Rev. Steve Sampson | Morning Service | 3Mar2024

Rev. Steve Sampson | Morning Service | 3Mar2024
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Pastor Erik West: [00:00:03] You know, some songs will never be too old. How many you trust in him? You know the Scripture. This is not the revised. This is the reverse translation. We say trust in the Lord with half of your heart or every other day. No, but trust in the Lord, what with all of your heart. Lean not into your understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge him. So, father, we just bless you this morning. We love you. We praise you. We come to adore you this morning. Thank you. Wonderful, wonderful Holy Spirit. We know that you're in us, but we know that you're with us. We thank you for your presence here this morning. Upon each person. Those here, those that join us. Through other means. This morning we thank you, Lord, that the word shall go forth and speak into the lives and the hearts of the people. And shall we? Transformation. Yes. Change. Moved up higher. Our eyes see what they did not see before. We hear which things we did not have the ability to hear the moment before. But as soon as we saw him. We were like the two disciples who didn't know him when Jesus came after his resurrection and they said, did not our hearts burn? When he shared these words with us? Father, we thank you, Lord, for the precious gifts that you have brought into this house.


Pastor Erik West: [00:01:59] We thank you, Father God, for their faithfulness. We thank you, Father God, for bringing us these gifts. We thank you, father, for the utterance from heaven this morning, and for tonight's time and our service. We bless you and we thank you for them as they travel across the nation. Bring an increase to the body. Bringing hope. That your kingdom is expanded. More and more and you are glorified in the son is glorified, which we worship and exalt this morning. To trust in Jesus. To trust in him. The blessed, wonderful Savior. Would you say with me three times. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. There's none greater. There's none more magnificent. There's none more loving or none more powerful than the name that's above every name. The name of Jesus. Amen. Well, while you're standing, I'm going to turn the service over to Brother Steve. Y'all give him a great big gracelife. Welcome. We love and appreciate him so much and for your faithfulness to the Body of Christ. Thank you for coming and being Jamieson today with us. We we're we're thrilled that you're here. And just like Brother Hagee, just say preach the gospel. Raise the dead, you know, whatever it takes. Cast out demons. I know where two of them are. If you need any help.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:03:41] Everybody have a seat, please. And you know. A pastor used to tell me in Kansas City. He's. He lived to be 98, but he would introduce me. He would always just say, now obey the Lord. Always remember that. And. I told Brother Sia that I'm believing God to get him saved this morning, so I'm glad it's going to happen before Amen. Before next couple of weeks, you know. So. Amen. Glory to God. This woman called her husband at work and said, remember? When I was pregnant, you told everybody we have a baby. And then. Do you remember when the baby came? You said we. Have a child. He said, yeah. She said, well, we wrecked the car, so. This guy was in a group teaching on marriage and he he's all fired up. And he said he kind of scolded me and said, I bet a lot of you men don't even know your wife's favorite flower. And this guy turned to his wife and he said, I think it's gold medal all purpose, right? Amen. So, um. I woke up this morning with this crazy thought, you know, it's no fun to get a hug if you have to ask for it.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:05:19] A lot of truth in that we need to be more impulsive. I want to mention these books. Uh, this one Kristen has just finished, but it's. And it's funny you use that scripture. It's all based on the verse. Trust in the Lord with some of your heart. Excuse me all of your heart. And lean not to your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge him. We've had amazing experiences with that verse. And anyway, it's amazing how God goes and acknowledged people. Go and acknowledge. Have you ever sent a gift card to somebody and you get, no, no, thank you. And I think God's waiting for everybody to acknowledge him. It's as simple as that. I believe you're the Son of God. People won't do it. And so I'm working on another book about this size, and I'm calling it even when I'm wrong. I have to be right. Because there are so many people out there. Their ego or their insecurity is so bad, they have to be right. And so I'm addressing it. I've got some issues. I've seen some issues firsthand that, no, you don't have to be right. A little humility would help you. Um, so this book Confronting Jezebel has been out a while, but, uh. Chapter five. I have 40 characteristics of Jezebel. Number one, they're never wrong. Male or female? Uh, they love information. They love control. It comes in many forms. So if you. If you know a Jezebel, if you give, they'll love it because they never see themselves. But, uh, the. Or if you've always wanted to be married to one who you go. And then this book, uh, you can hear the voice of God.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:07:10] This has gone all over the world. There's about ten ways to hear from God that I've learned. And it's so much fun to listen to the Holy Spirit. So and that's what we're going to be talking on today, this book. Been out a while. Those who expect nothing are never disappointed. Expectation is the key to. So this morning I want to talk about listening to the Holy Spirit. And I'm excited to be here. The biggest reason is because Pastor said how the Lord spoke to him that we were to come. So Melanie and I are just delighted to be here, and I just want to talk about the Holy Spirit a little bit. This is an interesting verse. I don't preach very long, but it's very good. Um, Deuteronomy eight, the whole commandment that I command you today, you shall be careful to do that. You may live and multiply and go in and possess the land that the Lord swore to give your fathers. So it's not a it's not enough just to be saved. You got to possess your vision. You got to possess your purpose, your land. You shall remember the whole way that the Lord God has led you these 40 years in the wilderness, that he might humble you, testing you to know what was in your heart, whether you would keep his commandments or not. And he humbled you, and he let you hunger, and he fed you with manna, which you did not know, nor did your fathers know. And then he concludes it with this amazing sentence. That you might know. What? What did God go to all this trouble for? To humble you, to test you, to let you suffer.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:08:49] To let you this and that and that you might know one thing. Man doesn't live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Amen. If you're a Christian, you ought to be hearing the Lord every day. This should be normal Christianity. On one sense we have bread. Man shall not live by bread alone. You can take your Bible and it's full of bread. It's. We should memorize it. We should study it. We should devour it. But you also need a relationship with the Holy Spirit because he's talking. You know, a friend of mine put it this way. He said it's not just what God has said, it's what he's saying. Amen. Because many times God is saying something right now. Melody was last year was to go to Nashville for some intense training, and she prepared and prepared and prepared. And so we were. In a bind because she said, my back, I have back spasms. My back is killing me, I hurt. And so we prayed a long time. I bet 30 to 40s and the the Holy Spirit said, and he quickened that verse from Luke. As the lepers went, they were healed. And it was just like right from God. It was just right now when he's speaking, get on that airplane as you go, you're going to be healed. And she was and it was just it was just amazing how accurate the Holy Spirit is. Jesus didn't say, certain sheep know my voice. He said, my sheep know my voice. Here's a statement I live by. Things don't happen when I talk to God. Things happen when God talks to me.


Pastor Erik West: [00:10:39] That's good.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:10:41] I live that way. Now think about these guys. This is from acts chapter 16. As they went on their way through the cities, they delivered to them for observance the decisions that had been reached by the apostles and elders who were in Jerusalem. So the churches were strengthened in the faith and they increased in numbers daily. And they went through the region of Nigeria and Galatia. Now listen to this. Having been forbidden by the Holy Spirit to speak the word in Asia. I thought it was God's will to preach the word. No, the Holy Spirit said, I forbid you to preach there. And when they had come to Mysia, they attempted to go to Bithynia. But the Spirit of Jesus did not permit them. Right. So passing by Mysia, they went down to Troas. And a vision appeared to Paul in the night. A man of Macedonia was standing there urging him and saying, come over to Macedonia and help us. When Paul had seen the vision, immediately we sought to go to Macedonia, concluding that God had called us there. Duh! So interesting how the Holy Spirit was talking to them. Now they didn't have a New Testament. The New Testament wasn't written yet. The only way they could know what the Holy Spirit was saying, they had to all be listening. Can you hear the conversation? You know, I know we're supposed to go to Asia, but something in me is the voice of the Lord is saying, don't go. Another guy said, I'm having the same experience. Well, let's go to Missy. You know, again, when you said Missy, I didn't. Something in me didn't feel right. My spirit was checked.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:12:18] And so they recognized the Holy Spirit without a New Testament, without a Bible, with saying, don't go there, don't go there. But then God bless Paul because he had a vision of a man. Of Macedonia standing there, come over and preach here. And they did so. We have to hear the Holy Spirit. It's not an option. We should be hearing him all the time. I just think if you were halfway open, we'll notice the Lord's speaking to us. I saw the Lord giving you a bigger net today, pastor. And I feel like before 2024 ends. You're going to see this bigger net, just just a bigger influence everywhere you go. And you're going to discover more this year than you've ever discovered. That's what I'm hearing the Holy Spirit say right now. You're going to discover things. Um. When I was praying about 2024, God told me four things he said. We're going to see breakthroughs. You in your personal life. I'm not talking about. Politicians. I'm talking about you. You are going to see breakthroughs this year. Beyond any breakthroughs you've ever seen. You're going to have encounters with the Lord. You're going to see God open new doors that haven't been opened before. And God is going to take us all to a higher level. It says in Ezekiel 47. You know the whole story about how he took him out. At first the water was ankle deep, then it was knee deep, and then it was loin deep, and then it was waters. Would I my feet couldn't touch the bottom. I had no choice. I had to swim. We're going to a higher level.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:14:11] We. I guess the beach is, what, four hours from here. And we go down there once in a while. And, um, most people are not in the water. They're in ankle deep. They walk there, they just get their ankles. A lot of people are that way. Christians, we love God. We're just ankle deep. But when God calls you out a little further, come out here and let it touch your knees. That represents humility, that represents prayer. Come out a little further, touches your loins. That represents reproduction. Come out a little further. That represents dependence on God because you don't have a choice, but you have waters in which one must swim. I believe that's where we're going. Hallelujah. So. C.s. Lewis said, you can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start now and change the ending. Amen. I love it. He also said, humility is not thinking less of yourself. It's thinking of yourself less.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:15:15] I was in a meeting in Rochester, New York area, and I got off the plane. The pastor that had scheduled the meeting, he said, I've got you scheduled in 15 churches in the next 14 days. I had to deal with murder. And so I began to preach. And I never did turn a TV on in 14 days, but I got about 4 or 5 days into the meetings. I was getting tired. I'd just getting tired. So I went to this church one night. I was just every church was one service. And I preached and it was fine and it flowed. And at the end I said, you know, I've just kind of feeling tired. I thought, you know, God bless you. I'm just going to pray for all of you and dismiss you. So I got back to my hotel room and I went on to bed sleeping. And about 3:00 in the morning the Lord was in the room. I mean, he was there. And he said to me, don't you ever preach again? Without making room for my spirit to move. Man, it was hard to go back to sleep after that. So, you know, that's humor. Um, but, uh, think about this. God and the devil are looking for the same thing. They're both looking for agreement. So you've got to make up your mind. Who am I going to agree with? There's only two emotions on this earth.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:16:50] There's really only two. Love and fear. So when I have a thought of peace, peace, and I know I'm functioning in love, when I have a thought of torment, I'm under fear. So it makes it easy. Every time you have an emotion, say is this, is this love or is this fear? If I have anxiety, well that's fear. And so you can kind of judge it all just it just simplifies it. Um. I was brought to the Lord through my closest friend, uh, drowned. I was just out of high school, so it's been over ten years. But, uh. During the funeral service. They sang he Hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock. And I mean, I felt God's presence. I felt moved because I'd been in church. I grew up Baptist, but God has forgiven me. But the. But I'll never forget that warmth of love I felt from God in that meeting, because I'd been in church all my life and never felt it. But it's still there. It's still there that that love, that wooing. And we went out to the cemetery, and I remember all those high school kids in their fancy cars and piling around the driving through the cemetery, and we were burying my friend. And as far as I'm the as far as I know, I'm the only one out of 500 kids that there was any impact on.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:18:19] And I decided then to serve God. So. Have you ever thought about the scripture, John chapter ten where Jesus said, the devil comes to steal? Kill and destroy. One day the Lord dropped this in me. The devil comes to steal your hunger. Because a lot of people that are truly saved are not hungry. They just don't have any hunger. They they love God. They're not nuts about him. They go to church, but they're not hungry. The devil comes to kill your joy. We're supposed to be enjoying serving God. We're supposed to be having fun. We're supposed to be in this adventure. The devil comes to kill it, and then the devil comes to destroy your influence. The devil wants you to remain self-centered and self-absorbed, so you don't have any influence. So the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. To kill your hunger. To steal your joy. To steal your hunger, to kill your joy, and to destroy your influence. There's three lies out there. They're all very religious sounding. Here's the first one. Number one, I'm not worthy. That sounds so spiritual. It sounds so humble. I'm just not worthy. No. You're slapping God in the face, and you're saying what you did on the cross wasn't enough. I'm still not worthy. Number two, if it be thy will.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:19:52] How many have heard that one before. We did in the, in the church I grew up in, we, there was a disclaimer on every prayer. Your will be done. So if pastor sick, we pray for him, say Lord, heal him if it's your will. But if not, kill him, you know. And so we have this disclaimer on everything so stupid. That's like saying, Lord, if it's your will, send me to heaven. If not, send me straight to hell. That's how dumb that is. The third lie is the beautiful buildings I've been all over the world. I've been in beautiful cathedrals, 60 foot high pillars and stained glass and stuff. And they're amazing. They're just. They grip you. But the truth is. We're the temple, not them. We are the temple. We're the one God lives in. Hallelujah! Are. Jesus or somebody pointed this out to me. I think it's pretty amazing. Peter. Had 42 times he blurted something out. Jesus rebuked him on 40 of them. I don't find. Get thee behind me, Satan. Encouraging. But yet in acts chapter 15, it says. If Peter's shadow would fall on somebody, they would be healed. So God's into promoting. He's into increasing he. But he's not going to increase your ego. He's going to increase your. Influence. I was telling pastor this morning one of my favorite statements about some preachers is they love crowds but they don't like people. I used to say to people, as a pastor, I pastored in Beaumont, Texas for 8 or 9 years in a. I used to say to people. I want to get along with you. But I've got to get along with God. Wow.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:22:15] My best definition of counseling is people come to you with 20 years of bad decisions, and they want you to solve it in one hour. So I was single for a long time and. I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed for a wife in the. Nothing happens. So finally one day I said, I am not going to pray anymore about a wife. So I started begging. And. Anyway, I was I was in a Panera Bread and I was working on a book and I read this pastor from Selma, Alabama, came up to me and he says. My wife has a word for you and it's okay. So they came over to my table and she starts prophesying about how God's going to bring me a wife, and she described her in detail. I wish I had it on tape or something, but she went into all this detail about and I was just over the moon, you know, I was wow. So the next morning he called me and he said, Brother Steve, I, you know, my wife's a prophet. Yeah I do, yeah. And she really hears from God. Right. Yes she does. Well, he just said, I just want to tell you that any time she has a prophetic word, it takes four years to come to pass. And so I hung up on him and the. But but anyway. It happened in five days short of four years. So anyway. Hallelujah. So the Holy Spirit loves to talk to us, and I just encourage you to be to get an agreement to, to to just say, I'm going to listen to the Lord more.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:24:12] But I want to tell you something about listening to the Lord. He will not yell at you. And most of the time you hear from the Holy Spirit, you're going to have this battle. I may be making this up, but it's usually very accurate. And I was praying with a friend, my friend Kevin, one night, and he he always calls me on Saturday nights and wants to pray. Where are you preaching tomorrow? I said. And so he was talking about his ministry. And I said, I just said, you know, it's like you're going to take a 36 inch blade mower and you're going to trade it in for a 60 inch blade mower. Just just like that was my description. It just came to me and he said, you won't believe this. But today I went out and I traded my 36 inch mower for a 60 inch mower. And I just said it out of the blue. I didn't realize I was in the spirit. This girl in Kansas City. She was six foot two. She's. She's 26 years old and never had a date. So I'm standing there with my teeth in my mouth, and I'm just thinking, uh. And I heard myself telling her. You're going to meet somebody. And, you know, she kind of had disbelief. She's a very pretty girl, but she's just a big, tall girl. Never had a date and so wasn't. A few months later, she meets this guy and he's even taller than she is. And. And they soon got married. And now they have a baby. Guess what they called it? Steve Sampson.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:25:46] No. But the. But anyway, it just came. It just came by the Holy Spirit. And we're supposed to have those kind of experiences. It's supposed to be an adventure. And so we we want to we want to enjoy that more. Melody was out in the garage one day. We live in Kansas City half the year, and then we live in Alabama half the year. And because we're intelligent, we live in Alabama in the winter. And this neighbor ladies over there and she, she and her husband are both 29 years old. And I like being around people my age. And and she melody said, well, how are you doing? Well, we're doing good. Oh yeah. The only problem is my husband has four stage stomach cancer. And. Melody said. Well, we'd be we'd be happy to pray with him. And she said, would you do that? Would you come over tomorrow morning at 8:00 and pray with him? Yeah. And then his melodies walking away. She's saying, by the way, who are you going to pray to? God, you know. But anyway, that's how ignorant she was. And so we went over there and that next morning we go in there and his three little kids are on his lap and he's emaciated. He's he's got just such a anemic. He lost £60. He looked terrible. And his his dad was there who flies the 767 jets and around the world. And they're all just preparing for the guy to die and the. We pray for him. And I read the scripture about we should lay hands on the sick and about the elders of the church went to him with oil, and and we prayed for him.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:27:35] And. All of a sudden I heard these words coming out of my spirit. You are going to live to be an old man. And I couldn't believe it. And I said it and they came out and his dad's over there. Great big man. He just bawling his eyes out. And so anyway. About four weeks later, I saw this guy in his pickup truck and he pulls out in front of my house. He's he's coming home, he said, I've just been to Jimmy John's. And I thought, well, that would kill a normal person, you know? And, uh, and he's just like, wow. And. Uh, anyway, he's totally healed and he did have some surgery, but he's totally healed. And last I saw him, he gave me a big hug and said, I'm totally 100% cancer free. But there's divine appointments out there for us. A friend of ours recently was in the Dollar Tree. I like to go in there just because I like to go around and pick up something and say, how much is this? And the. But our friend was in there and she looked at the clerk and she said. You seem to be having a rough day and the woman burst into tears. She said, my brother committed suicide yesterday. And she said, well, let me pray for you. And pretty soon all the cashiers in the whole place were around this lady praying for her. But there's divine encounters that God has up his sleeve for us. Hallelujah!


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:29:06] Exodus six, verse nine. Therefore say to the people of Israel, I am the Lord, and I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians. I will deliver you from slavery. I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with acts of judgment. I will take you to be my people. I will be your God. You shall know that I'm the Lord your God, who has brought you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians. I will bring you into the land that I swore to give Abraham to Isaac and Jacob. I will give it to you as a possession, for I'm the Lord. Think about the next statement. But they did not listen to Moses because of anguish of spirit and cruel bondage. A lot of times we don't hear from the Lord because of our own anguish of spirit, our own pain, some bondage we've been into. Maybe we've been abused. Melody has a ministry to emotionally abuse people and it's just amazing some of the stuff people have been through. But sometimes, even though the Lord is trying to talk to us, we're full of anguish. Of spirit and cruel bondage. Wow. So there's many ways to hear from God. One thing, one way. Probably the most common way I hear from the Lord is in Hosea 12 verse ten.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:30:31] He said, I have multiplied visions, and I've used similitudes or parables through the prophets. In other words, when prophets of old would prophesy, they would literally see like a television screen as they're prophesying. And this should be normal. Every day when you pray about something, you just see things. You'll just see things and you don't trust. As you prayed this morning, you're not trusting your natural senses, but you're trusting. I'm hearing the Holy Spirit here, but a lot of times he comes in pictures. Sometimes he comes in peace. He doesn't yell at you, but you'll know in your spirit you're hearing the Lord. You'll know in your inner man. I'm being checked. I'm being told no or I'm being told yes. And there's a wonderful thing the Holy Spirit does. In fact, it says in Colossians 315, let the peace of God rule in your heart. Rule or act as an umpire in your heart. Let the peace of God be the one who's telling you yes or no. Now, that doesn't mean the peace with God, because Romans five said, we have peace with God. But we don't always have peace of God. So if pastor tells me, I want you to come and build a church across the street here, I said, well, that sounds good, but I don't have peace about it.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:31:49] Well, you don't have peace with God. Yeah, I got peace with God, but I don't have peace of God building the church across the street, you know. You know what I'm saying? It's like we have to judge things by the peace of God ruling in us. And I love Philippians one six. He that has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Amen. So God, we think, well, I got to get committed to God. I got to get committed to God. I got to pray more. I got to do well. Yeah, but really, here's the truth. God's committed to you. Amen. He is committed to you, to bring you to a place of maturity. Amen. Wow. I was reading yesterday through numbers, and it says. It used 12 words to describe the promise. And God told him to go out and check the land. You all know that. And then when they came back after checking out the land, they said, we came to the land which you sent us. It truly flows with milk and honey and this is its fruit. So they use 12 words to describe. Yep, this is what God said. But then they used 141 words to describe the devil.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:33:05] However, the people who dwell in the land are strong and the cities are fortified and very large. And besides, we saw the descendants of Anak there. The cities, uh, from the hill country and the Canaanites dwell by the sea. And they used 141 words to describe the enemy. We do that in our lives. Instead of describing the promise of God, we describe the. And then Caleb and Joshua said the land later on, the land which we passed through to spy out, it's an exceedingly good land. If the Lord delights in us, he will bring us into this land and give it to us a land that flows with milk and honey. Only do not rebel against the Lord. And do not fear the people of the land, for they are our bread. In other words, we're going to eat their lunch. But it's always that way. Fear dominates us. I love Matthew 11. Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me. I am gentle and lowly in heart. You'll find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. You know what I found out? It's easy if you're doing what he's yoked you to.


Pastor Erik West: [00:34:27] Come on now. That's good.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:34:30] I'm not yoked to be Billy Graham, even though I have similar sized crowds. But I'm I'm not yoked to do everything. You're not yoked to do everything, but you're yoked to do some things. But my yoke is easy. It's not burdensome, he said. It's not burdensome. I like it in the message. Are you tired and worn out? Are you burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you'll learn to recover your life. I'll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me. Work with me. Watch how I do it. And I love this. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won't lay anything heavy or ill fitting on you. Keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely. And lightly. Wow. Well, we talk about faith and we talk about confidence in God. But I want to I want you to notice this is from Mark chapter eight. When they had forgotten to bring bread that day, and they're worried we only brought one loaf of bread. And Jesus is saying, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, and they're all worried, oh, we didn't bring enough bread. And he says to them, he asks them, I don't know if you've ever seen this before, but he asked them nine questions. Nine questions. He must have been one exasperated Jesus, he said. Why do you reason? Because you have no bread. In other words, why do you're doubting me? Do you not yet perceive or understand? Is your heart still hardened? Having eyes, don't you see? Having ears, don't you hear? And do you not remember? The other day when I broke five loaves for 5000.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:36:13] How many baskets full of fragments did you take up? And with tremendous intelligence, they said 12. And also when I broke the seven for the 4000, how many baskets did you take up? Question number nine. How is it you don't understand? So we're to believe in miracles. And he was exasperated. He asked him nine questions because he had just fed multitudes, and he said, why don't you get it? You saw me take £2 of food and feed thousands of people, and you're still worrying about a loaf of bread. It doesn't say it, but I know he rolled his eyes and and so forth. But but there's this. There's this thing here that we have trouble. We struggle. We struggle. I was doing a minister's conference last March, and. In the Minister's conference. My my turn. I had this word of knowledge. There's somebody here with an eye injury that. You need healing. Nobody responded. Finally, this woman said, well, I had cataract surgery and my eyes are kind of. So we prayed for her. But this little 12 year old girl was there with her dad from De Leon, Texas, and there his name is Heath Silva. And he was he had driven all the way from Texas to be in this meeting three years ago. He was doing his weed eater.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:37:45] The head fell off, the weed eater knocked his eye out, and he had a huge scar. And anyway, the then on the way home, his 12 year old daughter said, daddy, you should have been up there. That was you. And he felt so bad. The next night he said, okay, I'm going to come back to that meeting and I'm going to respond. So the next night there's this word somebody had surgery. It hasn't worked. And he ran up front and I said, you've had surgery. He said, I've had six surgeries. They took out my eye six times, laid it on my cheek, and they can't get it to work. And so we prayed the whole we all just pray in tongues for a long time. Less than a minute, but a long time. And I just said, are you seeing anything? He said. Yeah. I said how much? Like 10%. He said, oh no, more like 80. And God totally, 100% healed his blind eye. In that few seconds, people were praying in tongues because he's determined I'm not going to get robbed of this healing. And to this day, and his wife's standing there and she said, you know, it's a miracle about his eye. And she just she's just in awe. And she said, but, you know, he had a huge scar on his eye, all around his eye where that weed eater had hit it. And she said, that is totally gone. The scar is totally healed up.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:39:11] So God has a real way about doing mind boggling things, so I just encourage you to. We can hear the Holy Spirit. We can hear words in us. We can hear phrases. We can hear. Uh, we can see things. We can understand things. But when you go to the Holy Spirit. Everything in your brain is going to say, I'm probably not hearing from God. I'm just this and I'm that. No, you're hearing he's just not yelling at you. There's a way he makes, you know, and one thing you can always say, I could be full of cranberry sauce, but I feel like the Lord is saying this, and it's usually true. So it doesn't matter what the circumstances are because he loves to talk to his people. I love it and. So this morning I felt like the Lord said. There's somebody that you had like a car accident, but it was way back in the 1980s. And you've still God's going to touch you today to recover whatever got injured that day in your body. I could be full of baloney on that one. I don't know, but that's the way it came to me. So does anybody can anybody identify that with that? Uh, you had a wreck way back there, I think in the 1980s.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:40:27] Maybe anywhere in that time, but. That's why it hit me. Maybe it's one of your family members. I don't know, but just say so. If it is just. Hello? That was me. Because the Lord is doing something in that part of your body. I don't know what part of the body it is, but he's healing you. And he also wants you to learn to be a better driver. Just kidding. But, uh. Uh, anyway, if you think about that in a minute, just respond. Sometimes you have to use a calculator. Uh, but, um. I felt like we're to pray this morning before we leave for seven people. That you have trouble sleeping through the night. I believe there's seven of you here that have trouble sleeping through the night. So I want you to respond to the Lord, if you would, by just walking up here. And we'll just pray if you have trouble sleeping through the night. And I believe there's seven of you. So. If there's more than seven, they won't get healed. But, uh. Just kidding. So we got one, two, three.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:41:39] 12345. Should be one more. Here comes the number six. She has a hard time hearing. Just kidding, just kidding. Should be one more. That can't. You can't get a good night's sleep. There's our last one. Number seven. Okay. We're hearing the Holy Spirit. So Holy Spirit, we thank you for the gift of sleep. Let's just lift our hands to you. Lord, we thank you for the gift of sleep. We thank you, Lord, for that wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit that you're giving the ability to sleep. We thank you, Lord, for Barbara. Lord, that this has healed. This insomnia is broken. This thing is destroyed. This thing is lifted off her life. We thank you. Jesus. For that healing. Barbara, you're going to have more satisfaction. More. Fulfillment this year than any year of your life. That's what I hear. Fulfillment. Gratification. Hallelujah. And your name is Michael. Michael. Now he's up here because he can't sleep. But I thought I saw him sleeping during the meeting. But Lord, we thank you for Michael. We thank you for healing him. We thank you for the virtue of Jesus Christ. We just break that insomnia in Jesus name that he will sleep deep, satisfying wonderfully from now on. Hallelujah! You are in pursuit of some goals and God is going to help you reach those goals. And here's what I hear the Lord saying. It's going to be better than you think. It's going to be more than you think it's going to be. It's going to literally like overwhelm you, Michael. So praise God and you're going to sleep. Hallelujah. First name is Lisa. Lisa. Lord, we thank you for healing Lisa today. We thank you, Lord that she doesn't. How long have you had this? It seemed like a long time.


Lisa: [00:43:38] Had what? The sleeping.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:43:39] The sleeping thing.


Lisa: [00:43:40] It's been off and on. 


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:43:41] For years?


Lisa: [00:43:42] Quite some time.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:43:43] Yeah.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:43:43] Lord, we just agree with Lisa that these. This has to go. And that. Lord, this is, uh. This is something that got started under stress. And Lord, we command this to leave her body and be dismissed in Jesus name.


Lisa: [00:43:59] Thank you Jesus.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:44:01] There's coming a reuniting of a relationship that is going to be wonderful. It's going to be God's putting some relationship back together. Thank you. He is doing it and it's too late to get out of it. Praise God. Yeah.


Lisa: [00:44:15] Thank you Jesus.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:44:16] Hallelujah. Does that make sense to you?


Lisa: [00:44:18] Yeah.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:44:18] Hallelujah. Holy spirit knows us. Hallelujah. You told me your name. Your first name is. 


Missionary Ronald Seay: [00:44:26] Ronald.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:44:26] Ronald. Yes, Lord. Lord, we thank you for Ronald. We thank you, Lord, for giving him rest and sleep. We break that spirit of insomnia. We break that. You know, one thing you have to deal with a lot in people is indifference. It's a spirit of indifference, of lethargy that that numbs people. And it's like they that spirit gets on them and they they can't hear good news, they can't hear, and that spirit is being broken. You're going to start seeing people wake up, literally wake from sleep and wake from that indifference, and there's going to be a new word flowing out of you. That's going to be a word that will provoke people. And it will. I just see people brought to surrendering. They're just surrendering, surrendering to the Lord. You're going to watch this happen. You are going to be in awe. Hallelujah.


Missionary Ronald Seay: [00:45:13] Thank you father. Thank you Jesus.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:45:15] First name is.


Amy: [00:45:16] Amy.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:45:17] Amy. Lord, we bless Amy today. We thank you, Lord, for the complete healing that her body. It's like you get attacked a lot in your body. I just feel this, that there's like a stream of healing flowing to you and Lord, where she has trouble sleeping and all that. We break that in Jesus name. Lord, we thank you for Amy and Lord, we thank you for this. I just see, like the Lord laying these jumper cables on you. And there's like a new, new engine starting here. There's a new power and demonstration of the Lord in your. And that house is going to be filled with laughter, and that the Lord lives in that house. The Lord is there. The Lord takes up residence there. He's there every day. This house is going to be full of laughter. Praise God, praise God and you're going to sleep. Just don't sleep while I'm preaching, okay? So thank you Lord.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:46:17] First name is. 


Logan: [00:46:19] Logan. 


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:46:19] Logan. Lord, we bless Logan. How long is that going on?


Logan: [00:46:22] Since about 12 or 13.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:46:24] Since you were 12 or 13. So it's been over four years. So Lord, we thank you for Logan. We break that spirit of insomnia. We break that spirit in Jesus name. We declare God in Jesus name that Logan is free and that Lord, he's going to sleep like a baby. Lord, we thank you. Not only you're going to sleep, you're going to get dreams from God. You're going to wake up with thoughts from God. You're going to have strategies from God that are going to sit on you like a cloud over you, a good cloud of that. And it's these things are going to absorb you and you're going to absorb them. And there's going to be a new vision in you that I just see things coming together and things fastening together and things. It's like I sought the Lord and he heard me and all my fears were gone. He delivered me from all my fears. And you're going to taste the Lord in a new way, in a way that satisfies you. And that answers questions you're on. And I hear this, that you're on the right track. You're after God. You're seeking him. You're on the right track. Hallelujah.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:47:39] First name. 


Roger: [00:47:40] Roger. 


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:47:40] Roger. So, Lord, we thank you for Roger tonight, today, this morning we thank you for his life. We thank you, Lord, that you're healing this insomnia. We thank you, Lord, that you're breaking up the fallow ground. God's going to do a lot in a short time. There were years lost and you know that. But God said, I'm going to restore the years that the cankerworm. Palmerworm hath have eaten, and that the Lord is going to restore everything about you. And the Lord is going to let your eyes see what he wants you to see, and he's going to make you deaf and dumb to everything else, because he loves you, and he's going to crowd a whole lot into a short amount of time just for you. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord. God bless every one of you. Just bless you, bless you, bless you, and have a seat and I...


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:48:32] You're the one with the car wreck.


Barbara: [00:48:34] I get thrown.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:48:35] You got thrown. And that was in the 80s.


Barbara: [00:48:38] There's just a.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:48:38] Little, little pain still there, so. Okay. So, Lord, we thank you for Barbara that you're healing this thing in her elbow. God. And we just thank you that you spared her from worse things in that car wreck. Oh, God. We thank you, Lord, that you were there. You were there, you were there. We thank you, Lord. She'll have to find something else to complain about. Lord. That's taken care of. Yeah. Amen. Amen, Amen. So he's got amazing or not. He just amazing. And here's the clarity. If I. If you can get this. This is important. I am not a prophet. I'm not anything. But I love to hear from God. And you're the same way. Forget about titles. Just say you're an instrument. You're just available to God.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:49:24] Matthew, come here a second, if you would. Where's your wife? Oh, there you are. So. So. Pardon?


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:49:34] Yes. I want her to come to. What is your first name? Julia. Julia. Lord, we don't see what Matthew, what Julia sees in Matthew. Lord. But we thank you for both of them. Lord, we thank you for their lives. We thank you for their commitment to you. We thank you for that surrender to you. And Lord, we thank you. I just hear this? The Lord said, don't you know I'm building in you? I'm building through you, and I'm erecting that which man could not do. And the steps I'm leading you will fail not. And my purpose will be demonstrated in your lives. There's a you've been on a long path, and it's like a journey that has taken you a lot of different, a lot of zigzagging. But but the Lord is saying you're on track. And he's going to fulfill. Everything that was put in your heart years and years ago. He's going to bring it all to pass. Praise God, praise God. Amen. Hallelujah! Hallelujah. It. Do you have children?


Julia: [00:50:54] Two.


Julia: [00:50:55] Three total.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:50:56] Three total.


Julia: [00:50:58] And one here and one at home not feeling well?


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:51:00] Okay.


Julia: [00:51:01] And one's in Tulsa.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:51:03] I could be wrong. One starts with B. Is that. Is that.


Julia: [00:51:07] G, E, and J.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:51:09] G, E, and J. So which one is kind of like a. A little bit hard hearted, like a little bit of a crust there. That's not totally wanting to surrender to the Lord. Does that make any sense? It doesn't hurt my feelings either way, but I just felt like where to pray. They're all serving the Lord, as far as you know?


Matt: [00:51:31] Yeah


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:51:31] That kind of thing. Okay.


Matt: [00:51:33] Yeah


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:51:33] Well, Lord, we just give them to you, Lord. Right now we just thank you, Lord, for their their. You know what I see? This is so sweet. But I see the Lord's given each of them a GPS system. They know the Lord. They know what way to go. But there's one of them that's having. I just feel that they're having a battle. Like struggling to surrender to the Lord. And the Lord knows that. But he's going to bring clarity and peace. To that one. Thank you. Jesus. And I don't even know what that means. I'm not smart enough to know, but it's just something that's God's going to do.


Matt: [00:52:08] Amen.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:52:08] So you'll be blessed. Hallelujah.


Matt: [00:52:10] Thank you.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:52:10] Praise God. Wow. So we serve a wonderful God. Can you remember what year that was in the 80s that you had that? Pardon?


Barbara: [00:52:23] 81.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:52:23] 81. I can't believe you could even be driving yet at 81. So this morning I heard something about somebody's skin condition. And I'll tell you when this happens, they always get healed. Just the Holy Spirit's saying, I'm doing it. So if you have a skin ailment, something you're struggling with, grab a hold because God's going to do it. And I just think it's amazing when God does things like that. Someone else has nosebleeds. You get nosebleeds out of just they just start for no reason. But now that could be someone in your family.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:53:05] I don't know, but does that ring a bell with anybody about the nosebleeds? Won't matter to me either way. Just these. These things from the Lord. They come real clear, but they're very faint at the same time. So we just we just receive and accept what God is doing. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. That's you all right? So how often does that happen? Just random random just stuff. Well, on a hill that your name is?


Trey: [00:53:39] Trey.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:53:39] So Lord, today we just pray for Trey. We thank you, Lord for what you're doing. We thank you, Lord for taking care of this. But Lord, we know you're you're after bigger things and. Even today. The Lord is downloading to you. A better understanding and just more to work with. I can almost. It's like I can see you just saying. Lord, I can't handle. Slow down. You're giving me too much. But there's such a new spirit of revelation and understanding that is going to be yours, and that you've got direction all over you. God's direction. And if you'll agree with it, his favor will be amazing. Even before this year is out, where God will promote he'll. He'll exalt what he's doing in you. So, Lord, we thank you for today. We thank you for the the new thing you're doing. And it's funny as I see. Is your eyes fixed on him, fixed on him. And he's going to blow your mind. Hallelujah. He will blow your mind. God bless you. Hallelujah.


[00:54:55] I need to pray for the person. And I'm looking around because. But I've been here in 36 years old who is 36. And I don't want any liars here. But but. Who is the 36 year old? Is that? Who's 35 and 95? Yeah. Come up here.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:55:21] Elliot.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:55:24] Are you 35? 95? Are you 36?


Elliot: [00:55:26] 35.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:55:27] 35? Well. You're fine. Wow. Thank you, Lord, for Elliot. I don't know why this is so strong, but it's just. Your you're in your 36th year, so praise God. What I feel today you can ask the Lord anything that's bugging you, troubling you, frustrating you, and he's going to do it. That's what I feel. I just know the Holy Spirit's going to do it. So, Lord, we thank you for Elliot. We thank you, God, for touching his life in any way that he feels a need, anything that's on his heart, anything that he desires. Oh, God. And Lord, we praise your name for it. We praise your name for it. We praise you for Elliot. Lord, we know that there's a reason that you have called him up here. God. And we thank you. For doing this for Elliot. We thank you, God. For this new life in Jesus name. In Jesus name. We thank you Lord and Lord. We bless Kristen too, that we just bless her in this this fulfillment of this call. Oh, God. It's real important, Elliot. I just feel like in the next 24 hours, just anything that's on your heart talk to God about. He's giving you his word. He's going to do it.


Elliot: [00:56:51] Yes, sir.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:56:52] And I don't have anything to gain in this. But I know that. I know that I know God's going to do some things that are probably in your own eyes. See? Impossible. But he's going to do it. All right. Amen.


Elliot: [00:57:03] Amen.


Matt: [00:57:04] Amen.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:57:06] Hallelujah wow. Thank you, Lord. Hallelujah. What couple here has been married? Uh, considerable. Like, maybe you're coming on to an important year. Like, maybe it's your 40th. Maybe it's your 30th, or maybe. It's your first. I don't know, but there's just, like, an important anniversary here. Where to pray about. Offend anybody at all. Because people will come up afterwards and say, well, that was me, but it was. And then I'll say, well, why didn't you? You know, whatever. But does that fit anybody that you're just you're near like an important anniversary? .......Okay.


Julia: [00:57:51] They have an anniversary tomorrow.


Logan: [00:57:53] Yeah, I have an anniversary tomorrow.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:57:55] Do you have a wife? Yeah, I just. Yeah. Come up here a second. What is her name?


Logan: [00:58:06] Jessica.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:58:06] Jessica. What were you guys saying about your marriage?


Pastor Michelle West: [00:58:11] Coming on 41.


Pastor Erik West: [00:58:13] We're 40.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:58:14] You're 40. 41 in April. Wow. First name again.


Logan: [00:58:20] Logan 


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:58:21] Logan and just Jessica.


Logan: [00:58:23] She's at home with the flu.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:58:24] She's at home with the flu. Well, Lord, we bless her. Lord, we just thank you that this this. There's something about their anniversary that you're doing. And, Lord, we just thank you for for working everything out. We just agree with you, Holy Spirit, what you're doing in Logan and what you're doing in Jessica. And, Lord, we do ask you to touch her body today. Lord, just like you touched the hand of Peter's mother in law. And she was immediately well, we ask you to do the same. Yes, we thank you, Lord. What year is your marriage?


Logan: [00:58:55] Uh. It's been. This will be seven.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:58:58] Seven. Okay, That's a good number. So, Lord, we thank you for seven years, and that that is tomorrow, your anniversary. Yes, sir. You need to get her something real nice. But, Lord, we thank you. We thank you, Lord. We thank you, Lord, for whatever you're doing.


Logan: [00:59:12] Yes.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:59:14] Um, I'll tell you when you and your wife agree. It's amazing how God will get excited with you on anything. Yes. You're going to have a lot of good things to tell about that. All right. God bless you, man. Hallelujah. Wow. So we have a few minutes. We usually. I don't know. It's earlier in California. I know, but. Let me pray for this sweet couple back here. You guys can. Can you come up here a second? Let me pray with you. And my two ladies here. Would you come up a second? Let me pray with you. Yeah.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [00:59:53] Pardon? Both of you. Yeah.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:00:01] How many years together?


Dayna: [01:00:05] Two and a half.


Jerry: [01:00:05] Two and a half.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:00:05] Two and a half now. You know. Through many. It says in that amazing Grace song. Through many dangers, toils and snares, we have already come. God's good. He just said, you're in a good place. He's brought you through a lot. He really has. What's your first name?


Jerry: [01:00:25] Jerry.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:00:25] Drew?


Jerry: [01:00:26] Jerry.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:00:27] Jerry and?


Dayna: [01:00:28] Dayna.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:00:28] Dayna. So, Lord, tonight. Today we pray for Jerry. We pray for Dayna. We just thank you, Lord, for the way you've led their lives together. And, Lord, we thank you that you've led them both through some. I just what I see as some rough winters. So, Lord, we just thank you for your leadership on their lives and Lord, that they'll be their best years. Are yet to come. And God, we just thank you to fulfill everything. And I just even feel like a physical touch here today for both of you. God's touch in your physical body and Lord, we just receive with and we we respond with them of your infusion of strength. We just thank you, God, for strength. Oh, God. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. I just hear this one sentence. Watch what I will do. That's what I hear the Lord saying. Just watch what I will do for you both. He loves you. Hallelujah! It's exciting that he brought you together. It is exciting. Hallelujah.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:01:42] And your first name is?


Glenda: [01:01:45] Glenda.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:01:45] Glenda. Okay. And your first name?


Teresa: [01:01:47] Teresa.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:01:48] Jolisa?


Teresa: [01:01:49] Teresa.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:01:49] Theresa. Lord, I thank you for Glenda today. I thank you, Lord, for. You know, I see you passed a lot of tests. In life. We get tested, we get examined by the Lord. And I see you pass a lot of tests. And Lord, I just pray for increase and Glenda, I feel like you're to pray that way. God, I just ask you for increase in every area of my life. Every area where my life is right now. I ask you for increase, increase, increase of your provision. Increase of your strength. Increase of understanding. In Jesus name. All I know is what I'm hearing. That God's going to flood you. He's just going to flood you. Were you. You won't be able to put in words. Yeah, yeah. Hallelujah, Hallelujah. You pass a lot of tests. That's what you. And that's not me talking. That's God talking. You pass a lot of tests. Hallelujah. Teresa. Right. The Lord, we thank you for, is it Teresa? Is that right?


Teresa: [01:03:01] Mhmm


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:03:01] Yeah. Lord, I thank you for Teresa right now. I thank you, Lord, for just the surrendering of her life to you. Because I see, like the potter and the clay and you've been through more than your share of stuff, but it's like the the clay. Can't say to the potter, do it this way, do it that way. But you're saying to the Lord, I surrender to what you're doing. I surrender to your plan. I surrender to your purpose. So thank you, Holy Spirit. For that. For Theresa. Oh, God. There's something you're standing for. And it's funny because I can see it's like your shoes are nailed to the ground. In other words, stand in faith. That's the way God sees you. You're asking God for some things and to stand in faith because there's some answers on the way. That's what I feel. There's some real wonderful answers on the way. God bless you. Hallelujah! Wow. Hallelujah.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:04:12] Yeah.


Matt: [01:04:13] When I went back to sit down, the Holy Spirit reminded me where you called about an accident in the 80s. Yeah. He reminded me that there's, uh. I've had two doctors ask me before if I had any serious head injury because I've got a they've. I take some medication for, um, the pituitary gland that hadn't operated in a way that it should. And he reminded me of, I don't know what, years in the 80s, I had a motorcycle wreck.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:04:40] Okay.


Matt: [01:04:40] One of my friends was older than me. My brother's friend drove, uh, was driving, and I let him drive. I was riding on the back, but it flipped me off the back of the motorcycle, and it cracked the helmet completely.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:04:52] Oh my goodness.


Matt: [01:04:52] If I hadn't had a helmet on, I probably wouldn't be standing here. But I did. But it cracked the helmet open.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:04:57] Yeah.


Matt: [01:04:57] And, uh, I'd forgotten all about that until until I sit down.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:05:02] Well, we agree with you because the Holy Spirit said. And were you and the Holy Spirit said whatever was damaged, then he's going to take care of it. Amen. So we just received, Lord, we receive from Matthew. Lord, we receive the total healing, that total healing he needs. Oh, God, the total amazing, mind boggling healing. We receive it in Jesus name. We receive it in Jesus name.


Matt: [01:05:25] Amen.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:05:26] Lord, let him let there be no more ramifications. Oh God, we thank you for what you've done and what you're doing. Oh God. Jesus name. Amen amen, God doesn't lie. He tells the truth. He tells the truth. Amen. So, um.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:05:46] I feel like praying for my younger brother back here. If he doesn't mind, you come up here a second. Who's that with you? Is that your your dad? Yeah. Come on up here to buddy. And you've got to be 18?


Max: [01:06:00] 15. 


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:06:01] 15!? Goodness gracious. I don't mean to scare you, I really don't, but I used to have hair real similar to that. So. But. So what's your name?


Max: [01:06:13] Max.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:06:13] Max. Well, Lord, we thank you today for Max. We thank you for his life. We thank you, Lord, for his. The way you're stirring in him. And I could look back there today, and I can see the Holy Spirit working on you and stirring you. Lord, we just thank you for the plan you have for him and the and the purpose that you've called him to, and, Lord, that he will lack. No good thing. He will lack no good thing. And Lord, we know he's not to date until he's 40. Lord. And the Lord lead him to the right partner. God, when it's your time, Lord, lead him to the right partner. And Lord, let him respond. There's a call on your life and you know it's there. And, Lord, let him respond to what you're saying to him. You're not under obligation to follow anybody else because to follow the Lord. Amen. Amen. Man. God's hands on you, man. He is on you. Wow.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:07:10] And your first name is?


Scott: [01:07:11] Scott.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:07:12] Lord, today I thank you for Scott. You know, the Lord loves the way your persistent eye can see such a persistent thing in you that you're. You're always aiming for something. You're always pushing in for something. And Lord, we declare, oh God, that that Scott is going to experience more than he's ever experienced. You know, there's a scripture that says, don't look to your right or to the left.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:07:37] And I see that for you that he's saying just to follow him, follow him. Uh, the latter house is going to be far greater than the former. You're going to have greater experiences in the second half of your life than you ever had in the first. And the Lord is going to unfold and disclose things to you. That when you leave this world, you're going to say, I left a mark. I left a footprints, I left a pattern for others. And God's going to make it. So you're going to have more influence on other people than you've ever had ever even thought of having. So thank you for it. We praise you for it.


Scott: [01:08:21] Thank you.


Rev. Steve Sampson: [01:08:21] God bless you. God bless you. Amen. So. We're going to. Get out of here. And. Like, I can't tell you how much I fell in the will of God being here this morning. And, uh, I can't tell you how much. I thought Elliot was so much older than 35. And so, um. But. Thank you Lord. Isn't God good? He's good to us. He cares about us. He loves us. And so I'm going to have pastor come back and he'll get us out of here. And then we're going to come tonight at 6:00. Right? And we'll have fun, fun, fun. I promise you, we're going to have fun. Amen.

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