neck issue to be healed, to submit to Jesus Christ, to submit to the Holy Spirit and Lord, that his neck will be in a perfect alignment with you, Lord. We declare it in Jesus name. We declare it in Jesus name. Receive it. Thank you Jesus. The second half of this year. God's going to put things in your hands. That are gifts from him. Just different things. So get ready. Hallelujah! Now I get 10%.


Elliot: [00:43:31] Yes, sir.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:43:31] Okay. Um, yours was an injury.


Pam: [00:43:35] Yes, I believe it was when my horse threw me and I landed on my head.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:43:39] Well, that would cause. Yeah.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:43:41] So how long ago was this?


Pam: [00:43:42] Um, the 80s.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:43:44] In the 80s? Wow. Is your name Pam? Is that right?


Pam: [00:43:48] Mhmm


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:43:48] Yeah. So, Lord, we thank you for Pam. And we thank you, Lord, for healing her neck. Oh, God. And, Lord, we. You said that the one person that it was caused by an injury, you're going to take care of her. And so, Lord, we thank you for Pam. And Lord, we bless her to be totally, perfectly healed of this in the name of Jesus Christ.


Pam: [00:44:10] Thank you Lord.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:44:11] And I want to tell you something about your life. Uh, your your roommate back here.


Pam: [00:44:17] Yeah.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:44:18] Yeah, come up here a second, but I just here's what I'm seeing. I'm seeing a whole bunch of relatives, like, coming into the kingdom.


Pam: [00:44:26] Oh, praise God.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:44:27] This is going to happen. You're going to see God bring unsaved, uninterested, un hungry into the kingdom. So, Lord, we just receive what you're saying right now. We receive all these relatives that are stiff necked and stubborn and hardened heart. We we demand that the heaviness, the blindness comes off them and that they receive in Jesus name.


Pam: [00:44:52] Jesus.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:44:52] We thank you Lord for it. We thank you Lord for it. Hallelujah!


Pam: [00:44:58] Thank you Lord.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:44:59] You know what I hear about you guys?


Pam: [00:45:01] Jesus!


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:45:02] The Lord saying you're in hot pursuit. You're in hot pursuit of God. You really are. And I have no opinion in this matter, but the Holy Spirit thinks he's right.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:45:12] So this is a neck issue? What's the deal?


Roger: [00:45:16] Um, I've had nick issues all my life.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:45:18] All your life?


Roger: [00:45:19] But I have been, uh, have a compression injury from the last few years of work.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:45:23] Okay. Tell me your first name again.


Roger: [00:45:26] Roger.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:45:27] Roger. Well, Lord, we bless Roger tonight. We all in our agreement that whatever this injury was, whatever this issue was, with all these neck issues, all these years, we declare him blessed. We declare tonight your healing him. And, Lord, we thank you for the perfect work of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. We thank you, Holy Spirit. We thank you, Holy Spirit, for working mightily so much that Roger's going to have to find something else to complain about. Lord. Amen. Amen. I believe God, and I believe God because he said it. Hallelujah.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:46:05] It seems like there should have been one more. Oh, here you are. Okay. First name again?


Amy: [00:46:10] It's Amy.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:46:11] Amy.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:46:13] Neck issues? Neck injury? Neck..


Amy: [00:46:17] Um. It's a bulging disc.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:46:19] Bulging disc. Okay. Lord. You see Amy here. And, Lord, we just agree that this is your idea, not ours. And we declare that Amy's healed tonight. Healed tonight. She's healed completely. Lord, we we declare this neck issue dismissed from her life. And, Lord, that she will be free from this kind of pain, this aggravation, this frustration once and for all. Thank you Lord.


Amy: [00:46:50] Thank you Lord I receive it in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:46:53] You are so important to God. I don't know why I want to say that, but you really are. You're very important to God. It's almost like he loves you. So thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord. Amen.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:47:06] So God thinks he's right. I just love that. I love the prophetic because God says things. Um. This. I could be full of baloney, but I want to pray for one person that I feel like you've never been on an airplane, and you've you kind of deal with a fear of flying. Does that fit anybody here? You've never been on an airplane inside the airplane. Anybody here like that? Anybody that's been on an airplane. But you deal with a fear of flying. Does that does that fit you? Okay. It doesn't hurt my feelings at all, but that's just the way it came to me. So we just trust God to take care of it. Hallelujah. My friend Kevin, who pastors in Bedford, Indiana, I've talked to you about him before, but he prays with me every Saturday night and just said, how can I pray? He said, where are you preaching? You know, this kind of stuff. But he'd come to a meeting in 1994, and he only came because he was bribed by a friend that had done him a favor and said, I want you to come to this meeting in Loogootee, Indiana. So Kevin, reluctantly, because this guy had done him a favor, he came to the meeting. He hated church. He hated preachers. He hated it all. And that night. He got healed in his back.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:48:38] Now his back was so bad that every morning. His wife for the 18 years of their marriage, every single morning, without an exception. It took her two hours to get him out of bed. And that night, God healed him in five seconds. And it was so cool. But because he hated church, now he's a pastor and he's he'll prophesy to you and I would. I took him with me to Australia and I said. If you need a word, go to Kevin because that guy can hear God. And so he took a lot of pressure off me. But, um. Anyway. Last night he prayed with me and he said, there's going to be somebody in this church today that you're being healed of. How do you say diverticulitis? I don't know what it is, but if that pertains to you, if you've struggled in that area, then that's a word from God through him whose thousand miles away. But. You're being healed of that. So it's really important to receive even though you don't may not understand it, just receive. Hallelujah.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:50:02] Can I pray for this girl in the black here? Would you let me pray for you? Because God's doing something wonderful for you tonight, and I can. I just feel it all night. And all you have to do is receive. Because God's. God's responsible. Your first name is?


Lexi: [00:50:17] Lexi.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:50:18] Lexi, I love that. Lord, we bless Lexie tonight. We bless her for freedom from any any inhibition, any concern, any fear, any torment. And Lord, we bless her. We bless her future. We bless all that she puts her hands to, that it will prosper. And the Lord is going to take you through some doors that are going to be perfect, a perfect fit for you. And he's going to order your steps for you to be at the right place at the right time. And he's going to give you the desires of your heart. And I want to tell you something. You will fear nothing. You will fear nothing because the Lord is with you and he is your best friend. I'll say it again. He is your best friend and he has your best. In mind. For you and what I hear also, you're not going to miss it. Hallelujah. You're not going to miss it. God bless you.


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:51:25] Yay, glory!


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:51:26] Glory to God. Glory to God. And. You don't have to come up here on this, but there's somebody. You itch all the time. You just itch. In fact, I'd rather you didn't, but, uh, you. But but God, is it just like something in your skin. You just itch and itching all the time. Now, I'm hearing this from the Lord. So if that's you receive, all you have to do is receive. Don't analyze it. Just receive it. And I do want all those that have hemorrhoids. If you'll come up here, I'll just, uh. But I'll tell you, there's a goodness of God. I pray this is just imparted to you tonight, 24 hours a day. God is trying to get you to receive.


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:52:11] Absolutely.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:52:12] And we're going to start seeing more miracles. We really are.


[00:52:17] **speaking to Pastor West at this time**


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:52:18] That word I had this morning about the I saw that net being given to you. Enlargement, influence. Man, is that real. So let's just pray for Pastor and Michelle. God we just thank you Lord for them both. We thank you for this net you're giving them. We thank you Lord for their future. We thank you for the increase. We thank you, Lord, for that enlargement that you're doing that has nothing to do with their efforts, nothing to do with their sweat. But it's just your mighty hand doing it. And we thank you, Lord. We rejoice in that, that you are performing this. You know, it's real sweet, but I just see the volume. The volume thing on a radio like that. But it's being turned up. Your ability to hear the Lord is just really being turned up. And I guarantee you, before 2024 is over. Thank you. Lord. You're going to realize that you've been given a brand new net. A big net, big sucker.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:53:18] And Lord, we thank you for healing. We thank you Lord. Thank you for the healing pastor needs. And Lord, we just pray for the oil of the Holy Spirit just to pour into every nerve in his body, every bit of his spine. And Lord, we thank you for all the people that have prayed and prayed and prayed for him. But Lord, tonight we're just asking that that you're helping him just to receive, receive, receive, receive. We thank you for the oil of the Holy Ghost. Man. I felt that power hit me like I'm going to fall down. Jesus. Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus. Oh thank you Jesus. Wow man, my knees went out from under me. God, I thank you for this. I thank you for the healing in Jesus name. I thank you for the healing to every fiber of his being. Oh God, thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Pastor Michael, come here my my brother here. Pastor, just let's let's just pray because the power of God is here. I mean, his power. His power is. 


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:54:20] Jesus name.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:54:20] Is here. Jesus name. Jesus. 


EDITOR NOTE: [00:54:23] ***multiple people speaking in other tongues, the A.I. doesn't know what to make of this***


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:54:23] He. De de.


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:54:25] De.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:54:25] De de de.


Pastor Randy Green: [00:54:28] De de. De de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de. De. De. De Colima. Oh, look at here, Kitty. Kitty, kitty. Kitty, kitty kitty kitty kitty sham bram jah or Jesus?


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:55:04] We say Yes, Lord. Yes.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:55:05] Yes Lord. Yes Lord. Yes Lord, yes Lord.


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:55:08] We say yes. Yes. We receive this this.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:55:10] Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord.


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:55:11] Full strength. Full, full strength.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:55:14] Thank you Lord. In Jesus.


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:55:15] Name.


Pastor Randy Green: [00:55:18] Son, Lord. Hallelujah!


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:55:23] Well, yay.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:55:24] You were saying in tongues, but you were saying just like the eagle can rise. So I'm causing you to rise. And that there the the strength, the unlimited strength of an eagle is how you're doing in him. That's as close as I could get it. But, man, that was real. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.


Pastor Michelle West: [00:55:50] Thank you Jesus.


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:55:52] It's a great day. Yes.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:55:54] I can't tell you in 20 years I've never had that happen. But the power of God literally knocking me down, I because that's as emotional as I get. But man, the power of God is here. He's here.


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:56:07] Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Praise you.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:56:13] There's somebody else here tonight that is being healed on their bladder. There's like been an infection. There's been an issue. And the power of God is healing your bladder tonight. And we thank you, Lord. That person that's been tormented with fear. It's just like a spirit of fear and confusion. That thing is dismissed from you tonight. We thank you, Jesus. Whoever that person is, don't let them miss it. Don't let them miss it. God. We agree in Jesus name. Thank you Lord. Praise. Thank you Lord. Every tongue that has come to judge you. Is being condemned. I don't know what this is about, but it's like there was a verbal attack and it's being cancelled. It's just being cancelled.


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:57:08] Thank you, Lord Jesus.


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:57:09] Thank you, thank you. Wow, I receive it. Yes. Freedom.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:57:13] Yes. Freedom. Freedom, freedom.


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:57:16] Amen.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:57:16] You're so protected. It's just ridiculous. I mean, you just. You got so many angelic help around you. Praise God.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:57:24] Man, my knees are shaking. I just can't get over that. I never had that happen. It was just. It's from God, you know, I don't doesn't have anything to do with me. It just. I was just trying to mind my own business and pray. Goodness gracious.


Pastor Michelle West: [00:57:40] Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:57:43] Thank you Lord. Thank you.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:57:45] Let's pray for. Randy. And your roommate is?


Pastor Randy Green: [00:57:48] Mary.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:57:49] Mary. Randy and Mary. Lord, we thank you for Randy and Mary tonight. We just thank you for their lives. They're so dedicated to you, God. Lord, we just thank you for. You know, I keep seeing this nest like a big old nest. That is being enlarged. Enlarged. Enlarged. Enlarged. And God, I just thank you for that increase. Whatever God's doing, you're not going to be able to hold it anymore. It's it's just like it's there's not enough room. So I don't know what this is about, but I just I know it's from God and he's given. Increase. Hallelujah. Increase. Thank you. Lord. Increase. Everyone around you. Is going to be surrendered to the Lord. I don't know how many kids you have or anything, but they're all going to pardon?


Pastor Randy Green: [00:58:46] Four.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:58:46] Four.


Pastor Randy Green: [00:58:47] Kids and grandkids.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:58:48] They're all going to serve the Lord.


Pastor Randy Green: [00:58:49] Amen. Yes, sir.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:58:50] And the grandkids too!


Pastor Randy Green: [00:58:51] Yes. Thank you Lord.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:58:52] Jesus. Wow. That's real. Oh, yeah. It's real. Hallelujah.


Pastor Randy Green: [00:58:58] Thank you. Praise God, thank you.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:59:00] I always say God thinks he's right. Yeah. Hallelujah. We'll let him think so.


Pastor Michael Billings: [00:59:05] Amen.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:59:06] Man. My knees, I just I wouldn't trade that experience for anything, but that was like. Whoa! How's your wife? We pray for your wife this morning. She better.


Logan: [00:59:19] She's doing a lot better.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:59:20] A lot better. Thank you. Jesus. It's still in my knees. I'm sorry. Good grief.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:59:29] I can't. I don't make things up. Believe me, I just. I'm just a little tipsy here. Thank you. Lord. Lord, we just thank you for brother and sister Avery. We thank you, Lord, for their sweet commitment. We thank you, Lord, for their determination and their endurance and Lord. That they've served you for the long haul. Oh, God, we thank you. I hear the Lord saying, get ready for good news. Get ready for good news. There's going to be three. Uh, situations of extra good news this year. Just that it's going to just come and it's by the Holy Ghost. And you can't do one thing about it. So, Holy Spirit, we embrace good news, good news. I feel some of it concerning family members. I just feel this amazing good news coming. So thank you Jesus. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Yes, thank you, Holy Spirit. Thank you. And you're going to get noticed for what God's put in you. You're going to be noticed. You can't do it, but God's going to do it. Hallelujah! Yes! Oh, man. That's the last time I'm praying for him. I can't. Get that. Wow. It's amazing. Wow. Oh.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:00:59] Kristen, come on up here. And I want. I want to pray for my sweet. Is your name again? First name?


Susan: [01:01:07] Susan.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:01:07] Susan. That's your final answer.


Susan: [01:01:09] Yeah.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:01:12] Goodness gracious. I don't know when I felt the power of God. Like, I can't get over it. I can't ask you how old you are, but I can say, how much do you weigh? So I'm. 


Susan: [01:01:25] Not enough.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:01:26] Not enough? Not enough.


Pastor Michael Billings: [01:01:28] Amen.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:01:29] Susan.


Susan: [01:01:30] Yes, but I am 75.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:01:32] You are? Well, we didn't need to know that. But but but you are. When was your birthday?


Susan: [01:01:37] January 29th.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:01:39] Wow. 75 and two months. So, Lord, we thank you for Susan tonight. We thank you, Lord, for your hand on her. You know, you've done a lot of good. I can just see there's been there's so much seed in the ground and there's so much that you're going to reap and you're. Journey has not been easy, but the Lord keeps good records and he keeps track of things. And there's, uh, there's just a lot of reaping going to take place. You're going to reap some good things from seed you've sown. So we thank you, Lord. We thank you, Lord. I'm asking the Lord about this year for you. And I hear him say exceptional, exceptional year. Praise God.


Susan: [01:02:32] Thank you.


Pastor Randy Green: [01:02:33] And sweet, sweet Holy Spirit. Hallelujah!


Pastor Michael Billings: [01:02:36] Thank you Lord.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:02:39] It's going to be an exceptional year. No, Holy Spirit doesn't lie, so get ready. And I love it. I still kind of curious what she weighs, but the. You got to be careful who you ask that of. So everybody. Everybody. Yeah. I went to the doctor and he said, what are you weighing? And they weighed me. And the doctor said, £150. And then he said, let's see what the other leg weighs. And.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:03:16] Lord, we thank you for Kristen. We thank you for her life. We thank you, Lord, for the the fresh impartation to her and the the hunger in her. Sweet Holy Spirit. God's going to maximize opportunities. He's going to maximize for you. The potential, the possibilities, the the way he's leading you. There's a way your life is going to touch the world. It really is. There's a way that God's going to give you things that will just touch multitudes of people. So, Holy Spirit, we thank you for that. We thank you for that. We thank you for that. We thank you for that. You know, I see the Lord. He's so at home with you in your household. He's so at home there. And there's a sweetness of his presence. But get ready for downloads because the Holy Spirit's going to tell you stuff, show you things not going to be difficult. It's going to be just sweet flow. But when I hear the Lord, if I don't write it down, I'll forget it. But be sure to write it down because he comes that way. I don't know what you see in Elliot, but I know there's good things there, so praise God.


Kristen: [01:04:51] Thank you!


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:04:55] I think of God's sense of humor, you know, like Philip. Hey. Hey, Philip. Where are we going? Where are we going? To buy enough food to feed all these people. He was just playing with Philip's brain a little bit, and he said, you know, Philip said, well, if we had a whole lot, we couldn't feed a few, you know? Jesus rolls his eyes and tells everybody to sit down and. Wow. Thank you Jesus.


Pastor Michelle West: [01:05:21] Thank you Jesus.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:05:23] Sweet Holy Spirit, we thank you. We thank you. We thank you. Um. The twisted. There's two people I want to pray real quick during the worship. I listen and I hear about you have a twisted ankle. I don't know what happened to your ankle, but it seems like it's still you have to be careful not to put a lot of weight on it. And we're going to pray about you. And then we're going to pray for somebody that has has a broken foot. It seems like a like a bowling ball or something fell on your foot, but your foot still, it's way too sensitive and it gives you trouble. So who are those two people? Thank you Lord. Are you? You see, pointing to you. Yeah. We'll come here. Is this an ankle or foot? Yeah. Was that an accident or. Yeah.


Pastor Randy Green: [01:06:21] Well a ladder.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:06:23] Ladder? Well, you should be more careful. 


Pastor Randy Green: [01:06:24] Oh I am.


Pastor Michael Billings: [01:06:28] Well, yay.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:06:29] Well, Lord, we thank you for Randy. We thank you for healing this. Whatever damage was done to his ankle. We thank you for a complete healing, a complete healing, a complete healing.


Pastor Randy Green: [01:06:39] Thank you.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:06:40] Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. I see you reading more. Reading like devouring reading. But then I also see you. You're going to do some writing things God gives you. Hallelujah.


Pastor Randy Green: [01:06:59] Amen.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:07:00]  You got a lot to give. You got a lot in you. Praise God, stay here. Let me. Let's pray for these two.


Barbara: [01:07:07] They say it's a left sprain in the ankle. I don't know what I did.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:07:10] You sprained your ankle.


Barbara: [01:07:12] Some how.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:07:13] How long. Has it been that way?


Barbara: [01:07:14] About eight weeks now.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:07:15] Eight weeks. So, Lord, we just declare this ankle healed as ankle whole. We declare it done in Jesus name. In Jesus name. 


EDITOR NOTE: [01:07:25] ***speaking in tongues***


Pastor Randy Green: [01:07:25] Casa Loma de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de. De. Paco. De. Lucia. Acoustic. Same book. Lucas.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:07:46] I don't know why I can hear, I can hear. Nothing is impossible with God. For nothing is impossible. My hand is not shortened. That's what he's saying. Hallelujah!


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:07:59] What's this? Your ankle or your foot?


Amy: [01:08:01] Uh. My ankle, I don't it feels like it's both. I don't know, you feel heard a pop like a loud pop.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:08:07] Just now? You heard a loud pop or one time.


Amy: [01:08:09] When it happened and it just has been hurt ever since.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:08:13] Your first name again?


Amy: [01:08:17] It's Amy.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:08:18] Amy.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:08:19] Lord, we're so tired of praying for Amy.


Congregation: [01:08:21] ***laughter***


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:08:23] We thank you, Lord, for healing. We thank you, Lord, for the complete healing the complete healing. The complete healing. 


EDITOR NOTE: [01:08:30] ***speaking in tongues. again the A.I. just inserts words here the best it can. refrence the audio or video for clarity. if the inserted words are removed it will throw off the timeline of the entire transcript.*** 


Pastor Randy Green: [01:08:32] She's part of a shuttle bus shuttle. Kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty. Your devotion to deity. Khandoba. Dear. Kalamata. Dear. Kalamata. The clock struck six.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:08:53] It's funny. Is anything too hard for me? Says the Lord. Is anything too hard for me? Am I not the God of the impossible? Hallelujah! Hallelujah! That is so cool. Wow.


Pastor Michelle West: [01:09:05] Thank you. Jesus.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:09:07] I don't interpret tongues, but that guy gets it. Just. It just flows. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. This. You brought your wife back with you tonight, or you come up here, both of you. This is definitely one I can ask how much she weighs. First name again.


Scott: [01:09:36] Scott.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:09:36] Scott and?


Tabitha: [01:09:37] Tabitha.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:09:37] Tabitha. Tonight. Lord, we thank you for Scott and Tabitha. We thank you for their union. We thank you for their. Wow. You know what I see? I see blistered hands means you've worked hard. Blisters on these hands. Wow. Holy spirit, that's God's way of saying he sees your hard work. He sees what? Your effort. So praise God. Lord, we thank you for that. We thank you for their commitment to you, their surrender to you. And God's going to use your home. He's going to use your voice. He's going to use you both to reconcile people to God. You're not going to have to initiate this. This is going to just be happening more and more where you're going to find yourself in places where you're going to be saying, we are truly reconciling people to God to know God. Hallelujah! Thank you Lord. What's the deal with your. Is your mother still living? No. So what is she pass from?


Tabitha: [01:10:38] Uh. Car accident.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:10:39] A car accident? Well, usually when God reveals that kind of thing, it means it's not something that will ever happen to you. It's just like a protection. I'm sorry for you losing her, though, man. But it won't happen to you. You're going to live. Be older than him. Hallelujah.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:10:58] Just kidding, I don't know. But God is good to do that. And he just said, wow. Hallelujah. So, um. I usually don't preach two sermons, but tonight I'm going to make an exception. I just just kidding. But thank you, thank you. Man, when I walked by you, that hits me again. That just bugs me. I got to stay away from him. Really? Wow. 


EDITOR NOTE: [01:11:29] **speaking to Grace**


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:11:31] Now you. My sister here, you. Who are you? Who do you belong to? That's your daughter? Yeah. Come here a second. If you would. How many kids do you guys have?


Matt: [01:11:45] Three. 


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:11:46] This your favorite?


Matt: [01:11:47] Yeah. 


Congregation: [01:11:47] **laughter**


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:11:50] Yeah. So praise God. Your first name is?


Grace: [01:11:55] Grace.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:11:56] Grace. Lord, we just thank you tonight for grace. We thank you, Lord, for your power to to deliver her, to sustain her, to catapult her into all you have. You know, I hear the Lord saying he's got big plans for you, but you're to embrace them. You're not to run from them. You're to embrace them because God's thinking way bigger than you are. And he's going to annihilate your enemies. He's going to annihilate enemies of torment, fear, junk that comes against you. Because it's it's just the enemy that is scared to death about you. He's having a nervous breakdown about you. So, Lord, we just cancel any assignment against Grace. We just cancel anything coming against Grace that she is free, free? Free to follow you. Well, God's going to give you is going to be solid. It's going to be like concrete. You're going to know that. You know that you know it's him and there's no sorrow with it. There's no fear with it. There's no concern with it. It's just from God. So you're to embrace. That's a big word. I feel you're just to embrace God. You're to embrace everything he has. Hallelujah. You know, I was thinking of that scripture in Luke ten.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:13:27] He said, you'll tread on serpents and scorpions over all the power of the enemy. And nothing, nothing shall hurt you. That's his promise. Amen. You're a good lady. Hallelujah. Uh, I wonder how much she weighs. I'm just curious. 


Congregation: [01:13:46] **laughter**


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:13:46] Um. Let me pray for you a second. First name is?


Bill: [01:13:53] Bill. Yes, sir.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:13:54] Lord, we thank you for Bill. We thank you for his kind spirit. We thank you for his trust in you. We thank you, Lord. You know what? I hear that you've got a good track record. That's what I hear the Holy Spirit saying. He's good track record. Thank you, Lord, for Bill. We thank you, Lord, to cause him to soar and to fly and to rise above every circumstance, everything. This year, God's going to put a lot of things together, like a big puzzle fitting together. A lot of things are going to fit. They're going to come together perfectly, succinctly, accurately from the Holy Spirit. It's like he's taking you on as a project this year. So many things are going to fit the end of the 2024. You're going to say, wow, look at everything that fits together. Bless you, bless you.


Bill: [01:14:45] Hallelujah, Hallelujah. Thank you Lord.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:14:47] Wow. Amazing God. Amazing God. Amazing God. Wow wow wow. Thank you Lord.


Pastor Michael Billings: [01:14:54] Thank you Lord.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:14:55] Wow. Did you guys ride down with pastor or you came?


Pastor Michael Billings: [01:15:04] Mr. Lynne.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:15:06] Mr. Lymne. That sounds scary to me, but yeah.


Lynne: [01:15:10] It ages you quick.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:15:11] Yeah. Run up here a second. Come up here, Lynne a second.


Pastor Michael Billings: [01:15:16] Uh.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:15:22] Oh! Church is so much fun, I tell you. And then we get to go to heaven and keep enjoying it.


Pastor Michael Billings: [01:15:27] There we are.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:15:28] It's all heaven's going to be a bunch of church services. You don't like to worship, you're going to. You're not going to want to be in heaven anyway. So. Lord, we just thank you for these these two that are so dedicated to you. They're so surrendered to you, Lord. And tonight we just proclaim your blessing. We proclaim this is a year of more. More of you. More God. More. That's what I'm hearing. Declare it every day. Lord, this is a year of more. You're doing more. You're saying more. You're acting in our behalf. More. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus. You know, I keep hearing your sleep is going to be sweet. And sometimes it's like you get attacked in your sleep. Is that you? That it's going to be sweet, sweet sleep, sweet sleep. Yes, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord, for the year of more. Thank you Lord.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:16:38] It's funny, I see. I see the wind picking up speed like a like a, you know, like a windmill is getting faster because the wind's picking up. The wind of the spirit is picking up speed in your life. Thank you Lord. A lot will happen in a short time when God does that. Yes.


Pamela: [01:16:57] Praise God.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:16:59] Amen. You're in the right place. That's what I feel. You're in the right place where God can reach down and going to add to you this year, a year of more. Amen. You guys be blessed.


Pamela: [01:17:10] Yes. Thank you.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:17:12] Lord. We don't understand Lynn at all but we bless him. Lord, we thank you for your goodness in his life. We thank you, Lord. You know, I see such a long vision. Like a long vision. Like you're looking way down the road. Lord, we thank you for lens purpose on Earth. We thank you, Lord, for that. He has no fear. That's. I really feel like God's pleased that you don't. You have no fear. You're just. You're just a man who's going to say, God, I trust you. I trust you more than I've ever trusted you. And the Lord is going to so free you from the expectations of people, and you're going to see the vision God has for you, not somebody else's vision, your vision. I see you in the Lord just communicating and the Lord telling you things and telling you things to come and telling you things that he wants you to do and and showing you things. They're like secrets between you and the Lord, but they're all going to come to pass. So thank you Lord for laying. We thank you for his gifts, his anointing, his abilities, God that you put in him. The two main things I see is you're going to have a vision that's going to go way beyond you. And you're going to be full of secrets that are coming from God. God's secrets to you. In other words, you don't have to tell them to everybody just there between you and the Lord. Amen. Amen. Amen. Thank you. Lord. I don't know if you've desired a companion, but there's one in your future so you can reject this. Or you can say, okay, God, I'm ready.


Lynne: [01:19:07] Amen


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:19:08] Amen. Thank you. In your future. Hallelujah. Amen. I don't know if I'll be able to come to the wedding or not, but, um.


Lynne: [01:19:16] I'll invite you.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:19:18] What he say?


Lynne: [01:19:20] We'll invite you.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:19:20] He'll invite me, I love it. You know, the Holy Spirit is just absolutely phenomenal. He's just amazing how he how he does things. Before we get out of here, let's pray for this. My brother. Uh?


Dennis: [01:19:36] Dennis.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:19:37] Dennis and your roommate. And you guys come here a second. We pray. Just want to make sure everybody's. Yes. Every time I get around you. My legs. Good grief. Gonna have you wait out in the car? So. Uh.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:19:54] Thank you. Lord. So, Dennis.


Carol: [01:19:59] Carol.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:19:59] Carol. So, Lord, tonight we thank you for Dennis and Carol. And we thank you, Lord, for their commitment to you, their boy. I see you with a tight grip on God, and he's got a tight grip on you. Lord, we thank you for their influence and the Lord, the lives they've touched. And we thank you for their prayer life and their their tenacity for you, for your kingdom. I just see every day you're just you're contending for the kingdom. You're contending for what God wants to do. I hear that about fighting you fight the good fight of faith. Lord, we just ask you to just use them. God's going to increase. It's like the power level and the influence level, and you're being you're being taken from a six volt to a 12 volt. You're just there's a power increase. There's a power increase. You're going to see it when you pray for people, when you communicate with people, you're going to see the power of God and demonstration. Hallelujah. God's hand is on you. You were a little boy. I can see his hand upon you. And you just feel like your whole life you've been like I've been in preparation. The intensity and the power of God is going to be manifest to you guys like crazy. Hallelujah! Boy, do I see that. Hallelujah!


Carol: [01:21:25] Thank you.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:21:26] Thank you, Lord. And you? Your name is?


Walter: [01:21:29] Walter.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:21:29] Walter and?


Lisa: [01:21:30] Lisa.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:21:30] Lisa, we pray for you about something this morning. What was that about? Sleep, sleep. You can't try it out to tell tonight, I guess.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:21:39] Yeah.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:21:41] Lord, we just thank you for both of them. We thank you for Walter. We thank you, Lord. You know what I see? I see you swimming in the depths of God. Just swimming. Enjoying the Lord.


Lisa: [01:21:55] Yes.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:21:56] God's taken you out into deeper water. Thank you. Deeper water. We thank you, Lord, for that. We thank you for their consecration to you. I just see that you're in for a new adventure. There's like, a, like, fun. Yay fun. But you're swimming around.


Lisa: [01:22:20] Awesome.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:22:21] You're swimming with God. Hallelujah. You to let that house be full of praise. Yes, to exalt the Lord. Don't talk about the issues. Don't talk about the problems, but talk about the goodness of God.


Lisa: [01:22:36] Yes, Lord. Thank you.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:22:42] This year. God's going to destroy some enemies. Sometimes enemies can be lax. Sometimes they can just be frustration. But they're going to be destroyed this year. But spend time praising God. Just exalt the Lord. Don't exalt the problem. Exalt the Lord.


Lisa: [01:22:57] Thank you Lord.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:22:58] You're going to have you're going to be gratified with some real neat results. Praise God, thank you. Hallelujah! Before we get out of here, I want to pray for. These two beginners.


EDITOR NOTE: [01:23:13] **addressing Pastors Michael & Debra Billings jokingly**. 


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:23:13] Lord. Lord, we thank you for the anointing. We already come here with me. Would you pray with me for these two? Lord, I thank you for Michael and Deborah. I thank you, Lord, for their commitment to you. We thank you, Lord, for the harvest. I see things. I see things in the wings. Like, uh, there's just things in the wings ready to come out. Lord, we thank you for the increase. We thank you for the anointing that destroys every yoke. Thank you, Holy Spirit. The Lord's going to be your media. The Lord's going to shout your name.


Pastor Michael Billings: [01:24:05] Yeah.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:24:06] Thank you. Jesus. Thank you.


Pastor Michael Billings: [01:24:07] Jesus. Oh, my.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:24:09] Thank you. Jesus. God, I thank you. Thank you Lord.


Pastor Michael Billings: [01:24:18] Praise God.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:24:19] You know I see where you've been like hidden. And yet God's going to expose you.


Pastor Michael Billings: [01:24:27] Oh, my.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:24:28] God's going to brag on you.


Pastor Michael Billings: [01:24:30] Oh, my.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:24:30] So thank you, Holy Spirit.


Pastor Michael Billings: [01:24:33] Thank you Lord.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:24:33] Thank you, Holy Spirit. Thank you, Holy Spirit.


Pastor Michael Billings: [01:24:36] Oh, that's a good word.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:24:38] Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.


Pastor Michael Billings: [01:24:42] Hmm'hmm.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:24:43] Thank you Jesus. Wow.


Pastor Michael Billings: [01:24:47] Hallelujah. Yay!


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:24:49] My goodness. 


Pastor Michael Billings: [01:24:50] Way Yay.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:24:51] Yay yay I love it. Yay.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:24:54] I love it, I love it. Hallelujah!


Pastor Michael Billings: [01:24:57] Oh praise God.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:25:02] Hallelujah. Got to get away.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:25:06] Don't you appreciate the Lord? Man, there's a sweetness of God here tonight. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord.

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