Grace Reigns Through Righteousness | 26May2024

Grace Reigns Through Righteousness | 26May2024
2024.05.26 grace reigns through righteou
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Pastor Erik West: [00:00:01] Who God is good all the time. Amen. You may be seated. Well. Good morning. Amen. I'll add to what Michelle said a few moments ago. We thank God for everyone the United States of America has laid to rest over 1 million veterans since our inception. Uh, number is probably much higher than than that. Uh, most of those was in combat. Another half a million, uh, in non-combat issues. But later on, due to war. And so we are a blessed people. And we are a blessed nation. And it's easy to take for granted something you've always had when you just get in the plane and you fly to countries who do not have what you have to decide to even come today of your own will is a freedom that many people do not have. Someone gave up their life. So that we could have those choices. We say that we know that. But unless you are one of the people and or you're one of the families who has, uh, family has paid the ultimate price. And as you know, the military comprises of mostly young, very young people. Most of them under the age of 25 years old, who never sometimes ever got to get married, never got to live their life, never got to have a family or children. And, uh, with their own, with their own blood. Paid the price so that we might be free. So freedom cost.


Pastor Erik West: [00:01:38] But there's even a greater freedom, isn't there? We know that as Christians that there's a greater freedom than that, that mankind is given that the Lord himself laid his life down. Yes. God, who became flesh, kind of hard to conceive, that in that laying aside the deity of God and will forever, the Bible says, be known as the man of the man of flesh, took upon himself, flesh laid his deity aside, became what you and I are was tempted in every way, just like we are defeated, the devil on every front for you and for I, so that we may have the ultimate freedom in the name of Jesus. You know, we're instructed to pray for almost eight months now, and, uh, Israel's been at war. And, uh, and we're instructed out of Psalms 122 and the first verse, it says, I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord. Our feet shall stand within thy gates, O Jerusalem. Jerusalem is builded as a city that is compacted together. Anyway, if you go down in verse five, it says, for where there are set thrones of judgment, the thrones of the house of David. Then the instruction comes in verse six, it says, pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. They shall prosper that love thee. Peace shall be within thy walls and prosperity within thy palaces. For my brethren and companion's sake, I will now say to Jerusalem.


Pastor Erik West: [00:03:18] To the inhabitants of Jerusalem, to Israel we say, peace be within thee. Peace. Jesus said, how do you know what time it is? He said, even the sons of Issachar and all these things. Jesus said, why, he's. This was a rebuke. He said, you know what? It's going to rain. You can tell when the weather's changing. You know, when the seasons changing. You have, you know that many that much wits about you. But how come you do not know what time it is in the spirit? What time is it? In the spirit? If you know what time it is in the spirit, you know what to be doing. If you're going to plant a garden in this January or February, you might want to hold off just a minute. There's nobody going to the peach orchards in February. They're not there. You know what you do in February? You're pruning them. You're cutting all the dead out so that you can have a Bountiful harvest. Well, cutting dead out is a necessary. It's not an evil. It's a good thing because you want to have fruit and you want to have abundant fruit. So you have to get rid of that which is dead, which is not producing. And I believe that's what the I believe that's what the Lord's doing is he's consistently cutting away. Take it away, cutting out.


Pastor Erik West: [00:04:33] And for those who don't want to walk that way, he still loves it, but he just walks around. Just looks like water. If you if you go to a creek or whatever, and, and you got running water and you put a big rock in there, you know, and the creek's 20 foot, five wide and you put a rock, you know, six inches in diameter or 16in or 3ft. Well, it's just going to change the flow of the water, but the water is going to continue to flow. Amen. So in Jesus name, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem because we're instructed to. Yes. And father, in the name of Jesus. Father, I thank you for what you're doing. And even in a time of war and turmoil, we are still instructed to pray these things. Jesus said, don't say four months and then we can have a harvest. He said, the harvest is today. It's right now. He said, open our eyes that we might see. But he said, pray that the Lord would send forth laborers. Father, I think there's a consistent sending of laborers to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the people of Israel. Father, we know that the majority of the Jewish people were taught that Jesus was a rabbi, a good teacher. But had not seen him as the Messiah. Blinded to a truth that has held them captive for all these years. I pray that those blinders are removed in Jesus name.


Pastor Erik West: [00:05:58] That in a time of great turmoil when people are asking for answers, when their world has been turned upside down, when many has lost loved ones, others have been captured and are being held as hostages in the name of Jesus. I speak and I ask to send forth more laborers and those that are already there. Lord, I just thank you, Lord, for seasoning their tongue as the pen of a ready writer, that they may speak the oracles of God in such a way, and it may come forth with signs, wonders, and miracles shall be displayed with those within her gates. And the people shall see the miraculous, and they shall ask the questions. In a time of hurt and despair. Their eyes shall be open, and they shall see and come to the knowledge of the truth, while there is still such a time. Father, I pray for wisdom and guidance upon the government. I pray wisdom and guidance upon the military, the leaders, upon every footman, upon every soldier, that the blood of Jesus guides and protects, that the angels of God encamp, encompasses them, and keeps them. From harm's way. And the plan of the enemy. I say, shall come to naught. It shall come to no fruition. We take authority over the spirit of it, for we don't wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the Antichrist. But the Christ is the one who rules and the Christ is the one who reigns.


Pastor Erik West: [00:07:37] And he said, these things shall come to pass. So we don't pray that they will never come to pass, but to give us understanding and wisdom and guidance in the day and hour in which they live, and how they still shall walk out successfully. The end time days before Jesus comes back to the earth and catches his bride away. And great shall be the glory. And great shall be the goodness of God being poured out, and great shall be the display of his signs and his wonders. And they shall see that he is Jehovah. He is Yeshua. He's the great and mighty God. He's the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And father, I thank you for the splendor of your glory and the wonders of your person. Not only in Israel, but Father God across the nations into every nation. Father God, there's pressure being applied as never before. Jesus said, these things must come to pass. But he told us, do not fear. He said, for the hour of your redemption it's nigh. He said, look up. And be of good cheer. Help us to understand this time this season. Help us to walk in the power and the authority of your word. Help us to see the harvest as you see it. As your heart patiently waits and aches for the fruit of the earth, for your own children.


Pastor Erik West: [00:09:17] I pray they'll be released in an awakening in the United States of America and the other nations. And they shall no longer do church. There's no longer a ten church. They should no longer read about great revivals, but they shall become an answer to a problem, a solution to a problem that's been ongoing for such a time. And they shall see that they are one of those who will solve the problem. They're one of the solutions that God is sending now into every part of the world, into the marketplace, into the schools. For the devil has invaded every place of this world, for he is the God of this world. But he has no authority over the church. He has no authority over the church. He has zero authority over any believer. As they come to know who they are in him, they'll stand up in their authority. And they'll speak the word. And Satan has no power over the spoken word, over the spoken word, over the spoken word. For we put upon ourselves. And we dress ourselves this morning in the mighty armor of God. We didn't come in here naked. We come in here clothed, fully clothed, from the helmet to the feet, to the shield, to the sword, to the breastplate of righteousness. We take the shield and the word of God, and we speak those words. And Jesus said, the words will not come back void, but they shall accomplish.


Pastor Erik West: [00:10:52] If there's hostages alive, I command they be discovered and be released, and be taken back alive and well, and return to their family, that their whereabouts may be known. And I speak confusion upon the troops of evil. I speak confusion on their plans, that they shall turn one on another. And if they won't receive Jesus, if they won't receive the answer, they shall come to their demise. And God says, watch over his people, for he loves the Jewish nation, and he loves the land, and he shall rule and reign from the very spot they fight from as a mockery. But God said, I shall not be mocked for that which you, so you shall reap. For we are on the time of sowing and reaping. But now the times are compressed. Now they're closer together. It's not four months in a harvest. It's not even four hours. Sometimes it's four minutes. Could be four seconds. Could be to the plowman. Beats the sower. How is that possible? With God, all things are possible. Ebro City. Campbell city. The varsity. Stonebridge. Sankey. Big Catoma stone. Black city. The Barkatullah. Oh city. Moss and Buckeye. Sociedad. Bogota. Oh! The Heart of God. The Heart of God weeps for the harvest. He weeps for those who have been blinded to truth. He waits for this great family of God, this great army, to rise up and take its place.


Pastor Erik West: [00:12:42] Oh, he patiently has waited and waited for the harvest. How close? Keep it. How close, how close, how close you are. How close you are. And yes, yes, I answered that in my word, for there were markers then that say, we've heard these things before, and he has not come. How much closer are you today? Do not be a scoffer. Do not be a mocker. Do not be one of those that says, eat, drink, and be merry, for we have much time. Do not lose sight of. The purpose of your being and why you are here and why I have saved you, why I have filled you with my spirit. Open your hearts to me and let me feel you today. Let me feel you once again, afresh and anew. Let my fire burn within you. And burn all the chaff out into things of this world that tries to choke the very seed of. But the seed is an incorruptible seed, an indestructible seed. It will not die. But it shall speak, and it shall testify in the day of the great judgment. Others shall have to answer for that which was sown. And rejected for does not my word keep it blank to say that people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge, for they have rejected knowledge. To reject knowledge is to reject him. Oh, but, father. Father, we don't reject you. Forgive us, Lord.


Pastor Erik West: [00:14:41] See us. Forgive us. Lord. Papa. Sit. Come, sit. Forgive us. Lord. Forgive us. Awaken us. Revive us again. The fire of the Holy Ghost. Burn! Let it burn the chaff. The sin. The dullness. Sheep or city market. City kebab or C. Taking. Taking their place. As soldiers march in cadence to a war. But to the drum beat with a very heartbeat of the Mighty One. Who is the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords. And by church shall be the invading army blank. And the enemy has no answers for that which is now and here to come. Cast away your nightclothes. Arise from your sleep. Open your eyes. See what I see, hear what I hear. Let your heart receive the engrafted word. Rise. Up. To a new dimension. Speak my word as the oracle of God. Understand your position. And from your position is where you rule from. Your position in me is where you reign. From that position standing with me. You shall speak my word. And things that the enemy has erected in every area of society. Education, the colleges, the things that you see, the fruits of darkness, the confusion of genders. All these things has tired my body. But I am not coming back from a tired, weak, emaciated body, but a body who knows who they are. And they shall have compassion, as I have compassion upon those who have blinded.


Pastor Erik West: [00:17:28] And they shall speak with boldness, but with meekness and love, and they shall deliver, and set the captive free for that which I have come, for I want my harvest, says the Lord. I want my harvest. I want my harvest. And I have ceded this world with the greatest gift. And if you be Christ, then you are also Abraham's seed and heirs according to this harvest. For my son said that of Abraham said he rejoiced when he saw my day. Confused and infuriated the Pharisees. But you know what I mean. And you know, when those words are spoken in your heart. For he was, he is and shall always be. Rise up now. Take your place. Will you? Or do I have to find another? Will you heed to the call? Or do I have to go to that place to find such as one who will yield? April, Hassett said. It's in yielding. It's in yielding. Lay your life down so that I may take it up. In great shall be your reward. Not only in this life, but much greater in that which is to come. Jesus name. Jesus mighty name. That the captive shall be set free. And the day of the greater glory. You shall see. For that which was all. My servant Moses was only the type in the shadow that was came. And now the greater glory cannot be measured by men's instruments. They do not know what specifications.


Pastor Erik West: [00:20:01] The height, the breadth, the depth and the light of my love. Glory. Glory. Glory. Displayed. Even in your homes. And in your businesses and in your workplaces. Glory shall be in your mouth, and when you speak it shall come out in words, but it shall be glory. Words that you spoke before that you thought had no effect. You shall speak now with an awareness. Of greater glory. Time. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. As you know, it shall quickly come to an end. Watch Israel. Pray for her. Watch. Israel. And you shall know your hour. And you shall know your place. Jesus name. Jesus name. Praise you, Jesus. Praise you Jesus. Mm. For those of you who don't know what happened here, I didn't practice that at home. You don't have to practice being filled with the spirit. The Holy Spirit don't need practice. He feels. X2. So they open the mouth and they spoke because he filled them. Hallelujah. It came upon them as a rushing mighty wind. Filled all the house where they were sitting. Spoken them cloven tongues such as fire fell upon all of them. And they spoke a heavenly language and a heavenly dialect filled with glory. It bubbled out. It rushed out. It gushed out. It's in you right now. Yes. You're doing everything you can to keep it in. Why are you. Hey, She-Devil. It's not strange. It's normal.


Pastor Erik West: [00:23:04] It's normal. You know, what's strange is you talk in English all the time. Paul said I spoke in tongues more than all of you put together. And this is the bunch you had to correct for speaking out of turn. Paul had to go to the Corinthian church. He said, you're very zealous in the gifts, and I commend you. He said, but you got so many gifts going on. One time he said, it's a big traffic jam every time I come in here. He said, everyone's got a tongue, everyone's got a terpretation, everyone's got a prophecy. He would go to church today. He said, how come no one has a tongue? No one has an interpretation. No one has a prophecy. Are you all dead? Mm hmm. Paul said he who speaks in an unknown tongue speaks not unto man, but unto God. How be it in the spirit he speaks mysteries. Paul said, I will speak, I will speak in the spirit, and I will speak in the with the understanding, which means he had control of it. He said, well, you can't speak in tongues unless the Holy Ghost comes all over you. He's already he's not just all over. He's in you. He don't have to come all over. He's already in you. Jude said, building myself up in my most holy faith. Praying in the sombra. Sombra Cartaya you say, what language is that? I don't even I don't even know English too well.


Pastor Erik West: [00:24:11] I butchered that every day. But this one's perfect. Hey, see you Sunday. How about yours? How about Cobra City under the cobra? How subtle. Some say were you. Don't you know people might be listening to you? Well, I hope they do. Amen. See the the wrong message has been being sent. People are standing behind this holy pulpit and giving motivational speeches saying, everything's going to be a wonderful, going to be a great day. Jesus didn't say that. Jesus told the disciples how they were going to be killed. How would you like me to bring a speaker and said, we're going to have a great speaker here next week. He's going to tell everyone, how are you going to get killed? No one wants to show up that first day, he said. But don't worry, you'll know what to say when you need to say it. The apostle said, in the last days, perilous times shall come, he said. And those who once walked, he said, many of them, he said, their whole life, their whole life will be like a ship. Their faith will be shipwrecked. It's sad to see people who walk with God, who's turned and were deceived by so many things and just walk the other way, and then their lives become totally, totally shipwrecked. They went to sleep while the enemy was working. They became very busy with earthly things. They thought they had to have this and that and this relationship and that relationship.


Pastor Erik West: [00:25:41] Do you know what that will mean to you in about 10,000 years in heaven? If you can even remember it. Hope we don't. But if you do, it'll just be tears that I gave myself to these kind of things when I had the glory of God, the glory of God on display. I was I had the glory of God a few years ago. I was in a Billy Burke meeting where he ministered to me, and I was on the floor of the Marriott, and I thought, I'll be honest, I've told the story. I hadn't told it in a long time. We went there, he ministered to me and I couldn't get off the floor. And I had a question. I won't tell you what the question is, but the Lord answered it on the floor and it was like he was coming to me. I had my eyes closed. They said I was kind of moving around a little bit. Was I moved around a little bit? I guess it bothers some people. Some people was worried. Maybe someone thought, I thought I had a devil because I guess I was kind of leaving the ground. I was doing the big wave and my head was hitting the concrete. The Marriott floor had a little bit of carpet on it, but I know how much carpet is.


Pastor Erik West: [00:26:42] I didn't feel any of it. I knew it was going on. I couldn't stop it and the Lord was answering my question. He said, like, uh, I'm still here, whether you think I am or not, and I don't ask for those kind of visitations. No more knowing. And I could hear Billy Burke say to his ushers and Usherettes, leave him alone. He had to say, This is God. I guess because I was wondering and I'm trying to stop it, but I can't stop it. And I can see him coming to me like a ball of sun. I have my eyes closed. I could see him coming. And then it came. It was so strong I couldn't stand it. My physical being couldn't stand anymore. And I said, Lord to myself. I said, if you don't stop, if you don't turn the power down, I said, you're going to kill me. And then I said to myself, but I don't care. This is the greatest killing I've ever experienced in my entire life. But it was more than a physical body could take in. And believe me, no earthly things or habits or addictions or anything else would even come close to that. And what you're most aware of, whether you like this doctrine, what you're most aware of when the presence of God comes to you that way, is how unholy you are, and how much of sin that you still have in your life.


Pastor Erik West: [00:28:03] Amen. When you come in contact with that much holiness, you feel like he might kill you. Maybe I shouldn't say all that, but that's what I knew. But it came with great waves of glory. And I saw a day that was coming soon. In the next night. I went into the meeting and he. Billy Burke called me out four times. And a room full of desperate people who come from Heelan all around the world. People in wheelchairs and people who had motorcycle accidents with braces and halos around their head, and they're trying to get to him. But he says, where's that pastor from? Alabama? And they're looking at me like they want to kill me because I'm taking some of their time. But I couldn't get up there the last two times. And I was like, please. I was thinking, please leave me alone. I can't handle the more of this. If there's any more God to put in, I don't have nowhere to put him. And I tried to sneak away from Billy Burke. I was on the floor, you know, flopping around like a fish off the beach, trying to get to water. But I was trying to get away from him. I never had someone lay hands on me. I mean, it was a good killing, and I was trying to crawl my way back to my chair. And I eventually got back there when they got busy and got in the chair, and he was ministering to someone who was in severe situation.


Pastor Erik West: [00:29:25] And then he stops in the middle of ministry and he says, where is that pastor from? Alabama. And I'm like, and they're all like, we're going to kill you. And there was a lot of people he didn't get to that night, and I probably was some of the reason for it. He said, I don't know who you are in the spirit, and I'll just say what he said. It's not about me. Don't I mean, don't misunderstand what I'm saying here, he said. I see that there was a period of time you walked in some amazing miracles which amazed you, and it was the foretaste, only the foretaste of what is to come. He said, I see a great. And we're in Florida, he said at the Marriott, he said, and I see a great a great move of God that's going to happen in the state of Alabama. And he says, somehow you're going to be at the forefront of this whole thing, and God's going to raise up people, ministers, people who aren't ministers, people who's everyday people is going to rise up and do works. That just amazes the entire world. And because that's what he's trained you for and had you ready for, and there'll be a day of release of it. Amen, Amen, Amen. From that day to this day, a lot of my life has been pure hell.


Pastor Erik West: [00:30:33] Hallelujah! Amen. So you want some of it? But the Lord reminded me. I told him one time. I said, I heard this, and I repeated it. I'll go. Will you tell me to go? I'll say what you tell me to say. I'll do what you tell me to do. He recorded it and he said, you said this many times. And I said, oh. Now, I'm not making a thing about the. I'm not trying to make a thing about the. Uh, attack. I'm not doing anything to glorify the devil. Oh, I've got a million questions of why and how long. And because I don't even believe what I experienced. And you know if I said that, right. Oh thank you. So, you know, some people take that and say, they're saying, well, they realized that because I got such a great call on me, this is why all this has happened. No. If you got such a great call and you get it off of you. Or get or get someone to help you get it off of you. I don't care if they have to rub all the hair off your head to do it. John G likes to lay hands on them again. He said they said how many times? He said many times. It takes. I mean, we'll get quarts of oil if we need to. If you need oil.


Pastor Erik West: [00:32:14] I bet some of y'all. Bill. I bet he's got all kind of wall around his house will baptize, you know, if if that's what you need. But we have the oil of the Holy Ghost. Holy Spirit's wrecking my message right now. Yes. Good. And. Praise God, it started Wednesday night. Talking about raining. The grace reigns through righteousness. If we can call grace the empowerment of God to do for you what you can't do for yourself, right? Or can we use it this way? Empowerment or grace is the ability and the ability of God. I'm a little bit drunk and the Holy Ghost just for y'all. I gave up the Bud Lights years ago. Didn't like the taste of them. Talked about number three and then I don't know what the tasted like. All that's fake. It's all fake. So I need a couple of those. Knock the edge off. Know you just ain't living in the Holy Ghost. You got the wrong edge, cutter. You got. You got artificial. I'm not condemning you. And I'm not saying it's even wrong. I'm just saying you're walking in the wrong way. And, you know, for baby Christians, you might. You might hurt them. Paul said, I'm at liberty to do all kinds of things if it's right, he said. But he said, When I'm with these people here, well, I'm not I'm not going to go hide it in my back closet.


Pastor Erik West: [00:33:50] So after coming up the driveway, go, go hide all my marijuana. Well, what do you need marijuana for? Well, it just makes me. Yeah. Hi. You said, well, I don't want to use that word. Okay. Well, do you want to use. It just helps me get away from things. You already away. You're not even from this world. You're an alien. How far away do you want to get? Paul said you are strange. You're a pilgrim. He said. This ain't even your home. And you're trying to get away. You're already away. Your mother brought you in here. You know, kind of like a spaceship. Spit you out and say, go, boy. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. So grace reigns. Through what? Righteousness. Well. What's righteousness? Well, righteousness is just simply means. It's an Old English term for being. It's a judicial term. It means if you've been born again, you've been saved. You're right with God. Amen. Not of your works unless you boast. If you're going to boast, you might lose what you think you got. Or maybe you never got it. But as of him. How'd you get it? Well, I did a bunch of stuff. Well, then you didn't get it. No, you have to say I didn't. I didn't deserve it. I didn't do anything. I'm guilty. But he wasn't guilty. The guiltless died for those who were guilty. That condemned an innocent person. They didn't give him a slap on the wrist.


Pastor Erik West: [00:35:39] They didn't like your mama gave you a little spanking, send you to the room. I, like my mother did. One time. She grabbed me for a half a year, I needed it. Amen. I thought it was a little bit stout. Half a year. Half a year. She was mad, but she always stuck to her guns. Amen. I told you made me miss Elvis. He never came back. He died. He was in Birmingham. I had tickets. She says don't do the crime if you can't pay the time. I said, I'll trade you two more months. She says, no, no, I'm not doing it anyway. So here we. So here. So here we are. You're right with God that that's your position. See grace reigns. Through your righteousness. You're being right with God is what grace needs to reign through. These lights have electricity in them to illuminate it, but they're flowing, thank God, through conduit, so that if you get up in the ceiling and you mess around doing some things, you just don't touch the live electricity. Who wants to do that? Nobody does. So what can bless you, can kill you. Great. The grace of God, the goodness of God, the ability of God, the empowerment of God reigns. Needs. It has to have the conduit of righteousness for the ability of it to flow in and through. So. Paul said. That's just the only two things that you need to reign in life is, is what? The abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness.


Pastor Erik West: [00:37:33] Now we only have a few minutes here. If you will go to the book of Romans chapter five, I'm going to have to skip a lot of stuff. We were talking about a couple of weeks ago about the choice of two trees. Anyone remember that? Today I want to talk about the choice of two atoms. Atom was at that tree. I said, well, he wasn't there. He was on vacation. He went on, no, his mind was on vacation. His body was standing there not doing anything what God told him to do. The Bible says she took Nate and she handed it to him, handed it to him. She she don't have an arm as long as State of Louisiana. He's right there. Why didn't he protect and keep. That was his job, right? Well, they had choices. You and I have choices. So there was. There was two choices. And there were two trees. Remember that. And now we want to talk about the two atoms. Um. Can I back up a little bit? Send you somewhere else? Let's go to first Corinthians 15. I want to read from the amplified. Not the not the classic, but the the amp. I want to put some amperage on it. First Corinthians 1545 through 49, if that makes a difference to anyone back there.


Pastor Erik West: [00:39:03] And the amplified. Y'all doing okay? I'm happy up here. I'm just telling you, I got juiced really good. I could go 10 minutes or 10 hours, but I won't do that to you. And some of you would love it. Others would move you a letter. And we even got no letter to move. I love you all and I don't care how. Have you done it? Amen. I just got the biggest shot of I don't care. This is what you call naturally spiritually drunk. It's good to. Whoo! Glory to God! I only had no hangover. It helps to have something to hang on to, though. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord. Elliot said, don't move that again. I'm in trouble. He said I kissed that that way again. He come out of his station. His kingdom back there. I'll be in trouble. Let me get that right there with me. Right there. Okay. All right. First Corinthians 15, verse 45 amp. So it is written in Scripture, the first man, Adam, he became a living soul, an individual. I live in being, uh. Do you have the amp? Okay. That's good. Well, I'm gonna read mine. I was wanting to read that for the first time back. There won't be very long. I'll be able to watch Sunday football while I'm preaching. Hallelujah. It's gonna be awesome. Y'all want me to. I'll turn the chairs around so y'all can watch it.


Pastor Erik West: [00:40:58] I bet the church grow like wildfire. Oh, yeah, they I mean, they they crammed the place out. We got plenty of air conditioning. Now, keep your cool. Amen. It's just going to be 90 today. I don't care, I got air conditioning. I can freeze you if I want to. There, there. Says roll tide right there. Praise the Lord. Amen. I'm just reading what you know. Is that in the Bible? They said the Bible. Okay, let me get back to that. So it is written in Scripture, the first man, Adam, became a living soul, an individual. The last man, Christ became a life giving spirit. Wow. Restoring the dead to life. Now, verse 46, however, the spiritual which is the immortal life is not first, but the physical, the mortal life, then the spiritual. First comes the natural, then comes the spirit. Okay. Verse 47, the first man, Adam, he's from the earth. He's earthy. That ain't too deep, is it? No. I mean, if you're from Clinton, you're clintonian. Well, Adam was from the earth. He's earthy. Jew from Jemison. You're a Jemison knight, right? Amen. He's made of dust. But the psychic man, Christ the Lord, he's from heaven. So once made for the dust, he comes out of the earth once from heaven. He's heavenly. Now watch here, verse 48. Let's find you and me, as is the earthly man, the man of dust. So are those who are of the earth.


Pastor Erik West: [00:42:42] And as is the heavenly, heavenly man, so are those who are of heaven. Verse 49, just as we have borne the image of the earthy, the man of dust. We now also bear the image of the heavenly of the man of heaven. Well. That's good. You used to. You used to bear images of the one who come from the earth. You used to be old, dusty. You come old dusty. But now you ain't dusty no more. You heavenly. Amen. Amen. So if I have to ask you, where are you from? You say, where are you from? You from Earth? Not really. I've been there. I'm not even from here. Hmm. If I were to ask you, were you born? Most people. You know, we talked. We give the natural answer. I was born in Detroit, Michigan. Barbara was born in Detroit, Michigan. Right. Wayne County. Is that right? Yeah. Wayne county, Detroit, Michigan. But we split. Well, he's a bunch of four little Yankees. But my mama was from Clanton, and she said, I've had enough of stinky business. She I got never saw a dirt road to 1968. I was amazed trees, dirt road and no houses. Then I found wasp and yellow jackets. I didn't like them. I ran through the woods. There was 20 acres of woods. I ran and ran and ran and ran. I never saw so much open land. Then I thought after I got through running, I said, what are we going to do now? Well, we found out we can make bike trails and all kind of stuff.


Pastor Erik West: [00:44:11] It was. It was awesome. I wouldn't go back to the chart Michigan for anything. Now, if you're from Detroit, you love it. I ain't gonna love it. But you love it. The Lord loves it. But actually we're not even from any of the United States. According to this scripture, you've been born again. So what are you identifying with? Now you think if I'm just. Oh, that's just kind of a little semantics of preaching. It's not. This will serve you well if you get this message, because you'll quit seeing yourself just as a human. I mean, where was you before you got to that state and county and to that hospital? You was you anywhere? Did you exist at all or did you just. Did I start existing on January the 9th? You said no, it's nine months before that. Well, was I, was I anywhere before nine months before that? Must have been because Psalms 139 says, the Lord knew you before you used in your mother's womb. How long do you know you? Forever. Amen. How long you been here? Forever. Maybe. Maybe you're old as God is. You ever thought about that? If you've been in him and in him has been alive. Maybe you've been in him and him since forever.


Pastor Erik West: [00:45:32] You just do a little gig down here? You never did before. Most of us don't like it that much. Why? Because we have we have home on the inside of us. But see, the church has changed the message. The church is preaching the salvation. And thank God for salvation. It's glorious. It's wonderful. It's like Andy Griffith said, it's nice, it's nice. You know what he got going with that girl? She wasn't that pretty. She was kind of a home. But Gomer thought she's awesome. They'd come to apologize for setting him up with her and he says, oh she's nice. She's she's real nice. She's nice and nice. Y'all watch that show. I like it every time I watch it. No man kills his pa and Matt likes that. Matt can do it. You don't come up here and do that little shuffle. We'd all love to see it. Everybody on the camera would love to see you do this. The Andy Griffith Show when? They said that on The Andy Griffith Show. Everyone was happy giving us. Most of them was all happy. They was all happy. You know why someone says because they is all single. No one was married. No one married was Otis and he was town drunk. I don't know if that means anything, but it is kind of interesting to think about it. But he had a home away from home, right? Didn't he? Hallelujah.


Pastor Erik West: [00:47:01] So where are we at now? Romans five. Here we go. Here we go. I'm coming back to earth. Hallelujah! Romans five. Hello. Wait, let me talk and then we'll read. Um. Romans five. I must have something in here about Romans five. I think it was all them pages I skipped. Yeah, there it is, right there. Verse 126789 ten 1112, 13. Oh my gosh, where did Jesus come from? I get through all that. Well, let me get your Romans over here. I think it's to the right. Hallelujah. Romans five. Here we go. Verse one. Therefore, being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Alright. Let's stop. Take up another offer right there. That's awesome. That projector went out. That's 600 something dollars. You look it up a while ago. Oh, yeah. I guess you got too much dust in it. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. Oh, dusty. Ought to get saved. We wouldn't have no dust problems. Amen. Motor got too hot. I don't care. I don't care. Both of them go out. Hallelujah! I don't need to read. No screen to worship the Lord. Hallelujah. You turn all the lights out. I still know the scripture, I don't care. Hallelujah. I mean, I love this, but I don't care about nothing right now. Hallelujah is just good. Hallelujah. All right. Verse two. By whom? We all have access. By faith into this grace wherein we stand.


Pastor Erik West: [00:48:56] And we rejoice in hope and the glory of God. Um, man, let me see what else I supposed to read to you? It's over here somewhere. Okay, there it is. Verse six, it said. Verse 656. Oh, for when we were yet without strength. In due time, Christ died for the ungodly. Was that any of y'all? Verse seven. For scarcely will a righteous man will one die. Yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die. I ain't never met one. You ever met someone? Well, do to today's Memorial Day. I have to take that back. Verse eight. But God commands his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners. Christ died for us. We had it all together. When you were lovely. When you dig when you're talking christianese. When did he die for us? While we were yet sinners. That's how he treated you when you was a sinner. So now you know how to go treat others when they're doing you wrong, while while they're doing you wrong, right? This is how you love them. While they're doing you wrong. He gave you a picture right here. What love looks like. He died for us while we were the enemies of God, before we've been reconciled. He laid his life down. While we were enemies of the cross, he loved us when we didn't love him. When the world demanded that a murderer be turned loose.


Pastor Erik West: [00:50:53] I demanded that that the murderer be turned loose so that they could kill the Messiah, the son of the living God. And he allowed himself for them. He said, no man takes my life. You can't take my life. I could call legions of angels and less than a second. No man takes my life. I lay my life down. He said, if I lay my life down, the father says, it'll be picked back up again. Know this, that even when you leave this planet, if it's by death, the Lord is going to pick you back up again. Amen. So you've already died. You ain't got to die no more. You've already experienced all the death you're ever going to experience. Some say, well, that's crazy. No it ain't. I don't say crazy things. Maybe a little today. But you've already died. Bob said you died with Christ. See? Get in the spirit of these things. When death comes to you. If that ever happens to you and Jesus doesn't come just immediately, you'll never know when death comes. Your body will just be there doing whatever it's doing. But you, the real you, the spirit being it. Death never touches that. Death can't touch your spirit. Why? Because your spirit is sealed. How could death get in the spirit? So you will never die because you died to Christ in Christ, buried with Christ crucified with Christ, raised with Christ, seated with Christ.


Pastor Erik West: [00:52:33] And your body will join you a little bit later. Amen. Oh, you're going to love that body. We preempt it. Now we do things, you know, people talk things, have it cut off, sucked out, built up. You won't have to do nothing. That's fine. If you got the money, just work on it. Trim, add two, take away, whatever. If it makes you feel better, you got the money, I don't care, I'm all for it. Amen. Give me some money. I'll go do something to mine. Amen. I won't have to lose no weight. I just have to suck it out. That's awesome. Amen. I'm a little bit loose right now. Praise the Lord. I might preach better. Loose. Y'all knows my addiction for some reason. Praise God. What verse were we on? 89 somewhere in there. Was that a good verse? Start well. Seven okay, but God commended verse eight, But God commended his love toward us, and while we were yet sinners, he died for us. Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him. For if when you were enemies. We were reconciled to God by the death of his son much more being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life. Woo! Glory to God in verse 11. Oh! Praise the Lord. Verse 11. And not only so, but we also joy. You got your joy. He said we do.


Pastor Erik West: [00:54:21] Amen. Some of you need to. You got that jar lid too tight. Some people are so tight they like to live in constipation. They need a spiritual enema just to set them free. Hallelujah. Clean them up. Clean them out. Hallelujah! Oh, glory to God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have now received the atonement. There we go, verse 12 by one man. This is what he's talking about a while ago. Two atoms. Right? This is the two atoms. By one man sin entered the world. Adam. And then what came? What came because of that death? What death did because of sin. Death entered. And then death passed upon all men for all sin. Verse 13 for until the law sin was in the world, but was not be imputed with there's no law. I mean, people were sinning. God wasn't recorded anything because there wasn't no law yet. Some people say, I would like to live back there. Oh, man. Just like you're going so low, you ought to come on up here. All that sin won't look attractive to you. Come on. Come on up here. You'll praise the Lord. What verse are we going? Well, let me see. Let's just go to 17. We don't have much time for the pizza gets here. Verse 17 for by one man's offense, death reigned by one. I think I said this Wednesday. It said death was reigning. Death.


Pastor Erik West: [00:55:53] Got the blue ribbon. Death got the trophy. Death didn't come in. Third place. Right now death is. It took over. Satan become the God of this world. It wasn't his world. The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. But Satan owned the world and the world system, and he still does. For anyone who's not a believer, he's their daddy. I can give you several scriptures. You say, are you my daddy? Do you know Jesus? No I ain't. Except Jesus. Satan is your daddy. Your daddy is a liar. Amen. He's a murderer. And you, his boy. You do his bidding. You sad. Makes me mad. I'll just tell you. Your daddy is mad all the time. He's a mad man. He's an idiot. I mean, who in their right mind is going to come? I mean, who in their right mind is going to come before God said, I'm taking over your thrones right here. I'm going way up there. He said, you are. He said, yeah, then I'm going to come down with your people. And he said, I'm going to cut them asunder. He said, you're going to do what to my people? He said, I'm going to destroy them and cut them asunder. Psalms chapter two. The Bible says, the Lord. In his throne room began to laugh. Boy, I don't. I wonder what the Lord sounded like when he laughs. You think he has that little. It's like people sneezing sometimes. Have you ever. Thank you. Praise the Lord. Have you ever noticed some of the more full gospel people have those little bitty sneezes? Like they go.


Congregation: [00:57:27] It's you, it's you.


Pastor Erik West: [00:57:30] It's like, did you get it all out? Are you sure? Because I wasn't much and some of the smallest people in the world, I could blow it up. That has nothing to do with I'm preaching, but I. I just want to get that out. Hallelujah. Where was we before that?


Congregation: [00:57:49] Huh? The Lord sits in the heavens. Yeah.


Pastor Erik West: [00:57:51] He laughs. Can't you hear the Lord laughing? I mean, from big old belly laugh. You're going to do what to my people? We're going to destroy him. And then it echoes. I mean, you can just sit in heaven. He said you are. Uh huh. He said, well, go for it. I watched a Clint Eastwood movie last night. Clint Eastwood always wins, but he hurts you bad when he wins. He says, go. You know how you know Clinton does. He's famous for saying what? Go ahead, baby, make my day. Make my day. The Lord said, go ahead. If you think you can do that, go ahead. Now. So death was raining. Death was raining, but it says, verse 17, much more. I won't say that with me. Say much more, much more. Oh, come on, much more, much more. They which receive abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one Jesus Christ. Amen. So what do we need? The abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness causes what kind of effect? It's like mixing chemicals together. Raining. Or did he say just did? Did he say just the abundance of grace? No. Or did he say just the gift of righteousness? He said about two things. The abundance of grace by which you were saved. And the gift of righteousness, of whose righteousness was imputed to you, Jesus Himself. How righteous are you? By what percent? 35%. You got 60% of Jesus righteousness. How many is 100% righteous because of Jesus? Yes. Now you mix that with the abundance of grace.


Pastor Erik West: [00:59:44] So look at grace is the empowerment. If I can say that, let's say grace is the ability. I asked Matt. I said, is this message right? I asked him when he's not said, I've never heard no one really teach on these two things, saying, you need these two things. I preached on grace and I've preached on righteousness, but not so much mixing them together. I don't have a book or tape series, nothing. I'm sure there's tons of them, but I don't have one. So Matt was right here, I said, so it's like you was a security guard right here. And you've been trained and you've been. You mean you got all the papers? You're highly trained, you're a skilled craftsman, and you're trained, right? Then I asked Logan the same thing. I said, so you're a hairstylist and you're right here. You're trained. There's all I mean, we see your credentials. So we got a marksman right here. We got someone ready to do your hair. We got Mr. Bill right over here. He's. He's a trained mechanic. He's a master mechanic, am I right? Your brother marched right here and a terrorist comes up. And the guy's got a rifle. And Matt has. He's a skilled craftsman, but he has nothing in his hands to defend himself with or defend the room. What's probably going to happen? It's going to be his demise. If Brother Logan come up here and he says, I said, this guy here you can see needs his hairstyle. This lady, he says, I can do that.


Pastor Erik West: [01:01:12] I said, well, go ahead. And he says, well here. I said, well there's the chair, let them sit down. And I said, well go ahead, we want to watch. You know what he's going to ask for. So what's something he might need? He might need? You might use some combs or how many scissors is kind of important, but what are you going to do with no, with no tools, but you got plenty of wisdom. Your credentials is on the wall. I mean, this man going to change your battery alternator out because this shot I said, well, go ahead. He said, well, okay, I need to get him get my tools. No, no no tools. Because you know what to do. Well, he knows what to do. Logan knows what to do. Brother Matt knows what to do because they got a gift. So grace became your empowerment to do what you couldn't have done on your own. It's God working in you. But he works in your position. We elect people to the state to represent the state of Alabama, and they represent us from a seat. It's called a seat of representatives. Well, Ephesians two says you've been seated with him in heavenly places in Christ. That's where you're supposed to be ruling from, not begging God in your prayer closet. Oh, God, please do something right. That's right. You need to go to school really fast, or we need to get you out of that position because you're hurting all of us. Um, see, we don't beg. We rule.


Congregation: [01:02:54] Amen. Amen.


Pastor Erik West: [01:02:56] We don't plead. We. We take dominion. We don't take orders. We give orders.


Congregation: [01:03:05] Amen, amen, amen.


Pastor Erik West: [01:03:06] We don't get run out of the room. We run others out of the room. We don't run from demons. Demons run from you.


Congregation: [01:03:13] That's right.


Pastor Erik West: [01:03:14] That's the way this works. That's what's going to usher in King Jesus.


Congregation: [01:03:20] Amen.


Pastor Erik West: [01:03:21] We're going to wrap this thing up and go home.


Congregation: [01:03:23] Amen. Amen.


Pastor Erik West: [01:03:24] And I've only got three minutes, but I could go three hours, and I don't I don't even know what it would look like. Maybe not good, I don't know, like what caused the church to close I. It was a different kind of service. Hallelujah. So verse look at verse 21. Now look at verse 20 and 21. Moreover the law entered that the offense might abound. Oh. The law came in and. And now we've got a bunch of offenders. What was the law going to tell you? What was it going to show you? You can't keep this. Soon, as soon as the law was given, everybody was guilty. Look at verse 21. But sin was reigning unto death. Now grace, grace reigns through righteous. There it is again. He wants to. He wants to get this grace, the empowerment of grace, the goodness of grace, the ability of grace. It rains through your position of righteousness unto eternal life. By who? Who backs it up? Who you backed up by. The economy of the US of the dollar is supposed to be backed up by what? Supposed to be. But it's backed up by a print machine, which is absolutely worthless. And you want to stockpile a bunch of paper and it's worthless. He's working for you right now, but one day it may not work. Then you know who the believers are. You can employ all kind of stuff. Gold, silver. Get it? I mean, I mean, I don't even have an opinion on that. But I do know this. The kingdom will operate anywhere, at any time with no gold, no silver, no nothing. Huh? Look, if in the if in the desert, you got a bunch of people who've been slaves for 400 years. Quail, drop at your feet. It's going to be okay.


Congregation: [01:05:30] Yeah.


Pastor Erik West: [01:05:31] If the Lord can cause enough to feed 2 million people and find them and drop dead at their feet, it's going to be okay. Peanut butter and jelly. Going to drop peanut butter. Jelly time. Peanut butter. You're not selling peanut butter. Jelly. Do you know that? Peanut butter jelly time. Peanut butter jelly time. Peanut butter jelly time might even drop you some cold ice cream A and W root beer float. You'd be over like I'm trying to find my silver watch. Come over here for some root beer. Amen. Praise God, praise the Lord. Now, let me just finish real quick. I will finish right here. Hallelujah. So Romans five is about two atoms. There's nothing you can do to put yourself in either one of them. Adam is Adam. The scripture calls Jesus the last Adam. That's what the Scripture calls Jesus, the last Adam. It's like two sons, Adam, you know, which is Eve's husband. And Jesus is the last Adam. So you didn't do anything to put your. Was you in the garden nibbling on that fruit? No. Then then death got passed on to you. Did you do that? I didn't do it. But Adam was the federal head over all human beings, you said. Well, that don't seem fair. Well, it ain't fair. That's why the next Adam came. That's right. So he's just. He's just. And he justified. Which means just as if you'd never missed it. Mhm.


Pastor Erik West: [01:07:05] Ah that's good. So all of us were born into first Adam because of Adam. Right. And you had nothing to do with it. But when you were born again, you came out of the first time and came into the last Adam Christ, which is Michelle's favorite verse. You've been translated out of the first Adam and then translated into the kingdom of his dear son, the last Adam. You had no righteous acts of yourself that brought you into Christ. Romans 310 says, there is none righteous, no, not one, not some, none. We were all classified as lost, ungodly, unrighteous, sinners and enemies, just like you did nothing to put you in first. Adam. You did no acts of obedience to put you in the last Adam. Now you have to read Romans 5678 as a package. If you ever separate those, you're going to get all kind of screwy idea. You think, Paul some kind of mess. Hi. I don't know why I'm doing this. I can't keep myself from doing this. I mean, I know I'm this, and I know I'm that, but I'm dipping back into stuff again. Oh, who can help me? Paul Thomas himself. Then he finds one verse in verse eight, and all of a sudden he gets solved. Paul is not even referring to himself. Paul. Romans 5678 is a package. He's talking about two people. It's talking about sin or righteous in Christ or in Adam.


Pastor Erik West: [01:08:34] So even when you make a mistake and sin, you're still in Christ. And if you're not in Christ, you're in sin. See you read Romans six and seven. You think about what he's saying and he's trying to do better. But, you know, it catches me and pulls me back over there. And then I get out of the quicksand with 47 other friends, and they pull me back out, and I go back and do it again, and I go back and, oh, God, who can deliver me? I love Jesus, but I love that two oh, I love Jesus, but I love that two. And you think that's what Paul's talking about? And that's the victory that overcomes the world. That's a screwy mess, is what that is. That ain't who you are. He's talking about two people. Two people. See, there's only two races of people on the earth. I know you think I went nuts right there. I know red, yellow, black and white. They are precious. I mean, I went third grade to Miss Eunice Mims. She taught me how to square dance against my will. But anyway, moving on. Didn't. Didn't need permission from my parents. Trim the height off the rear end so I don't square down. She says come on, baby. And I and I was for long. I was doing it. I was dosey doe and I didn't even know what I was doing. I was doing the Dosey doe.


Pastor Erik West: [01:09:52] I want to go outside and play. She says it's raining. We're going to square that. I said, I don't square dance. I ain't touching no girl. I didn't know how good it was to touch a girl. That's how dumb I was. But the fourth grade, I thought denmar purty. Fifth grade I was in love. Every other week I'd go steady with someone. I don't know where we started. That. That's about a week it wore off. I got me another one. Like the one ever since. I did that just right. Yeah. So it's your position. Is your position righteousness or unrighteous? You. Well, then you're telling me then you have to be in Christ? Or are you in Adam? See if you're still an atom, then you'd be lost. Because death reigned through Adam. But you're telling me that you left Adam the first Adam, and you came into the last Adam, which means you came into Christ. So he's not talking about sinning or not sinning in Romans six and seven. He's talking about, are you in Christ? Are you in Adam? Are you in Adam, or are you in Christ? What did you do to become righteous? How do you lose what you didn't work for? Did you do anything to be in either one of them? Well, technically in Christ, you heard and you believed. But what did you what did you do? Nothing. What? Because of what Adam did? Was you involved in that? No.


Pastor Erik West: [01:11:31] So you didn't do anything to be in either, Adam. Except now you believed. But even if I make a mistake and I fail today or tomorrow. In other words, you have parents, right? You have a name and a last name. Did you ever sin? Ever as a kid? Some of y'all say, like you're trying to find out. Let me think back. Did you lose your last name? Did they ship you out of the house when you did? In fourth grade? Did you ever lose your name? Did you ever make a mistake? What did you do when you was born to get that name? What did you do to be allowed to come into your house and partake of the family and have a place to sleep and a place to eat? What did you do as a baby? You did nothing when you came to Christ. You were babies by nature, by nature we were of wrath because of it came from Adam to all mankind. One man got you in a mess. Another man got you out. So either you're either you're in the first Adam or you're in the last Adam. You say, well, I'm in church. No, no, no, you're not in church. You're the church. You're not in church. So we can quit having church. Well, let's go have church. Well, how do you have church when you're there?


Congregation: [01:12:57] Mm.


Pastor Erik West: [01:12:59] Either you're in atom or you're in Christ. Either you're the church or you're not the church. So you take on your position so grace can come. Grace is waiting for us to decide where we are, who we are, and where we're at so he can come. Reign. Grace that I have to have the position of righteousness. Now take your position and keep your position. Amen.


Congregation: [01:13:21] Amen.


Pastor Erik West: [01:13:21] So even if you make a mistake or you fail one day, he says, don't leave your position. Did your parents take your last name away from you? No. If God lets the rain fall on the just and the unjust, and the sun comes to all of them, does he say, well, you sinned over. There ain't no sun in your house for two months?


Congregation: [01:13:39] No.


Pastor Erik West: [01:13:40] Now this is the close of the sermon. If it's a sermon. Hallelujah. Praise God. People who are in First Adam. Well, let me back up. So either in sin or you're in righteousness. Right. See, Romans six is contrasting people of either being in sin or being in righteousness. I'm not talking about sins. I'm not talking about the action of sins. I'm not talking about doing righteous things. I'm just saying Romans 5678 is a package. Maybe it's a letter. Man dissected it and put it in, but it's a letter, so you can't you can't dissect five, six, seven and eight. So it's talking about two people in two different positions. Either you're in sin or you're saved. Either you're in Christ or you're or you're in Satan. Either you're of the first Adam or you're the second Adam. Romans six is not talking about, well, if you sin or don't sin now, it covers the fact, if a fellow were to ask, well, by grace I was saved. Good grace is greater than the sin. He said, well, the grace is greater than the sin. But then we should have more grace. So do I need to keep on sinning to get more grace? Paul said, you're stupid. He said, no. He said, you don't get more grace by sinning, even though grace is greater than the sin, because no longer is it about that.


Pastor Erik West: [01:15:18] It's about you're in the last Adam and the last Adam super abounded any sin that you ever was, God didn't collect your sins and say, well, okay, in your lifetime you've had 20,704 sins. And I got to get one more mark on grace to cover all that. No, he wasn't keeping up with your sins because all he's doing away with the sin nature. Not the action of sins, not the plurality of sins, the sin nature. When you came to Christ, God came, came to you in the person of Jesus, and he blew up your sin factory. Boom. Just like that. Now you're righteous. You're in him. So. So you have to take a position today before you leave here. And what happens when you make any kind of mistake on Monday? The accuser of the brethren is saying, uh, born again. People don't say that born again. People would never do that. And then what does he do? He accuses you to the father. Well in the Old Covenant. He did that and got away with it, but not in the Old Covenant. You have a better covenant on better promises. Amen. Can I get a better? Amen. Amen. You have a better covenant on better promises. Amen.


Congregation: [01:16:33] Amen.


Pastor Erik West: [01:16:34] Amen. So no longer is is can he look at you? He has to look at the sacrifice that made you righteous. So he has to judge you by Jesus Christ, who is either righteous or unrighteous. Because your righteous is not of you, your righteousness is of him, lest not of your works, so that you can't boast. So when I'm talking about righteous, I'm not talking about anything I ever did. I'm talking about what Jesus did. And he just said, come on, son, you and the family. I was like, you know, I was born January 9th, 1962, and they gave me a name. The last name is West. I ain't done nothing to get it. And no one's ever been able to take it away. Even my mama couldn't beat it out of me. So when will I ever lose the last name? West? I was born with it. Your advice. Brian told me. Skeet, he said you'd answered that. I said, I don't know about that, but give me a hit or something. Slapped. He said, no, he'll be okay. Well, we was in the hospital. We said, Dennis, he said who? I said Dennis, he said who? I said, oh, you talking about? I said, oh really? I was learning things.


Congregation: [01:17:45] That was a big night.


Pastor Erik West: [01:17:46] That was. But have you always your last name being biased? Has your last name always been C. Yes. Has your last name always been Mims? Has your last name always been Lawrence? Well, but it stuck pretty good, ain't it? Amen. Have you always been Logan? When will you not be Logan? Was you bothered that night? Is it legal? Well, if you go to another country, is it legal? Well. Are you righteous? But will you be righteous when you go to England? Will you be righteous when you go to New Zealand? What if you go down to Mexico? But you? How could you be that when you've never been to Mexico? Because you're born with it. You remember? You remember when you were a sinner? Yes you.


Congregation: [01:18:41] Do.


Pastor Erik West: [01:18:42] But you've been born again. You remember when you were born again. You don't remember. You were born again. I was born again in fourth grade. You remember when you was born again. What's the time now? Just one. I remember when you got saved. You know what I'm talking about. So you remember you got born again from that. So have you ever been? Can you ever be what passed away? No, because it's not there to be there. It seems like it is because your mind, which ain't took all the word of God be renewed. So your mind makes you think that you're that used to be what's passed away. You're not that it's not even there to be. If they wreck your car and they, you know the things that what they call them, Nathan. Like, if they going to scrap a car and crush it, would you probably fix one of them cars? Is it worth fixing? Is there enough money in the world make you want to do it? If he says no, it's no. You just ain't worth it, is it? You couldn't do it. They can't resurrect Oldyou. Because you've been dead for a long time. The oh, you don't exist, he said. Passed away. Passed away is the term mean dead? In Mississippi. David Dixon said, dad means dirty. And I said, what does that mean, dirty? He says, like when someone, a train hits someone. I said, yeah. He said, what do y'all call that? And here in Alabama he said, when they. But they die on the process. And I said, in transit. I said, oh, dead on arrival. He said, that's right.


Pastor Erik West: [01:20:27] He said, but not in Mississippi, not with our trains. I said, what do y'all call me? He said, dirty. I said, what's that? He said, mean dead right there. I said, oh, y'all got bigger trains. He says. So when you got born again, you got dirty. I know the one's going to invite me from the north to speak to us, but dirty. You was dead right there. So how can you resurrect someone who was dead right there? So you jerk the real. You just jerking this mind around and say, hey, wake up. You, the righteous and God. Take your position. Grace is ready to reign. Grace is ready to rule. And then he used the word abundance of grace. He said, don't just go get a little bit of it. So you need enough grace for you. But you need to have grace to give away. Amen. Grace of what? Grace of everything. There's a grace of prosperity. Do you know that? What did you do to get the prosperity that you have? Well, that's all to answer the question. What do you think about all the people called to preach? I'm thinking, what am I doing here? This is the craziest thing. I would never call me to do this. I would have been the next to the last person. Who had been the last one? I don't know, but I don't want to be the last. I'll be the next to the last. I don't want to be the caboose. I don't like being caboose. I know we got to have one, but I don't want to get dragged around. I won't be the locomotive.


Congregation: [01:21:55] Woo hoo!


Pastor Erik West: [01:21:57] How do you like being a locomotive? I like to say, where are we going to go? I know it's going to be a straight line, but I'm a. Caboose. Just like.


Pastor Erik West: [01:22:07] Well tell me when we get there.


Pastor Erik West: [01:22:09] Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy. Like the paper towel. Wimpy, wimpy. What's the other one?


Congregation: [01:22:14] Hefty.


Pastor Erik West: [01:22:15] Hefty.Hefty.Hefty. Beep beep beep beep beep beep.


Pastor Erik West: [01:22:18] Well, we're building locomotives. Righteous locomotives. I better stop right here. Hallelujah! I don't want none of y'all moving y'all's letter. I don't have time to write no new letters next week. Tell no pastor what he's getting. You ain't getting him. Praise the Lord. I worked on him all this year. They stay in. We just now do something. Hallelujah. Praise God. Who needs to be healed? Anybody need to be healed?


Pastor Erik West: [01:22:47] We might as well go ahead and get healed right now. I can get you here with a mint in my mouth. He said, lay hands, not lay tongue. That's for the French. Glory to God who needs to be set free. From any kind of addiction. Praise the Lord. Ain't too many bruised bananas. Got a bruised banana fetish? I just got something about bruised bananas I do to make them. What do you call that bread?


Pastor Michelle West: [01:23:21] Banana bread.


Pastor Erik West: [01:23:23] You ain't done that a long time.


Pastor Michelle West: [01:23:24] I know.


Pastor Erik West: [01:23:25] We need some bananas at our house now that my wife feels the spirit. Did you feel that spirit? Come on, you banana bread. Making you want to, ain't it?


Pastor Michelle West: [01:23:38] Oh, yes.


Pastor Erik West: [01:23:39] See there.


Pastor Erik West: [01:23:41] Hallelujah, Hallelujah. I just want to bless you. Is not that you need anything. You on top of the game. Anyway, I just want to bless you because you wanted to be there. You could have stayed in the place and it would have been a terrible place. Um, but God came and rescued you. You called out, you know, the Bible says that, you know, the righteous cry, and the Lord hears them, and he delivers them, and you've been delivered.


Congregation: [01:24:12] Hallelujah.


Pastor Erik West: [01:24:12] You're not being delivered. You are delivered, right. You are. You are delivered. And you understand the process, but you're not hung up in the process. I mean, you just know how to rescue someone who's where they are. Yeah. Mark, Matt, Michelle, brother. He could get anything, save anything or anyone. If it breathe, he gets you safe. And I was talking with a guy one time and he said, don't. Don't give him no money. I said, why? He had a story and he said, he's gone. And I said, huh? I mean, he said, I know what I'm talking about. I said, okay, okay. He said, it's a con. Well, I didn't know what a con was. I just thought he needed some help. And he had a good story. He saw he's practiced that story a long time. I said, oh, and then he got a hold of him. He says, look here. He says, you know, you miserable. He said, I know miserable when I see it, because I was miserable. And the guy just started weeping and crying. I was fixing to give him money. And Mark went over, rebuking the devil out of him. I used to give him $20 bill. He said, don't give him. He's just going to buy some drugs. He said what he needs is the devil cast out. I said, oh, I said, that's how it works. He said, that's how it works. I said, okay, well, I said, go to rebuke and I'll keep my $20. And he did. And boy did he got saved. Well, you you already know the process. Right?


Pastor Erik West: [01:25:38] You understand the deception and what that looks like. Oh, he can make it look like a glorious thing. He can make it look like the yellow brick road. He says just follow the yellow brick road. No, don't follow him. Yellow brick road. It leads right into hell. Jesus. Don't even give you a road to see. He says, walk by faith and not by sight. He said, just walk on me. You said, what if I can't see the bridge? How to get over. But just keep walking. You know. Peter. Come on. Walk. Peter. Come on. Walk. If that's you, can I come to you? He said, well, it's me. What was Jesus going to say? It's not me?


Pastor Erik West: [01:26:16] No, you don't see me. It's just a what do you call that when you see them? Yeah. A figment of your imagination. It's a figment of your imagination. Well, Jesus was on the water, right? And Peter said, I want to do that. Did you know most churches today said, get back in the boat. You can't do that. You shouldn't even be asked to do that. What kind of spiritual have you been asked to do something like that? That was Jesus. Well, he saw and he said, well, come on. And Peter walked on the water. How does water hold you up? You ever tried it? Anyone ever jumped off a pier at the river somewhere or in the pool? Did you just land on top? They went like. I mean, have y'all done that y'all pool yet? Y'all just jump off the board and it just kind of like, whoa. That's cool. Okay, now let me down. No, you went into the water, didn't you? So Peter walked and the storm got to raging. And he got to Peter's mind. He was walking in the supernatural and all of a sudden a big wave came. He went, oh, I keep on doing this. And he sunk. What would Jesus do? He went stomp his head down a little bit more.


Congregation: [01:27:17] No he didn't.


Pastor Erik West: [01:27:18] Didn't. What did he do?


Pastor Erik West: [01:27:19] He took him by the hand and he walked. He walked back to the boat. Walk twice.


Congregation: [01:27:24] Yeah.


Pastor Erik West: [01:27:25] Elbert Willis is in heaven now. One of the greatest men of God I ever met wrote all kinds of little books. He was a wildest man I ever met in my life. Pastor Bobby took me to see him. He said. He said, I want you to go and see him. He said. He said, you'll never forget this man. I never forgot him. He took us to a holiday and had a ministers conference. He said, I'd rather he told that same story. He said, well, he sung. He said, man, I'd rather be a I'd rather be a wet water walker than a dry boat rider. Be nothing. He said that man walked twice. Then see where he got his eyes off on things. Well, of course he did. Of course he did. You think he could have walked if the water had been calm?


Pastor Erik West: [01:28:08] He said, well, if it had been calm, it would have been a problem. Okay, we'll go try it. Go try it. If you think you think, what's the storm? You can't do this. Only on calm days can you walk on water. Go try it. Then write your own book. I'll buy it. Hallelujah! What's the big thing? See you're empowered. By the directive. And the directive was...Come.


Pastor Erik West: [01:28:34] So when he says, come or buy this or sell this, or start this company, or close this company down, you're now empowered in every area of your life by the directive of do this whatever he tells you to do. Do what? Do that. Don't go to jumping and selling and buying and marrying and all this kind of stuff without any direction. That's right. But when he gives the when he gives the direction to do it, know this. The empowerment is already there. The empowerment is grace.


Congregation: [01:29:08] Amen.


Pastor Erik West: [01:29:08] When you're standing in your righteous position in the last Adam. Amen. Praise God.


Congregation: [01:29:15] Amen.

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